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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh34 - Nude Photo Scandal


Translated by Eve

Edited by Karasunofight tH35Wq

Thank you OneDaalia for the kofi and sweet message 💕 The kind message meant a lot to me!

Trigger warning: Applicable for the rest of this arc—suicide/thoughts of suicide warning. Yes, slightly spoilery but I think that it’s more important to give this warning in case anyone is uncomfortable with reading this subject matter.

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16. Nude Photo Scandal


Even if he didn’t ask around, Xie He already knew that Allen and Li Hongxuan had decided to face off.

After some time had passed, on a day with drizzling rain, Xie He came back from outside. At this time, he saw Li Hongxuan standing outside of his dorm room. His body was soaked by the rain, droplets of water flowing down his cold, sharp jaw. His always sharp pitch-black eyes now held a hard-to-describe complicated mood and his body stood ram-rod straight. The second he saw Xie He, he seemed to want to go over to him. However, he was also afraid of scaring him, so he didn’t move in the end.

Xie He closed his umbrella and silently watched him for a while before whispering, “You…what’s the matter?”

Li Hongxuan’s lips were drawn into a straight line. He reached out and firmly pulled Xie He into his arms, his deep and sexy voice resonating in the other’s ear, “Teacher, I really missed you.” Q2IHxa

Xie He struggled for a while but could not free himself. He looked at Li Hongxuan with some fear in his eyes.

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Pain and internal struggle were reflected in Li Hongxuan’s eyes. He blinked, putting these emotions away, and said, “Teacher, you…please don’t dislike me, OK?” In his voice was unexpectedly traces of begging.

Xie He was startled. It was the first time he’d seen such a weak side to this formidable, indifferent man.

It was the first time he had ever perceived that this man could actually…feel sad and sorrowful. tE95oU

He was actually not all that different to his other students. Because Li Hongxuan always acted as if there were no obstacles he couldn’t overcome, Xie He had logically believed that he could not be hurt. No one had ever thought to show concern towards him….When Xie He realized this point, his heart softened for some baffling reason.

Xie He was silent for a few moments before softly speaking, “I…I have always seen you…as my student. So long as you don’t go overboard and do those things, I won’t dislike you.”

Although he had not received a promise, these words seemed to instantly melt the ice within Li Hongxuan’s eyes. A dense warmth emitted now instead. His Teacher…had always been so kindhearted and cute.

He thought that he would be mercilessly rejected. Who’d have thought…that he would unexpectedly receive forgiveness? BHAZiI

“If…if I act as just your student, will you also take care of me like you do for your other students?” Li Hongxuan fixed his eyes on Teacher’s face, speaking slowly but with anticipation shining in his eyes.

This time, Xie He did not hesitate, and he nodded, “I will.”

Li Hongxuan’s gaze fell on those slightly parted pink lips. He really wanted…really wanted to kiss them, regardless of everything else. He wanted to swallow those beautiful words down into his stomach. However, he endured. He would take care of everything by himself and then, he could come to enjoy his Teacher. Teacher…was an incomparable spoil of war.

This time, he would take his time and exercise his patience, in order to love Teacher, to let Teacher open his heart to him. dlnDCO

【Ding, the target Li Hongxuan’s Favourability Value +2. The current Favourability Value is 94.】

“Teacher…I will leave now,” Li Hongxuan let go and took a step back. He glanced at Xie He with a longing look before he turned around and disappeared into the rain.

Xie He watched him leave. When he returned to his dorm, he stood his umbrella by the door.

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The sky outside was overcast and gloomy. The rain did not stop. jO68 D

【Xie He:This is the prelude to a great storm.】

【444:(⊙o⊙) Oh.】

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

【Xie He:Li Hongxuan is up to his ears with work. He doesn’t even have time to look after himself. This is the reason why he can endure not doing anything to me for now.】

【444:Qlii tf yf jyif ab qjrr atf mglrlr atlr alwf?】 8JK1mE

【Wlf Lf:Ktfgf kbc’a yf j qgbyifw. Gbc’a ecvfgfralwjaf tlw. Po tf vlvc’a tjnf jcs jmaeji jylilas, tf’v ibcu tjnf yffc vlrqbrfv bo ys atja bivfg ygbatfg bo tlr.】

【444:Yt. b(c_c)b~】Qtb xcbkr kts, yea P offi gfilfnfv, cf!

