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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch11.1 - Livestock Rank C (Day 5)


Translator: mii

Editor: sleepchaser, con zntQ7j

When I woke up, the sun was already rising.

I could hear the sound of wood being chopped in the distance.

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Thunk, thunk, the satisfying rhythm continued. Like always, the hero was skilled with handling the axe. He also should have finished drawing water by now.

…Ah, darn it. I overslept. 7FdJxk

In fact, I had woken up on the bed. If I remembered correctly, I dozed off at the table in the living room last night. Maybe the hero moved me…

After I climbed out of bed, I checked my smartphone, palms sweaty. My eyes caught the sight of a notification on the home screen. It was not a message from God.

[Share a Bed Rank B: 4000 * 3 = 12000 PT]

The “Share a Bed” rank had been upgraded…


What did I even do to earn 4000 PT each time?

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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Maybe this was something that would increase in level after I became more proficient with it. Like how my wood-chopping advanced from Rank C to Rank B. I certainly slept every day, but it’s not like there’s anything to improve when sharing a bed―

…Ofa’r mjiw vbkc. Mlgra, P tjv ab mtjcuf mibatfr.

Pc atf vlrajcmf, atf rbecv bo kbbv yflcu mtbqqfv mfjrfv. Ktf tfgb regf kjr ojra klat tlr kbgx. ljTcVR

Cr P qgfqjgfv ygfjxojra, Vlu gfaegcfv ab atf tberf.

P wjvf regf ws rwlif kjrc’a raloo, jcv jrxfv jybea ktja tjqqfcfv ijra cluta. Mbg rbwf gfjrbc, j ragjcuf qjerf ragfamtfv bc. P ygjmfv wsrfio, tfjga qbecvlcu jujlcra ws mtfra, ktfc P tfjgv tlw rjs, “P mjgglfv sbe lcab atf yfvgbbw. Tbe kfgf mbwqifafis xcbmxfv bea.”

The reply was just as I had expected. What a let-down. “Sorry,” I said. “I sleep like a log.”

“Yeah. You didn’t even respond when you hit your head against the door. To be honest, I was a bit worried.” ct0Oyh

What? So was that why my right temple was sore? Looked like I was treated quite roughly…

There was an assortment of chicken cutlets and fried chicken spread over the dinner table. I had heard from somewhere that eating fatty food in the morning was healthy, so I was putting it into practice. Then there were the staples: rice, miso soup with potatoes, and boiled tofu. And last but not least, the mashed potatoes I had prepared yesterday. Most of the other staples were ordered through delivery, but it couldn’t be helped. In order to cook different foods, I’d need different recipes, which I didn’t have. Not to mention, I wanted to figure out what Sig liked by letting him try a variety of dishes.

It seemed as long as there was meat, he’d be fine with it. He didn’t appear satisfied with lightly-flavored Japanese food, though. What surprised me was how well he used the chopsticks. Even though he had only watched me use them for a little while, he already mastered it. As expected from the hero.

“I’m going to tour the area around the house in the afternoon,” said the hero as he struggled with the after-meal tea. JCvrB6

I sneaked a peek at his face. Looked like he enjoyed the tea better than coffee, which wasn’t saying much. Did he actually hate it as well?

Out of the blue, the hero asked, “Won’t you go together with me?” As soon as I had heard those words, I lifted my gaze, eyes widened.

“You’re going along the river?”

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Sig nodded. “I plan on walking the full length of it. It shouldn’t take too long even if we do.” iLBdA5

“Sounds good. We might as well take our time and look around.”

When I had first arrived in this world, I had only checked the boundary around the house and field. I would like to take a closer look now, so that I could make future plans.

Our eyes met, and we nodded in unison.

Since our schedule for this afternoon had been set, I gave up planting new vegetables and instead decided to expand the planting area of the field. In other words, I would be weeding the field. 0NbgVJ

I only managed to clear around ten tatami mats’ worth on the first day, and the rest of the area was still full of weeds blowing in the breeze. Which was why I had decided to do something about them soon. If I didn’t see any more weeds in the miniature garden, that would only be too soon.

After I’d progressed a bit, an oddly-timed notification popped up on my phone.

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The alert sounded different than usual. Curious, I checked straight away, and saw a yellow box filling my screen.

[Penalty: ▼ 50 | Flower ] sX6CWq

Ah, I guess this made sense. It was the “you think it’s a weed, but it’s a flower” scenario.

So I accidentally plucked a flower, huh…?

Turning my gaze to the wheelbarrow full of plucked grass, I sure enough found a plant that resembled a flower. I inserted it into a small vase, placed it in the living room as decoration. And I regained the deducted points, even receiving some more as a bonus.

Now that I knew there were penalties… let’s be careful. RGqk0u

While I had been clearing the weeds, I asked Sig to assemble an animal-rearing pen. Which he was currently working on.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Yup. I decided to buy chickens this morning.

Since having only one would feel a bit lonely, I bought a total of five chickens. There was only one male, the rest being females.

I felt excited. However, what happened as I had opened the delivery box would be forever seared into my memory. HwW18d

The chickens that arrived were slightly different from the chickens I knew.

Although their shape was identical to the chickens from my previous world, their coloring was slightly yellow, resembling that of a chick. Not only that, but they were tiny, only a bit bigger than chicks. Certainly unlike the double-fist-sized chickens I was used to. Finally, even their chirps sounded like those of chicks.

According to the “instructions” I had received with the animal-rearing pen’s assembly kit, living creatures were also separated into ranks. If I raised them well, their rank could increase from C to S, their appearance changing along with it.

Since Rank C chickens were smaller than normal chickens, even if they laid eggs, those eggs would probably be as large as a quail’s at most GAN oQ

Still, they were the first new lives we had welcomed into this small world. The first creatures that arrived after discussing it with the hero. I would do my best to take care of them.

At the moment, the chickens were pecking the weeds around Sig. As I took in the scene of such a large man surrounded by tiny yellow chickens, I couldn’t help but feel my heart soften a bit.

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  1. Some typo error in this part:

    I sneaked a peek at his face. Looked like he enjoyed the tea better than coffee, which wasn’t saying much. Did he actually hate it as well?Looking at his face, it seemed like tea was still better than coffee, but did he actually hate it as well?

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