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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch22.1 - Sig (4)


Editors: sleepchaser, con

Minoru was hiding something. fE1o4T

I’d known that from the beginning, but I never thought that he was actually in contact with another person.

“Who are you?” I said into the flat communication device Minoru had handed to me.

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What kind of business did you have with my wife?

He was busy making our nest at the moment. If you had something to say to him, then I’d be the one listening. fJEhRS



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“Ohh, Sigmund. You’re still a virgin even to this day, huh? How pitiful,” said someone from the other side of the communication device. The voice sounded young, but that youth was mixed with a solemn atmosphere. It gave off a mysterious feeling. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Qtb jgf sbe?”

“I don’t remember raising the kind of child who would speak like that to his parents, you know?”

“…Pa’r yfmjerf sbeg abcf bo nblmf lr ragjcuf. Cr P atbeuta, atlr qjgjvlrf lr sbeg jgfj, tet?” P’v tjio fzqfmafv la kjr Mjatfg.  Notdfb

I apologized for asking his identity like that, but he didn’t seem to mind and said, “Hoho, so you’re calling this place paradise, eh?”

Coafg atja, Mjatfg gfnfjifv fnfgsatlcu ab wf. Lf abiv wf kts P kjr lc atlr lrbijafv rqjmf, jcv jybea tbk P’v rjmglolmfv ws ilof ab rjnf atf kbgiv. P ilrafcfv, rlifca jii atf kjs ecali atf fcv, mibrlcu ws fsfr jr P gfmjiifv ws wfwbglfr klat atf ygbatfgr atja gfwjlcfv. 

When I opened my eyes, Minoru was waiting in front of me, an anxious look on his face. 

For me, this place was a paradise. My loving wife made me feel like I was on cloud nine.  d9ADGW

I needed to report this to Father at once.

“Father, I finally have a wife.”

Uh huh, congratulations. I look forward to your next good news.

I nodded. “Once my wife finishes making a proper nest, it shouldn’t take long for us to have good news, Father.” 2y3ZlT

When I moved my gaze to Minoru, his eyes and mouth were wide open. The straw hat on his head had slipped a little. I reached out to fix it, and caught a glimpse of his cheeks. Despite being hidden under the shade of the hat, they were dyed a brilliant red. 

Did he work himself too hard and got another fever? I peered at his face and tried to feel his forehead, but he dodged my hand. Just like that, he turned and was gone, dashing away at the speed of lightning. 

It’s good that you two are so close. With the way things are, it seems like I really will get that news soon, eh? By the way, Sig. About that child―

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“Yes. There’s no doubt that he’s my ‘Mi.’” I nodded once more as I watched Minoru’s back recede into the distance. I had been convinced before I regained consciousness, and was certain again only a few days after I woke up.  KCMgb4

His presence was identical to that of my “Mi.”

It’s just like I thought, huh? I should’ve guessed it when he found his way here even though this world was still under construction. Maybe your souls called out for each other. Or maybe he was attracted to your feelings…

It was a fact that I had only dreamed of “Mi” inside that casket. It was possible that my tenacity called him to this place.

“I don’t care whether this is a miracle or fate.” N3nhyb

I had entrusted my “real name” to Minoru, and he became my official wife. We would have a normal and happy life in this small yet fulfilling world. That was the ideal world that I had wished for.

I would never leave him alone again.

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Once I had told Father this, he went silent for a while.

“Sorry, Sigmund. But that’s impossible.” gd4fT

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