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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch35.1 - Hot Spring (Day 20)


Editors: sleepchaser, con

We were a bit down past the spring, at a spot where we could draw water. A few swamp crabs the size of my fist lay motionless on the rocks. Z3Adrm

“Look, Minoru. Those are the offspring of the Great King Swamp Crab. They’re still small.”

Their size couldn’t be compared with that of the crab we ate last time, but according to Sig, these were the same species. They had a distinguishing feature: three lines on their backs.

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“These guys will grow up to be that big, huh…”

“Since they’re from a species with a lot of variability between individuals, that’s not always the case. Either way, let’s monitor their growth for a while.” 4ScQ29

The crab that Sig had caught the other day was too big to finish in one go, so we stored the leftover legs in a large freezer.

The crabs were docile creatures, but their claws were just as powerful as they looked, and could cause serious injury if something get between them. I made a mental note to be careful around them.

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Today marked the afternoon of the twentieth day. I accompanied Sig in exploring the miniature garden.

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Cr j gfreia, Vlu’r bmmeqjalbcji rxlii, “Ynfgqgbafmalbc,” tjv jmalnjafv, jcv P kjrc’a jiibkfv ab vb jcs ajrxr obg akb ktbif vjsr. Ca yfra, tf ifa wf afcv ab atf jclwjir.

Thanks to that, my bond with the chickens deepened.

Mustard and his harem had grown to Rank A yesterday, and were about as big as turkeys at the moment. It was hard to play with them now; their new appearances were intimidating in the extreme. With the red lines in their white feathers, they looked just like kabuki actors.

I figured that since we were beginners, we’d have to put in more effort to milk Chacha. Sig’s progress, in particular, was fast, and Chacha’s gaze towards him wasn’t the least bit cautious. It could even be considered burning. rzdtmn

Hero, could I be a bit jealous?

Just like that two days had passed, and today I finally returned to completing tasks outside. We’d also resumed my bojutsu training that morning.

I had finished planting the feed for the cows, which I should be able to harvest this afternoon.

As for the field, I didn’t need to worry about over-growing crops anymore. It was because a new function had been added to the warehouse since who-knew-when. qmU604

Taking the chance, I mentioned the size of the warehouse to God.

“Did you see the red container at the back of the warehouse? If you place the crops you produced in the Miniature Garden there, I’ll buy them all.”

God’s reply left me surprised. I rushed to confirm it with Sig. That my Gardening level had exceeded level 7 seemed to be the cause. As a side note, I was level 8 at the moment, with the title of “I Love Fruits.”

I could use the “Miniature Garden” app to operate sales and offers. I used some potatoes as a trial-run, and they were set to sell in lots of fifty. I could also change the maximum amount all the way up to 299 units. KaU5l3

“So God will buy them?”

“For supplies. Where do you think the food in the PT Exchange List comes from?”

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I’d never thought about that before.

Sig and I exchanged glances, and God announced another shocking fact: there were other Miniature Gardens. In fact, there were a lot of them. mwgnkG

The food in the PT Exchange List was provided by other families living in such areas. Not only food, but also clothes and daily goods. Although the items available had changed a little due to my influence, all of the people in the other Miniature Gardens came from worlds that were watched over by the same God. As such, there were a lot of common items. For example, the food and clothes.

“So there are… other Miniature Gardens as well…” Sig muttered. He spun around as if he had recalled something, eyes landing on the crabs nearby. “These aren’t Great King Swamp Crabs? Don’t tell me…” He crouched at the riverside, observing. It was almost like he was looking for proof of his thoughts.

I peeked over his shoulder and followed his gaze to a crab with gold specks dusted over its back. Though it was about the size of Sig’s palm, its claws were quite large.

After a while, Sig determined that it was a baby “Emperor Crab.” His purple eyes sparkled like a child’s. It seemed that crabs were idolized in his world, just like stag beetles and rhinoceros beetles were in Japan. HfQWcO

After we bid farewell to the swamp crabs, we headed towards the upper end of the stream leading off the spring.

I could see steam rising from a part of the river. In addition, a unique scent drifted through the air. No way…

Sig went to check out the situation, then signalled to me to approach. I was full of excitement as I approached, and it was just like I’d suspected. A hot spring!

“The temperature is pretty high, but there’s no danger as long as you pay attention to water splashing from the mouth of the spring.” RWhVCj

“…Sig, if we remove the stones and bring in cool water from the river, we can adjust it to the right temperature for a hot spring! Then we can take baths here!”

This hot spring was close to the house, and this was the perfect opportunity to turn my “open-air bath” dream into reality. Although we’d be bathing outdoors, this was a world with only two people. There was no need to be shy.

Sig’s eyes softened as he murmured, “Hot spring, huh…” It seemed he liked my idea.

Even so, why was there a hot spring here all of a sudden? It was as if God had eavesdropped on my wish. How scary. 1MpuNQ

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