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【Xie He:Only, for him to deal with Allen and his brother at the same time, he won’t necessarily be able to attend to my matters here. 🙂 】

【444:……】What’s with this ominous premonition?! UQAvBq


Xie He patiently waited for the storm to approach. One day, after he finished class, he was suddenly stopped by a female student at the classroom’s doorway.

The girl had beautiful, curled maroon hair, big eyes, and fair skin. She had exquisite makeup painted on her face, but the expression she used to look at Xie He with was a loathing that was utterly incongruous to her sweet appearance.

Xie He narrowed his eyes and then revealed an inquisitive expression, “If I may ask, who are you?” tuJaC3

Chen Sha glared at him with disdain. Her loud and crisp voice clearly echoed down the corridor, “Are you the man that has been seducing my fiance?”

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This piece of gossip was too explosive! All the students in the classroom and corridor all turned to look over!

Xie He’s face paled, and his body trembled in rage, “Don’t speak nonsense. I don’t know your fiance!”

“Aren’t you Su Yan?” Chen Sha tilted her head, gaze icy, “Could it be that you dare to say that you’ve never hopped into bed with Li Hongxuan?” qmUc4

These words were like a clap of thunder in clear skies as they fell onto Xie He’s ears. He gazed at her in shock, “L-Li Hongxuan…is your….”

Chen Sha nodded, “Yes, I am his fiance.”

Alarm and indignation flashed through Xie He’s eyes. He quieted his voice by a few degrees, “It’s not like what you think. He and I no longer have any relation….”

“So, you used to be involved?” Chen Sha’s ice-cold eyes flashed and then suddenly raised her hand, slapping Xie He without any warning! OMe5W6

Xie He was hit into a daze. A red palm mark emerged on his skin, and his glasses were smacked away. His vision was fuzzy. He bent down to pick up his glasses but before he could reach out to grab them, a high-heeled foot came stamping down and smashed his glasses to smithereens!

He raised his head in alarm.

Chen Sha lowered her head to gaze at him, her red lips spitting out glacial words, “You climbed into a student’s bed as a Teacher. A despicable person like you, what qualifications do you have to be a teacher!?”

The meaning contained within these words were too cruel. Xie He’s face was immediately drained of all blood. He had worked so hard…worked hard to study, worked hard to work, worked hard to become a teacher, worked hard to take care of and teach his students. This life he worked so hard for…everything…was destroyed today. YLlRZb

He seemed to be able to feel the whispers circulating all around him. Along with those gazes filled with despise, they left him with a thousand holes and scars.

No…he wasn’t this kind of person….

“I-I didn’t…” Xie He hurried to explain, doing his best to shake his head, “Listen to my explanation….”

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A student on the side couldn’t keep watching and walked over to defend Xie He, “This student here, I think you’ve misunderstood. Teacher Su isn’t that kind of person.” IW7GBZ

The corner of Chen Sha’s lips raised. A ridiculing expression was painted on her pretty little face as she spoke in an apathetic tone, “You don’t know him. How would you know what kind of person he is? Don’t just look at Teacher Su’s sanctimonious and serious appearance. Actually, behind our backs, he’s extremely licentious and depraved.”

That student gazed back at her solemnly, “Please watch your words. If you don’t have evidence, don’t casually slander other people!”

“Who said I didn’t have proof?” Chen Sha smiled languidly. From her purse, she pulled out a set of photographs and threw them onto the floor as if throwing away trash. The photographs scattered before Xie He’s face.

Xie He’s expression immediately changed, and his body began to shake all over. zTdXKS

That student was at a loss. They picked one of the photographs up to look at it, and then glanced at Xie He. Immediately, their expression became complicated and enigmatic.

