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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch5.1 - Share a Bed Rank C


Translator: mii

Editor: sleepchaser gz9mGT

“I wonder when I’ll have enough water to use the bathtub…”

As I dried my hair with a towel, I peered through the living room window. The sky was already dark outside.

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I really wanted to take a nice, slow soak in the tub, but for now I’d have to make do with a shower. A bathtub needed way too much water to fill. Coupled with the amount of water needed for other things each day, perhaps even 200 L wasn’t enough. I wanted to upgrade my water tank to at least a 300 L capacity.

On my smartphone’s screen flashed God’s advice. “It’s possible to raise the rank of water-drawing tasks, which would subsequently upgrade the rank of your water tank. After that, wood-chopping tasks are the best way to go.” UtpjZf

Aside from fetching water, I had to chop wood… Recalling how exhausting it was to weed and draw water today, I felt somewhat faint.

Speaking of which, I thought I had done pretty well. Not only with the weeding, but also with starting the kitchen garden in the afternoon… I sighed. So tired.

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Realizing I had started working on the field, God once again sent me advice. “Check the storeroom. There are some parsley seeds you can use for practice.”


I felt happy you’re giving me this for free, but parsley wouldn’t actually fill my stomach. I could only imagine it used to add some color to dishes or as a sprinkle of herbs on a slice of pizza. Maybe that’s why God gave me these seeds to practice with.

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Without wasting time, I planted the seeds in the field. Apparently, any preparation, like soaking the seeds in water prior to planting, was unnecessary. And that I could just entrust the field to provide fertilizer was unexpected.

This was easy. I was honestly surprised. Who would have known that I’d be cursing myself for my own stupidity later on.

An hour after sowing, the seeds would germinate. The parsley of this world were truly full of vigor. Yet what happened next was an unadulterated nightmare. Among the chaotic confusion, God blasted a flurry of orders at me, like “get water!” and “prune them now!” as I rushed to harvest the parsley. 5nBVr

Keeping a kitchen garden was such a busy task, eh? It’s pretty different from what I had expected.

You worked hard, Minoru! The field yield is proportional to your gardening level, so be careful with the seedlings you buy. I recommend starting with potatoes since they need less effort at the beginning.”

Yup. I was really tired after all that. Taking care of the kitchen garden was tough work.

From then on, the parsley would demand a harvest of their leaves every hour. Each time they’re ready, I received a notification on my smartphone, throwing me into a fluster of movement. S9vkfQ

Checking the record of activity, I found the value of [Herb (Parsley)] to be 99. In other words, that was the limit of how many plants I could plant at once. It seemed like I didn’t have to slave away too much… Ah… there were tears in my eyes…

If I left the parsley planted in the field, they’d wither to death in a day. So I might as well dig one out and grow it in a jar of water. After doing so, I placed the jar next to the bay window in the kitchen. Thanks to cutting off its ties with the field’s curse, I no longer received notifications to take care of the parsley plant.

“Tomorrow, I have to repair the roof and water pipe… I’ll also follow God’s recommendation and grow some potatoes.”

As I searched for them in the exchange list, I discovered several types of potatoes. However, some were grayed out and could not be selected. ZSvNPu

Were the potatoes in this world safe to eat? I guess we would find out tomorrow.

“The road is still long, huh?”

Scrolling through the list, I felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of items displayed in front of me. There were types of food, tools, and household items, among other things.

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The most important item was the bridge, but it’s not even on the exchange list yet. According to God, I must raise my level more before I could even see it on the list. r94z23

There were four categories that I could level up on the status screen: horticulture, environment, cooking, and care.

Every job fell under one of these four umbrellas, and under completion, would increase the experience of the related category. For example, the weeds I removed today fell under the environment category, and the parsley harvests fell under the horticulture category. The level increased when the PT gained exceeded a specified value.

“Thanks to the fast-growing parsley, I only had enough time left to chop some wood. No roof repair today…”

Swinging the axe made my hands sore. The energy consumption was also intense. But after I had harvested the parsley and cut some wood, my afternoon shift completed. xSzZMk

I checked the information for chopping wood on the job list. The reward was the same as the one from drawing water, and I could increase the amount of wood I could chop by increasing the proficiency level of the task. I could use the wood to keep the house warm on a chilly day or to boil water.

I’d have to work harder in order to soak in a nice, hot bath.

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“Eh? What is this?” I said, tilting my head as I looked at the PT record screen.

There’s a task work I didn’t remember completing today. Dg MR3

[Share a Bed Rank C: 2000 * 1 = 2000 PT]

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  1. Oh oh! Sharing a bed gives him points!! And so many! How many would he get if he kisses the prince? Hahaha

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. I can imagine Minoru computing in a speed of light how much PTs he’d gain LOL

  3. Hahaha!! This never fails to amuse me! I bet he’ll get more points once he does more intimate things. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Thanks for the chapter! ^^

  4. Wait, are Japanese Bathtubs that big? 200L water or more? I think 100L water is more than plenty for 2 Bathtubs usually T_T