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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch28.1 - The Memento Stick


Editors: sleepchaser, con

We decided to harvest the humongous vegetables within the day. TSQ7N9

Well, rather than harvest, it was more like we were cleaning them up. The lettuce and cabbage were too hard to be edible, and the strawberries were also useless. I decided to leave some of the cabbages and strawberries, and dig a hole to throw the rest out.

Checking my notifications, I found I made less than half my normal PT. As expected, this harvest was a failure.

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“Minoru, where are you? Don’t go too far away,” Sig called. Judging from his voice, he was a bit of a distance away from me.

“Ah, yes! I’ll be back after this is done.” I had been cutting the base of a giant lettuce with a saw, and raised my hand to let him know where I was. hrp0Qd

The field was dangerous today. Visibility was bad, and I couldn’t be sure where insects would pop out from. In fact, we had encountered several centipedes, though each time we did Sig would get rid of them.

To put it bluntly, they kept coming.

At the moment, Sig was holding an item that was unpurchasable that we’d won from “Kacha.” It had come in a purple ball, and Sig considered it a memento. The item was from the same category as the knife we’d gotten on the eleventh day.

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What came out this time was a long, thin stick, its length about my height. Sig told me that it was the first weapon he’d used when he was young. After swinging the stick around for a bit and getting reacquainted with it, Sig continued his steady massacre of the centipedes. xQm9C2

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Obbxlcu jkjs ogbw la, P atgfk atf ifaaemf lcab atf tbif kf’v veu. “Vlu, ktja klii kf vb klat atlr joafg kf olclrtfv?

“Ct, P’ii erf atfw jr gjk mbwqbcfcar. Ktf mfcalqfvf’r qblrbcfv jgwbg lr jirb atf rbegmf bo lar jcalvbaf, jcv atf tjgv rtfii tjr wjcs erfr.”

“Got it. But Sig, you can’t bring them into the house no matter what.” Y5zXcR

As a matter of fact, Sig had a criminal record. Just the other day, he’d actually brought one, still alive, into the living room. I’d shot him a serious look, emphasizing that doing that kind of thing wasn’t allowed. Afterwards, he’d nodded and told me he understood…

I heard a suspicious noise, and my hand froze.

It was one hour after we’d started working. I had just finished loading a huge strawberry into a wheelbarrow.

Was it a centipede? I grabbed a stick from the ground near my feet and prepared myself to attack. Listening closely, I figured out what that sound was straight away. yGLnxV

It was an armoured centipede biting the tail of an earthworm.

“…Stop it!” Not wasting a second, I jumped towards the centipede with my stick in hand. Rosé violently jerked, trying to escape into the soil.

I lost myself in swinging my stick, aiming for the centipede’s nose. I think I’d done well so far. The centipede recoiled from the impact, and the earthworm escaped safely into the soil.

Alright! qYGELA

However, the armoured centipede didn’t give me any time to celebrate, this time coming at me after finding its prey missing. At that point, there was only one thing for me to do.

“Sig, help me!” I yelled, making a quick exit from the area. Yeah, I sounded shameless, but it couldn’t be helped. These centipedes’ armor were as hard as they looked; if I hit it with a normal stick, of course it would break.

I could see Sig racing in my direction. My next move should be to make sure I had a clean getaway. Or so I thought, but in the next second my field of vision was filled with red, and a sweet scent burst forth.

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It seemed I’d tripped over a strawberry, and taken a grand tumble into another. 1ev0lw

“Minoru, roll!”

I rolled sideways without thinking. My sight was blurred with fruit juice, but when I managed to look back, that black creature had already slammed down onto the place I had fallen a moment before―

Gyahhh, I was almost smashed by a centipede!

The centipede stayed locked on target, twisting its body in a nimble turn and coming after me. I couldn’t stand. I curled into a ball, bracing myself for the pain to come. 2IiaX7

Warmth hit me even faster than I’d expected. Yet just as I had held my breath, my body was yanked to the side and the sound of a hard clash rang out.

The sound of something dry being crushed.

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Oh, the life of an insect sure was one full of agony.

“…It’s alright now.” fUkOP4


It seemed like Sig was holding me right now. Just as I thought, that warm thing from before was his arm.

Sig wiped my face with a piece of cloth, and I could open my eyes at last. I raised my face to give my thanks, but was shocked into saying something else instead. “W-what happened, Sig? Was it because of that centipede―”

There was a wound on Sig’s left eyebrow, the bloody line extending down to his jaw. The amount of blood on his face seemed exaggerated, but I blanched when I saw that there was even more staining his clothes. 1fKaEs

“No. The stick broke, and the splinters grazed me.”

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If that’s the case, what was that voice I’d just heard a while ago?

Sig told me that he would go to the spring to wash off the blood, leaving me in the field alone. Returning to my senses, I rushed to follow him.

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