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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 14.2


Translator: mii

Editors: sleepchaser, con I7mjMU

Sig made a puzzled expression, and I realized that I had stared at him for too long.

I hurried to smooth it over, a smile blooming on my face. “By the way, what’s the age that someone becomes recognized as an adult?”

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“Thirty years old.”

“Eh…” HTdvYp

That’s quite late. Maybe the average life expectancy was longer in Sig’s world?

When I asked him about that, I learned most of the people there had a life expectancy of 130 years. It was just as I had expected.

If I converted his age of forty-five into the average eighty year life expectancy from my world, he should be… around twenty-seven years old, right? Now that I had thought about it, he wasn’t that much older than me. I could accept his youthful appearance.

“You’re twenty- five, right, Minoru?” gsXdaU

“Yes. Where I come from, you are considered an adult at twenty years old.”

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“I see… So you’re legally an adult, huh?” Sig said, stroking my head. He didn’t seem to be aware that he was treating me like a child.

“Ktfgf jgf jirb rbwf qfbqif ktb kbgx, ufa wjgglfv, jcv tjnf xlvr ktfc atfs’gf rlzaffc sfjgr biv, rb yflcu jc jveia ja akfcas lr pera atf merabw.” P xlmxfv ws offa, wjxlcu j rqijrt.

“Zjggljuf… P rff.” UGR12B

Rbalmlcu j ragjcuf qjerf lc Vlu’r rqffmt, P ibbxfv eq. Mgbw ktja P mbeiv rff bo tlr qgbolif, tf rffwfv vffq lc atbeuta. Qjr atfgf rbwfatlcu kgbcu klat beg mbcnfgrjalbc? P iloafv ws offa ogbw atf rqglcu klatbea j rbecv, tfjga qbecvlcu ja atf jkxkjgv jawbrqtfgf.

Sig suddenly moved in front of me and took both of my hands. “Minoru, I want to entrust you with my name. My real name,” he said. His purple eyes pierced straight into me, his expression serious.

My eyes went wide at his unexpected words, and feeling awkward, I tilted my head. “Real… name?”

“‘Sig’ is an abbreviation.” 48t1jb

In other words, it was like a nickname. That meant his “real name” was his formal name, right?

I blinked, and blinked again, silent. Sig gripped my hands as if panicking. It was a little painful.

“I should have done this earlier… Can I entrust it to you?”

“Entrusting” his name… Did he mean I had to remember it? What a unique way of phrasing it. frHl7S

“Ah, sure. What is your real name?”

At my nod, Sig’s eyes sparkled the same way they had when I had talked about the bridge before. He let out a slow breath.

“It’s Sigmund.”

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Such a long name. Is that why he went by ‘Sig’? He had a cool name. 69XaTG

“It’s amazing,” I said, letting him know my thoughts. As soon as I had done so, Sig’s purple eyes narrowed into the softest smile he’d ever shown me. “Thank you. Please take care of me from now on as well, Minoru.”

I didn’t really understand what was happening, but he looked like he was in a good mood… Well, wasn’t it fine?

We got out of the water and had our lunch at the shore. Today’s meal consisted of various rice balls, chicken cutlet sandwiches, candied lemon slices, and the strawberries we had harvested yesterday There was also a bottle of lemon water.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had peaceful days like this,” said Sig as I handed him a cup of lemon water. His long, golden lashes glittered in the sunlight. “All that I want is here. I’m surprised how fulfilling this world is.” His gaze shifted from the green of the forest to the waterfall, over the organised lunch boxes, and finally met with mine. 8ShbWd

It seemed that the hero who had saved his world liked this tiny world.

“I’m surprised you’re not greedier.”

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“I can be more greedy if you want me to be.”

“I think it’s okay if you are. This place is basically a garden made custom for you.” 4eBk9D

We laughed at almost the same time.

Later that night, I opened my notebook as usual, recording my income and expenses alone in the small living room. Meanwhile, Sig was in the bathroom.

After returning from the spring, we had planted parsley for the second time as we weeded the field. When I let one of the chickens try some, it seemed quite fond of the parsley. By the way, they still hadn’t laid any eggs. The instruction manual that came with the chickens said to check the chickens on the seventh day. Because that was when you could tell if they’d lay eggs.

I thought I’d cleared a fair bit of weeds from the field to date. I finally received the title “Weed PhD” for my “Environment” stat yesterday. At the same time, a book materialized in my hands, which had the same mechanic as the recipes. wjqy a

The title was “Living with Grass.” It almost felt like the book was mocking me for being a “herbivorous” man.

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Even so, it was worrying that I was earning less PT from the “Horticulture” and “Cooking” categories compared to “Environment” and “Care.” This week, let’s put more effort into increasing my environment level.

I could manage somehow with horticulture, but in the end cooking was still a problem…

As I took notes about my future plans, my smartphone rang. TSzOMd

Not the sound of a notification, but an actual incoming call.

“Yes, this is Ashiya!” I said, jumping to answer it after a moment of confusion.

“Hey, Minoru. I’m sorry I’ve ignored you for a while.”

It was the message from God I had been waiting for. NUPxCe

The names of the chickens: Mustard, Millet, Paprika, Lemon, and Baked Potato

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  1. … You just got burned by not understanding the significance of wine at dinner. Is it so difficult to realize that there was an unusual level of gravitas just to tell you his name? Come on Minoru!Also… had it been said before that Sigmund was his name? Or is that just an assumption I made…

  2. Haha omg. I’m kind of hoping Minoru just accidentally accepted a marriage proposal xD These guys are so cute and Minoru’s apparent obliviousness is so cute lol. He’s gonna end up wifey before we know it 🤣 officially that is lol.

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    And Minoru you…..why don’t you sense the imminent danger? XD

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  4. I was thinking that sig giving true name was a kinda traditional costom in their world.. like in marriage costom (intrusting their real name with their spouse) saying I’m yours only😘😘

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  10. Minoru.. aigoo.

    You just went with the whole wine-shebang thing and you didn’t even try to ask Sig what are the differences with your culture as well.

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