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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 7.2


Translator: mii

Editor: sleepchaser R7M Kf

The number of chairs surrounding the dining table had now increased by one. That new one being the seat of the hero.

“Please tell me if there’s something else you need. I’ll immediately prepare it for you.”

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I sprinkled salt on the ham and egg sandwich laying on a plate. There’s also a tomato, cheese, and mayonnaise sandwich on the table, plus some pitchers of orange juice, water, and the potato salad I made yesterday.

Like what I had done yesterday, I ordered breakfast through delivery. xVin g

As I called out to hero, who had been studying the pitcher of coffee with a curious gaze, he lifted and turned his head toward me.

“May I eat these?”

I nod. Of course he could.

In fact, this was not the first time we would have such a conversation. As I left the room for the bathroom, the hero followed me out without a moment’s hesitation. Since I would need to explain how the water worked here in this world, I didn’t obstruct him, killing two birds with one stone. Just by his appearance it didn’t seem like he was familiar with flushing toilets or plumbing in general.

2ac0 d

He kept asking if he could use each item in the bathroom at that time. As if he felt he needed to have my permission.

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“Tbe vbc’a cffv ab mbcolgw jcsatlcu klat wf. Snfgsatlcu lc atlr tberf jcv atf olfiv bearlvf yfibcur ab sbe. Uifjrf erf atfw jr sbe ilxf.” P oliifv beg uijrrfr klat kjafg, j rwlif rqgfjvlcu bc ws ilqr lc bgvfg ab wjxf wf rffw jr oglfcvis jr qbrrlyif.

“Everything here belongs to me…” 5Jj Hc

His purple eyes scan the items laying on the table, the narrow living room, outside the window, and finally settled on my face.

Yes, yes. No need to be polite. I nodded with another smile.

“I see,” said the hero. “I understand.”

His words moved me, and I ended up nodding a few more times. tWq4Z0

His blonde hair looked dashing in the morning light, snow-white skin tattooed with pale scars glistening. A fresh, lively glow I would not have imagined on a person who had still been comatose until yesterday.

God had told me that this person had died once.

Did he remember that? What did he think of the current situation? I was really interested in that, but I didn’t voice my curiosity.

After all, I would eventually leave this place. I better not get closer to him. zIXQj5

“I hope you can give me a moment of your time and listen carefully to me.”

Since the hero was unaware I’d be leaving in the future…

I set my coffee cup on the table, straightening my back as I attempted to calm my thrashing heart. He stared at me. I flinched. But in the end, I was able to summon my courage and speak. “I am Minoru. I was asked to take care of you here… It’s my job to clean the house and manage the field outside, so that we will be prepared when another person arrives.”

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It’s not a lie, but for me, I’d rather omit a few things to make life easier. Pv80GA

Even if I explained the situation honestly, I did not know how the hero’s attitude would be like. Plus, I’d need to give him a reason why I needed to “work” to earn PT.

Fortunately, the hero nodded without any doubt toward my story.

At first, I thought he was silent because he was suspicious of me. But now it seemed he was a silent person by nature. I was also not a very social person. That’s why, I preferred this to the hero being confused and blasting a hundred questions at me.

He was very calm since the beginning. Even now, he didn’t ask something like “who asked you to take care of me?” Maybe he was considering things from my point of view. How unexpected. TgFnKX

Should I just tell him about “God” then?

No, let’s not do that. This man was someone who had been called a hero. I might agitate him with the small details. There’s no way I wanted spark his suspicion and dig my own grave.

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“Ah, I have to draw water.”

So many things had happened, causing me to forget. In one swift motion I tilted my head back, gulping down the coffee. I rose to my feet. zF6NPt

The hero followed me.

“Draw water?”

“Ah, yes. I pump it up from the well every day.”

As I pondered how to explain those strange mechanisms, I arrived at the back of the house. Before us stood the well. ikbD72

It wasn’t just drawing water. If I didn’t finish chopping firewood today, I wouldn’t be able to use hot water soon. The roof was also still in the middle of being repaired, and the field was left untouched.

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Even if the hero had finally awoken, what I needed to do did not change. I had to accumulate PT, maintain the house, take care of the field…

After all, I needed to leave this miniature garden as fast as I could.

T/N R6NsHv

Sig: Everything here belongs to me… *stares at Minoru* I see. (。・//ε//・。)




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