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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 22.2


Editors: sleepchaser, con

“I’m sorry.” tKmgJ6

The breeze, refreshing and gentle, brushed over the newly-tilled field. 

Minoru had been busy planting the seedlings, but his hands stopped as he said with an ashen face, “I have to go home no matter what…” 

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“I understand. I’m not blaming you at all,” I responded. I didn’t stop moving my hands, planting cabbage seedlings at regular intervals, just like Minoru.

Minoru both had a home to return to and desired to return. zP ybX

And he had a lot of work to do before he could leave this isolated world.

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“So, how long will it take?”

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“…P rff.”


C sfjg. Aera j sfjg.

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I grabbed Minoru’s dirt-covered hand and said, “It won’t even take a year. I will help you.”

Minoru widened his eyes, staring at me. “I’m sorry,” he whispered eventually, his lips quivering.   X2Cf3m

If I weren’t careful with my words, my true feelings would spill from my mouth. 

Actually, I didn’t want to let him go. I already considered that precious soul mine, for the rest of eternity. As if I would let him leave me just like that. 

But of course there’s no way I could say that out loud.

I thought back to Father’s words from the flat communication device. “Sigmund, I want you to help that boy. He’s already spent a long time in another world. His existence itself is rooted on that side. So he has to go back to his home eventually.” rJQCij

With the straight facts laid out before me, my mind went blank. 

I had believed that we would never be separated again. I wanted to realize my dream in this miniature garden, and spend peaceful days with my beloved wife… 

“If he stays here for too long, then he will eventually die.” 

Regardless of how I felt, my dream could never be more important than my wife’s life.  Ile kZ

I vowed to myself as Minoru’s husband: he would return to his home without harm. 

“A ‘temporary bridge’ that connects the world, huh?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I’m sorry for saying a lot of misleading things. About my job, and also about the bridge…” Minoru stared at the ground as he spoke, his shoulders trembling. 

The reason he was working so hard on the miniature garden wasn’t because he was making a nest. It was because he needed to do so in order to return home. uMZ tQ

It was the same with the bridge. Everything was just me jumping to conclusions. 

The “person” he was talking about was actually my “bride,” who was supposed to come in the future. Then Minoru said, “But because of me, it’s all been messed up,” his eyes wet with guilty tears.

I covered his hands with mine. “You don’t have to cry. I’m the one who keeps misunderstanding things.” 

“Sig…” Minoru’s eyes grew even more red as he looked up at me. They were the beautiful obsidian eyes.   Pc7hJj

There was one last thing I needed to tell him anew. It was more or less all misunderstandings, but I hadn’t given up on everything yet.

I still had my wish. I wanted to spend an ordinary, happy life with him, in this small yet fulfilling world. 

“Minoru, please marry me.”

We should be able to achieve that much, even with limited time.  mdf4Ee

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  1. gah the ending…. poor Sig QAQ they need a happy ending ah,,,

    This angst is 👌 quality jskshrvrb my M tendencies are acting up again 👀

    Ty for the chapter!!! ❤️💝💖

  2. God actually told him the truth! Good, now he can properly seduce Minoru to convince him to stay.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Ah, no, what? He’ll die if he stays??? Why? It turned sad??? Aaaa!! I was not mentally prepared for this!

    My kokoro was sneak murdered.

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    “Minoru,please marry me “ is the saddest sentence that i read todayyyyyyy😭😭😭 ssoo ssaaaddd

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    Please, go together! Be together!

    So, now we know that minorus’s life is rooted to his world and can’t stay in the garden forever. Is sig’s life rooted to the garden? The author haven’t mentioned that, so maybe they’ll leave together and live together!

    Thank you so much for this beautiful angst chapter! 😊