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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh33 - Dogblood Drama No. 2


Translated by Eve

Edited by Karasunofight cRWGJH

15. Dogblood Drama No. 2


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Xu Wenhao kicked the door open, and the culmination of the events within the room was revealed to the two people outside of it. Instantly, it became so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

What had occurred inside had obviously reached its end. PzIVc0

Teacher curled up on the ground, half-naked. His entire body was covered with marks from having been violated. The hickeys and other marks left over from being fondled were striking against his fair skin. The vibrancy of these marks varied, making it clear that he had been enduring this treatment for a period of time. His long, slender legs were powerlessly drawn together, trembling slightly….Teacher forced himself to open his eyes. When he saw the silhouettes bathed in light in the doorway, extreme alarm and despair appeared upon his face!

Without the shelter of his clothes, Teacher’s astonishing beauty was thoroughly revealed.

Clearly, this was the appearance of someone who had just suffered from maltreatment. However, it was unexpectedly breathtaking, evoking a person’s innermost *.

Allen stood at the door, expression unchanging. Only the longing within his eyes revealed his innermost thoughts. He hated that the person who had rode Teacher’s body hadn’t been him! He hated that the person who left those marks on Teacher’s body wasn’t him! H c0zQ

Teacher…truly sorry, ne…I really don’t want other people to see this appearance of yours. However, if I didn’t do this, Xu Wenhao would not fight for you as if his life depended on it….

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Only, you don’t have to worry. I will be able to save you very soon.

【Ding, Allen’s Favourability Value +2. The current Favourability Value is 90.】

Xu Wenhao stood at the door. For a moment, his head was completely blank. mWlF2N

He knew that he would possibly see some unbearable scene. However, to personally see it in reality, the psychological impact he received greatly surpassed what he imagined. It was as destructive as a hurricane and tsunami wreaking havoc upon land. His unwavering gaze was on Teacher, who was on the ground. This kind of teacher…it unexpectedly made him feel an unprecedented urge.

He had never thought that Teacher would be pressed down under a man like this. Now that he’s seen it, the turbulent emotions from within his heart suddenly rushed out.

He finally understood what this emotion was.

However, the cruellest thing in the world was that the moment he understood this emotion, he simultaneously fell into hell. This was because his teacher…for his sake…had been violated by another man. ySuJ8n

【Ding, Xu Wenhao’s Favourability Value +5. The current Favourability Value is 95.】

Although his thoughts seemed slow, actually, everything only took a second in reality! Li Hongxuan did not expect that someone would suddenly barge in, but he quickly grabbed his coat and draped it over Teacher’s body. He dressed himself and then quickly bundled Xie He up! Afterwards, he pounced like a cheetah, giving Xu Wenhao a heavy, direct kick! At the same time, he ended up closing the door!

Xu Wenhao covered his abdomen as he fell to his knees. He raised his head and used a gaze full of hatred to stare at Li Hongxuan. Regardless of the pain, he stood up and attacked back! At this time, he basically wasn’t thinking about anything at all. He only knew that he wanted to kill the man in front of him! So, he would never again humiliate Teacher!

However, Xu Wenhao was not Li Hongxuan’s match…. M1CTug

Li Hongxuan stamped a foot over Xu Wenhao’s chest, his eyes cruel and bloodthirsty, “You’re looking for death.”

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Allen stood far away. At this time, he did not plan on rushing over only to get beat up. He simply said coldly, “Don’t kill him, ah. If you really kill him, Teacher will never forgive you.”

Ol Lbcuzejc ribkis aegcfv tlr tfjv. Ktf mbgcfg bo tlr ilqr gjlrfv lcab j oglulv jgm, jcv tlr nblmf kjr vjgx jcv mbiv, “Gbc’a atlcx atja P vbc’a xcbk ktb atf wjrafgwlcv lr. Vbbcfg bg ijafg, P’ii xlii sbe!”

