Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh9 - Upgraded Scene of Bloody Slaughter, Version 2.0


Translated by Eve

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Xie He wrapped up his belongings. He didn’t have many things here, so he managed to pack up everything very easily. After that night, Zhou Yizhe, because he “needed to be able to conveniently enjoy his body whenever he wanted,” demanded that Xie He move to his place.

【Xie He:It’s really not easy. Finally, we get to live together.】

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【444:@[email protected] I feel that your strategy to capture him is going smoothly…】

【Xie He:Really? It’s probably because I’m using myself as a target reference, so I feel that Zhou Yizhe is a bit difficult to capture. 】 QYgrdx

【444:……You’re not easy to capture at all, thank you very much. 】

There have been neither any predecessors nor successors who received the ’rejected 100 hosts’ accomplishment !

【Xie He:But I’m much more gentle and affectionate 🙂 】

444, inside its OS: That’s probably just your own misconception. Although your Favorability Value can easily reach 80-90…as soon as it reaches 99, it falls to 0. This curse is just that unbearable to hosts, ok? I really sympathize with those hosts. Reportedly, some of them suffered heart attacks when they went back. QAQ


After Xie He moved into Zhou Yizhe’s home, he lived an extremely shameless life.

Zhou Yizhe appeared extremely indifferent on the outside, but in bed, Xie He felt that he was extremely gifted and passionate. At least, his gong hardware absolutely met his standards. Xie He occasionally compared his past self to the other and felt a considerable sense of appreciation for him. As of right now, en, he was no match for him.

In addition, although Zhou Yizhe’s personality was vile, he was an expert on how to treat his lover. Xie He’s clothing and food were all the cream of the crop. After having crossed over for so long, his previous quality of life was finally reinstated, and so he felt extremely content.

The only awkward thing was…although it was necessary for his settings as a person forced into this to act really embarrassed and unwilling every time they did the deed…but in fact, he thought that it felt really good. Unexpectedly, he was really starting to get aroused despite being on the receiving end. Luckily, what comforted him was that after partaking in this incessant harmonious exercise, Zhou Yizhe’s Favorability Value steadily rose. The current value was already 85. dUhGpS

【444:Aside from doing BEEP BEEP BEEP, nothing else has happened, so why does the Favorability Value keep rising?】

【Xie He:A harmonious sex life is also an important indicator of happiness. From that, love can arise.  】


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【Xie He:Everyday, he gets to eat and drink his fill. It is expected for the Favorability Value to rise. You are a system, so you wouldn’t understand. 】 rPC2uj

【444:Host dada! =口= I understand! It’s like how happy I would be if I could get lots of experience points every day. Afterwards, I would like the person who gave me all those points, right? 】

【Wlf Lf:…Tfjt.】 

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That night, after Zhou Yizhe pressed Xie He onto the bed to do it a few times as usual, Xie He curled up, his back to the other. His back was completely covered with traces of their lovemaking. It was a fragile kind of beauty that evoked the desire to abuse in people. 82 h9k

Xie He’s obedience during this period made Zhou Yizhe very satisfied. As such, he doesn’t mind treating the youth with a bit of mercy. After all, he was very well-matched with him in bed, so it was worthwhile to treat him well.

Zhou Yizhe lowered his head to place a kiss on the youth’s neck, and he felt the person below him tremble. His face revealed a smile and he gently turned the youth around.

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  …………………………………… LdtdrM

Xie He laid limply on the bed, mind completely blank. He looked up at the man before him, bewildered. What did he want to do?

Zhou Yizhe lightly licked his lips. A light flashed in his long and narrow eyes. He drew the youth into his arms, and swiped a finger from the other’s nose to his lips. His voice was deep, low, and magnetic, “Did you like that?”

Xie He turned his head away, face flushed from indignation.

【Xie He:I’ve long since&**%¥#wanted%¥##to stick it in%¥him#%¥#】 WbTdui

【444:…Host dada, did you say something prohibited?】

【Xie He:No, I just said that it felt really good 🙂 】

No matter how many times the youth in his embrace serviced him in this way, he always looked this shy, as if this kind of natural expression of human love was some kind of dishonour. No…perhaps he just didn’t like him. Who knew if he showed a different kind of beauty when he was under Zhou Yian. He really wanted to see it….

Zhou Yizhe’s eyes deepened. He kissed the youth’s lips and smiled, “I feel content today, so I’ll fulfill one of your requests.” G8zWIs

Xie He’s eyelashes fluttered. He cast his gaze downwards. A long time after, he spoke cautiously, “Can…I go back to work? At night…I’ll come back on time…” When he finished, he revealed a humiliated expression and his voice was so quiet that it was practically inaudible. However…he didn’t want to be shut in the house like this.

Calm and collected, Zhou Yizhe looked at the youth’s expression. He didn’t skip on any of the details–he was so cute. He thought that he would continue to just bear with it.

“But I already helped you resign from your job,” Zhou Yizhe said indifferently. A ridiculing smile hung from his lips.

“You–” Xie He almost could not restrain the hatred in his eyes. How could he! Why would he meddle with his life like this! It couldn’t be that he still wasn’t satisfied with how things were now? A2DS6d

He was angry again. He really could never learn how to mask his emotions. He was such an open book that it made people want to tease him. Zhou Yizhe smiled slightly, “You’re mine. To let you go do such a job would make me lose face.”

