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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 5.2


Translator: mii

Editor: sleepchaser bz3vlm

[Share a Bed Rank C: 2000*1 = 2000]

Well… To be honest, I did remember where this job had come from. I just didn’t want to admit it.

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There’s no going around it. It’s bizarre. Compared to the reward for removing weeds, the reward for this job was one whole digit more. And it’s weird that there’s a multiplier. How would that even work?

Maybe it’s referring to the number of times I touched the hero while sleeping… It’s possible. kJewg8

Even so, getting 2,000 PT in one go was wholly atypical. Thinking that this reward equated to removing weeds for half a day, I felt even more complicated.

“Oh, that’s right. The status screen! If I really received that many PT, my level should have increased, right?!”

Without wasting time, I opened the status screen. And I groaned the moment I did.


Name: Minoru        Occupation: Janitor

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Physical strength: 12/70

Energy: 8/35

Horticulture: Lv.3  800/1000 HDRyjX

Title: Herb Lover

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Scnlgbcwfca: On.5  3135/6000

Klaif: Lfgylmlvf

Jbbxlcu: On.3  200/400 8PVIFo

Jjgf: On.5  2000/2500

Klaif: j ilaaif meglber


P vlvc’a fnfc xcbk ktfgf ab rajga. Bcr2n7

Pa ibbxfv ilxf atf “Vtjgf C Dfv” ajrx ofii ecvfg atf mjgf mjafubgs. P lwwfvljafis rtba eq ab ifnfi 5 vef ab atf 2,000 UK gfkjgv.

…P rff. Jjgf, ft?

Ktlr kbgiv kjr j wlcljaegf ujgvfc atja Xbv tjv mgfjafv obg atf tfgb. Po jii kbgx kjr mfcafgfv bc tlw, la kjr cb regqglrf atja ajrxr gfijalcu ab atf tfgb kfgf tlutis gfkjgvlcu. Olxf atja “Vtjgf C Dfv” ajrx ecvfg atf mjgf mjafubgs ogbw fjgilfg. P’v pera yibmx ogbw ws atbeutar kts rtjglcu j yfv kjr mbcrlvfgfv jr mjgf obg cbk.

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Furthermore, what were these “titles?” v59gNT

“Herbicide” was still understandable. “Herb lover” made sense too… But what did “a little curious” mean? Everything was also written in lowercase. Was the one who wrote this a first grader? Or maybe just innocent?

“God, may I have a little of your time? I’d like an explanation for this.”

If this was all part of an elaborate prank on God’s end, then that would be good. But after a long wait, the response that arrived was so short:

“Your inquiries are under investigation.” FjH0 i

All that waiting made me so anxious. Maybe he didn’t have time to write the explanation…

I wondered if this “Share A Bed” task and the corresponding reward was a bug. Probably.

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Otherwise, I would have no place to sleep tonight.

…No, wait a minute. pEHAbx

“Even if this is a bug, I have a way to farm some easy money now,” the devil whispered beside my ear.

I felt guilty toward the hero, but to put it bluntly, this was my chance. If I could earn PT with just a little touch, it’s worth experimenting to see what worked.

With that, I decided to wipe the hero’s body.

I Immediately filled a bucket with hot water from the bathroom and made my way to the bedside, staring down at the handsome hero. y3uoOz

Don’t get me wrong; I wasn’t doing this just to farm PT. I had already thought of wiping him clean before I learned of this exploit.

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It’s not that I was worried about his body odor, though. In fact, I almost forgot I was sleeping next to someone last night. He had that light of a scent.

However, staying in the same position day after day would be hard on the hero. I was also concerned that he would start to grow bedsores. During the day, when I had caught sight of him, I felt that moving his body and wiping him down would be a good thing to do. But now…

“I wonder if  God will get angry if I do this before asking him first… Well, since he recommended sharing a bed with the hero, I don’t think he will.” 6AiOfo

After sitting down on the edge of the bed, I asked the sleeping hero for permission to touch him.

Heart beating like a drum, I prayed to God he wouldn’t wake up after the first touch.

When he didn’t react after I pick up an arm or push his shoulder back, a wave of relief crashed into me. Then I continued to carefully wipe down his body. There shouldn’t be a problem since we’re both men, right? The most private region was well hidden anyway.

I had already had such thoughts during the day, but now that I was sitting so close to him, I must say this again: he really was beautiful. There’s not a hint of imperfection. Even the faint scars upon his body seemed like medals showcasing his way of life. Calluses lined the palm of his left hand. If I had to guess, he’s probably left-handed. I wondered what the color of his eyes was. Blue, perhaps? There’s the stereotype of blond hair and blue eyes, after all. Or maybe his eyes were green. There’s no way they’re black, right? WC6iaM

Once the hero awakened, how would he feel to have to share such a small world with a man like me? Would he be surprised? It would suck if he found it unpleasant…

That’s still a long way off, though.

Now that I didn’t have to worry about him growing bedsores, I laid the hero on the bed without a sound, before making my way out the door.

As I poured the water from the bucket down the bathroom drain, a notification sounded. p UEPD

“Oh, is this the reward?”

[Tender Care Rank C: 3000*5 = 15000 PT]

And I almost dropped my smartphone.

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Tender care!? Not only that, the multiplier was much less than what I had expected. No way… I was doing this mostly for his well being, yet it also counted? And why did the job name sound so ambiguous!? b6OdID

After sprinting back into the room, I dropped to my knees while facing the sleeping hero. “I am truly sorry for what I did!” God, Buddha, and hero, I promised not to do that type of sexual harassment again!

Author notes:

[At the end of the second day]

Occupation: Helper cZ2QNY

Care: Lv.8 17000/30000

Title: Very Curious

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Found new editor! Please welcome con-sama~ \(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ♬


Translator's Note

Not sure if this is author’s typo or I’m misunderstanding this. But yes, it’s ‘less’, not ‘more’.

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  1. Con-sama, welcome!!! Thanks for editing this!

    Ohhh, sexual harassment? But the hero enjoyed it, right? Haha

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. The way I understand it, smaller multiplier means he got more points for less actions. In this case, it looks like it counted as 5 actions and he got 3000 for each. What he expected was (probably) something like 300 points for 50 actions, with dipping the towel in the water, squeezing the water out, and wiping the body counting as one action each.