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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 18.2


Editors: sleepchaser, con

3.5 million PT?! z45vT1

Of course I couldn’t select it. I simply didn’t have enough PT.

In the first place, it took a considerable amount of time to accumulate what I had so far…

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After our everyday expenses had been taken into account, I only earned a little over 100,000 PT up until now. Since I could earn 10,000 PT a day, it would take roughly 340 days to gather enough to purchase the bridge. Considering my daily spending as well… It would take at least a year or more, huh?

What a headache. There’s no way I could avoid going missing for a year. pvBdhK

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“If you’re worried about that, I’ll adjust the ‘bridge’ so that crossing it will take you back to the day you’d first gotten lost here.”

“Cr fzqfmafv ogbw Xbv!”

Qlat j rlcuif rfcafcmf, j qgbyifw atja kjr bglulcjiis lwqbrrlyif ab rbinf yfmjwf rlwqif. Pa rffwfv ilxf Xbv mbeiv fnfc mbcagbi alwf. P wjvf j cbaf ab gfrqfma tlw j ilaaif wbgf ogbw atfc bc.

Ccskjs, atja jiifnljafv ws jczlfas bnfg tbk ibcu P kbeiv yf ubcf. Ktfgf kjr bcf wbgf atlcu P kjr lcafgfrafv lc: atf kjgclcu jybea “erjuf mbcvlalbcr.” 


Upon closer inspection, there were two conditions in the notes below the “Bridge.” 

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[Note: Miniature Garden level 4; three or more people in the Miniature Garden.]

I knew about the world’s level. God and I had  talked about it just before, about how it would grow when conditions were met. If this miniature garden started at level 1, the current level should be 2. I just needed to increase it to 4.

However, I didn’t understand the second condition, the “three or more people” part. There should be only two people allowed in this miniature garden. To have a third was… rNicS1

I didn’t even have the chance to ask God.

Although I didn’t do anything to the house, I did put some effort into my celebratory gift. So look forward to it. By the way, Sig is there, right? Give him the phone.”

Eh? Sig?

“No, he’s drawing water at the moment…”  o2Gh1V

“Minoru, who are you talking to?”

The sudden voice behind me shocked a scream from my throat. 

When did he get back? When I turned around, Sig was just one step away from the shade of the tree.

Sig stared at my phone, his ever-calm face not showing any of the gentleness it usually held. He might have already figured out that I was using it to talk to someone. As expected from the hero. jPfBQx

“Ahaha, he’s angry, huh? This kid burning with jealousy is so cute. Minoru, don’t worry, just hand it over to him.” 

I presented the smartphone to Sig timidly.

“Who are you?” Phone pressed against his ear, Sig spoke in a tone so low it sent shivers down my spine, even though I knew his words weren’t directed at me. It were as if he wanted to kill someone. 

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God was just like a doting parent, calling that “cute.” UVHPLA

T/N: Starting from next chapter, it’ll be from Sig’s POV (つ✧ω✧)つ

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  1. God is like a human owning a cat and thinking everything it does is super cute, even when it’s angry (:3 」∠)

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    Ohh.. how I wish this is Mpreg😄😄

  5. Celebratory gift.. 3 people.. is it the ability to have babies?? I kida want that lol. And omg so excited for next chapter ML’s pov XD Thank you for the update~

  6. When I saw

    [ Starting from next chapter, it’ll be from Sig’s POV]

    I wanted to press that next chapter link, but…

    I guess I need to wait!

  7. There should be a third person to use the bridge? Then If Minoru can’t have babies, that means he can’t get out from there.

    Ohhh, Sig’s pov?! Interesting!!!!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  8. I’m kinda put off with them lying and cheating Minoru.. And eventually he’ll just forgive it all, forget his family and life and be all happily ever after. Seen this type of plot so many times that I hope it’d be spiced up a bit when it comes to Minoru’s situation. Not banking on it though. Sigh.