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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 1.2


Translator: mii

Editor: sleepchaser GU2EzI

Shocked, I blinked a couple times, hoping that the next time I opened my eyes things would actually make sense.

But I was out of luck. The person laying on the bed was still a strange young man, not my grandma.

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Thick, honey-toned bangs fell upon his forehead. Coupled with skin as pale as cut marble, this person was most likely a foreigner. He seemed older than me too. His face was very handsome, the kind that was rare even in the movie industry. Thick, muscular arms peeked out from underneath the blanket, equipped with bulging veins that reaffirmed the following: the man was sculpted like a greek god.

And judging by what’s visible, he should be naked. nwv 13

Yep, this was definitely not grandma’s house.

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Everything came as a blur. One second I was still standing there in the room, gawking, and in the next I was sprinting out the front door toward the direction of my car.

Zs tfjga atgjrtfv jujlcra ws mtfra. P mbeivc’a yfilfnf P agfrqjrrfv bc ab rbwfbcf’r tberf! Qtja rtbeiv P vb cbk?!

Dea atf vlrjrafg kjrc’a bnfg. NHnkb

Qtfgf kjr ws mjg? P mifjgis gfwfwyfgfv qjgxlcu la ja atf obba bo atf kbbvfc rajlgr, yea la’r cbktfgf lc rluta.

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And as I searched for my car, retracing my steps on the gravel road, a more unbelievable sight came into view.

“This can’t be real, right?”

Try as I might, I couldn’t close my mouth, jaw dropped from shock. RhqObz

The small stone bridge from before had disappeared.

Upon closer inspection, the width and depth of the river before me seemed different from the one I had crossed previously. This one was deeper. Wider. It’s impossible to cross by foot.

Wait a minute.

Dragging my feet as I approached the riverbed, I stared out into the area just beyond the body of water. Like the river, the landscape there also changed. Although there was still a road, it dove into the deep forest. 45K0QH

“Wait a second… What’s going on?”

Why was this happening? Where was I?

Anyone, please explain it to me!

Whether my wish fell upon ears was anyone’s guess. Yet all of a sudden, a loud, electronic sound reverberated through the forest. h20cTW

My smartphone’s ringtone.

“Yes, it’s Ashiya!”

I had whipped out my phone to take the call, but there didn’t seem to be anyone waiting at the other end of the line.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Feeling awkward, I checked the screen. The caller was probably anonymous. Or not. Lit brightly on the phone’s screen was the word ‘God.’ UCYVqg

A noise of upset escaped my lips.

No way it’s that kind of god, right? The supreme being? Or was it just someone using that name?

After a long period of silence, I actually heard someone’s voice from the speakers. The so-called ‘God.’

“Who are you?” tLwASK

“That’s my line!!”

Frightened by my shout, nearby birds burst into flight from the trees above.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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  1. Minoru’s internal monologue is really amusing xD Can’t wait to see how the story goes!

    Thank you for the update and your hard work, Mii-sama~ (≧▽≦)

  2. [Lit brightly on the phone’s screen was the word ‘God.’]

    Hm, reminds me of Noukome (did I get the name right cause I haven’t watched it in years lol)

    Anyway, Ashiya must be confused asf. Ngl I’d hit my head first thing xD But I’m curious as to who this “God” person is, I definitely didn’t expect him to say that! In any case, ML sounds 👍

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

  3. ….Is it really necessary to split these up into chapters that you can finish reading in literally two minutes?

    • Sorry about that, Alkyri-san! :” We split it unevenly at this chapter for the cliffhanger (?), that’s why this one is short and the previous part is long! I already cut them evenly from now on so I hope you won’t be too angry with this translator, ne? ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  4. Once upon a time Little Red Riding Hood went to see grandma. There he met a handsome and muscular greek god in bed. Afterwards he ran away (internally) screaming (シ;oДo)/

    Thanks for the chapter! 🐺