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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh28 - Room Card, Meal Card, Bank~Card~


Translated by Eve

Edited by Karasunofight v0Bb9F

I don’t know why this didn’t post as scheduled. Apologies.

10.Room Card, Meal Card, Bank~Card~

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


After confirming that Li Hongxuan had left and was not going to return, Xie He finally sat up on the bed. Uo sqx

Xie He took a carefree and leisurely bath. Li Hongxuan had released inside of him several times. That bear child didn’t think to put on a condom nor did he know how to take care of someone. After he had his pleasure, he just left, making it so that place was incessantly leaking. Xie He also did not carefully wash that place either. As a straight male teacher that liked women, how would he understand such things? Hehe, when he goes back, he will certainly fall sick.

President Xie was a meticulous, detail-oriented person.

Although he had indulged in debauchery a little over-excessively, the next few days were very crucial. There was still another important chess piece that he had to move. Thus, he supported his weary body and rushed back to school.

After sleeping in the dormitory, he exchanged for a delicious meal in the system store the next morning. After he ate and drank his full, he headed to the school cafeteria in a punctual manner and spent fifty cents to buy a mantou and paired it with free pickled vegetables. He then sat at an unobtrusive corner that could easily be spotted by Li Hongxuan and forced himself to swallow it down—this wasn’t acting. He was really full, so the mantou was really hard to eat. 🙂 UqnCja

【444:Host dada, isn’t this a little too deliberate….】His whole system felt that it was a bit unbearable…._(:3ゝ∠)_

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Xie He:Don’t hold high expectations towards the IQ of men.】

【444:I think that Li Hongxuan seems to be rather intelligent….】

【Xie He:Baby, a man’s IQ under normal circumstances and his IQ when faced with his bed partner are two separate matters.】 XBmGdP


【Xie He:Moreover, I’ve been preparing for so long just for this day.】

Li Hongxuan arrived at the cafeteria per usual. As soon as he entered, he saw Teacher sitting in a corner, nibbling on a mantou. This wasn’t the first time Li Hongxuan had encountered Xie He in the cafeteria. This gentle and feeble teacher always sat in the same spot and ate the same cheap things. He quietly sat by himself as if the rest of the world had nothing to do with him.

Originally, he didn’t care about this. Before, he would have turned a blind eye. In this world, there were all sorts of people. There would always be people who didn’t get by well. He didn’t have any interest in getting involved nor could he get involved. NMLURT

Today, when he entered though, he had instinctively gazed in that direction because he likely was anticipating seeing Teacher. Teacher was eating quietly as always—a mantou and a portion of pickled vegetables. Normally, there wouldn’t be anything extraordinary about this scene. However, it made him frown today. He felt that it was extremely displeasing to the eyes.

Afterwards, he directly walked over.

Originally, Sun Zeyang, who followed Li Hongxuan from behind, had been planning on continuing to follow him. However, as soon as he saw Xie He, he immediately took a turn and headed in a different direction. He absolutely didn’t want to be a light bulb, ne!

The school cafeteria’s mantou was not very tasty. They were a bit tart and a bit stiff. Xie He slowly chewed on it. When there was only half remaining, he suddenly realized that someone was sitting in front of him, and then watched as the other threw a meal card over. GIspD8

Xie He raised his head, astonished. When he realized that it was Li Hongxuan, a look of timidity flashed through his eyes, and he spoke in a careful tone, “S-student Li….”

Li Hongxuan’s eyebrows furrowed. Was he so scary? His voice lowered, “Say my name.”

Xie He revealed a questioning expression as if he didn’t understand why he was bothered about this. However, he still obediently changed his address, “Li Hongxuan.”

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Li Hongxuan suppressed the corner of his mouth from raising. Yesterday, cries and moans had come from that pair of soft lips. Today, what came out was a gentle call of his name. This feeling was unexpectedly not bad. He spoke insipidly, “Help me buy breakfast. Two portions.” 3nxMWh

Xie He was not able to conjure up the arrogance a teacher should have when faced with this fiendish student at all. He accepted his fate, placing his mantou down and picking up the meal card, “What do you want to eat?”

“You figure it out yourself,” Li Hongxuan raised a brow, as though expressing ‘Laozi does not lack money.’ He shot an arrogant look at him, “Don’t blame me if I put you in your place should you choose wrongly.”

