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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh27 - Another Beautiful White Lotus Flower


Translated by Eve

Edited by Karasunofight yraYlt

9. Another Beautiful White Lotus Flower


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Xie He’s body stiffened, fear flashing through his eyes. This was evidently not a beautiful memory to him.

Li Hongxuan fixed his eyes on him, the corner of his mouth raising. His words carried a rather dangerous tone, “What’s wrong? Teacher, are you regretting your decision?” mKk xw

“N-no…” Xie He cowered, biting his lips softly with trembling eyelashes, “I don’t…I-I will listen to you….”

He had already experienced how vile these students’ methods were. He dared not resist.

Li Hongxuan made a disdainful sneer. He knew that he didn’t have the courage to defy him.

Li Hongxuan took Xie He to a hotel off campus grounds, booked a room, and then told Xie He, “Go shower.”

Jp jnl

His entire body was filthy. Looking at him made him lose his appetite.

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Xie He froze. It was probably because he knew that he had escaped disaster today with this man’s help, that he accepted his fate and went into the bathroom.

He locked the bathroom door, turned on the shower, and began to chat with 444.

【Xie He:My student has finally become enlightened. As his teacher, I feel extremely gratified.】 SMmhZd

【444, ingratiating himself to Xie He with fake flattery:That’s because you taught him well.】

【Xie He:Oh, no, no, you’re praising me too much. 🙂 】

Li Hongxuan sat on the bed inside of the bedroom, the fingers on his right hand rubbing together lightly. Just then, that tactile sensation he felt when he held onto Teacher’s wrist was like touching satiny silk. The feeling seemed to linger on his fingertips, yet to disperse.

He raised his hand to lightly touch his own lips as if he was kissing Teacher’s body…his eyes couldn’t help but darken. 18mtgH

So it turns out that only after seeing and touching him, he realized just how much he missed the other man. He was too rushed and crude the first time they did it, so he hadn’t been able to carefully savour Teacher’s body. This time, he wanted to take it slow and do it properly. This kind of delicacy ought to be carefully sampled.

Heh…Li Hongxuan chuckled. Or…it was not a bad idea to just straightforwardly keep Teacher by his side for his enjoyment either, ne….

When he thought of this, Li Hongxuan, who was always indifferent and self-restrained, unexpectedly felt a sense of longing bubble up.

Unfortunately…Teacher had yet to come out. WgFbzQ

Li Hongxuan looked at his watch. Half an hour had already passed. A man would not normally take such a long time to shower.

He smiled coldly and walked over to knock heavily against the door, “Are you still not done?”

There was only the sound of the water pelting against the shower walls coming through the door. Just as Li Hongxuan was about to lose patience though, the door was suddenly pulled open.

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We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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This scene was even more enticing than that of their first meeting.

Li Hongxuan’s Adam’s apple bobbed. His eyes were as bottomless as a vortex that would suck in the beauty and shred him to pieces.

【Ding, Li Hongxuan’s Favourability Value +5. The current Favourability Value is -10.】

Since he wanted the teacher, then he didn’t need to endure. In Li Hongxuan’s life, he had never modestly restrained himself. He had only plundered, seizing everything he wanted by force! This was the code that he lived by. jXWSz3

“Come here,” Li Hongxuan spoke slowly. Hidden beneath his serene eyes was the gaze of a wild predator.

Teacher’s body seemed to shake slightly. It was probably because he had been too flustered, but he didn’t even wear shoes. He walked over, barefooted. His sleek and smooth feet slowly made their way across the floor, treading onto the soft, brown rug. His exquisite and adorable toes sunk into the rug and could only be faintly discernible.

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He was truly a beautiful…prey.

Li Hongxuan suddenly stepped forward and took off Teacher’s glasses. The entirety of his pretty face was now on display. Li Hongxuan lowered his head and kissed him deeply. Yt8C1k

This kiss was ferocious and plundering. He was like a lion who had been patrolling its territory when it found a prey. The lion then decided to mark its prey, indicating that it belonged to him, and that it was not allowed to resist or try to escape!

The single towel wrapped around Teacher’s body fell off. Teacher’s fully naked body was revealed, and naturally entered Li Hongxuan’s gaze.

He directly pushed Teacher onto the ground, stuck out his tongue, and licked the red marks around Teacher’s chin. This was the injury from when he had been thrown to the ground. It was not serious, but it did ooze a little blood. The numbing sensation of being licked like this made Teacher’s shuddering all the more intense. His pure black eyes were covered in a layer of mist.

His inexperienced, sensitive, and fearful reaction made Li Hongxuan’s * feel even more scorching. p1XUv4

Teacher’s quiet, suppressed cries made him want to torment the person beneath him even more ruthlessly.

