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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch37.1 - Animal and Young Boy (1)


Editors: sleepchaser, con

It’s the same thing with the children. uA870K

You said it was to make his dreams come true, but in truth―

You just wanted the “third person.”

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Wasn’t that right? Mother…




All of a sudden, I returned to consciousness. In the same second, a deluge of hot water entered my mouth, and I started to panic. Thrashing and floundering, I managed to get my face out of the water. 

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Coughing and spluttering, I said, “What happened…?” 5d81pQ

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Ktfc ktja kjr P rbjxlcu lc pera cbk? Qtlqqlcu ws tfjv vbkc ab ibbx ja ws offa, P rjk ufcaif megir bo rafjw glrlcu ogbw atf regojmf bo atf kjafg, gbmxr reggbecvlcu atf qbbi P kjr rajcvlcu lc. 

This was an open-air bath.

“Eh, why? We haven’t started working on the open-air bath, right?” mcMQgd

Had Sig been working on this at top speed to surprise me? Two days had passed since then, but still, wasn’t that too short an amount of time? …Well, maybe since he was the Hero, it was possible. 

Anyway, I shouldn’t take a bath with my clothes on. Getting undressed to squeeze out the drenched cloth, I left the riverside in just my pants. It would be faster for me to run home than to wait here until the clothes dried.

“No, no no, this is weird! Why am I suddenly in this kind of place? What happened to that crab?” Stopping in the middle of the path to the house, I scratched my head in confusion. I was bothered by the crab, but more than that, I should’ve fallen to the bottom of the valley. Why did I end up sinking into an open-air bath without any injuries?

As I thought, it would be better for me to return home. Sig should be there, and he might know something about all this.  ZMGlpB

You have to… turn your wish into reality.


Sorry. I’d think about it later, so please give me time. After apologizing to someone who wasn’t even there to hear it, I moved away from the path. 

The familiar triangular roof and field stood right before my eyes. This place, which had originally been infested with weeds, now became a splendid kitchen garden with orderly lines of fruit trees and rows of vegetables.  Ms8Udn

Spotting a huge red ball in the corner of my field, I tilted my head. “Huh? The vegetables there turned monstrous.”

I could understand if the feed I’d planted for the cows had grown large, but I didn’t recall planting tomatoes. Was it Sig’s doing? 

“Well, I can just ask him later… Ow!” Just as I was about to take a step forward, something jumped from the field and slammed into the back of my head, knocking me over. 

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I had assumed it was some blockheaded bird, but I was wrong. As I reached up to touch my back, whatever I touched felt ticklish, goosebumps crawling over my skin. That’s no bird!  tLCnl2

At the moment, my upper body was bare. I rolled around in the grass, trying to shake the creature off, but this time, it stuck itself on my face instead. 

It felt like there was something fluffy and furry on my nose…!

My mind cleared. “W-what… so it’s a squirrel. Don’t surprise me like that.”

The squirrel moved from my face to my knees with a nimble hop.  M 2XBx

Yellow fur and sharp, black eyes. The squirrel shook its thick tail and tilted its head a little, as if in complaint. This animal seemed a little different from an ordinary squirrel, but it was a very friendly and adorable creature. Sorry that I tried to shake you off just now.

When I reached out to the squirrel, it approached me. I stroked it with my fingertips.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

I continued on. The squirrel didn’t leave me, but jumped on my shoulders, and sometimes my head. Until I reached the house at last.

What should I do? The squirrel was so cute and soothing to my heart. I wonder if Sig would let me keep it if I told him I wanted to? pzSnCw

Now that I thought about it, where was he? I had thought he would be in the field, but he wasn’t there. 

“Anyway… Doesn’t it smell like something is burning? No way…”

I had noticed the smell even before I opened the door to the entrance. 

I rushed into the kitchen, almost tripping in my haste, and sure enough a pot sat on the stove, the stove still on.  OUIvBc

The cooking stove in this house was influenced by me, so it was almost the same as a gas stove, usage-wise. With just a flick of a switch, I stopped the supply of energy used to burn the wood, and the fire disappeared. 

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Seemed someone failed at making curry. I stared at the bottom of the pot, the contents of which were pretty much charcoal at this point, and heaved a deep sigh. 

I didn’t remember turning on the fire to make this. That could only mean that this was Sig’s doing, but why did he decide to cook by himself? Anyway, I opened the window of the room, trying to get rid of the burnt scent.

A gentle wind blew over my neck.  nRxLiO

“Who are you?”

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  1. Since the stove ‘influenced’ by him is still there, I’m guessing it’s the same world. My first thought was that it’s the ‘future’ and the one speaking at the end is his child that he had with Sig before leaving.

  2. Is it the future after he left back to his world? And like maybe Sig went to his world with him?

    It has to be their kid or maybe it’s like a grandkid? It has to be the future

  3. Please let it be a time skip! Aiya~ am so excited, what’s gonna happen next?!