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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch21.1 - Sig (3)


Editors: sleepchaser, con

I’d done it now.  lZURdM

A sense of guilt filled me when I saw Minoru on the floor of the animal pen with his face buried in his knees. 

It was my oversight. I didn’t make sure to confirm his consent when he invited me to drink the wine. He was still a child, and there was no need for him to serve as an attendant

Chrysanthemum Garden.

But Minoru, there was a reason for my actions. 

Ever since yesterday, when I had caught Minoru staring at the river for a long time, worry festered within me. OIiGRm

His gaze had been eager, looking forward to something.

He was waiting for someone… no, something to appear. But that was impossible. This world was small and completely closed-off. It would be difficult for something new to turn up. 

But he didn’t show any sense of yearning when we had been on the hill, gazing at the phantom city beyond. So what was this all about? Back then, I asked Minoru what had been on his mind. 

And he had said he was waiting for someone.


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If he prettied-up the miniature garden, a person would come over a bridge.

Qtja vlv tf wfjc? Jbcoerfv, P gfmjiifv Zlcbge’r qgfnlber yftjnlbg.


Sig, let’s make this place beautiful. Together, with our joint efforts! xT2iWE

“This is the house where we live together after all.”

It’s my job to clean the house and manage the field outside, so that we will be prepared when another person arrives.


Ktja’r gluta. Snfg rlcmf atf yfulcclcu, tf’v rjlv atja rbwfbcf kbeiv mbwf ab atlr kbgiv. Ktja’r kts tf kbgxfv rb tjgv ab mifjc eq atf tberf jcv olfiv. Lf tjv fnfc yffc fcaterljralm…  TyHgjf

P ibbxfv ja Zlcbge, ktb kjr kjlalcu alwlvis obg ws gfjmalbc, jcv gfjilhjalbc ragemx wf ja ijra. 

He was making a nest.

“Mi” would also make a small nest for me every year. It gathered branches, arranged beautiful stones, and appealed to me with its adorable round eyes the color of the night sky. 

It had been its way of telling me it wanted a child. 3O7Qm8

Children came to the world by crossing a bridge from heaven. This was a metaphor that was often used, especially by wives pestering their husbands for children. 

Minoru was still a child himself, so he might believe such a story from his parents. What a pure boy.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Minoru was making a nest for me… 

I didn’t know what Father had asked him to do, but he probably had his own reasons for not telling me.  8tZMj

Minoru’s actions were probably his courtship behaviour.  

It was then when I instantly made a decision.

Let’s get married.

I would wait for him to grow up before I proposed. When the time came, I would officially entrust my “name” to him.  MLXNIt

I wanted to have at least three children. Fortunately, the “God’s Tree” of this world was growing just fine. If our love was sincere, we should be blessed with round and cute children. 

Until then, I shouldn’t even touch his fingertips, and take care of him like a treasure.

I was determined to do this.

Until he offered to drink wine with me, that was.  jkPNIq

How could a man keep his reasoning when his future wife served him wine? The same future wife who was so enthusiastic about building a nest, and even suggested that they wanted to have a child? 

I kept being stubborn, asking Minoru his age.

Twenty five years old… It was a little early to get married, but he was just barely old enough to initiate sex. It would have been better if I hadn’t known his age, though. 

“Let’s sleep, Sig.” YTS7y5

I was ecstatic. I hadn’t been able to forget the taste of his lips ever since I had kissed him on the day I had regained consciousness.

Back then, I did not know he had been oblivious to the customs of wine serving.

I didn’t want to force his immature body. I was just going to touch him a little. That’s why I let him lead me to the bed. But his eyes, shining in the darkness, were so beautiful that they took my breath away. What stirred me up even more than that was the way Minoru didn’t seem to dislike it at all. 

“I already told you I’m not a child, okay?” heuW6S

Those lips had told me the same thing many times. I savoured the taste of them once more, delving deep into his mouth. Just as I was chasing after the faint fragrance of wine on his tongue, he bit me. 

It seemed like his words had merely been those of a child pretending to be courageous.  

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I also had such a period. When I was the same age as him, I challenged the “Great King Swamp Crab” so that people would recognize me as an adult. But in the end, I only managed to cut off its arm. It was a bitter memory etched into my heart. My master killed that crab later, and we feasted upon it. It was delicious.

Crab, huh…? I was filled with nostalgia as I recalled those bittersweet memories.  QoH0O5

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  1. Nuuuuu. Siiiig. Your brainhole maybe deep but it’s as sweet and heart-breaking as ever ah! And now we realize why there’s no mpreg tag. They’re just to be given children through God’s blessings. Ain’t that fun! Thanks for the chapter 😊

  2. This misunderstanding is sad. Both of them thinking two different ways, both having pure and sincere intentions, neither understanding each other fully to bridge the gap between themselves. Thank you for the chapter!😭💕🙏

  3. Sig’s point of view is interesting. the truth is that if you hear that someone is coming and your future wife is fixing everything is for the baby !!!!!

    minoru is to blame since he was never specific with sig .. and sig was trying to guess? understand? what Minoru thought .. communication is the key

    • Minoru should habe been more specific but Sig is also to blame since he always forgets that he can’t apply his common sense to minoru. It’s a clash of cultures and it hurts to watch but it’s also hilarious and very cute 😀

  4. Hahaha, Minoru was making a home for the future hero’s wife and Sig is here thinking he was making a nest for the two of them. He’ll be really dissapointed when he learns the truth.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  5. ”He was making a nest.”


    What? I mean I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

    But like ❤️🥰🥰🥰

    His rationale is like understandable

  6. (っ ̯- ) another case why communication is so damn important, especially if you’re from different worlds/cultures. But no, just assume whatever you want lol They’re driving me crazy hahaha…

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

  7. Children came to the world by crossing a bridge from heaven.

    So God deceived Minoru by saying the bridge was needed for him to go home and Sig’s wife to come… probably also the reason why it was grayed out even tho he could purchase it now 🤣🤣🤣

  8. [I would wait for him to grow up before I proposed. When the time came, I would officially entrust my “name” to him.]

    He said. Then a few days later, he entrusted his name and Minoru gets the Wife title. 😆 haha

    Sig, oh sig. You’re too cute with the brainhole and all.

    Thank you for the chapter! ☺

  9. Thanks for your hardwork !

    i just barely can read all of this chapter tough ( without want to hit sig head) . The misunderstanding is just…. So deep. I know it that the way minoru don’t say anything spesificlly will make sig misunderstand, but to think that sig tought minoru want to build a nest for him (ノ`□´)ノ⌒┻━ ┻ . Why he don’t think a bit that their cultures are different lol. But, Its also funny . Want to know sig’s reaction if he know minoru just want to go home ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  10. I knew it!! There is a meaning to the bridge thing that must have triggered Sig to get married

    Poor Minoru God must have misled him again..

    • And btw cause I read the comments before me ^^

      I honestly think Sig is not in the fault here, he was instincitve and a man that came from a simple world. While Minoru came from earth and there are a lot of different cultures in earth. He should know better (more so because hes japanese) to consider their differences before doing/saying anything and explain after why he did/say anything

  11. Omg! The misunderstandings in Sight side are quite big. Lol he wants 3 kids… for a moment I run back to the tags for the M-preg lol.

    Thanks for all your work translating the chapters.


  12. it would be nice if there is a rather long smut scene. Just thinking about it gives me the 🥳🥳🤭🤭🤭🤭Vibe.

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    But it also feels like he’s not over his ex yet