The farce had come to this point. The other students also surrounded them, very quickly picking up the remaining photos.

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Xie He’s face was completely devoid of all blood. He suddenly screamed, “Don’t look! Don’t look! Give them to me! Give them back to me!”

But no one paid him any attention…. kR3hbZ

The gazes of those people flicked back and forth between those photos and his face. Their originally sympathetic and questioning gaze gradually disappeared. What was left was only despise and loathing…but there was also * mixed in….Who would have known that this teacher who usually appeared gentle and honest and would blush at the smallest thing, would unexpectedly have such a lewd side to him?

These photographs…were truly vulgar yet erotic.

Xie He’s mind was blank. All that was left was endless fear. His sight was blurred, but he instinctively tried to grab the photos out of other people’s hands. However, in his panic, he was pushed to the ground!

Chen Sha walked towards him once again and looked down at him, “Teacher Su, who is the man behind you? It looks like you didn’t climb into just Li Hongxuan’s bed, but you had also seduced other men behind our backs. Just how many men have you slept with?” 0 GFbe

Xie He stared at her in fright. He couldn’t see the person in front of him clearly. He could only feel like there was a demon speaking to him, saying such horrible words. His eardrums were vibrating until all he could hear was a buzzing sound. His lips trembled, but no words came out.

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Chen Sha laughed, “Why don’t you respond? It couldn’t be that there have been so many that you can’t even remember clearly?”

Xie He opened his mouth with difficulty, “No…it’s not like this….”

Chen Sha bent down, gaze on Xie He’s eyes, “This is a little lesson for a little slut like you. If you dare to fool around with Li Hongxuan again, next time, the photos won’t just appear at school. I’ll send them to your family. Send them to every single person you know.” jCZUL

“D…don’t…” An intense dread had already left him unable to think, and all he could do was mumble.

Chen Sha laughed with scorn. This kind of goods, it was easy to settle him. With her goal achieved, she strutted away, high-heels going ‘clack, clack, clack.’

Xie He kneeled in place. There was still one photo left in front of him. He suddenly grabbed it and tore it to pieces with great strength!

At this moment, it felt like he was separated in a different dimension all on his own. Clearly, there were still so many people surrounding him, but their words, their voices—all of it sounded distant like he couldn’t hear them at all. JFeRl6

He staggered to his feet. Without looking back, he ran away.


【444:Host dada! Don’t you dare say you had seen this coming! QAQ】

【Xie He:I didn’t see it coming. I’m not a prophet. However, I did guess half of it.】 ThsIp4

【444:Which part? QAQ】

【Xie He:Chen Sha is the fiance that Old Master Li had bestowed to Li Hongxuan when he came of age in order to stabilize his position. If Li Hongcheng wants to attack Li Hongxuan, he would definitely disclose this matter to Chen Sha, hoping that by using this, he will be able to make Li Hongxuan lose the Chen Family’s aid. However, it seems that this Chen Sha really likes Li Hongxuan…so, she came looking to make trouble for me. However, the matter with these photos, I indeed did not expect this. Li Hongcheng certainly does have some ability to unexpectedly be able to get his hands on these.】

【444:Then, what should we do, ah ah ah!?】

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【Xie He:Why are you worried? This is good. It’s even better to have the conflict aroused by these photos. It saves me the effort of having to put on an act to push the plot forward. Right now, we’re one step away from the finish line. Moreover, my beauty is not afraid of being appreciated. 🙂 】 QxEigN

【444:……】He swears that the next time he lets his heart hurt on behalf of his host, he’ll go recharge his IQ instead! _(:3ゝ∠)_

Xie He holed himself up in his dorm, not taking a single step out. In the afternoon, the neighboring teacher came to knock on his door, telling him that the Dean wanted him to go to their office. Xie He was quiet for a long time before he silently opened the door.

The neighboring Teacher used a complicated and despising gaze to look at him and said, “I’ve already told you. Go quickly, ba.”

“Thank you,” Xie He whispered. NfFjpb

The neighboring Teacher sneered at him and did not respond before leaving.

