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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 36.2


Editors: sleepchaser, Brighton

I woke up lying on the bed, eyes meeting with Sig’s. He sat on a chair. idzkcZ

I had fainted next to the waterway. Although I thought I had only lost consciousness for a short moment, the sky was already dark outside the window.

With the help of Sig, I was able to get up from bed.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I’m sorry that I surprised you… Maybe I have a tendency to faint,” I said, acting silly and laughing on purpose. But Sig only shook his head without a word. As he held my hand, he wore an expression that was serious to the extreme.

“…How long will it take?” u5CxEm

I immediately understood what he was asking.

The bridge cost 3.5 million PT to build. In fact, I had already accumulated over 3 million PT now. This was all thanks to Iwao, my “allowance” from Sig, and the rewards of the “Care” task every day.

If this kept going smoothly, it would probably take less than ten days before I saved enough.

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” I said, withholding the truth from him and grasping his hand instead. I’d reconsidered. There was something more important than money. As I gazed into the eyes staring straight into me, I said, “I won’t go anywhere. I’ll stay here because we’re family.”


Sig’s eyes widened, and they slowly filled with vibrant light.

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Ktja’r kts P atbeuta P tfjgv kgbcu ktfc Vlu rjlv, “Ktbrf kbgvr jibcf jgf fcbeut obg wf.”

Eh? WHMlUv

I stared into his purple eyes from a close range. They seemed serious and also sad.

“You don’t have to mind me. You have to… turn your wish into reality.”

So I hadn’t heard wrong. And from Sig’s face, it didn’t look like he was lying or joking.

Those words struck me hard, upset colliding against me. 4KioP5

Didn’t I just talk about my “wish?” I clearly said that I would live with Sig, my family, here forever.

So why did he have to go ahead and say all that…?



I left the room early in the morning, before the sun showed its face.

In the cold air, I made my way down the path by the edge of the river, approaching the area where a bridge used to lay. I peered into the deep swamp below. Sig and I had installed fences here, so I didn’t have to worry about falling down anymore.

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I had thought he would be happy.

No, he was really happy. He held me in such a tight embrace… That’s why I had thought he felt the same way as I. That remaining in this world was the best choice. nPpvIa

“My wish is to stay here with Sig forever…”

Actually, that’s all false, wasn’t it?

The truth was, he felt awkward. Because he was able to see through your “true feelings.”

(No! What the heck was I thinking?) YxQT U

Those words crossing my mind surprised me, and I shook my head.

There’s no need to hold back. Sig himself said that he wanted to make your wish reality. Wasn’t that the reason you’d worked so hard until today?

(No, no, that’s not right. I’m just doing what I’m able.)

I didn’t want to hear that voice, but even if I clogged my ears, the voice didn’t disappear. How could I stop this voice that was echoing so clearly in my head? nN5R0f

I didn’t want to hear it anymore. I wanted that voice to shut up.

It’s the same thing with the children. You said it’s to make his dream come true, but in truth…

“No! I really do want to stay here forever!” I shouted toward the bottom of the empty valley. At least, if only for a moment, I thought it would silence the crazy voice echoing in my head. 

Perhaps my yelling was the trigger. TGzgw

First, the ground shook. I should have run then and there. As the tremors continued, a tremendous shadow crept from the bottom of the valley as I stood stock-still, completely shaken up. 


It was even bigger than the Great Swamp Crab King. Maybe around the size of my car. The morning sun rose exactly at that moment, and when the crab turned over, its shell glittered in the sun like gold.

Its huge claws terrified me, and I backed off slowly. Kyvdk6

I was really stupid.

“By the way, the border is the river, so no matter what, don’t jump in. Even I can’t predict where you’ll end up after trying to force your way out of this world.”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

God’s advice crossed my mind. I kept going back in a careless manner, causing me to slip through the gap between the fences. By the time I had realized the situation, it was already too late. 

My heel had crossed the border, I flailed my arms futilely. I couldn’t even scream. 3582KU

I fell back-first, down, down toward the deep valley.

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  1. How does Minoru get himself into these messes? Arrgh. Though there might be a good supply of cracked crab in his future. So I’ll wish. 🙂

  2. But why did Sig insist on Minoru’s going back? Because the God said he would die if he remained in this worldlet?

    P.S. I think Minoru’s quite unlucky – he regularly finds himself in dire straits and has to be rescued 😿

    Thank you for the chapter! 🌸

  3. Oh no!

    This is scary, I wonder what will happen next?

    But, I’m also suspicious that it might be some kind of test to prove his determination of staying with Sig?


    Thanks for the update ❤️