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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch24.1 - Wedding Gift


Editors: sleepchaser, con


“Let’s make a fence along the river today,” Sig said, wiping the dishes as I was done washing them. 

That had been my plan all along. “Sounds good!” I agreed with a smile, turning the tap off.

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A lot happened yesterday, and I wasn’t able to get all my tasks done like I’d hoped. I wanted to finish the fence as soon as possible, since we had Mustard and his harem to watch out for now. 

After making sure it was safe, I planned on welcoming new animals.  Hr4elF

“Then, let’s spin that before we head out,” I said as I wrapped up the lunch box I’d made earlier. 

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Vlu cbvvfv, kjlalcu ys atf fcagjcmf bo atf ilnlcu gbbw. 

There was a bright red Japanese ornament on the rack next to the entrance that hadn’t been there before yesterday. It was God’s wedding gift, the one he put his “strenuous efforts” into. 

Ds rqlcclcu atf tjcvif jaajmtfv ab lar ogbca, j olra-rlhfv yjii kbeiv vgbq lcab j rjemfg yfibk atf ybvs bo atf bgcjwfca. Qf mbeiv bcis rqlc la bcmf j vjs. Dfmjerf bo atf ibev cblrf la wjvf fnfgs alwf kf rqec la, P cjwfv la “Bjmtj”.


I couldn’t spin Kacha on my own. There were two handles, and the ball wouldn’t come out unless Sig and I spun them together. 

God had sent an irritating message, announcing that this was our “first collaborative task.” 

The first time God had pestered us to spin the handles was yesterday. What came out had been a golden ball, a word emerging from its surface after a while. 

“Rainbow.” GE cr4

Back then, I’d exchanged puzzled glances with Sig, and as soon as I looked up, it started raining. 

It was the first rainfall since I had arrived at this world. It had stopped before we could go out to take a look, but once it did, we could see a spectacular rainbow stretching through the sky. 

“Depending on the colour of the ball, you can even get rare items and things that aren’t for sale. But you can only test your love once a day!” 

No, it definitely depended on our luck, not love. 4mS0s8

But I was still curious about the items that weren’t for sale. Since it didn’t take much time, we decided to spin it every morning. 

The color of the ball that came out this morning was green. After a while, two words emerged on its surface. 

Ancient Tortoise.

Tortoise? Gzm3ve

As I tilted my head in confusion, Sig shouted in amazement. Seemed like it was something good. When I asked Sig about it, he told me that the tortoise was one of an extremely rare species. And we could collect powder from its shell, which worked as an excellent sedative.

Although those tortoises were quite large, it’s hard to find them since they hardly moved and looked like a rock at first glance. I’d decided to search for the tortoise later on, but it turned out to be unnecessary, as I would later find out. 

Chrysanthemum Garden.

We had finished the fence by the afternoon. As we headed back to the house, I spotted from afar what appeared to be a nice stone for the garden, but was, in fact, that ancient tortoise. It was around two meters long, the top of its shell tall enough to reach my waist. After noticing us, it slowly moved until we could see its face. It stared at us for a while. Once it had its fill, it ambled to the shade of the trees and went still as a rock once again. 

After I had seen such a scene, the ancient tortoise captivated me, heart and soul.  MvEUCk

“Do you like it?” Sig asked.

“Yes. It’s docile and cute. I wonder if it eats cabbage…”

“Its favourite food is diamond.”

I eyeballed him in silence. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem like he was joking. 3B8ZKm

Was he talking about that gem that started with the letter “D”? That hard and expensive one? 

By the way, Sig also told me that feeding the tortoise once every twenty years was enough. What kind of living creature was that?

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  1. What a weird gift.

    Comes along with it a weird creature too.

    The author is obviously having fun with this story.

    Thank you for the update ❤️

    I’m a bit confused but also interested in the creatures created by the author.

  2. I assume these creatures are all typically found in Sig’s world. It must be a fascinating place 🤗

    Thank you for the chapter! 💕

  3. That turtoise is such a high maintenance creature! Where are they going to find some Diamond? Planting the Garden?! Haha

    Thanks for the chapter!