These words seemed to scare Xie He. He promptly took the meal card and went to order breakfast with the notion that the more expensive, the better. He ended up coming back with two trays full of food—although it was like this, could a simple breakfast really cost that much? It was only when compared to mantous that it seemed much more pricey.

Xie He arranged the breakfast before Li Hongxuan and asked apprehensively, “Is this fine?” 5BhW1V

Li Hongxuan side-eyed Xie He, a bit of a smile emerging from within his eyes. Did this idiotic teacher really think that he could eat this much? Although his mood was not bad, his expression was still without a smile. He expressionlessly pushed one of the trays towards Xie He, “This is yours.”

A look of surprise and gratitude appeared on Xie He’s face. However, what Li Hongxuan said next made his expression freeze.

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“Kbb rxlccs. Pa’r cba mbwobgajyif ab fwygjmf,” Ol Lbcuzejc rjlv lcvloofgfcais, “Pa’r yfaafg ab ojaafc eq j yla.”

Qtfc atfrf kbgvr kfgf rqbxfc, Wlf Lf ibra jii jqqfalaf.  Llr fsfr lwwfvljafis ugfsfv. TU9uo3

Ol Lbcuzejc rajgfv ja tlw, mjiw jcv ecgeooifv. C glvlmeilcu rwlif tecu bc tlr ilqr, jcv tlr abcf mbcajlcfv j atgfjafclcu fvuf, “Sja la jii. Rb ifoabnfgr.”

Xie He:“……”

After twenty minutes, Xie He finally finished eating the entire breakfast. The tears he held back were about to fall, and he stared at Li Hongxuan pitifully.

Li Hongxuan ignored Xie He’s pleads, and he did not take back his meal card. He ordered, “From now on, you’re in charge of ordering me breakfast every day and eating with me.” dtC3df

After saying this, he confidently turned and walked away.

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【444:Host dada, Li Hongxuan has already left. You can take back your tears now. o(n_n)o~】

【Xie He:I’m crying for real, can’t you tell?】

【444:Σ(°△°|||)︴No way, ba!!!!!!】 BofxN

【Xie He:This b*stard forced me to eat two breakfasts. I want to hurl….】

【444 says weakly:What to do now….】

【Xie He:Mix it with sauce and serve it cold. I’ve miscalculated. I never expected that my student would be this cold-hearted, cruel, and ruthless to unexpectedly almost make his Teacher explode while still alive. This nearly became a campus tragedy.】

【444:…This time, I think that he had kind intentions, ne…He didn’t know that you already had breakfast….】You also ate so much too! jH0Fcr

【Xie He:Hehe, Teacher is very angry. The consequences will be severe.】

444:There seems to be a problem with Host dada’s three views. What to do? I’m urgently waiting online! _(:3ゝ∠)_

Xie He sneered as he returned to his dorm. Luckily, the plot still seemed to follow his expectations. His plan for tonight could smoothly proceed.

At five o’clock that evening, Xie He indeed received Li Hongxuan’s call. Li Hongxuan’s orders were always extremely concise and straightforward, “Come to the hotel.” 1bx28e

Xie He fell silent for a moment while holding his cell phone and then said, “I…have something to deal with right now. Can I come a little later?”

With a ‘pa’, the other end hung up.

En, as soon as he heard something he didn’t like, he would hang up the phone. This child would certainly become a tyrannical president in the future.

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【Xie He:I’ve already received a room card and a meal card. Right now, I’m just missing a bank card to a joint account with unlimited overdraft.】 QyfnjX

【444:I feel like that probably cannot occur before he graduates….】

【Xie He:Baby, I was just joking. Do I look like I lack money to you? Smile.jpg】

【444, indifferent:…Oh.】

【Xie He:How’s the condition of my body right now?】 wGQbOr

【444:38.6 degrees. You already have a low fever.】

【Xie He:Very good. 🙂 】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The first of every month was Su Yan’s pay day. Furthermore, Su Yan’s younger brother, who had just begun his undergraduate studies, would always punctually come looking for him, asking for money. Younger Brother Su’s scholastic achievement wasn’t much. He couldn’t get accepted into Su Yan’s university, so he chose to study at a professional college. Although the Su Family was not rich, Younger Brother Su still lived an easy life because of their parents’ doting and pampering. Meanwhile, as the neglected eldest son from a previous marriage, Su Yan’s position in the family always had been the lowest. Since he was young, he always had to give in to his younger brother. Later on, he had to work very hard, live frugally, go hungry—and even had to hand over the majority of his wages to his brother as an allowance.

