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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch16.1 - Under God’s Tree 1 (Day 9)


Editors: sleepchaser, con

“Minoru.” 3oHc02

I opened my eyes. Before me, a handsome face.

It was early in the morning, the room still dim. Sig, already fully dressed, stood by the bedside shaking my shoulder.

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I greeted him with a “good morning,” getting up from bed; and just like that, I stopped moving.

The bedroom was more spacious. VxiDG

It was not an optical illusion. The width of the floor was more than double what it had been. The ceiling was higher, the windows larger, and the pattern of the curtains more stylish. The furniture in the room had increased as well. There was now a large dark brown closet, a claw-legged chair, and a leopard-patterned carpet to match the glossy flooring.

Was I still dreaming?

“It seems like the house had changed while we were sleeping.”

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“Tbe’gf gluta…” P gfqilfv, jyrfcawlcvfv.


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The sight that greeted me on the other side of that door was no longer the same as yesterday’s. The bedroom used to connect straight to the living room, but now a hallway stretched between the two. While it wasn’t wide, several doors lined both sides of the enamel-painted hardwood floor. The two on the left led to a closet and a bathroom respectively, while the one on the right opened up to a small and bare room. It was about the same size as the original bedroom.

The appearance of the extra room caused excitement to flow through my veins. Looked like on my ninth day at the Miniature Garden, I could finally have my own bed. Even if I couldn’t place a bed there, I could make do with a sofa.

The hallway was on the right side of the house, with the entranceway at the front of the hall and the door to the living room on the left. The living room had more space than before as well, and there was a kitchen behind that. aqShmr

“Sig, have you seen what happened outside?”

He nodded, silent, and we decided to go outside together.

The exterior of the house was a bit different from previous, such as the position of the windows, but overall its appearance didn’t change other than the size. It was still the kind of single-story house that you would often see in European picture books, triangular roof and all. The location of the well also remain unchanged.

The rising sun shone over the roof, bright and warm. As I stared at that scene, I remembered what happened last night. rxgXY6

“I will deliver it to you tomorrow, so look forward to it,” God had said.

Only God could so this kind of thing overnight.

Were these changes the “celebratory gift” he had told me about before? So God really had been joking.

Thank you, God! V8drcv

It looked like in the end, we hadn’t gotten married.

The name thing wasn’t a proposal or anything like that. Rather, Sig told me his name so I could protect myself from him. There was no question that it was something special, but it had nothing to do with getting married.

Even so, God still gave us such a big celebratory gift…

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Whether this was a prank or an annoying misunderstanding, I was really happy to see the house upgraded. hf7Ord

“Sig, it’s great that the rooms got bigger, huh?”

“That’s true.”

“Let’s put a big sofa in the new room. Ah, and also a desk.”

“Yeah.” Sig took my hand, walking towards the morning sun. He’d been holding my hand a lot that morning, but it was still a bit embarrassing being treated like a child. Tj0iJc

Sig had been in a good mood since earlier. Maybe he was happy with the upgrade of the house.


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(´・ω・`) Eh?

(´・ω・`) Why he’s happy, you ask? eQR7hp

(´・ω・`) ………

(´・ω・`) That, of course it’s because both of you just gotten marri-…


(●・-・●) ← Embarrassed 9iCJNY

I think some readers are annoyed at the misunderstandings now? It’ll get resolved soon! Please bear with me until then~ ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

It looks like a horse opening its knee? -ᄒᴥᄒ-

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  1. Hehe.. I think misunderstanding is a good thing (for me though, couse thats the first step of understanding of what ever the misudertanding are)😂🤔 😱

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    Seriously. There should be a limit to being so dense, or to play the fool. It seemed stupid to me that he was hiding that he is talking to God as if he were doing something wrong, now he is in denial even though they told him everything in front.

    Thank you very much anyways. 😘😘

  4. Minoru, you dummy.

    Don’t you know that extra room is meant for your baby?

    And he’s holding your hand not because he’s still treating you as a child!


    How dense can you be?

    Ah, whatever.

    Thank you so much for the update ❤️

    Sig is so patient.

    But I guess he’s happy seeing the dummy Minoru happy.

    Does that make Sig dummy too?

    I guess.


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    I give up, whatever happens later is on you 😑

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