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Ciifc ofia tlr rmjiq ub cewy jr tf kjr kjamtfv klat atlr rbga bo ibbx. Lf cfjgis abbx j rafq yjmx. Lbkfnfg, ktfc tf atbeuta jybea tbk Kfjmtfg kjr tfgf, tf ofia atja tf mbeiv cba yjmx vbkc. tGY5Sx

They had already reached this stage. Who was afraid of whom?!

The expression within Xu Wenhao’s eyes was crazed. He tenaciously tried to push off Li Hongxuan’s foot. However, he was completely unable to move it. His eyes were red as he looked at Li Hongxuan, the strong taste of blood in his mouth, “You’re not allowed to humiliate Teacher anymore. I don’t need your help! Go die!”

Li Hongxuan sneered, “Oh. Now, you don’t need my help. Why didn’t you refuse my help before?”

“Y—you b*stard!” Xu Wenhao gnashed his teeth, glaring at him hatefully. If he had known what price Teacher would have had to pay to obtain Li Hongxuan’s help, he would not have accepted it! Heaven knew just how much he regretted it! 5omwTk

Li Hongxuan towered above him, “What qualifications does a person like you have to criticize me? You never had any qualms enjoying the help and care Teacher gave to you. You never thought about the price he would have to pay. Only now do you come and hypocritically say that you don’t want my help….”

“I was originally too lazy to pay attention to a little thing like you. However, today…” Li Hongxuan lowered his head, expression glacial, “I’m extremely angry.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He reached out and squeezed Xu Wenhao’s neck. As he watched Xu Wenhao’s face go red, his expression could not get anymore brutal.

This fellow. He didn’t understand anything, he didn’t know anything, and yet, he could enjoy Teacher’s concern and care with a clear conscience. He was so blessed yet made such an impetuous mistake as to be exploited by another person, acting like it was only inevitable and right! Right now, this guy was being used by Allen to come destroy the relationship between himself and Teacher! eKX4W9

This kind of stupid fellow…why was he able to obtain Teacher’s concern and care!? Why?! The anger and jealousy within Li Hongxuan’s heart fused together, brewing incessantly.

Xu Wenhao exerted all his strength to pull Li Hongxuan’s hands off. He couldn’t breathe, and his vision was starting to become blurry. Li Hongxuan, he really wanted to kill him….

However, in the next second, the grip on his neck suddenly released, and air rushed into his chest.

After he coughed with all his might and blinked his eyes, he saw that Teacher had rushed over at some unknown point in time, firmly hugging onto Li Hongxuan’s arm to pull him off! rceykm

Teacher…had saved him once again….

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Xu Wenhao felt his eyes grow hot and painful….

Xie He had rushed over after getting dressed. Li Hongxuan’s expression just now looked like he was about to kill someone. Actually, Li Hongxuan had indeed nearly lost all rationality. Xie He had no time to care about himself. He used all of his strength to pull Li Hongxuan’s hands off and used his quivering body to protect Xu Wenhao. He glared at Li Hongxuan with red eyes, “D-don’t hurt him!”

The scene before him deeply pierced Li Hongxuan’s eyes….He could only feel the stuffy pain within his chest, and his voice carried an agonized tone, “Don’t you blame him? He impetuously rushed in and caused you to be….” fMEdjX

Xie He’s complexion was deathly pale. Li Hongxuan’s words made him recall that despairing and horrifying scene just now. For his students to see him in such a disgraceful situation, he wished that he could immediately die. However…it was not the time to feel remorse. He could not sit back and watch Xu Wenhao be harmed by Li Hongxuan! His desire to protect his student prevailed over his despair and fear at that moment, allowing him to stand up!

“He…did not do that intentionally,” Xie He bit his lips, looking at Li Hongxuan while trembling, “Don’t hurt him.”

Li Hongxuan smiled bitterly. He then staggered backwards a few steps and used a completely dead, silent gaze to watch Xie He.