Their parents’ hearts leaned so far to one side that it could reach the North Pole. Su Yan’s personality and body were both weak, so he had never thought about revolting before. Moreover, from his perspective, his parents had ultimately raised him in the end and never beat or abused him. They even let him study and choose his own way of life. Thus, there was no reason to show ingratitude towards them. Even if his family members really crossed the line from time to time, he would end up forgetting about it. 6kwEZQ

This was now placed on Xie He. In the past, it had always been other people who had to endure his actions. He had never had to endure other people’s. However, who told him to be Su Yan, ne? It wasn’t worth it to OOC over such a trivial matter. Moreover, this time, there was someone to help him.

Xie He took the majority of his wages out with a smile. All that was left was five hundred yuan and some spare change. He then waited for his brother to come visit.

Younger Brother Su was useless in other matters, but was absolutely punctual when it came to demanding money. Right at six o’clock, he was at Xie He’s dorm.

Immediately after he entered, he sat on Xie He’s bed and loudly complained, “Ge, did you get your wages yet? I’ve run out of food for several days now and have been waiting for you to quickly come save me!” 29idI

His living expenses for one month were more than triple that of Su Yan’s, and yet he could still say such things. Inwardly, Xie He thought, truly a piece of trash. Outwardly, he only made an expression of being accustomed to this and smiled, “I got it. Wait a while and I’ll give it to you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Younger Brother Su beamed when he got the money. However, when he counted it, his face sunk, “Why is it so little this month?”

Xie He revealed a hard-pressed expression. Since he had given all the money he had saved to Sun Zeyang and spent some living expenses for himself, it would naturally be less than usual. However, how could he tell his younger brother about that experience? He could not lie though, so his face flushed in nervousness.

Younger Brother Su stared at him with suspicion, “Ge, do you have a girlfriend?” H4v5UX

“N-no!” Xie He denied at once.

Younger Brother Su became more suspicious upon seeing this. The gears in his mind turned. If Gege had a girlfriend, according to his own experiences, the girl would certainly become more important than him. The first month was already like this. In the future, wouldn’t that mean he wouldn’t have any money to give to him? This wasn’t acceptable. He had to come up with a plan.

Younger Brother Su beamed, “What are you being shy for? What kind of woman is she? Introduce me to her.”

Xie He waved his hands repeatedly, “I don’t have one. I’m really not dating anyone.” WJvDrM

Younger Brother Su stared at him, clearly not believing his words.

Xie He sighed, gazing at his younger brother helplessly, “This month is an exception. It won’t be lesser next month. Stop imagining things.”

Younger Brother Su was a bit unwilling. Only, it wasn’t good to be so anxious. Therefore, he only said, “Then, that’s fine, ba. If Ge is really dating someone, you definitely have to introduce me to her. You’re so pure. You’d definitely get cheated by a bad woman!”

Li Hongxuan had been standing outside and eavesdropping for a long time. He could no longer bear with it and strode into the room, seizing Younger Brother Su by the collar. His ice-cold gaze seemed like it was staring at a soon-to-be dead man. aS3rEp

This was Teacher Su’s family? Every day, Teacher didn’t eat anything good—only a mantou and pickled vegetables. He lived so frugally. Aside from teaching his classes, he also did other part-time jobs. All the money he painstakingly saved was being used to support this kind of human scum?! It had been a very long time since he, who was always composed and self-restrained, had been this angry!

Younger Brother Su was scared silly. Where did this man come from, ah!? He was so scary! Moreover, he had picked him up with just one hand! Was he the reincarnation of an extremely powerful demonic lord?!

“Ge, Ge! Save me, ah!’ Younger Brother Su was a coward that bullied the weak and feared the strong.

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Xie He was also scared silly. He had never seen Li Hongxuan this angry before. Only after he heard his brother’s shout did he react. He bolstered up his courage and went to pull at Li Hongxuan’s hands, “L-let go. What do you want to do?!” 6igBXb

Li Hongxuan glanced at him fiercely, making Xie He’s face pale.

Xie He’s voice immediately lowered. He gazed at him pleadingly and whispered, “Don’t hurt him. If you have something to say, then say it properly.”

