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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch13.1 - Night Assailant


Translator: mii

Editors: sleepchaser, con NmqaD7

Every time I faced something unexpected, I would freeze up. It’s been like this since I was a kid.

Though I was being kissed, I only struggled and thrashed at the beginning. Gradually, my thoughts dulled and my arms grew weaker, until I stopped resisting.

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Ahh, this felt good… It’s just a kiss anyway, so wasn’t it fine?

Who cares about the saliva overflowing from my lips, flowing down my chin? It’s not like anyone could see it—what the heck? 7iWvEO

Instead of screaming straight away, I bit into the tongue that was exploring my mouth.

Finally, my mind was clear. Anyone would be scared, being held so suddenly like that. At least, that’s how it was for me. I was too soft on Sig. I even let him pull me into his pace, letting myself believe it’d be fine to let him do as he pleased. It was just touching, right? But even this was already crossing the line.

I pulled away from his lips and screamed.

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I couldn’t remember what happened after I ran off. By the time I noticed it, I was already on my knees with the chickens in the pen. It was dark outside, and I had no courage to flee any farther from the house.

That being said, in this world it would be useless no matter where I tried to run to.

“I’m sorry. I won’t do anything else tonight, so let’s go back to bed.” tX1ard

“Won’t do anything else ‘tonight’?” I quipped.

“It’s dangerous if you stay outside.” Sig’s voice was gentle, but he deliberately ignored my retort just now, didn’t he?! He totally wanted to do it again!

“I’ll sleep here.”

“Minoru―” ZyKc2v

“Please leave me alone. I want to sort out my head a little. Seriously, just go…”

The chicks that were climbing all over my knees chirped, reacting to my voice.

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Sig stayed silent for a while, unwilling to leave. “Was this the first time you’ve done this kind of job?”

As soon as I heard those words, I raised my face in surprise. Sig, kneeling outside the pen, met my eyes. mgWBZq

My current job description entailed maintaining this house and field. And taking care of Sig.

“That’s right, this was my first time…”

“So it’s just as I thought. You didn’t know about the wine, right?”

Wine? Was there a special meaning to the red wine I served after dinner? Uneasy, I held my stare. QmMduV

“For someone like you, who takes care of a household, the duties include attending to the live-in master.”


“You could also call it sexual gratification.”

I widened my eyes, speechless. For a moment, I thought he was joking with a straight face, but Sig’s gaze was serious as he continued. Cq2i8S

According to his story, those with the same job as I only had one requirement: a relatively young age. Gender wasn’t an issue, because it was just the act of “comforting” the other person.

Attending, in other words, meant becoming his sex partner.

However, that was just one aspect of the job. Moreover, it was still up to the housekeeper to decide whether they wanted to accept their master’s request or not. And there were specific and traditional ways in which the housekeeper expressed their willingness and dignity.

“The act of drinking wine at the same table is an indication that the servant is willing to attend to their master. When initiating this kind of relationship, they will prepare wine, and then the master agrees by drinking the wine serve,” Sig gently said, his purple gaze fixed on me. Even so, I was already feeling so embarrassed that I wanted to dig a hole and bury myself, unable to meet his gaze for even a second. 7zZbL0

I was sure it was natural for him. I had presented him with wine, so he took me to bed, mistaking my good will as my willingness to attend to him. He didn’t look like such a person, but he was still young and inexperienced. Proof being that he responded to my invitation, to the invitation of a man as thin as a twig.

But I’m sorry. That wasn’t my intention at all.

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  1. Hahaha, that wine was Minoru’s doom! But If he’s trapped in that world, he can’t refuse forever. Sig won’t do it tonight, but tomorrow… Who can say it?

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Minoru, you should be more curious with why Sig accepted it. With what he just said, he implied that he’s perfectly willing to do the deed with you.