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6. Beep. Student Card


“OK, ah, I’ll help you,” Li Hongxuan looked at Xie He, donning a smile that was not a smile.

As soon as these words were spoken, Xie He immediately exposed a pleasantly surprised expression.

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However, Allen and Sun Zeyang’s complexions suddenly ashened as if they had just seen a ghost! The two people quickly exchanged glances, wondering if Li Hongxuan had taken the wrong medicine today. He was the kind of cold that would not even blink if a person died before him, ah, let alone meddle in other people’s business. Right now, for him to be persuaded by Xie He’s few words….

This was unscientific, ah! wVyjYg

Although the expressions on their faces were equally complicated, their moods were not the same. Sun Zeyang only felt that this was unexpected. Because the Sun Family relied on the Li Family for quite a few of their businesses and Li Hongxuan was Master Li’s most beloved grandson—to the point where he might actually become the next head of the Li Family—he had been placed in the same dorm as Li Hongxuan for the purpose of cultivating a good relationship with him. Thus no matter what, he could not brush off Li Hongxuan’s wishes. Moreover, Li Hongxuan just wanted to play with a mere teacher. Even if Li Hongxuan wanted to kill someone, it was still only a matter that would require a few more minutes of contemplation.

However, Allen’s state of mind was not the same. His family was situated far outside of the country, and his family’s interests did not have much to do with the Li Family. The two of them got along well. If it was anything else, Allen didn’t mind stepping back for the sake of their friendship. However, Xie He…he was a prey that he had a rare desire for. What was happening right now was akin to having just taken the first bite of a delicious steak only to be forced to spit it out. It was even more difficult to bear than never  tasting it at all. Thus the expression he used to stare at Li Hongxuan was not too friendly.

However, when he took a step forward, he discovered that his arm was being pulled back by someone.

Allen glanced back. Sun Zeyang was shaking his head vigorously and whispered, “If Ah Xuan has taken a fancy to him, then let him have him. It’s rare for him to be interested…Next time, brother will help you find a few high-grade goods to give to you, how about that? I guarantee that they won’t be any worse compared to Su Yan.”


Allen’s expression was ice cold. If he relented, it would be the same as admitting that he was afraid of Li Hongxuan! However, he had taken a fancy to Su Yan first!

Sun Zeyang had no idea that his words had had the opposite effect. Actually, this wasn’t his fault. He and Allen were partners in notoriety. Who knew how many men they’ve played with? From the start, he hadn’t thought that Su Yan was any different to those in the past—he was a play thing, that’s all. To let him go was no matter. It would not make him lose face nor would it destroy the friendship this band of good brothers had among them.

To fight over him was a joke, ne!

However, he had miscalculated this time. Allen forcefully threw off his hand and stared at him coldly. He then turned and walked towards Li Hongxuan, speaking in a freezing voice, “It’s not very conscientious of you to stick your hand in right now.” 4KiQyq

Sun Zeyang:“……”

WTF, turns out Li Hongxuan wasn’t the only one who ate the wrong medicine today!

Student Sun ZeYang suddenly felt a sense of pride like he was the only sober one amongst the crowd of drunks!

Li Hongxuan looked up at Allen serenely, tone insipid, “Who Su Yan owes is Sun Zeyang, ba. What does it have to do with you?” rkeGxB

Sun Zeyang:“……”

WTF! He was being unjustly attacked simply for existing, ba! Wait a second, could it be that this happened because he had set up a flag for himself a moment ago???

Sun Zeyang had just backed away a few steps when his plan on quietly sneaking away was sabotaged. This was because Allen and Li Hongxuan’s gazes suddenly fell onto him at the same time, piercing through him. Sun Zeyang flashed a smile that was more unsightly than a crying expression. He regretted immensely in his heart! At that time, why did he make such a mistake as to volunteer to help blackmail Su Yan?!

If Heaven gave him another chance, he would pledge to obediently spectate the drama from the sides! V9OZsG

“Cough, cough, cough…” Sun Zeyang covered his mouth and fake coughed. After a long while, he faced Allen and revealed an expression that said ‘sorry brother, but I have no choice.’ Soon after, he shifted his gaze onto Li Hongxuan and smiled, “Ah Xuan, what’s up?”

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Li Hongxuan shot a glance at him, “Give me the photos. Then, delete your backups.”

