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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh30 - Teacher Xie’s Love Counselling for Couples Course


Translated by Eve

Edited by Karasunofight G0vm2p

12. Teacher Xie’s Love Counselling for Couples Course


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie He’s steps immediately halted as he froze in place. A frightened expression emerged on his face.

Allen actually had long since noticed Li Hongxuan. That kiss just now, aside from the fact that he had wanted to do it, was because he wanted Li Hongxuan to see. DEvpUR

He raised his eyebrows in a smile as if he had just noticed Li Hongxuan and said, “Ah Xuan, when did you come over?”

Li Hongxuan lowered both of his hands, approaching one step at a time, and then, suddenly threw a fist at Allen without any warning!

Allen was not someone who was easy to mess with. He understood Li Hongxuan’s personality very well and was able to dodge in time. However, the other’s violently swinging fist still managed to graze his cheeks. He narrowed his eyes, expression turning slightly cold, “You want to pick a fight with me?”

Li Hongxuan’s knife-like sharp eyes stared back at him, and he spoke in a glacial voice, “A warning.” DFNhop

Allen shrugged his shoulders, a sneer on his lips, “Oh, what reason do you have to give me a warning? Is there a relationship between the two of you?” He fixed his unblinking stare onto Li Hongxuan again,speaking in a slow and profound manner, “Don’t tell me that you’re lovers, ah.”

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His few words were full of meaning.

For people like them, it didn’t matter if they played around excessively. However, if they wanted to make their relationship official with someone, they needed to get their family’s approval. That is to say, even if it was himself or Li Hongxuan, they could not give Teacher official status as a partner.  Allen knew that Li Hongxuan could not answer this question…and this way, Teacher will naturally understand that Li Hongxuan was only playing with him and that both of the two students were just as bad as the other. There was no difference between them.

Only in this way would he get the chance to get between the pair. o9qmaD

“In the end, are you lovers or not, ah? If you aren’t, then I also have the right to pursue Teacher, ne. This time, I am pursuing him for real. I will not force him,” Allen shrugged nonchalantly with a smile, “It couldn’t be that you also want to meddle with who I choose to pursue, ba?”

Li Hongxuan pursed his lips and stared at him coldly. After a long period of time, he said, “Regardless of whether we are or not, you have no right to stick your hand in this matter. If this occurs again, then I won’t stop at just a warning.”

A dangerous glint flashed through his eyes.

Allen’s heart shivered from the cold. With Li Hongxuan’s ruthless and tyrannical personality, he could do anything. In any case, his goal for today had been achieved. There would be ample time to deal with that when he gets there. Teacher would one day be his. Allen smiled in disdain, “How terrifying. I’m so scared, ne.” FNkebd

He turned to give Xie He a gentlemanly smile, “Teacher, I’ll be thinking of you, oh.”

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After saying that confidently, he turned around and left.

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However, Li Hongxuan did not get angry. He only used a profound gaze to look at him. A long time later, he said, “You’re not angry?”

Xie He revealed a blank expression as if he didn’t understand why he was asking this.

Li Hongxuan’s expression grew even colder. His expression seemed very impatient, but he still asked, “Just now, I didn’t acknowledge our relationship. Aren’t you angry?”

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So, it turned out to be about this matter? Xie He used a cautious and timid expression to look at him, “I’m not angry. We aren’t in a relationship anyway….” naGj3S

Li Hongxuan suddenly felt gloomy. A derisive smile appeared on his lips, “You’re right. We aren’t in a relationship. It’s a transaction, that’s all.”

Teacher basically had no idea just how much energy he had exerted earlier to stop himself from beating up that b*stard Allen.

Just as Allen had said, they were not lovers. From the start, it was him who had used an under-handed method to force Teacher to stay by his side. There was no difference between this version of him and Allen…thus, he could not answer the question. The most important thing though was that he didn’t want to terrify Teacher. Teacher was already timid enough. If he let him see an even more brutal side of himself, wouldn’t he be so afraid that he’d want to escape from him even more?