Li Hongxuan looked at Xie He’s innocent and frightened expression. His chest heaved. An unnameable fire was inside with nowhere to go! He had obviously been trying to help him. Why did Teacher look like he was actually the bully instead?! It couldn’t be that he wasn’t at all dissatisfied with the way his younger brother was treating him? Fine…if even the person involved doesn’t care, then why should he be angry?

Li Hongxuan’s expression gradually returned to indifference, and he let go of his grip. yel7a

After Younger Brother Su regained his freedom, he immediately hid behind Xie He’s back and watched Li Hongxuan in fear. He was quite good at making discerning judgements after hanging out outside. He knew what kind of people shouldn’t be offended.

Although Li Hongxuan let go, he was not happy inside. He didn’t want things to end like this. He revealed a frigid smile and said to Xie He, “So, the reason why you were so slow in repaying your debt was not because you didn’t have the money, but because you were secretly hiding it to give to another.”

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That tall stature, callous gaze, and fierce expression—it really carried the air of an evil tyrant! This was simply evil!

Younger Brother Su’s face turned white from fright. So, the reason why there was less money this time was because he was in debt! U9rdYP

Xie He’s face was also pale. He obediently said, “I…you…didn’t you say that the debt was written off in one stroke?”

Li Hongxuan swept a contemptuous gaze at Younger Brother Su, who stood behind Xie He, and sent him an insipid smile, “At that time, I thought that you really didn’t have any money, ah. So, I had a rare moment of kindheartedness. Right now, I just found out that I was being deceived. You actually have money. It’s just that you don’t want to give it to me. So, right now, I want you to return the money to me. What? Is there a problem?” His cruel gaze was almost tangible to the other two. It really felt like if they didn’t agree, he would kill them.

Xie He trembled, and his eyes rapidly turned red. He explained, “No, no. Before, I really didn’t have the money. These are the wages…I just received….”

He still wanted to argue over this, but Younger Brother Su suddenly pulled at him and shoved the money he had just received back into his hands. He said with a forced smile, “Dage!  I didn’t know about the situation before. Since Ge owes you money, it’s only logical that this money is given to you first! Here, this money is for you!” q0WZL

Li Hongxuan looked at him with a smile that was not a smile. He did not reach out to accept the money.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Younger Brother Su felt his legs go soft. He could be considered adaptable though. He turned around and placed the money on the desk. After having thrown the hot potato out of his hands, he didn’t care whether his older brother lived or died. He gave another stiff, forced smile, “Dage, I’ll leave the money for you here. I’ll be leaving first, ok?”

Li Hongxuan’s gaze made Younger Brother Su almost want to kneel. Then, he coldly spat out a single word, “Scram.”

Younger Brother Su immediately took a hike. From beginning to end, he didn’t turn around and left his trembling brother behind. HNylSI

Li Hongxuan’s goal had been accomplished, but he wasn’t happy in the least. He used a derisive expression to look at Xie He and encroached into his space, forcing him back one step at a time. He spoke slowly, “How about that? You did your best to save money to support your younger brother, but he didn’t even think about the consequences of leaving you here alone, ne.”

Xie He had lowered his head and had not uttered a sound since his younger brother had left. This silent appearance infuriated Li Hongxuan. He pinched Xie He’s chin, forcing him to raise his head. As a result, he froze when he saw Xie He’s expression.

There was no fear nor indignation in that pair of eyes. There was only dullness, a dullness stemming from being accustomed to this as if this was a regularly occurring situation.

The next moment, a raging fire of anger ignited within Li Hongxuan’s heart. Idiot, idiot, idiot! How could there be such an idiot! He pushed Xie He against the wall and sneered, “Since you’re willing to cancel on me for your brother’s sake, then you must have already taken into consideration the fact that I’d be angry at you, ba.” x8Hi0Q

Xie He made a muffled groan upon being shoved against the wall, but he did not resist. He only spoke in a quiet voice, “En…sorry.”

“Sorry?” Li Hongxuan narrowed his eyes.

“I…thought it over just now. You…don’t actually want me to return the money, right?” Xie He blinked softly, eyelashes fluttering, tone level, “You don’t lack money.”

Li Hongxuan halted, his tone easing quite a bit, and ridiculed, “So, you’re not that stupid.” EHMCzP

“I realized that you aren’t actually that bad a person. This morning, you bought me breakfast,” Xie He’s expression was timid like he was still a bit afraid, but he summoned the courage to look at him earnestly, “So, I thought that just now, you just couldn’t stand idly and watch. You wanted to help me. You are really kind…thank you.”

