Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh11 - President Xie Will Teach You How to Conduct Yourself


Translated by Eve

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Zhou Yian didn’t know how he managed to remain indifferent. He was like a sculpture. Perhaps, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to move, but that he couldn’t.

The moment he saw Xie He, he understood Zhou Yizhe’s intentions. How could anyone just walk into Zhou Yizhe’s office? Didn’t he specifically allow the receptionist to let him enter precisely so that he would see this scene?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Only Zhao Qing, that idiot, wouldn’t know this and end up with a face pale with fear. No…it wasn’t that he didn’t know, he was just pretending. If he really hadn’t known, then did he really not hear his footsteps just now? Ah…that shy person before him, it turns out he had this kind of promiscuous nature. He really had bad eyes…it turns out Zhao Qing was such an amazing person.

He saw Xie He’s face that was drained of blood from fright. Slowly, he gave him a phony smile, “No need to trouble Secretary Zhao. You two continue. I can come back later.” y 0UrL

These words that fell onto Xie He’s ears were light as a feather, but seemed as if they were as heavy as a ten thousand pound hammer, making him retreat in a hurry and his stomach tied up in knots.

Zhou Yizhe slightly creased his brows. Xie He’s behaviour made him feel a bit regretful. Before this, he never knew he could even feel regret. However…he really didn’t want to see Zhou Yian use that sort of complicated expression of adoration towards Xie He. He so easily evokes Xie He’s four emotions never before had there been someone who dared to covet his things, not even Zhou Yian could afford to.

To make Xie He appear to swear allegiance to him like this was a bit cruel. But the effect on Zhou Yian was really not bad. He should continue on like this—continue misunderstanding and hating him and get further and further away.

Zhou Yizhe would not admit that he was afraid of one day losing to the other.


“Then there’s no need to pour a cup of water. Anyway, it’s just a matter that can be settled with one sentence,” Zhou Yizhe, upon achieving his goal, really didn’t want Zhou Yian to stay here. He raised an eyebrow and used a flat voice to say, “Your plan. I agree to it.”

A malicious look flashed by Zhou Yian’s eyes. Quickly after, he smiled and said in a refined and courteous tone, “Thank you.”

“Leave,” Zhou Yizhe looked at him like he was as insignificant as a speck of dust. He then turned to smile gently at Xie He, extending his hand, “Come. Let’s continue.”

The hand hanging by the side of his body suddenly clenched. A bloodthirsty light glinted in his eyes, appearing as if he would explode at any time. However…in the end, he didn’t say anything. He didn’t even so much as glance at Xie He once more. 6kdspH

He slowly turned around and calmly helped them shut the door.

Xie He watched as Zhou Yian’s silhouette disappeared behind the door. Suddenly, he lost the courage to continue on and stood there in a daze, as if he was frightened and left without anyone to lean on, like a child who had been abandoned by his parents or a puppy who had been thrown away by his owner.

“Come here,” Zhou Yizhe repeated himself, tone becoming dangerous.

Xie He continued to look in the door’s direction, not moving. It seemed like even his mind was taken away by the person who had left. x maj2

The cold line of Zhou Yizhe’s jaw stretched taut, and his lips were drawn into a straight line. He unexpectedly felt that this scene was offensive to the eye…he would not permit things that are offensive to the eye to continue to exist. Suddenly, he stood up, strode towards Xie He, and stood in front of him. Zhou Yizhe coldly looked down onto him, “What are you still looking for? The person has already left.”

Xie He acted like he didn’t see him, or rather, it was like he only saw a pillar in the empty space before him. He stepped around it, his gaze on the door from beginning to end.

Zhou Yizhe had never been ignored like this before. His voice was suddenly much louder and he sneered, “He doesn’t want you. No matter how much you look, he won’t come back.”

He stretched out a hand to pinch Xie He’s chin, wanting to make him look at him, but was nimbly evaded by the other! This kind of action seemed to finally cause Xie He to snap out of it. A spark of hatred shot out of his eyes. Strong hatred emitted from that person, who was pale to the point of nearly becoming transparent. He was like a flower that was fighting desperately to live on the battlefield, blackened and beautiful to the extreme. Q2oOwY

“Don’t touch me!” XIe He said sternly.

The feeling of wanting to dote on the other that had just arouse in Zhou Yizhe dissipated under this kind of gaze. In the end, what remained was a strong feeling of jealousy.

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The corner of his lips rose, “Oh, you finally can’t endure any longer.”