Although he clearly understood this, Li Hongxuan still felt stuffy, a stuffiness that he couldn’t rid himself of. How good would it be if Teacher would fall in love with him? If it was like that, then no matter how many difficulties they were to face in the future, perhaps he would be willing to make him his official lover. u12HEF

“A-are you OK…” Xie He used a slightly frightened and worried expression to gaze at Li Hongxuan, “Your complexion doesn’t look too good….”

Li Hongxuan lowered his icy eyes to look at him.

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“I’m not angry, so you don’t need to be angry either, OK? I really didn’t think Allen would do such a thing…” Xie He said quietly.

Li Hongxuan became even angrier when he thought about this. Teacher didn’t have even a sliver of self-awareness. It couldn’t be that he hadn’t noticed how Allen was trying to pursue him? He was like a warm light, one that incessantly drew in the people walking in the darkness like moths to a flame. He had no idea just how attractive he was! He was itching to lock Teacher up so that no one else could see him! 1fAvXl

Li Hongxuan forcibly suppressed the raging fire inside of him. He grabbed Xie He by the wrist and glanced at him, “Let’s go back.”

Xie He was dragged to the Teacher’s dormitory by Li Hongxuan. His expression was extremely apprehensive. Li Hongxuan looked like he would explode and kill someone at any moment….

Li Hongxuan kicked Xie He’s dorm room door closed. He folded his arms and coldly gazed at Xie He while speaking, “Although we aren’t in a relationship, while the transaction is in effect, Teacher, you should not let other men touch you. Because you allowed this to happen, you need to be punished.”

Xie He’s face paled slightly as though he was recalling some horrifying memory. He bit his lips and looked at Li Hongxuan with a pleading expression. NwozMH

Li Hongxuan’s heart did not soften in the least. Towards this Teacher, who would unknowingly attract all sorts of pests towards himself, he needed to imprint a deep memory in his mind. He swept his eyes across the room and noticed an anthology of poems by Shelley on the desk. This poetry anthology was evidently Teacher’s favourite as it was placed in such a noticeable position. Because it was frequently flipped through, the outer edges of the book were curled up, and there were quite a few notes and markings inside.

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Li Hongxuan picked it up, the corner of his lips raising. If Teacher read this book out loud with his little mouth that made such pleasant-sounding moans, it would definitely be a really good listen. He said, “As punishment, you have to personally teach me this book, ba.”

Xie He immediately showed an expression of surprise. He had never expected that the punishment would be so easy to get through. He was afraid that Li Hongxuan would change his mind and nodded hastily, “OK.”

Li Hongxuan’s gaze towards Teacher became rather ridiculing. The corner of his mouth lifted, and his tone was like frigid ice, “Then, take your clothes off right now.” CqKJdY

Xie He widened his eyes in shock as he stared at him, “D-didn’t you say you wanted to study….”

“What? You want to defy me?” Li Hongxuan raised his voice. The gaze he used to stare at Xie He was like that of a hunter toying with prey that could not escape. It was as if he was anticipating his defiance. If he chose to defy him, then he could rightfully use a more ruthless method to deal with him.

Xie He shivered and hesitated for a while. In the end, he gritted his teeth and took his pants off. His lower half was cold, making him close his legs in unease, glancing helplessly at Li Hongxuan.

Li Hongxuan leisurely sat down on the desk chair and told Xie He, “Come here.” ismUu5

Xie He did not dare resist and slowly walked over.

Li Hongxuan extended a hand to grip onto Xie He’s neck, pulling his head towards himself. He used a tranquil and difficult-to-retort-against tone to say, “Later, if Teacher isn’t able to properly do his duty properly and teach me earnestly, then I might get angry. In that case, Teacher will suffer.”

Xie He’s eyelashes fluttered, and he spoke in a timid voice, “I-I will teach you earnestly….”

“Very good,” Li Hongxuan smiled. The next moment, he lifted Xie He by the waist and forced him down onto his lap. Sks89g

Xie He nearly screamed upon being entered so suddenly. However, when he remembered that he was in the dormitory and the soundproofing wasn’t good—how there could be people coming and going down the corridor—he hastily bit down onto his lips. Only then was he able to prevent himself from making a sound. He had a death grip, holding onto the edges of the desk with both hands. His fingertips were turning white from the strength of his grip. He tried his hardest to escape from this terrifying circumstance, but his body’s weight made it so that he had no choice but to slowly sink down.

