It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 24.2


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Actually, ‘Kacha’ wasn’t the only wedding gift God had given us. We also received money, or more specifically, PT. It couldn’t compare to Sig’s “allowance,” but it was still a 100,000 PT.  4xVIXP

Sig was God’s important “son” after all. 

“Who would have thought that those two were father and son…” I mumbled. 

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It was natural that God would act extremely different depending on whether he was around Sig or me. Since Sig was his son, it couldn’t be helped.

After dinner I took my seat in the living room like usual, opened my notebook, and sighed. It was the tenth day since I started recording my income. I was persistent in doing it while Sig was bathing.  9fYJ2z

“I see. It’s only been ten days, huh?” 

I felt like it had been a lot longer. So much had happened, one thing after another, that I lost track of time. 

Especially after Sig woke up.

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Thanks to that, my funds saw a dramatic increase over the past two days. By acquiring the new “Purse Strings” skill, I earned more PT than before. By the way, it seemed like Sig’s earnings took a day to transfer to my account, as per the rules of the Miniature Garden app. 

I was shocked at how expensive the bridge was, but I had decided what I should do. In order to raise the level of this Miniature Garden to level four, I needed to keep gardening and cooking. Not to mention, maintaining the house and fields. 

And of course, taking care of Sig. mL2MsX

I flipped to the previous page in my notebook and looked at yesterday’s income.


Horticulture – [Harvest Rank C: 60*10 = 600 PT | Beans]

Environment – [Bonus: 5400 PT | Outside (Fence)] WP1V2Z

Cooking – [Cooking Rank C: 200*4 = 800 PT | Vegetables, bread, drinks, potatoes]

Care – [Tender Care Rank B: 6000*1 = 6000 PT]

         [Share a Bed Rank B: 4000*5 = 20000 PT]

         [Harmonious Act: 500*4 = 2000 PT] bAuSrk


Even if there were calculation errors here and there, the reward distribution was pretty much the same every day.

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No matter how I looked at it, the “Care” category was a very important source of income. Even if we ignored the “Tender Care” section, I had already earned 20,000 PT from “Share a Bed” alone.

Other than that, there were many simple things I could do that were considered “Care,” such as “Gift,” which would pop up whenever I gave Sig a present. Or “Harmonious Act,” which I received by collaborating with Sig to do tasks. yd0GrK

The things I needed to do were plain and simple overall, the “Harmonious Act” tasks in particular. I’d receive 500 PT just from sharing a meal with him. Sig was the type of person who would be pleased with these everyday things, huh? 

I wanted to do a lot more for him. Not just for the money, but to make him happy. I had been thinking about that since yesterday.

After all, I couldn’t grant Sig’s “most cherished wish.” 

“Once my wife finishes making a proper nest, it shouldn’t take long for us to have good news, Father.” kOMNha

“I want three.”

Sig wanted children.

I was shocked that he thought that my behavior was nest-building. But what I was even more shocked about was the fact he had believed our conversation under the tree was actually a baby-making discussion! Just remembering it had my cheeks burning red with embarrassment. 

I’m sorry for saying those misleading things, Sig. Where I grew up, having a child wasn’t associated with a “bridge.” Rather, for us it was a “stork that brought the baby home.” LXMJEV

Sig hadn’t talked about the bridge since then either, so I was sure he’d already figured it out… 

Why did he think that the two of us could “make” children? 

Regardless of whether I was his wife, I was also a man. I couldn’t even give birth to one kid, let alone three. 

That was the reality. yGCe0I

Author notes:

Ancient Tortoise (Living Creature Rank S+): An ancient creature called “God’s Pedestal.” It is docile, with its life expectancy unknown. Its shell is the raw material used to make painkillers and sleeping pills.

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      Sig technically has proposed after spending 4 days (while conscious) with Minoru!

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