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Ol Lbcuzejc: “Rb.” P57scw

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Allen was so angry that his face turned black!

Li Hongxuan turned to look at Allen, “What else do you want to say?”

Allen fixed his cold eyes onto him. A moment later, he spat out three words, “You got me.” 96zmsg

He then turned to face Xie He. His light blue eyes contained a bitter cold that would freeze a man. The expression in his eyes seemed to be proclaiming that Xie He better not think that he had escaped from the palm of his hand!

Xie He went rigid under his gaze. Only when Allen left did he collapse. He turned his head to cast his grateful and worshiping gaze towards Li Hongxuan, “Th-thank you!”

Li Hongxuan smiled at Xie He with ridicule in his eyes, speaking at a leisurely pace, “You’re thanking someone before gaining a clear understanding of your situation.”

Xie He stared at him fixedly. He didn’t understand what his words meant. It couldn’t be that he hadn’t saved him? 8ZGSDE

Li Hongxuan saw Xie He’s expression and knew what he was thinking. More disdain bled into his eyes, “Weren’t you always grateful towards Allen? You thought he was a gentle and considerate person, who was understanding and good.”

Xie He’s face paled, “I-I was mistaken about him….”

Li Hongxuan nodded, “So, you understand that part. Then, right now, how do you know you aren’t mistaken about me, ne?”

Xie He stammered, “Y-your words…I don’t quite understand….” 2PcK0v

“What I mean is that I’m not a good person,” Li Hongxuan looked down at him with arrogance, eyes indifferent, “Do you understand now?”

Xie He widened his eyes, seemingly at a loss. Before he could react to the meaning of these words, he saw Li Hongxuan directly jump down from his bed. His legs were straight and powerful. Because he was taller than Xie He by a full head, he felt even more oppressive at this close distance. His sharp eyes looked at Xie He’s expression, penetrating deep into his psyche. He pinched Xie He’s chin and spoke slowly, “If you want my help, naturally, you must pay the price.”

Xie He’s face paled. This kind of Li Hongxuan was extremely frightening.

Li Hongxuan’s eyes were devoid of all warmth. The gaze he directed at Xie He was one used to look at an object. He laughed derisively, “What? Could it be that Teach Su naively thought that there was really such a thing as a meat pie falling from the sky?” 28BSle

Under Li Hongxuan’s gaze, Xie He began to tremble. He stammered, “Then y-you…what do you want to do, ne….”

“You, aside from your body, what do you have to offer?” Li Hongxuan stared at Xie He in disdain. His eyes fell onto the other’s lips that were reddened from being kissed by Allen. To tell the truth, his appearance was pleasant. No wonder Allen’s heart was moved…the taste of him likely wouldn’t be bad.

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Fear finally appeared within Xie He’s eyes. Only now did he understand that he had escaped from the tiger’s mouth only to enter the wolf’s den. Li Hongxuan unexpectedly had the same idea as Allen!

He wanted to turn and escape in a flurry, but the grip Li Hongxuan used to pinch his chin was extremely strong. He felt like his bone was about to shatter, and his voice was panicked, “I-I can repay you, how about that…I’ll return your money!” Mjnfo

Li Hongxuan smiled. He wasn’t a person that smiled much usually, but today, the words this young teacher said made him amused. It was really…a rarity, ne.

He lowered his head slightly, expression mocking, “I don’t lack money.”

Xie He looked at him in fear.

“Only, I don’t have the habit of forcing people…you can choose to leave,” Li Hongxuan paused and laughed in a low voice, “However, you should know that once you leave here, the one who forces you will be Allen. Thus it’s your choice, ba….” bE8wMK

“Me or Allen.”

There was no third choice.

After Li Hongxuan said this, he did not speak again. Instead, he watched Xie He’s expressions with much interest.

Despair and suffering, ba. Because out of the choices you have, no matter which one you choose, neither will save you. This would cause you to fall into an abyss of suffering. JiCm5o

Xie He stared at Li Hongxuan rigidly and had no choice but to realize that he was being serious.

To be topped by Li Hongxuan or to be topped by Allen…this kind of choice….

Xie He’s body quivered…as if he was facing an extremely painful struggle in making his choice.

