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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch20.1 - Sig (2)


Editors: sleepchaser, con

I was currently lying in a what seemed to be a spacious casket. OKQs7k

It felt strange. I knew I lay on something, but I couldn’t feel it. It were as if a thin membrane covered my body, completely separating me from the outside. My eyelids lay heavy, and I couldn’t even lift a finger. Which led me to believe it was not yet time for me to rouse.

I remembered that I died.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Recalled the lovable little life that I left in my hometown.

What season was it now on that mountain? Was “Mi” worried because I did not return? It must be making a nest as usual, eagerly waiting for me. Just the thought of it made my chest hurt. szRWdr

For a while, I enjoyed a happy dream, spending my days with “Mi.”

All of a sudden, something entered the casket. 

It was a small creature. I couldn’t see what it looked like, and I couldn’t hear anything either. There was only a faint presence. 

For a moment I thought it was my “Mi,” but if that were the case, then it shouldn’t have run away at the sight of me. 


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Coafg j ktlif, atf mgfjaegf fcafgfv atf mjrxfa jujlc. 

Ccv la abemtfv wf. Rpb8h


My heart trembled at the soft sensation. It felt strange. It gave me the same comfort from burying my nose in the belly of “Mi.”

That small presence stayed beside me for a while. I had thought it would touch me again, but that hope was not realized.

Thereafter, I spent my time taking in that warm sensation nearby. My eyelids were still heavy, and there were no signs I would wake up anytime soon.  Gu1sPa

I once dreamt that “Mi” crawled around my body, tickling me. What a happy dream. I wanted to grab that soft body and swallow it whole. Why couldn’t I move my body yet? I wanted to hurry and wake up.

My “Mi” didn’t seem to be well. I could tell from its aura. 

That warm sensation brushed against me again and again. Its helplessness was transmitted to me. I wanted to stroke its body with gentle hands, wanted to tell it that everything would be okay.

I was here. I would never let you be alone again― ElMWeH

And I woke up.

There was an ache in the pit of my stomach. I opened my eyes just a crack. 

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden (dot) com

A pale light illuminated my surroundings. 

I was in an unknown place.  A narrow room with a low ceiling. I was lying on a bed. 0is3K8

Why was I here?

I didn’t remember, but I could feel my father’s intent. This must be his territory.

As my mind began to clear, I felt something on my right shoulder. Soft and warm. My expectation swelled as I slowly turned my head.

And it fell again. Before me wasn’t “Mi.” ZVfrzc

But… What’s with this fragile creature? His face, hands and neck were only half the size of mine. The color of his hair, black as night, reminded me of “Mi,” though.

He clung to my arm, his forehead pressed against my shoulder. The way he looked curled up in a ball was pitiful as he held his chest tight in pain. 

The fragile boy was weakening.

His breathing was shallow, cheeks red and covered in tears. As if he were suffering. If I left him like that, he might die.  9Bptr4

Were there antipyretics in this place?  I could roast an earthworm’s tail to prepare the medicine during the day, but… 

Rather, in this moment, I wanted to share my physical strength. That’s right, I could do that.  

“Don’t cry,” I told him. “I’ll make it better for you now.”

The boy’s tears stopped after I spoke, but as soon as I stroked his head, he fainted.  VRIjeA

I managed to heal his emotional pain, but my chest felt like it was being gouged out instead.

Timid, I traced his small lips with my finger. They were a little rough, but unbelievably soft. If I bumped into his teeth when kissing him, they might even break.

In a slow and careful manner, I aligned my lips with his, pouring my life force into him. Though I knew how it was done, it was the first time I had done something like this. It was so pleasant that I didn’t want to stop. 

Ding. Kk4tFE

The noise that had sounded in the quiet room did not seem like it came from an insect. 

At the same time, there was a soft groan beneath me. I came to my senses and rushed to move off him, but only his eyelashes quivered and he remained unconscious. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Discouraged, I wiped his wet lips with the tips of my fingers. I also wiped away the tears that had spilled from the corners of his eyes. Little by little, his breathing calmed, and his complexion changed for the better. What a relief. Things appeared to have worked out.

s0JY S

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  1. Bless you, Mii.

    Thank you for this chapter.

    I could read this all over again and won’t be bored..

    Sig is so adorable 💕💕💕

  2. So the firsg kiss wasn’t the first kiss that was known to us! Author, ah! Playing with my heart~ I wanna know what else did Sig did in the dark xD

  3. They Just met and Sig kissed Minoru already!!! How bold! And Minoru too! He was snuggling with the hero! He was Just sick, right.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. If I were an artist, drawing a doujin of this would be my greatest pleasure. I can see huge potential for this story in that form! 🙂

  5. Now we know why Minoru got so many points right from the beginning for sharing a bed lol Not bc he really did has bad sleeping habbit, just bc Sig is a perv right from the beginning lolol

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

  6. Mi better not be minoru. I’m don’t want this novel to turn into some beastiality thing

    • Not really beastiality… more like mi got reincarnated as Minoru.

      Though….I feel like sig was already hitting the beastiality line when he was so infatuated mi even when it was a little animal….

      Anyway, this is all just my speculation, maybe mi isn’t Minoru it maybe it is, either way I don’t think it’s really beastiality if Minoru is mi. ⊂((・⊥・))⊃

  7. Miii! ~ Aw so Cute but it kind of scared me when he said he wanted to swallow mi considering the Mi he knew is the small mi not the big mi hahahahahaha

  8. Thank you for the chapter!!!

    The POV of Sig is interesting, though a bit concerning… don’t swallow Mi whole both big and small! We want little dumplings!