Xie He’s complexion was white. That sneer was like a slap to the face, making him feel so ashamed he couldn’t dare show his face. The red mark on his cheek had yet to disappear too. Xie He covered his face and quickly walked. All the way, he received countless despicable and loathing gazes directed his way.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Xie He reached the Dean’s office and knocked on the door. The voice inside told him to enter, so he pushed the door and walked in.

The Dean raised his eyes to glance at him, revealing a sliver of disgust. However, he was subtle and didn’t let himself be too obvious. He only said insipidly, “Because of the vile influence this matter will have, the school has already had a discussion. We feel that you are unsuitable to undertake the occupation of a Teacher and have thus decided to dismiss you. This month’s wages will be given to you in advance. Your dorm will be taken back the day after tomorrow. Right now, you can go back and pack your things.” 6STMZC

Xie He did not raise his head the entire time. He did not have the courage to see the Dean’s face and only said, “En.”

Then, he left in silence.

He finally had nothing left.

He didn’t even have the courage to fight back. AJQS8r

Xie He walked out absent-mindedly. He accidentally bumped into someone. It was the neighbouring class’ Teacher Liu. He was a plump man with a vile character. When he saw Xie He, an obscene light flashed in his eyes, and he reached out to grope Xie He’s behind.

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How could Xie He endure such dishonour? He reached out to grab him but was slapped without warning, falling to the ground in the end.

Xie He was about to condemn him, but Teacher Liu spoke first. His voice was extremely loud, attracting the attention of people nearby, “Teacher Su, you’re too shameless, ba! I have a wife, and yet you’ve come to seduce me!”

Xie He looked at him incredulously, so angry his lips trembled, “You’re slandering me!” ajtw7f

“Who doesn’t know what kind of person you are? You even dare to fool around with students, do I still need to slander you?” Teacher Liu smiled in disdain.

At this time, the other teachers came out of the office. They looked at Xie He and in the end, one of the senior Teachers sighed, “Teacher Su, since you’re leaving, don’t mess around. Since we were coworkers once, I won’t bicker with you. You should leave quickly, ba.”

“I-I didn’t…” Xie He covered his face, looking up at them in despair.

However, he couldn’t even see a single sympathizing expression towards him. All he saw was despise and disgust…there was also Teacher Liu’s repulsive face. That ear-piercing sneer still echoed in the air. 8WDvYJ

In that moment, he suddenly didn’t want to fight any more.

Because there was no point.

The light in Xie He’s eyes slowly extinguished. He silently climbed up and continued forward, one step at a time.

【444:Host dada, Li Hongxuan is secretly following you from behind….】 jJtGd1

【Xie He:I know. 🙂 】

Xie He did not return to his dorm. He directly headed out of the school. There was no expression on his face. It could even be said that he looked extremely calm.

He passed the flower beds and exited the school gates. He finally reached a main road with heavy traffic. The pedestrian signal was still red, and the people around him were waiting patiently. Xie He walked amidst the stream of people, but it was like the world only held him inside….

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His steps did not stop. He walked directly forward. xDq57V

The truck on the left suddenly erupted an ear-piercing honk! However, Xie He’s steps did not halt as if he couldn’t hear it at all.

Let it be this way, ba. Let it be this way, ba.

Let me leave this place….

However, the moment he was just about to get hit, a hand suddenly pulled him by the arm, pulling him back in an instant! Then, he was tightly held in an embrace! IheE29

Xie He raised his eyes in a daze and saw Li Hongxuan, whose own deep gaze was full of silently enduring pain directed at him.

【Ding, the target, Li Hongxuan’s Favourability Value +2. The current Favourability Value is 96.】

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Eve: Two chapters until the end of the arc. Poor SY.

Kara: Personally, this was the hardest chapter of the arc to read for me. I angrily cried on SY’s behalf; he deserved better! ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·̊ ̊ I just keep telling myself though: The angst is bitter for now, but the revenge towards the gongs later will be sweet. (•‿•) XjVen8

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