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I have already agreed to your terms. I agreed to everything. Why must you treat me like this? Why are you unwilling to even leave me the very last traces of my dignity and dreams? Why must you make Zhou Yian hate me! I hate you!

XIe He’s eyes were full of resentment, like he had been forced into utter despair and desperation.

It was the first time Zhou Yizhe has seen such an intense, nearly tangible, negative emotion come from the usually kindhearted and shy youth. And the one who made him burst into this violent emotion was another man…He felt really unresigned to this. XUAKMy

Zhou Yizhe abruptly seized Xie He by the collar and lifted him off the ground. Regardless of how the other struggled, his upper body was tightly pressed against the cold desk. His cold gaze on Xie He’s face warped. He smiled, “Why don’t you straightforwardly resign yourself to your fate? What’s bad about being with me, hm?”

“Leave him. Be with me. It doesn’t have to be this painful,” Zhou Yizhe’s tone seemed to be patient and guiding, but a complicated expression churned within his black eyes.

“In. Your. Dreams,” Xie He only gave him these three words.

Zhou Yizhe smiled. It was a smile that made people can’t help but feel their blood run cold. The next moment, he entered Xie He roughly. Io2x6f

The sharp pain made Xie He’s face twitch, but he continued to use that loathing gaze to stare at Zhou Yizhe. On his face was a sneer that he had never adorned even once in the past, as if mocking the other.

This kind of expression was too offensive to the eye. Zhou Yizhe narrowed his eyes. Why had he not surrendered yet?

Why was he unwilling to surrender?




XIe He bit through both his lips and tongue. Blood flowed down from his lips, but from beginning to end, he refused to let out his moans.

This kind of strong front further aroused Zhou Yizhe’s desire to conquer. His voice was sinister and cold, “Why don’t you beg me? If you beg me, maybe I’ll excuse you.” OqGA20

Xie He’s mouth was bloody. All of a sudden, he slowly drew back the corners of his mouth and spoke. Under Zhou Yizhe’s expectant gaze, he spat out three frigid words, “I hate you.”

These three words were like the sharp blade that severed the last remaining thread in Zhou Yizhe’s mind.

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In the end, he lost all rationality.




Xie He laid on his stomach on the floor. From head to toe, every muscle of his was aching and powerless. He already had no strength left to struggle, tears blurring his vision. He wasn’t so weak that he would cry. It was just his body’s automatic reaction to pain.

Who was it. The one who was inside of him, who was it…. oZTJeu

It was Zhou Yian, it was Zhou Yian, it was his beloved, ah, the one he loved deeply. It was definitely him….

A smile appeared on Xie He’s extremely pained face. It looked strange and pale. He spoke hoarsely, “Yian…An….”

Zhou Yizhe could not control the ruthlessness from surging out of his heart. However, even so, he couldn’t make the person underneath him yield. He was stubborn, as if he wanted to follow him until the moment of their deaths.

At that moment, Zhou Yizhe finally understood. He was incapable of making this person give up. His obedience before was but a facade. NdyGd

The youth was not at all powerful, but his heart was extremely deep. It was also very strong, it was invulnerable.

He knew that nothing would come to fruition, but Zhou Yizhe still did not wish to stop. It seemed as if the moment he stopped would be the moment he lost. And he, Zhou Yizhe, never lost!

“Yian…” The gentle but hoarse voice, filled with love, spoke….

This voice was like a bucket of cold water poured over Zhou Yizhe’s head. Wodfij

His expression changed. In the end, he let go, disappointed.

His rationality slowly returned to him. Zhou Yizhe looked at the unconscious youth who looked like he was on death’s door. In the end, he…he didn’t beg at all. The only thing he said was Zhou Yian’s name.

I have never lost. I will never lose.

What a joke. rgiDpI

For the first time, Zhou Yizhe loved someone, and was utterly beaten.

Because that person was someone who would never love him.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Ding. The target’s Favorability Value +5. The current Favorability Value is 92. 】




Xie He felt that he was really on the losing end. For the sake of gaining Favorability points, he had to suffer a lot. After Zhou Yizhe went insane, he immediately asked the system to help him put up a barrier to block out the pain. As a result, that trash system said that he only had a level one barrier that could block out 10% of the pain. He could only endure the remaining 90% himself. To be able to continue acting until the very last moment and successfully deal the final blow in such a painful circumstance–he really admired himself.