Li Hongxuan’s heart skipped upon being looked at with this kind of expression. For some inexplicable reason, the vigorous fire that had ignited just now had instantly dissipated.

“You’re thanking…me?” Li Hongxuan thought it over. The expression on his face was a bit odd. He had thought that Teacher would criticize or reproach him, or act afraid of him as he had always done. He had never thought that he would thank him.

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What did he do that was worthy of thanks? He ignored him when Sun Zeyang and Allen had taken nude photographs of him, and then taken advantage of his difficulties to make him submit his body to him. He had turned a blind eye to his many difficulties. Even if he acted, he always demanded remuneration and would humiliate him. Li Hongxuan thought that he had never done anything that would be worthy of Teacher’s thanks, but at this moment, Teacher still looked at him earnestly and thanked him. ZjPlbB

Xie He pursed his lips and said in a slow manner, “Actually, the words you said before, I understood them. In this world, there is no such thing as something falling from the sky. There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to obtain something, you must pay the cost. I have always understood that point….”

In this life, he had always had to pay something in order to obtain something else. While his brother was enjoying his parents’ doting love, he could only watch silently in the corner. Whenever he wanted something, he had to do something, curry favour, pay. After he began working, it was even more like this. Everything that he has…not a single one came free.

“Thus, I don’t blame you, because I agree with your words. I also don’t have anything that I can thank you with,” Xie He’s eyelashes lowered, “At least…you still help me. So…thank you.”

Because in this world, the majority of the time, even if you want to ask for help and are willing to pay the price, you may not obtain the help that you need. HdytSN

If Li Hongxuan had not helped him in the beginning, his circumstances could perhaps be so much more dreadful.

He was not the kind of person to have insatiable greed.

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Teacher’s voice and tone were gentle. Each word fell onto Li Hongxuan’s ears. For the first time, perplexion emerged from his eyes.

Were matters really like this? He, as he was now—was he worthy of obtaining appreciation? Clearly, he had done a lot of things that would normally be considered going overboard…. 3ikJEW

However, the most unexpected thing was that this teacher who he had thought to be stupid and naive actually understood it all. He understood everything…it was because he understood, that even if he knew that this would cause him much pain, he could still choose to be a kindhearted person.

In this world, how could there be such a person? He understood the ways of the world clearly, and his existence was so small and insignificant, but he was not at all willing to abandon the goodness within his heart. He was willing to show an enormous tolerance to all of the world’s ugliness with his wide heart.

He was not stupid, only kindhearted. Because he was kindhearted, he was easily bullied.

However, genuine kindness shouldn’t be treated like that. cMXnTR

His Teacher deserved better.

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【Ding. The target Li Hongxuan’s Favourability Value +40. The current Favourability Value is 80.】

Li Hongxuan stared at Xie He. The look in his eyes became soft. This kind of teacher, if he was his and only his, that would be good. That kind of beautiful expression, it would be better if only he could see it.

He lowered his head and kissed Teacher’s lips. LaKSCP

However, in the next moment, Teacher’s body suddenly went soft, and he slid down against the wall. Li Hongxuan’s heart tightened, and he hurriedly pulled Teacher into his arms. As soon as he touched him, he felt that Teacher’s face was scalding!

Eve: Oof. I’m really feeling for Su Yan now. I was ridiculing SY!XH but now I feel the same as LHX. This kind of sweetie should be protected!

Kara: XH’s power is unmatched!! ∑(゚ロ゚〃) How can he even change the readers’ impression of SY?! Please protect this sweet bean, he has suffered too much hardship already!! ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·̊ ̊ If LH doesn’t start taking care of SY, I will!! <(`^´)>


Translator's Note

A type of steamed bun. Usually quite plain, slightly sweet. Attached is a picture. IN THE DEFENSE OF MANTOUs, they are one of my favourite foods.

Translator's Note

A third-wheel.

Translator's Note

I can’t remember if I TN’d this before but it is a humorous play on words. ‘What to do’ in Chinese is 怎么办. How should we serve it is 怎么拌. The last characters have the same pronunciation despite being different characters, thus ‘Mix it with sauce and serve it cold’ is a humorous response to this question and basically means, ‘There’s nothing we can do’.

Translator's Note

Just a metaphor for how biased they were.

Translator's Note

He is referring to Li Hongxuan here.

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