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  • I have feared the arrival of this day for two weeks when I saw the amount of total chapters …. it hurts much more than I imagined.

    I refuse to accept it. this novel is not over, it is in an infinite loop and it will never end… ¡Look! There’s a chapter one again!!! 🥰 Drowns in denialThank you very much, Rainbowturtle-sama, you have worked very, very hard.😘😘💞❤️😘

  • ❤️ (^ω^\ )( /^ω^)/❤️〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜(~‾▿‾)~❤️💞

    I’ve been like this ever since I read the title. I’ve even been chattering as a lunatic with the friend who doesn’t read the novel …

    My babies finally grew … So happy … So proud … ಥ‿ಥ

    Thank you very much!!!!! 😘😘😘😘

  • Lamao this arc he’ll be playing a tsundere in love ¿Right? XD

    Interesting that ML is now vengeful. It’s going to be fun to watch him turn the world upside down to put it at MC’s feet.

    Thank you very much!! 😘😘

  • I really don’t think Zhen BuLu is a good father either. He surely love his son, but he isn’t even trying to make a relationship with him, I mean: the only thing he did for Zheng PingQuing was throw money at him and make that his assistant deal with whatever he needs.

    Recall that he didn’t even notice that his girlfriend was picking up tares between them or bothered with at least trying to ever speak to ZPQ to see why he was so angry at everyone. He just passively accepted that whatever his assistant told him was the truth and that’s it. They don’t even live in the same city and neither do they try to communicate regularly with ZPQ

    When ZPQ got mad at CSY in his past life it was because he honestly has it worse than LQ, Being negligected by both parents. Yeah, maybe he deserves the same respect, but… At least CSY and LYS have made some attempt to genuinely get closer to their children at this time, something that ZBL has not done. Yes, he helped get rid of the intriguing girlfriend, but he himself gave her the power to do what she did.If she’d ever bothered to meet her son and talk to him head-on about what was going on, things wouldn’t have gotten to the point where they became virtual strangers for each other like in the past life.

    Anyway, thank you very much for the chapter 😘😘

  • ¿Maybe the bastard knight? 🤔

    He couldn’t finish the job with Vio and now he tries to do the same crap on Flora again. Damn coward.

    Thank you very much!!! 😘😘

  • I know, right? At least a “Please don’t touch me, miss” and a side step.

  • Lights off all the candles. This idiot deserves everything that happens to him.

  • ¡¡NOOOO!!! Where’s my “they spent life together until one died of old age and the other follow afte promising to meet in the next life”? 😭

    I wasn’t prepared for this. And I wonder what happened next with that scum and the Shi family… I hope they have destroyed all that rotten family.

    Thank you very much 😘😘

  • Oh, and thank you very much, Mii 😘😘 Sorry, I forgot for a sec. 😅

  • Am I the only one who’s a little mad at Albert? I know, I know, he can’t be rude to a member of Liam’s family, but, at least in his mind, he’s dating Liam. And this obviously flirtatious cousin has made Liam uncomfortable every time , knowing how insecure is Liam, I should definitely stop that fly’s car. However, Albert is not exactly the kind of character who cares so much about what others think…. I dunno, I’m a little mad because his attitude towards Luze.