Li Hongxuan had an arm wrapped around Teacher’s waist. That slim waist slightly shook against his arm. Li Hongxuan revealed a satisfied smile, and he casually flipped the book open with his opposite hand and said, “You can begin.”

Teacher tightly pursed his lips, twisting his body while trying to escape. However, he very quickly realized that it was impossible to do so. His eyes reddened, tears forming at the corners of his eyes. He had no choice but to lower his head and look at the book. He had just begun to read when he let out a repressed low moan upon which he immediately shut his mouth once more.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Li Hongxuan felt like that voice lit a flame within his heart, making him want to do Teacher right there, consequences be damned. However, he did not forget his purpose and only spoke with an icy and impatient tone, “Hurry up. My patience is limited.” STQ52e

Teacher seemed to finally realize that he could not escape the calamity today. Finally, he slowly loosened his lips that had reddened from being bitten. He used an enticing, unclouded voice that had desire mixed into it and began to read out loud.

“Thy…look of love has power to calm…wu…

The stormiest…passion…of my soul…

Thy gentle words are…drops of balm X2HCVB

In life’s too bitter bowl…”

This was the first time that it had taken him so long to read such a short verse, and the first time that it was so difficult too….

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

And this was just the beginning.

Li Hongxuan flipped through the book with one hand, feeling pleased as Teacher read it to him out loud. Very soon, they reached the halfway point of the book. Afterwards, he noticed a beautifully written excerpt. His expression changed, and he told his teacher, “This…teach me how to read this.” XPv0 D

Teacher’s face was flushed, and his eyes were glazed over. He had long since lost his desire to struggle. He followed Li Hongxuan’s finger, looking at where he was pointing, and parted his lips obediently, emitting a sweet-sounding, trembling voice, “The love in my eyes...is..naught but your beauty...wu...reflected upon my soul....”

Li Hongxuan’s expression softened, savouring the feeling for a while. Then, he brought his lips close to Teacher’s ears and used a low, hoarse voice to repeat, “The love in my eyes is naught but your beauty reflected upon my soul.”

Teacher remained despondent to his confession though, his expression full of ignorance.

However, Li Hongxuan loved Teacher’s current appearance very much. Therefore, he made Teacher repeatedly read the passages. Every time Teacher read a part, he would use an adoring voice to repeat it by the other’s ear. SJhcmT

【Ding. The target, Li Hongxuan’s, Favourability Value +5. The current Favourability Value is 90.】

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Very quickly, they reached the end of the book. The back cover of the book had one sentence written on it: If you cherish your wings in excess, never allowing them to suffer even the slightest grievance, then you will lose that pair of wings and shall nevermore soar through the skies.

Li Hongxuan’s eyes gentled. He gently caressed Teacher’s cheeks and brushed upon those curled lashes, that upright nose, and those pink lips. Then, he pinched Teacher’s chin and kissed him deeply.

This kiss seemed to make Teacher come out of his trance. He painstakingly opened his eyes to glance at the other’s face that was so close to his own. His gaze fell into another pair of eyes that were deep as the sea. His image was reflected from those two pupils. m7WjKV

“Wu…” Gentle sounds came from Teacher’s throat. This kiss was so long that he was becoming short of breath, and it made him feel like he would soon get addicted.

Afterwards, at that moment, there was a sudden knock on the door.

“Teacher Su, are you in?” A voice inquired from outside.

Teacher’s body immediately stiffened, extreme fear leaking out of his eyes. The door had not been locked. DI9A3t

Eve: This kind of play….damn kinky. Also. This scene is just…a strange mix of morbidness and romance…. (Also yikes this author is evil. Two cliffs in a row. I do wish I could just release more but this semester is super busy and I’ve been mostly relying on buffers to keep releases going, so sorry my dears >////<)

Kara: When he confesses his love through a romantic poetry recital…but also has already gone many steps past confessing relationship-wise…(;¬_¬)



Translator's Note

The poem is ‘To Harriet’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Translator's Note

I couldn’t find the poem for this.

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