He always knew just how lamentable he was. Such a thing happened, but the one Teacher thought about was still Xu Wenhao. In Teacher’s eyes, it was Xu Wenhao that was his student. Meanwhile, from beginning to end, he was nothing but an evil person that bullied the student and humiliated the teacher. dApk8O

But…he didn’t even have an opportunity to explain himself. Because he had indeed done unforgivable things.

The real criminal was him, so this pain was what he deserved.

Allen aptly walked over. He placed a supporting hand on Xie He’s shoulder and used a gentle gaze to look at him, “Teacher, I already know what happened. I can also help with Xu Wenhao’s matter. You don’t need to surrender to Li Hongxuan over this.”

Xu Wenhao could finally breathe again. He glared hatefully towards Li Hongxuan, “Teacher, you don’t have to bear his threats! Even if I die, I won’t accept his help!” BO8cei

In an instant, Li Hongxuan became the target of a multitude of arrows!

However, he did not even so much as glance at the other two people nor did he care about being isolated at this time. His complicated, deep gaze was on Xie He’s face from beginning to end, staring at him fixedly.

It was like even if he was spurned by the rest of the world, so long as the person in front of him looked at him, it would be enough.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Allen knew that this was the crucial moment. He needed to make the indecisive teacher make a firm decision. So, he said, “Teacher, Li Hongxuan forced you to be by his side as the requirement for his help towards Xu Wenhao. Right now, Xu Wenhao himself said that he doesn’t need his help, so you and Li Hongxuan already have no relation with each other!” WCl0OU

“Is…that so…” Confusion flashed through Xie He’s eyes. Everything that had just happened had made him a bit unable to wrap his mind around matters.

“Yes,” Allen nodded with great strength, “Your relationship has already come to an end! You don’t need to be afraid of him! Moreover, you don’t owe him anything!”

Xie He was at a blank. He raised his head to glance at Li Hongxuan. He had a timid expression on as if he didn’t know what to do.

Li Hongxuan stared straight at him, reaching out, and said, “Come here.” BOE3Rj

Xie He did not move.

Li Hongxuan’s heart felt even colder, however, he raised his voice and repeated, “Come here.”

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This time, Xie He seemed to finally come back to himself. He thought about what Allen had said, and he suddenly felt free. Stubbornness and resolution gradually emerged from within his eyes. He slowly shook his head, taking a step back.

This one step made Li Hongxuan’s heart completely sink to the pits of the floor. His entire person felt like it had been submerged in ice-cold water, the cold thoroughly penetrating the depths of his heart. 0W7Lpx

A long time later, he slowly retracted his hand. The expression on his face was covered in indifference.

He then turned to leave. Not once did he turn to look back.

Xie He watched as Li Hongxuan disappeared. He then fell to the ground, devoid of all strength, as if all his energy had been drawn out of him in an instant. Allen went over to support him, but was refused by him. Xie He took a few breaths before climbing up. He slowly made his way towards the corridor. Right now, all he wanted was to leave this place, leave all of this that made him feel so embarrassed….

“Teacher…” Xu Wenhao’s voice echoed from behind. EzRMSd

Xie He turned to look at him. That big man stood there, badly battered, and gazed at him with a look mixed with guilt, affection and worry.

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He was startled, but then sighed, “I’m fine. Don’t worry.”


【444:Host dada, your actions today were truly a bit risky. Why did you have to do that, ne!? Σ(°△°|||)︴】 kdv CF

【Xie He:To increase efficiency and save time.】

【444:……】Nani? _(:3ゝ∠)_

【Xie He:Baby, with regards to Li Hongxuan, what kind of love do you think he regards to be genuine love?】

【444:……_】He doesn’t understand love, hahahahaha! OaDIyK

【Xie He:Rubshead.jpg. If you want to know how to capture someone, you must first understand them.】