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Xie He actually fell unconscious after doing it once. This body was rather weak, and the student’s physical strength was really too good, given that he was at the age where his * was flourishing. He even seemed to have some energy to spare afterwards. It seems that last time, Li Hongxuan had really restrained himself. This time, he had no misgivings and went all the way. It had really—felt way too good.

Li Hongxuan had an arm tightly wrapped around Xie He’s waist, and he gently nipped at Xie He’s ears, stimulating a pleading moan to flow out of the other’s mouth. 3pVtX8

“Teacher, do you regret it?” Li Hongxuan gazed at Xie He’s face and asked suddenly.

Xie He managed to open his eyes with much difficulty, his eyelashes fluttering. There was bewilderment in both his eyes as if he did not understand what Li Hongxuan’s abrupt words meant.

This appearance that made one want to pamper him bettered Li Hongxuan’s mood a bit, and he patiently repeated himself, “For Xu Wenhao’s sake, you were willing to get into bed with me. Do you regret helping him?”

Xie He stared at him blankly. Then, he shook his head. tKSNY8

Li Hongxuan paused, and then used his sharp, eagle-like eyes to stare fixedly into Xie He’s own while enunciating, “Why?”

Xie He was still muddleheaded like he didn’t quite understand the situation. However, whatever Li Hongxuan asked, he would answer, “I helped someone. Why would I have any regrets?”

That clear and slightly hoarse voice gently struck against his heart…sounding as if it was puzzled over why Li Hongxuan would even ask such a question.

The hand Li Hongxuan had wrapped around Xie He’s waist suddenly tightened. His jaw locked, and he stared rigidly at him. I4Fsk5

Xie He yelped in pain and gazed back at Li Hongxuan, confused.

When Li Hongxuan was stared at by those limpid eyes, an ineffable twitchy feeling arose from within. Why was this person unwilling to act in accordance to common sense? Such a weak, powerless, and stupid person…yet contrary to expectation, he didn’t understand how to hate injustices upon his own person as if he would forever remain this beautiful and kindhearted.

Why couldn’t he act a bit selfish? Why couldn’t he be destroyed?!

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Li Hongxuan suddenly straightened his spine, causing Xie He to let out an involuntary, muffled groan. He instinctively struggled, wanting to free himself of this fiendish student. However, both of Li Hongxuan’s hands held onto him firmly, pressing down with relentless strength. Xie He let out a miserable shriek, and tears slid down his face. He shook his head, “Wu…no more…I can’t….” eMkJdR

Li Hongxuan’s demonic, ice-cold voice sounded beside his ear, “Teacher’s body seems to be really unused to men. Only this much and he can’t take it anymore.”

Xie He shook his head, vision blurry from his tears.

“Do you feel pained and embarrassed? From being assaulted in bed by a student, from being treated like a woman, from being f*cked until you’re crying and begging? The reason you fell into these circumstances is all because you wanted to help a student, who was nothing more than a stranger that you met by chance,” Li Hongxuan gently lapped at the tears gathered at the corner of his eyes, “Do you regret it now?”

If you say that you regret it, I’ll let you off. RpWVMI

Xie He sobbed. He slowly opened his eyes, his long, curled lashes were like slowly unfurling wings. Beneath these wings were a pair of limpid, watery eyes that slowly revealed themselves to Li Hongxuan.

Within his eyes, there was pain and suffering. His eyes were red from the indignation and embarrassment from having felt pleasure despite it everything. However, even within all of this, Li Hongxuan still did not see the hatred or regret that he wished to see.

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Xie He opened his mouth slightly and used a weak, nearly inaudible voice to say, “I…don’t regret it.”

He blinked in pain, “At least I’ve helped him. Why…would I feel regret….” Qcz7wM

Li Hongxuan stared at this unbelievable teacher. Inside his mind, a string snapped.

Everything. Everything was different from what he had thought before.

【Ding. The capture target, Li Hongxuan’s, Favourability Value +50. The current Favourability Value is 40.】

Li Hongxuan reached out to gently touch Xie He’s eyelashes, nearly touching that pair of eyes…afterwards, he halted all actions. drXv9V

In this world, how could someone be this stupid? Who did he think he was? Did he think he was the Buddha, a kind of saviour who should cut off his own flesh to feed the eagles in order to deliver all creatures from suffering? He couldn’t even protect himself yet wanted to protect others…however, when he thought about Xu Wenhao, who had been protected by Xie He, he felt an inexplicable jealousy arise. Why hadn’t he met such a person before?

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Only…he really did meet one. He was right before his eyes.

When he didn’t believe that this world could have the beauty of selflessness, this person finally appeared.

Teacher, if you’re like this, I won’t be able to let you go easily. Because…it seems that I like you a bit, ne. nhTrpc

Li Hongxuan lowered his head and gently kissed Xie He’s mouth. After a long time, he revealed a smile.

