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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch7.1 - Awakening (Day 4)


Translator: mii

Editor: sleepchaser LVWOln

 Various images passed through my eyes. I wasn’t sure if they were real or just figments of my imagination.

Ah, I still had to harvest my potatoes.

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In a flash of panic, my eyes burst open. Judging by how bright the light coming from the window was, it should be early in the morning.

Right, right. I had to harvest my potatoes. But since I wasn’t able to take care of them well, I probably shouldn’t expect much from this harvest. tJx0vz

I turn my gaze to the handsome guy sleeping next to me.

Last night, I had a strange dream.

A dream where the hero wasn’t sleeping next to me anymore. I recalled just how real the remaining warmth of the vacant space had felt. However, no matter how much I had wiped his body in the past, he had slept like a log. There’s no way he could have been awake, right?

Maybe I was just so ill last night that I started hallucinating.


I felt like my mind had become strange, a slight chuckle escaping my lips.

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“Good morning, hero.”

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Ktf ubivfc ijrtfr agfwyifv rilutais.

…Yt? CJkLFn

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Rfnfg tjv P rffc remt jc fsf mbibg. Pa kjr j ygluta, rlmxfclcu-rkffa rtjvf bo qegqif. Llr fsfr wbnfv ribkis, jr lo rmjcclcu ktja ijs yfobgf tlw, jcv P ofia j rtlnfg gec vbkc ws yjmx ecvfg tlr kjamt.

The hero nodded. “Morning.” eqZ12Y

What a pleasant voice. Slightly high, a sweet sound suiting his eye color. If he whispered sweet nothings with this voice, his targets would definitely fall in love with him in no time. Of course, it’s just limited to girls.

Forgive me for being next to you right now.

He looked different from my expectations, though. There was no smile on his face. Look, he even had wrinkles between his eyebrows while staring at me…

All of a sudden, my bleak future flashed before my eyes. mPSpJx

“…Uh, I’m really sorry! Please forgive me!”

“Your temperature is now normal, eh?”

As I squirmed with my head lowered, I could hear his soothing voice from above. He touched my forehead.I didn’t know when he moved.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Normal temperature? So he meant he would check my temperature with his palm? What a kind thing to do. I thought he was going to choke me to death just now… eldRu7

Then the hero pulled me closer with one hand, the motion light and without force.

His strength impressed me, but where he had touched me was a bit inappropriate. He was currently pulling me closer by my butt.

Trembling like no tomorrow I managed to squeeze out a few words. “Hero, may I request something from you?”

The hero scrutinized me, looking dubious. It seemed a handsome man would become a man of valour no matter what expression he made. GCKmZx

“Just call me as Sig.”

“Ah, yes. I’m Minoru.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Both of us shared a small nod. Wait, this was not the time for introductions.

“Sig-san, please wear some clothes.” xjhmbK

Sure enough, until now the hero was still in his birthday suit. And I was half-straddling him at this moment.

“I’ve looked but I couldn’t find them.”

I could imagine the hero wandering around the house naked. What an uncomfortable image.

I immediately searched for his clothes in the exchange list. UdGj1D

As I browsed through the list, I managed to find something called the “Hero Set.” God must be pranking me right now, right? I bought it without hesitating and handed the clothes to the hero. As I watched him dress, I thought he might be accustomed to such clothes while he was still alive.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

What he currently wore and what I wore were different as night and day. A silk shirt without the slightest hint of dust paired with leather pants. Dark-red high-laced boots with prominent heels, almost to the point of black.

But it’s still better than being naked.

“I felt your presence… all the time.” 2JHU4V

My eyes widened. The hero sat on the bed, his fingers sliding gently at the side where I had slept.

At that moment, my body felt cold and damp.

Of course he did! He should have felt the twenty thousand PT I had instantly received as my “presence.” Let’s keep everything that I did to him a secret.

“I’m sorry. There’s no other place to sleep in this house… And also, last night… Uhm, I have troubled you. Thank you very much for this,” I said, picking up the damp towel. There was no reply, but maybe this meant he accepted my apology. pi4UaO

What I had seen last night was not a dream. Although my memory wasn’t clear, I’m at least certain he knew I had a fever back then.

I raised my face. For a moment, we stared at each other without a word. But then he immediately averted his gaze.

There were many things I should talk to him about, but I couldn’t find my voice.

I already knew the difference between our strength and body. He’s clearly at a much higher level than me for both. I wonder why that hadn’t crossed my mind when he was still asleep? JfqO 8

Studying this person before me, I felt a little afraid.

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  1. Sig then. Oh oh. And he’s so calm and collected… Shouldn’t he be a little surprised at least? How many times you wake up to find some stranger sleeping next to you?!

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    Leather pants + high laced boots with high heels(?)= ……Are you trying to be a ‘queen’?….. should I get you a whip to complete the outfit….?

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