【444:QAQ Host dada, I’m sorry ….】 bc1vBu

【444:It’s because I’m so useless…Don’t ignore me please…..】

Forget it. What was he bickering with this stupid system for? The system would definitely be upgraded once they passed this world!

【Xie He:What’s Zhou Yizhe’s Favorability Value right now?】He had lost consciousness at the end and missed it.

【444:It’s already at 92! 】 zt84JP

【444:Host dada, do you want me to exchange for a high level recovery system item for you? The effects are really good QAQ】

【Xie He:Haha, is this supposed to make up for my pain earlier?】

【444:But your appearance right now…./(ㄒoㄒ)/~~】

【Xie He:Relax. There’s someone else who’s even more aggrieved. I’ll teach him how to conduct himself well 🙂 】 vo08 p

444:Why do I feel that Host dada seems to be really mad…So scary…I shouldn’t casually make an appearance in the near future….

Xie He slowly opened his eyes. The nurse by his side immediately noticed this and quickly ran out.

Not long after, Zhou Yizhe walked in.

He stood by Xie He’s side with an extremely complicated expression.. He wanted to approach, but he didn’t dare to approach. This contradictory struggle was evident in his eyes. He didn’t want to give up. He would rather be hated than give up…but…he also didn’t want to see that gaze filled with hatred. This made him feel extremely pained. fb7W4D

Zhou Yizhe did not speak. Xie He also did not speak. He only looked at him with a tranquil gaze, quietly fixing his gaze on Zhou Yizhe. It was like…he was waiting for instructions.

Gradually, a thin strand of hope emerged from the bottom of Zhou Yizhe’s heart. Xie He’s eyes were calm. There was no trace of resentment, as if nothing had happened. He came to this place carrying the feeling of awaiting his death sentence, only to discover that he appeared to have been absolved. Maybe…he still had a chance? When he thought of this, Zhou Yizhe’s expression softened. He spoke gently, “Are…you hungry?”

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A look of bewilderment flashed through Xie He’s eyes. Immediately after, he nodded.

Zhou Yizhe smiled gently. He happily carried food in. He used a spoon and scooped out some food, then carefully blew on it. He then placed it near Xie He’s lips. “Sorry. The doctor said that you should eat watery foods that are easy to digest for now. This is a specially prepared, nourishing meal. When you’re better, whatever you want to eat, I’ll bring it to you.” 5ixk3m

“Ok,” Docile, Xie He opened his mouth to eat. He did not resist nor show any dissatisfaction.

One fed, one ate. Because Xie He cooperated, he very quickly finished off the food. Zhou Yizhe had never thought that one day, he would so carefully serve another person. Moreover, he even gladly endured this hardship, to the point that as long as the other did not reject him, he would be endlessly happy. Xie He’s expression made him understand what happiness was. He couldn’t help but fantasize about their beautiful future together. It was the first time he’s tasted the flavour of love. So it was like this…it made people go crazy about it.

As long as the other smiled at him, then his mood would become good.

Although the method was not very honest, he had managed to obtain the youth. It was the best decision he had ever made. Ywpag9

Zhou Yizhe pulled Xie He towards him so that he leaned against his chest. He softly sighed, “I was too angry yesterday…I’m sorry. I promise you that it will never happen again. I just want you to love me.”

“I love you,” Xie He spoke, gazing at him with clear and limpid eyes.

Zhou Yizhe’s body stiffened. He didn’t know why, but this phrase didn’t make him happy at all. On the contrary, it made him feel weightless, as if he had taken a step off of a cliff.

“I love you,” Xie He moved his powerless body. He turned his head to place a kiss onto Zhou Yizhe’s lips and smiled, “I’ll listen to everything you say from now on. I’ll be with you obediently. I absolutely won’t make you angry…so you don’t have to bother with Zhou Yian anymore, ok? He misunderstood me, so I already don’t like him anymore.” 0AJI6H

For Zhou Yian, there was nothing he couldn’t do. He would not rebel again. He would not feel indignant nor get angry again…Because he was willing to give up his own integrity. Anyway, he was filthy and ugly. Zhou Yian would not like him at all. He was even more useless than garbage.

“En. Ok?” Xie He looked at him with his wet, black eyes. There was no stubborness in his eyes, only fawning. His alluring, pink lips spat out these words, sounding like a spoiled child.

Zhou Yizhe’s heart felt like it fell into an icy cave.

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The how-to conduct yourself series has begun. Congratulations to President Zhou for being Teacher Xie’s first ever student →_→

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Happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy—IDK if I TN’d this before

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