This was the first time such a gentle smile had been revealed on that frigid face of his. It even caused Xie He’s mind to go blank for a moment. Soon after, the man who showed such a gentle smile said icy-cold words that made Xie He’s heart sink to an all-time low.

“Teacher, actually, you didn’t help Xu Wenhao at all, ne.”

Xie He’s eyes widened in surprise, and he used a terrified gaze to look at the younger man. 3IU5dY

Li Hongxuan’s mood was inexplicably good. After all, this person already had no way to escape from the palm of his hand. Li Hongxuan gently caressed the man in his arms and smiled, “Those stupid c*nts that were demanding repayment…how could they possibly give up so easily after being chased off once? After I beat them up, they would not dare act out in front of me. However, when they come back, they will certainly treat Xu Wenhao even more severely. The solution to his troubles is still far away, ne.”

Xie He’s face paled. He was quite naive, but he understood this reasoning after thinking it over.

But…what could he do…he basically could not do anything….

Just from looking at his expression, Li Hongxuan was able to read his mind. He spoke kindly, “Only, this matter isn’t impossible to solve once and for all. I can make sure that those people do not ever dare to come harass Xu Wenhao again. I can even make it so that his father is unable to gamble ever again. However…if you want my help, because of the principle of equivalent exchange, the price will not be so simple as to just hop into bed with me one more time.” UFoOZ9

A conflicted struggle flashed through Xie He’s eyes.

Li Hongxuan watched him calmly and did not try to persuade him as if he was giving all of the rights to make this decision to Xie He.

Xie He pondered over this for a full five minutes. Only then did he speak with great difficulty, “You…can you really do as you say…?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Yes,” Li Hongxuan replied without any hesitation as though it was a simple, trivial matter. In reality, it actually was a small thing to him. QM7es1

Xie He bit his lips and asked, “Then, what do I have to do in exchange, ne….”

“Accompany me for one month, how’s that?” Li Hongxuan smiled at him, his gaze carrying a trenchant determination to have him, “During this month, no matter when I want it, you must satisfy me.”

This kind of nightmare would last one month.

Xie He’s body suddenly stiffened. AxX3QV

However…with just one month, he could ensure a student a lifetime of safety.

He had no reason to refuse.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie He fixed his eyes on Li Hongxuan. After a long, long time…he finally nodded slowly.

This kind of answer was within his expectations. Li Hongxuan smiled as he caressed Xie He’s face, kissing his eyes. He really, really loved Teacher’s eyes. No matter what, they would not sully. It was like he had encountered a rare treasure, and he was just itching to take it for himself. W cuMS

His goal had been achieved. He did not plan on doing Teacher until he feared him. Li Hongxuan controlled himself and took a step back.

Li Hongxuan dressed himself, and then handed Xie He a room card, saying, “I’ve book this room for one month. You hold onto this room card. Wait until I let you know that I want you.”

Xie He curled up on the bed. His body was covered in marks. He seemed like a little animal that had been maltreated…he stared at the room card like it was a one-way ticket to hell. His expression was that of one facing death. Even after a long while, he did not reach out to accept it.

Li Hongxuan’s eyes darkened. A faint smile appeared on his lips. Teacher was always so alluring…and also so cute. If this continued, he was afraid that he would not be able to hold himself back, ne…. tkOG6

Therefore, he used a threatening gaze to stare at Xie He, voice cold, “Don’t test my patience.”

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Fear flitted through Xie He’s eyes, and then, he quickly reached to grab the card. He held it tightly in his hand, and his body involuntarily curled up.

Only then was Li Hongxuan satisfied. He bent down to lift Xie He’s chin up and kissed him, not satisfied and wanting to do more, “Wait for my call.”

Eve: Congratulations to Teacher Xie for escaping the negative zone! JuOIAo

Kara: Wow! Congrats XH! We shot straight into the 40s! (Lowkey wasn’t expecting it to be that easy.) (ס_ס;;) Also, this line: “No matter what, they would not sully” kills me. Why am I nervous about this arc’s ending already? Anyone else or just me? _(:3」∠)_

Translator's Note

Author is trying to allude to this, if you know what I mean, without being reported. Since I can’t put gifs here this is the link to the gif if you don’t recognize this mv.

Translator's Note

Referring to one of the stories about Buddha. Long story short, the Buddha encountered an eagle about to swoop down to eat a dove. The eagle said that by saving the dove, Buddha would be killing the eagle, because the eagle would starve. Thus, Buddha cut off the flesh of his own arm so that both would live. The Eagle asked him if he regretted it. Buddha said no. Eagle said he was just saying that to sound good. Buddha said that if his words were true, let the flesh regrow, and it did.

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