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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 40.2


Editors: sleepchaser, con

Eh? dMY7zP

Wasn’t it the other way around? If I left this place, I couldn’t see Sig again.

It was hard to put it into words, so I just looked at him with puzzled eyes. Sig walked along the stream, gazing straight ahead.

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His profile was colored in anguish, filled with sorrow. I didn’t understand. Why did he bother to choose the hard way? Wouldn’t it be best if he just didn’t let go of my hand?

I squeezed his hand that was still interlocked with mine, and he squeezed back tightly. That meant we should feel the same. Yet, why― cwD1o4

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As we walked, I noticed the water wheel we assembled the day before. Rattling, it continued to transport water to the rice paddy.

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“…Zs klrt kbc’a mtjcuf.” P kjlafv ecali P mbeiv rff ws gfoifmalbc lc Vlu’r fsfr, jcv rqbxf mifjgis, wjxlcu regf tf mbeiv tfjg wf fnfc bnfg atf rbecv bo atf oibklcu ragfjw. “Po P mjc bcis mtbbrf yfakffc gfaegclcu ab ws tbwfabkc jcv rajslcu yfrlvf sbe, P kbeiv mtbbrf sbe, Vlu. P klii cfnfg ifjnf sbe, cba ecali sbe atgbk wf bea bo tfgf.”

Sig clenched his teeth and stared at me. DdmbGe

“Sig, what do you want? Please tell me your wish.”

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The rhythmic noise from the water wheel seemed to count down the time.

A thin gap opened between Sig’s lips, and he let out a slow sigh. “…I want to spend a long time with you, until the end of our lives,” Sig said, his dazzling eyes narrowing as reached out to touch my ear. A purple stone hung from that ear, a matching pair with his. Proof that we were a couple.

I looked into his eyes, the same purple hue as our stones. Nodded. That’s what being a family entailed. If possible, I wanted to pass long before Sig, or even just a day before he died. I didn’t want him to leave me. FY7AEm

Sig looked down, his golden eyelashes casting a shadow on his cheeks. “And I want you to outlive me, even if just by a day.”

Looked like neither of us would yield on that. I couldn’t help but laugh. In contrast to me, Sig was still looking downcast, and made a gesture as if in prayer―

All of a sudden, my chest filled with anxiety at his sincere stare.

“I don’t want to lose you.” 9I58Qv


He was trying to make me return to my original world.

Because he wanted me to live a long life. Because he didn’t want to lose me. Was it only my imagination when I felt like he was trying to tell me so?

“Do you mean… I won’t be able to live long in this world?” HMvODY

“…So you weren’t aware?” Sig frowned, then nodded, his head heavy. I knew that he wouldn’t lie or joke to me about this.

My mind went blank at the harsh reality.

T/N: We got fanarts from Camellia-san, who translates this novel into Polish! They’re pretty sexy fufufu~ (。・////・。)

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5 more chapters until this novel ends!

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  1. What Minoru dreamed (?) of is defently his future where Sig is picking him up from his original world after a long time of separation! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و ✧

    By the way, do you know how much I cried while reading the last parts, about Minoru trying to accept Sig being happily married to someone else? (இ﹏இ`。)

    Thanks for the chapter!