Strategy to Capture That Scum Gong

Strategy to Capture That Scum Gong 攻略那个渣攻[快穿]

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Author: 即墨遥
Total Chapters: 211
Genre: Dog Blood, Quick Transmigration
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Translators: Eve. Editors: Serefina
Release Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday


As a true over-bearing president scum gong, when Xie He for the Nth time rejected his admirer, he heard a sentence in his head: “Congratulations on achieving the “rejects 100 hosts” accomplishment; as an award you will soon bind to the “Scum Gong and Cheap Shou” system, entering other worlds to complete capture missions.

As a scum gong, Xie He expresses that it is very easy to hide one’s true colors, but…… “I Heard My Boyfriend’s Brother Secretly Loves Me,” “Teacher Love Me One More Time,” “Raising Rich Youth Manual,” “Your Majesty, This Servant Obeys,” “The Tyrant Lord’s Substitute Lover,” “Captive of the Empire,” “Disciple’s Cultivation Furnace” ……

Xie He: Wait a minute. These words sound really strange……. and why is my role the ‘cheap shou’?

System: Fighting poison with poison. Using scum to overcome scum. I’ll be relying on you to abuse the scum gong! Remember to not OOC~

Xie He: He he.


Xie He: Hm? You say all the scum gong love me? Sorry, I only love myself.

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide and self-harm.

TRIGGER WARNING: Because the author likes to write from the “role’s” point of view, a lot of the story seems dubcon or noncon (Though from the MC’s thoughts, you know he’s acting). HOWEVER. If you are uncomfortable reading rape, please be forewarned and proceed at your own discretion.

Note: Yes, this is HE.

Story Guide

  1. Gong who is all kinds of crazy x Two-faced, narcisstic shou who is yearning for love!1V1, Shou MC!
  2. Story is full of dog blood, extremely melodramatic.
  3. If you don’t like it, please press X. Please no personal attacks, thank you.

Number of Chapters Per Arc

Arc 1: 1-18
Arc 2: 19-35
Arc 3: 36-54
Arc 4: 55-69
Arc 5: 70-83
Arc 6: 84-99
Arc 7: 100-113
Arc 8: 114-129
Arc 9: 130-142
Arc 10: 143-157
Arc 11: 158-175
Arc 12: 176-192
Arc 13: 193-208
Extras: 209-211

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I Heard My Boyfriend’s Brother Secretly Loves Me

Teacher Love Me One More Time

Profligate Kid Raising Manual

Your Majesty, This Servant Obeys

The Tyrant's Substitute Lover

The Empire's Captive

The Disciple's Cultivation Furnace

The President's Runaway Lover

The Fallen Elf King

My Reborn Boyfriend

The Cold Prince and the Charming Princess-Consort

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  1. Hello, Eve-san!
    wuwu are you going to continue this? I’m glad if you continue this, can I translate this into Indonesian through your translation?
    And thank you for your hard work!

  2. another bl to wait for wooottt wooottttt thank you to the translators and editors for picking this up (>◇<)/♡♡♡

  3. can someone tell me if this has a happy ending? i know its a tragedy but i really like happy ending ;w;

  4. Great novel though twisted but a logical layout! Not big fan of dog blood novels but loved this one and read it till end! One thing that felt missing was absence if foreshadowing of relation between the two protagonist.

  5. I’m scared to continue reading this second arc, considering there are 4 gongs, I’m really afraid there’s going to be gang r**e, ugh….

  6. Ah, ah! I really didn’t want to read this because I can’t understand scum and well, was hurt by one. So when I finally read this, it turned out to be so funny! Hahaha! 😆 I love Xie He. He’s so full of himself, it’s actually ridiculous. Lol. Thanks for translating this~😄 If you’re on the fence about reading this, you should definitely give this a try. I can at least guarantee some giggles.

    • This is absolutely a great guide on how to abuse scum and make them regret…..and also I think everyone needs go pick up a thing or two from Chairman Xie. Whether it be his confidence, or how honest he is with his wants and preferences LOL.

