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  • on Little MushroomChapter 59 19 hours ago

    He shot some of his mycelium in that guy’s mouth. He can absorb the memories without loosing himself so he should be the way to humans survival?

    Or will only Lu Feng and himself be the last to survive?

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  • Cough +2

    Hehehe so sweet!!

  • on I'm Not HumanChapter 81 22 hours ago

    I was thinking the same thing, so he has to wake up as a go back to this world. Will this author write the go back of the other stories like this?

  • No! Dobby wish to be free!!!

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  • Hahahahahahhahahahhaha!!!

    Thanks for the chapter!!!


  • Yes translator, please keep it steady by the week, at least something is something, always enjoying your translations!!!

    And phone ghost vs. phone ghost show down!!!

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

  • on I'm Not HumanChapter 79 4 days ago

    He was born in winter to make a snowman.

    Great, more mocos, tears, and a crazy smile. But it’s ok, he is alive.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  • on I'm Not HumanChapter 78 4 days ago

    I couldn’t read this for like 4 days until I got more chapters, I wondered if he could save him.

    I’m glad I waited.

    Now I’m smiling like a crazy person with tears streaming down my face and mocos dripping from my nose.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  • on I'm Not HumanChapter 77 1 week ago


    Why? I shouldn’t have read this at work, dang it.

    Ow, it hurts.

    Thanks for the chapter


  • He is aloof-to others, ruthless-to Hang Hang admirers, elitist-to non Hang Hang, one hundred percent domineering -when Hang Hang in not around.

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

    Hahahahaha, this chairman is very cute!