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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 38.2


Editors: sleepchaser, con

Before I noticed it, I was in front of a familiar small waterfall, some of the water spraying onto the surrounding ground. ALH8Sy

The sound of flowing water swept away the mess inside my head, leaving my mind blank for a moment.

My knees lost the strength to stand, and I collapsed to the ground.

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I had just had lunch here yesterday. That memory and the many others I spent with that person crashed into my mind like raging waves, squeezing out the intense emotions rolling through my heart, overflowing.

Something dripped onto the ground over and over again. The tears I couldn’t stop. v VfKc

As long as he was happy, then everything was okay. There was not a shred of lie in that.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Rather, the days I had spent here proved to be an insignificant past to him. Even though this was the reality―

Tears sprang from my eyes, stinging. They didn’t stop until my face grew red and swollen. Until I didn’t have any tears left.

We’d only spent twenty four days together. It hadn’t even been a month yet. CEnLN8

But time didn’t matter.

It hurt that he forgot me. It broke my heart.

After washing away that sadness with my tears, I had no choice but to face one of the feelings remaining within my heart.

Did I always like him this much? Y3gEFs

I spent a long time holding my knees, motionless as I listened to the sound of the water.

If I didn’t return soon, I would worry that child. I lied to him to get away back then, and he might have been worried that he had hurt me…

When I finally came to my senses, I felt a small creature jump onto my back.

I knew what it was even without looking at it this time. The yellow squirrel. Once I looked up, it jumped just above my knee, before leaping back on the ground. The squirrel shook its thick tail, moved a little forward and stopped. Its gaze fell upon me. UdjTZQ

As if it were beckoning me to follow.

Its cute gesture completely took me aback, and I lifted my heavy body from the ground. Chased after it. After a while, I found that child.

He hid in the shadow of a tree, holding his knees and curling his body into a ball. It seemed like he was watching me until a while ago. What was I doing, worrying such a small child? A storm of regret filled my chest.

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I knelt beside him, and he slowly lifted his head of black hair. Then he cast his eyes to the ground as if afraid of looking at me. “I’m sorry, Asha. I hurt you… Do you hate me now?” he asked in a small voice. wkx8ej

“No, you didn’t say anything wrong. I just remembered something sad before. Of course, your father also didn’t do anything wrong,” I said, gently placing my hand on his shoulder. Slowly, he looked up at my face, purple eyes no longer wet with tears. Relieved, I smiled at him. “I won’t ever hate you. I like you, I really do. Ray.”

Ray. That was the name of Sig’s son. I thought it was a perfect fit for him, who was like a glittering ray of sunlight.

I tousled his messy black hair. Tears began to well up in those purple eyes. Ray hugged me tightly and sobbed. I was really useless. I had to get a grip on myself, since I was the adult here.

While I patted his back in rhymythically, his warmth encouraged me. hfpIkd

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  1. Why do the latest chapters keep ruining my heart? Spit blood! (´ཀ`) Sig needs to come and clarify things. My heart clutches

  2. Does anyone else thing Sig is the squirrel??? It seems to care about these humans a lot more than the normal squirrel does..

    I just want Sig to see how much Minoru misses him haha

  3. I refuse to read anymore until the heart repairman comes…

  4. I just read up to here in one sitting and I was enjoying it right up until this point where it started breaking my heart. I really hope that it all gets fixed soon. If not I will be sad for a long time.