  7. Within a number of novels that I’ve read it’s one of few times, if not the only time (definitely first though) when I see this type of dog blood drama, which is handled differently. I’m not from the bunch of white flowers who after seeing non-con or dub-con will gasp and rush to say how wrong it is (unless it’s used in a dumb or joking manner), I mean it’s a fiction and it’s a mean to move the story, not a thesis with justification of such behavior. And when I read what this little devil of MC is doing I was definitely surprised like – wow, baby, you torment them damn MLs pretty hard. This was unusual and interesting. Now I’m piling chapters to read arcs in one go, so I can torment myself as well :’D

    Thank you for your hard work💛


    Btw I failed this challenge miserably

  9. I love this so much!! The MC is great and so is the translation , so excited for the next update! (Thanks 🌺Eve + Editors)

  10. is it possible for you to include the chapters in each arc in the synopsis area? I like to wait until the arcs are finished before starting an arc, but I never know how long the wait is AND IM JUST SO CURIOUS😅🙏

  11. Three reasons why I like this story:

    1. The cute system namely 444

    2. The suicide scenes/death

    3. The translation (Hi, Eve-senpaiiiiiiii, notice me pleaaaaseee!)

  12. Cute ~ Read it and have fun. Eve, I want something Do not know if you have asked about permission to translate from the author (the owner)? Just as I was interested in translating it for education. So ask><

    • I asked the author on her weibo, which is a Chinese microblogging platform. She responded pretty quickly. You can usually find author’s weibos on their author pages on JJWXC (assuming the novel you want to translate comes from there)

  13. I want he MC to become a system or buuyable option in the shop where the get a one world only assistant who will tell them how to capture. And for there to be a number of arcs where he bullies some silly shous from the position of an unseeable ghost while helping them get together with the MLs.

    • You can find ch 1-2 via this novel’s NU page or on silverneko’s page. She translated the first two and I saw no reason to retranslate them 🙂 The NU page is under “useful links” on this page.

  14. when will the arc start to have a happy ending? or at least when will MC fall for the ML for real?😢

    each arc is beautiful but I also want that happy ending soon


  15. when will the arc start to have a happy ending? or at least when will MC fall for the ML for real?😢

    each arc is beautiful but I also want that happy ending soon

  16. I feel like a M reading this story. But I’m still happily continuing this route?

  17. This story always gives me a headache… and I still read it… And then there’s also my streak for „also haven’t cried in this arc“ even though the endings are always heart destroyers with how sad they are.

  18. Hello Eve… you mind if I re-translate your translation of “Stratey to capture that scum gong” in to
    Indonesia language? And post it on my wattpad account?

    Thank you

  19. Please someone explain me what is the dog food genre thank you

    • Do you mean dogblood? Dogblood is melodrama. Think soap operas. Very dramatic and unrealistic. Dog food as a term in BL, however, refers to public displays of affection.

      • Thank you so much for enlightening me

        Yes, sorry, I meant dog blood 😅

        thank you again

  20. God damn this novel. I wish I never read it. Just… why is it so good? It opened my eyes , now I can’t read anything without tragedy in it (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Can anyone suggest something similar? I know about slag shou though. Please, I am so done (ꐦ ◠‿◠)

    Oh, by the way, dear Eve, you are the best in every way, your translation is absolutely dope, and you are the only one who publishes so often! Everyone should look up to you! Not joking around! Love ❤

    • I actually don’t read that much angst, surprisingly HAHA. And of the ones I do, most of them are currently untanslated.

      But for the ones that are currently being translated, this author has 2 more (titles roughly translated because I can’t remember what the translators chose)

      All the villains fell in love with me after rebirth
      did the affectionate male lead collapse today

      They’re less tragic than scsg but there is elements of angst that I enjoyed. They’re much more light-hearted though.

      There’s also “the target always thinks that i like him” or something like that. In which ml angsts on his own and its pretty funny. Again, more lighthearted than scsg.

      And thank you so much for your comment! I’m very flattered and so happy to hear that 💕 Thank you so much for reading!

  21. I’m not really one for crying when there’s separation or death in books or movies, but this author manages it time and again. I bow down to the great author and thank the translators.

    I also think Kleenex should help with promoting it with the number of tissues I go through each arc XD

  22. Can you pls tell this lowly one what (HE) is? I see some other novels with it in the description but I cant find the meaning of it 😛

  23. This novel is so heart wrenching! If it weren’t for the cute system and Xie’s interaction, I probably wouldn’t be able to bear all the dogblood! 😭😭😭😭

    I’ve cried so many times because of this novel already that I’ve just decided to wait until each arc finished to read in one go…wastes less tears that way…

    Thank you for translating this novel! It has brought be so much sadness but I still continue to read it (suddenly feel like I’ve become masochist)

  24. This is one of the best novels that I’ve ever read so far on Chrysanthemum Garden! I really like your translations, thank you Eveeeee😊

    • We get to formally meet him in the very last arc 😄 He’s very worth the wait in my opinion. I loved the last arc so much.

  25. Hello, Eve-san! Can I translate this into Indonesian through your translation?

    • Sorry, I don’t allow re-translations anymore. Please translate from the original author and support them!

  26. I know this story is so dog blooded and can’t help it anymore. I’ve put this story down countless of time.. YET, I still come back to be abused.. What to do (╥_╥)