Xie He eyes were red, appearing to be silently complaining against him.

What like, he just treated him like a toy. It was exactly as Zhou Yian had said….

Seeing Xie He’s appearance of wanting to burst into tears soon, Zhou Yizhe showed a rare moment of softheartedness. “Anyways, I’ll arrange another job for you. You can start working tomorrow.” X3EQih

As for what this kind of work it would be, Xie He found out the next day. He put on the slim fitting suit that Zhou Yizhe had ordered for him. Originally, he was a good looking youth, but after meticulous dressing, he appeared even more delicate and beautiful.

Xie He stood in front of Zhou Yizhe awkwardly, “I-I’m afraid that I’m not qualified for this kind of work.”

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Zhou Yizhe looked him up and down, pleased, “You’re just my secretary, that’s all. If I think that you’re qualified then it’s fine.”

Very good–an extremely tyrannical President. mvdTPi

After Xie He pretended to resist for a while, he followed Zhou Yizhe to work.

Xie He was a corporate president for more than ten years. However, this was his first time acting as a secretary, so his interest was piqued. He took in his surroundings, and inwardly compared it to his own company.

Only, Zhao Qing was just an ordinary, graduate from a third-rate university. Don’t even mention a place like the Zhou Group–even if it was a subsidiary of Zhou Group, they wouldn’t hire him based on his qualifications. To suddenly jump to the position of the president’s secretary–to walk around such a high-end place–it goes without saying that he felt ill-at-ease. Xie He looked at the ground…he tried his best to immerse himself into the role of Zhao Qing. He was extremely nervous and embarrassed.

When they entered Zhou Yizhe’s office, Zhou Yizhe was quite different from how he was at home. His expression was solemn from beginning to end. He gave clear and orderly orders, arranged his work, and was busy to the point of not having any time to even give Xie He so much as a glance. 8gynH4

Xie He gradually discovered that Zhou Yizhe didn’t watch over him. He waited idly in the other’s office, observing.

At a bit past 10 o’clock, a middle-aged woman in professional attire hurriedly ran over and stuffed a notebook and voice recorder into his hands. She spoke respectfully, “Secretary Zhao, President Zhou is currently preparing for a meeting. Please head over to the meeting to act as the minute taker.”

“Oh, o-ok…” Xie He hastily grabbed the things and followed the other to the meeting room.

Xie He straightforwardly pushed open the door to the meeting room. For a split second, the voice that had been speaking inside halted. Everyone’s gaze unanimously fell onto him. His face paled, looking like he had been given quite the scare. While he hesitated, Zhou Yizhe who was sitting at the head of the table said, “Come over here.” SYM 48

Beneath everyone’s stares, the voice of the man who was originally like a demon in his heart unexpectedly comforted him during this moment. Xie He bit his lips. Following Zhou Yizhe’s hint, he sat in the vacant spot next to him.

He opened his notebook and picked up his pen. He was just about to begin taking notes when he suddenly remembered the voice recorder the woman had given to him. So he decided to turn on the voice recorder. However, he’d never used this model before. He couldn’t immediately find the power button and his nervous face flushed.

Just as he was feeling uncomfortable, a slender hand took the recorder from his hands and quickly turned it on before placing it before him once more.

Xie He stared at Zhou Yizhe in a daze. bFiI7D

Zhou Yizhe looked back at him, his grave and stern face exposing a trace of a smile, and said softly, “Don’t be anxious. Do it slowly.”

Xie He’s anxious heart calmed down a bit. His face appeared faintly red and he hurriedly lowered his head.

The surrounding executives all saw this scene clearly. Everyone exchanged glances and exposed slight smiles. The looks they sent to Xie He were full of meaning. They all knew President Zhou’s character well. Who hadn’t been reprimanded here? When has he ever talked to his subordinates with this kind of tender voice? However, this youth who made such a laughable, rudimentary mistake, was not only able to continue sitting by President Zhou’s side completely intact, but was also gently comforted by him. This kind of treatment…tsk tsk, what secretary? He was clearly his sweetheart~ Everyone understood this!

Among these people, there was a single person whose gaze was ice cold and concealed a dense rancor. E0N1Jy

Because Xie He was too nervous and had lowered his head, he seemed to not have discovered that Zhou Yian was sitting among them.

Zhou Yian stared unwaveringly at Xie He with a pained expression, like he had been stabbed.

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The youth obediently sat by Zhou Yizhe’s side. His pretty face and his pure and soft eyes, combined with his exquisite suit, resulted in an unprecedented quiet and refined beauty. At this moment, he was lightly biting on the tip of his pen, his eyebrows knitted. This was his habit when distressed. He probably couldn’t remember everything…that’s right, he’d never done this kind of work before. To be momentarily unable to keep up was to be expected. However, he didn’t give up and earnestly exhausted himself in order to jot everything down.

That day, after he had left, Zhou Yian went to first see Zhou Yizhe. Afterwards, he unrelentingly tried all sorts of means to return to the company, hence why he hadn’t been able to return yet. However, he didn’t know how he should face Xie He at that time. Once he had prepared himself and returned home, it was already deserted. He obviously understood that Zhao Qing had abandoned him and thrown himself into Zhou Yizhe’s arms. Yet he couldn’t help but worry. He wanted to know where he had gone, why he was ignoring him, how he was doing. mB7tN3

Now, he finally got his answers. Zhao Qing was doing well–really well.

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