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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 17.2


Editors: sleepchaser, con

Madly in love? What old movie were you watching, God…? 3FORhq

However, there was indeed an entry for “Share a Bed” on the first day I’d been here. How did I make him fall  ‘madly in love’ when he was still asleep anyway?

“He’s sensitive to other people’s auras,” said God. 

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What did God mean by sensitive? Did it mean that Sig knew I’d wiped his body before?

“Also, the titles under the “Care” category are that kid’s honest feelings. Please come to grips with that properly, as his wife.” 90u2Ed

“St, alaifr…?”

Qjr tf ajixlcu jybea atbrf ylaafgrkffa alaifr ilxf “Fcgfdelafv Obnf” jcv “Obnf Vlmxcfrr?” 

Kb atlcx atja la kjrc’a Xbv afjrlcu wf, yea Vlu’r gfji offilcur bo ibnf… Ktlr lr abb wemt. 

When I tried to appeal to God to stop there, he said, “That kid doesn’t talk much, so it’s hard for him to get along with people… Especially with a ‘frail kid’ like you. That’s why I hope you can judge what he’s feeling and be more proactive.” YxZPXg

P mbwqifafis vlrwlrrfv Xbv’r gfdefra obg wf ab wjxf erf bo atf “Jjgf” alaifr jr j gfofgfcmf ab Vlu’r offilcur. Vlu, P’w rbggs.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It seemed like God knew I had been serious when I argued I wasn’t married to Sig. I hadn’t been joking or playing the part of a tsundere. There’s no doubt, since he’d been factoring in last night’s keywords from the beginning.

If so, did that mean that everything else actually wasn’t a joke? About Sig and me getting married, and about how he was ‘madly in love’ with me…

The memories of everything that had happened up until that point surged forward all of a sudden. My chest ached.  Vuo PQ

I sank into a crouch, holding my head in my hands.

“God… Does that mean that I can’t cross the bridge to leave this world anymore?” As soon as I had put my thoughts into words, my body went weak. 

I knew it. God was biased. If I was really chosen to be Sig’s life companion, he would never let me go, right?

Therefore, I could no longer cross the bridge back to my world.  em2pHI

“Minoru, I should have said it before. The person himself should be the one to choose.” After saying so, God urged me to check the PT Exchange List.

Opening it, I widened my eyes in shock. 



There was a “Bridge” at the very bottom of the list.

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  1. Why the hell did I decide to binge read this now? Couldn’t I wait a few more days… aaaaaa please update I need to know Minoru’s choice and hiw he goes about making it >.<

    And thank you for translating. <3

  2. 🤬 Ok. It’s official.

    If he dares to hut that meng, lovesick hero ¡¡I’M GONNA PUNCH HIM SO HARD THAT HE’LL BRAKE OFF HIS DIMENSIONAL PLANE!!!! 😠

    Thank you so much!!! 😘😘😘

  3. Can he take Sig with him possibly? Because like I do understand him wanting to go back, I mean he still has family there huh, but on the other hand I want him to stay and fall for Sig! Like it was cute to find out the titles were Sigs feelings and man I want Minoru to hopefully give him a chance~ I want to see them be super fluffy together 🥰💕💕🙏

  4. Take your husband home with you or take your grandma here! I’m pretty sure she’ll love it here (and approve of your doting husband) though she will be confused as to why things are different.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  5. Take Sig with you to your world and live happily ever after! Oh and don’t forget your grandma!

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕

  6. It’s kinda sad because that prob means sig just wants him minoru to be happy, even if that means he’ll leave

  7. Funny. But can mii-san pls pick up devil’s origin and alsar pls. I really really love it. But the translator is like so slow.

    • Ohh, Devil’s Origin! I also really like that novel~ (mii is also a pervert)

      I think Luukia-sama is still translating it, YAOI-kun! I’m sure she is trying her best to translate her projects, so let’s support her together~^^

      But of course, if you have any other Japanese dropped webnovels you want to read, I can consider it^w^

      • Mii-san~. Luukia-sama did try to make someone adopt it. 🙄She tried her best. I think just picking devil’s origin is enough since it’s been like 2 months since the last update. Ohhh btw u guys should totally read ‘ i was reincarnated into a harem game as a villain, please stay away i’m gay. U can read it on webnovel. Also it has no smut just FLUFF!😍😍🤩🤩

        • Oh?? Maybe after I have more free time to commit into it I’ll consider asking her then^^ I don’t want to take too many projects only to leave them dropped~ And thank you for the rec, YAOI-kun! I love fluff so much fufufu (*^3^)/~♡

  8. Minoru cant go QAQ

    Sig needs you (*´;ェ;`*)

    If you leave hes gonna be so sad, possibly starve himself(o;д;)o