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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 19.2


Editors: sleepchaser, con

I was currently in the dark space that existed between worlds, called a ‘margin.’ I still had my sense of existence at the moment, so I hadn’t left yet, but according to Father I should be transported to another world soon.  QG5glf

Father’s thoughts drifted a little, taking on a rare melancholy color. 

The battle ended in exchange for your life. It’s all thanks to you taking care of the worst weapon. Though a quarter of the livable land in the world was lost, you still saved a sixth of the precious lives left. Even so, your tribe has been reduced by eighty percent since that creature targeted you. It’s now a dying seed. 

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I sucked in a quiet breath.

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If that was the price I had to pay to put a stop to that endless battle, then I could only resign myself and accept it. As someone who had already left the world, there was nothing I could do but worry about the suffering faced by the brothers I had left behind.  spjwHU

Nonetheless, considering your achievements, I decided to help them out. Your people will be protected inside an isolated area to increase the population of your race.

“Wouldn’t that be… hard?” I recalled the faces of my tribespeople, starting to have concerns about Father’s plans. 

Each person in my tribe had high vitality, but in exchange the birthrate was always low. We also had very little sexual desire, and wouldn’t even care about that kind of thing unless we had a life companion. 

You’re right. Your tribe will have difficulty leaving offspring. And your people stay monogamous once they have decided to spend their life with someone. That’s why my targets this time are those who are single, just like you. 


If that’s the case, they should be able to slowly increase the population. 

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A vacation would also heal the wounds carved into your soul. It might be small, but I’ll prepare a place you’ll like. You just have to live there in leisure. How about it? Not a bad plan, right? 

“I understand. But I wonder if I can find someone who would want to be my mate…”

Your charisma is a bit tricky. The more powerful you are, the more dangerous the creatures you attract; hence there’s no way for good, smaller animals to approach you. Regardless, it won’t be a problem in an isolated space. You can play with your favorite cute creatures as much as you like.  8JoGY9

“If I can have such a paradise, I’d want to stay there for a long time,” I said.

My dream was simple, but also hard to achieve.

I wanted to return to the forest where I was born and raised, and spend the rest of my life loving “Mi.” If I had stayed there, “Mi” would have lived longer. 

The place that Father arranged was a paradise I had only dreamed of. dME0Ba

You’re so obsessed with that animal that it’s creepy… If I knew you liked it that much, I would have tracked where it went. Unfortunately, it’s too late now. 

“…Even if we could meet again, it wouldn’t be ‘Mi’ anymore. It’s futile.” 

How passionate. If ‘Mi’ was a human being, you probably would have married it by now, huh?

“We would already have three kids.” OKA7G1

The emotions inspired from the way “Mi” looked every year, as it tried to court me by building a nest, was unbearable. I wanted to respond to it if I could, but our size difference was a big issue, making it hard to do anything. My “Mi” was palm-sized at best. 

Now then, Sigmund, as soon as you agree, you will immediately enter isolation. You will most likely forget this conversation when you cross the border, but I will make sure to contact you later. I’ll also search for a good little animal that suits you, so look forward to it.

Father’s voice had become more faint with each word.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the darkness of the void, I fell into a long slumber, waiting for that moment.  rBxOfR

[Inherent skill] Charisma +++++: God’s Blessing Rank S. Attracting high-ranking creatures (A ++ or higher).

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