It was at this time that the balcony door was pushed open, and Chen Gu walked in with a book in his hands. He was expressionless when he looked at Li Hongxuan, “Stop before going too far.” y6lfV9

Hope emerged from within Xie He’s eyes once more, and he stared at Chen Gu in anticipation.

However, Chen Gu only said “Don’t mess up my desk,” before leaving. From beginning to end, he did not even give Xie He a single glance….

The hope in Xie He’s eyes extinguished…not a single strand remained in the very end. What was left was a heavy, infinite despair.

There was no one who could help him. t0YFxr

Li Hongxuan savoured the taste of the pain within the young teacher’s eyes. This pained expression was like a splendid aphrodisiac. It made him unexpectedly a bit excited. He wanted to see even more…more despair, more suffering on this beautiful face. It would certainly be very enticing, ba….

His gaze was like a giant net, tightly binding Xie He. His low voice slowly echoed, “Have you made your decision?”

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Xie He did not move as if he had been scared silly. However…he did not escape.

He could not move…he couldn’t move…. EqbQGy

If he had to choose between the two of them, it was like choosing between two ways to die. One of them was slightly faster and not as painful. That was at least…Li Hongxuan wasn’t interested in him. This transaction could be ended without complications. At least, he could die cleanly.

Moreover, from the beginning, this had been the result of his own choices.

Xie He slowly closed his eyes.

Li Hongxuan’s eyes darkened slightly. Very good, I hope you don’t regret this. HgUG4s

He lowered his head to kiss Xie He’s lips. However, he suddenly realized that this was a place that Allen had already kissed. The moment their lips were about to touch, he avoided that spot out of revulsion and let his cold kiss fall on Xie He’s neck.

The man’s kiss fell on a sensitive area. Each one was like a brand being burned into his skin. This unprecedented stimulation made the young teacher’s trembling intensify.

He wanted to escape, escape, and escape! However, he couldn’t…those pictures replayed unceasingly within his mind. They were like a cord wrapped around his neck, suffocating him, binding him immobile, and pushing him to the edge of death.

He could feel his clothes being violently torn off. The cold air made little goosebumps erupt all over his skin. The next second, he was pushed onto the colder and harder floor…. F0S RV

“Remember, this was your choice,” Li Hongxuan’s voice was icy.

The next moment, his virgin body was suddenly pierced without warning. The young teacher moaned in pain and suddenly opened his eyes, vision unfocused. Tears silently dripped down his face.

Li Hongxuan stood up and leisurely pulled up the zipper of his pants. From the beginning to the end, he was neatly dressed.

His gaze fell on the naked, curled up body of the young teacher, and his lips couldn’t help but carry a small, quiet smile. Who knew that he would taste even better than he imagined, ne…he unexpectedly felt a strange desire to take him for his own, lock him up, and trap him by his side. QbuFON

He smiled, tossing this thought to the back of his head.

How could he truly fall for a mere plaything?

“Leave, ba,” Li Hongxuan glanced at Xie He and said insipidly, “Your debt has been repaid in full.”

【444:???】 a5DwY


【444:Host dada, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!】

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【Xie He:…What’s wrong with you? Were you infected with a virus?】

【444:╭(╯^╰)╮Of course not! How can you not be anxious, ah! You slept with him, but his Favourability Value didn’t increase! It’s still -20. What should we do! Didn’t you say that men were creatures that thought with their lower halves?!】 koGphQ

【Xie He:I’m a bit moved.】


【Xie He:I never dreamed that you were a system that considered the well-being of his host 🙂 )】

【444:……】 edD8nR

【Xie He:Don’t worry, baby. There’s a saying: Good preparation is the key to success. Smile.jpg】

Eve: …Wonder whether our white bunny Su Yan will blacken. Please no more Holy Mother Su Yan…I’m starting to actually feel bad for him.

Translator's Note

TN: On the forums, people who post downloadable ‘resources’, a.k.a. photos and videos, etc. (usually erotic) are referred to as ‘(bus) drivers’. Meanwhile, those that want to download them, are referred to as the passengers. This likely started with how to download the media, they would have to post in the forums, which is analogous to how one must swipe their transit pass to get on the bus. Now, it’s said jokingly to posts containing ‘resources’. Furthermore, there are many kinds of cards now. There’s a student one, a teacher one, etc. probably relating to the special rates for different demographics, e.g. student discount on transit passes. Thus, people like to joke about having different occupations.

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