【Xie He:When he was six years old, Li Hongxuan’s mother passed away. Before it had even been one month after his mother died, his Father brought his true love along with Li Hongxuan’s brother, who was two years older than him, back home. He was nothing but a six year old child. He trusted people very easily. He was very easily deceived by his step-mom and older brother. As a result, when his elder brother took him out to play one time, he tried to throw the six-year-old Li Hongxuan away. He was lucky though and was able to return home to his family thanks to a kindhearted person. So, he didn’t end up getting sold by child traffickers or dying outside. After such a scandal, Old Master Li was extremely angry. The Old Master personally protected and raised him by his side from then on. Li Hongxuan was not close to his father, which was only natural as his father didn’t like him. His father always wanted to give his everything to his true love and their child. But the child he truly cared for was disappointing, he was truly a useless person. Therefore, Li Hongxuan had his grandfather’s support and had worked hard to live up to expectations. Otherwise, he would have been eaten clean until not even his bones remained long ago. Thus, it is very easy to understand his current personality. In order to have the things that rightfully belonged to him, he had to understand what it meant to fight using fair or foul means from a young age. He, who didn’t even have familial love, had only seen the darkness within people’s hearts. Thus, he naturally does not believe in love. In the twenty years that he’s lived, he has always needed to right and rob. He does not believe that there is true goodness in this world. However, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t long for it. So, this is just me prescribing the right medicine for this illness.】

【444:……Hahahahaha, the background information that I transferred to you doesn’t include this information, ah! How do you know all of this!?】444 was stupefied!

【Xie He:I’ve said it before, I am a responsible Host that will earnestly research the background information. The content within the background information you gave me was indeed not little. I found out his name, age, and the basics regarding his family’s circumstances from it. I only had to make some inquiries for the rest. The Li Family’s farce is not a secret in this world. Baby, this is the most basic of research that is to be done before undertaking a project 🙂 】 eWoOwz

【444:……】He’s kneeling to you, alright?! QAQ

【Xie He:Therefore—returning to the previous subject—this so-called genuine love, it’s nothing more than  giving up your most important things for the sake of the other. It is to regard the other as more important than one’s own life…in short, to Li Hongxuan, or rather, to people like him, the most important thing he owns is the wealth and position that originally belonged to him. If he loves me enough to turn his entire family, even the entire world, into his enemies, then I think that at that point, we will be about done.】

【444:I still don’t understand what this has to do with today’s matters. _(:3ゝ∠)_】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Xie He:According to his current Favourability Value, so long as we stay together, we will sooner or later face this issue. However, I’m not interested in accompanying this bear child on walking the long road of love, so I slightly incited a change in the course of events. Li Hongxuan is unwilling to let go, but Allen is not someone who is easy to deal with. I gave him hope, so he will unscrupulously give Li Hongxuan troubles while trying to steal me away from him. The easiest and most efficient way to do this—find the family head. If this matter is disclosed…you should know, Li Hongxuan’s older brother has always been coveting his position. He won’t let go of such a great opportunity to attack him. He will have to fight to defend his love. 】 BWPUe8

【Xie He:This is a romance in fast-forward. Smile.jpg】

【444:……】He suddenly feels a bit sympathetic towards Li Hongxuan….

【Xie He:I can use truth, goodness, and beauty to reform these students that lack love and teach them how to grow up. 🙂  】

444:If this could be considered truth, goodness, and beauty, he’d rather go die. ienqzM

The author has something to say:

444: Host dada, why do you always want to save time? There’s no time limit on our missions~

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Xie He: Baby, that’s because we’re quick transmigrating, ah. 🙂

Eve: 🙁 Tragic backstories. He’s just a boy devoid of love T^T (tho this honestly doesn’t realistically excuse that sins he’s done, it’s enough to sway my heart in fiction ̊‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚) hItGk7

Kara: The author really titled this set of chapters perfectly. This is dogblood drama at its finest. My heart is bleeding for LH!! Also, why is XH always creating do-or-die scenarios!? It doesn’t always have to be all or nothing!! (┛✧Д✧))┛彡┻━┻

Translator's Note

LOL. Loan word from Japan, meaning ‘what’. Thought it was funny so I kept it.

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