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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh44 - You City Folk Really Know How to Have a Good Time


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara (Still the one you all know and love. Just shortened the name 🙂 ) d 2TJx

9. You City Folk Really Know How to Have a Good Time

About a month’s worth of time passed by in this manner. When the Favourability Value stopped increasing, Xie He had no choice but to begin thinking about the next step to take, although he wished they could continue on like this.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie He stared at the surveillance video feed of Deng Jingwen’s office while chatting with 444.

【Xie He:Deng Jingwen is someone who isn’t prone to losing himself to his sexual desires.】 H4FZdT

【444:Because he doesn’t do it with you all day?O(∩_∩)O~】The mosaic that appeared at a very high frequency remains unconvinced.

【Xie He:Baby, you can’t just look at what’s on the surface.】

【Xie He:To only give a Favourability Value of 78 when faced with a beautiful body like mine is simply an insult to my beauty. I think that a minimum of 85 is normal. Meanwhile, Ning Qi is the normal one. If it was me, I could even give a Favourability Value of 90. :)】

【444:……Oh.】So, it turns out that you also acknowledge that you’re abnormal. _(:зゝ∠)_ cpVH5u

Because there were no more conflicts between Xie He and Deng Jingwen, Deng Jingwen treated him better and better. It got to the point where he actually treated him better than he used to before he knew that he wasn’t his child. Aside from fulfilling his every need, he spent incomparably more time with the other, although it was usually spent in bed.

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This was well-received by Xie He. Having a lot of bodily contact and interactions was a very good method of stabilizing one’s feelings for you. In the past, although Deng Zhuo was considered Deng Jingwen’s son, they were like strangers under one roof. Meanwhile, they were very close now.

However, this was not enough to make Deng Jingwen fall in love with him. When Deng Jingwen’s goodwill towards him was high enough, it would be time for Xie He to make him reflect on the relationship between them.

Deng Jingwen did not completely restrict Xie He’s movements. However, he also did not allow Xie He to stay out at night, and he especially could not go to any place related to debauchery. This was obviously inhumane for a rich kid, who loved women. Xie He acted very well-behaved, staying at home this entire time. However, with Deng Zhuo’s personality, it was impossible for him to continue enduring, especially now that Deng Jingwen was doting on him more and more. Therefore, it was time for him to revert back to his true self. jNcdps

If he can’t go to those places, he can still go to school!

Deng Zhuo had always been very popular at school. Although he was a good-for-nothing, he was silly, rich, and handsome. Therefore, countless girls still pursued him regardless. Deng Zhuo really liked this kind of feeling. In his eyes, the school was his harem. Xie He thought that it was about time that he went strolling around campus. So long as he didn’t hop into bed with a woman, it would be very easy to act as a good-for-nothing.

Therefore on Monday morning, after Deng Jingwen had left home, Xie He drove his cool, new, dazzling sports car to school.

Xie He had played truant for several months without any warning. If it was an ordinary student, he’d have long been expelled. However, this was not an issue for Xie He. Therefore, when he entered the classroom, he caused quite a stir. 9YoyKQ

Although there had been news of him being expelled from the family by Deng Jingwen, it  had been limited to only the upper circles. Most of his classmates didn’t know about it.

As soon as he entered, he was surrounded by several female classmates, “Zhuo Zhuo, where did you go all this time?” “Xiao Zhuo, did you miss Jiejie (TN: Older sister/term for older female)?”

Xie He:“……”

【Xie He:I shouldn’t have trusted Deng Zhuo’s memory. Indifferent.JPG】 sT8ebW

【444:I thought you’ve been distrustful of it all this time? @[email protected]

【Xie He:……】No, he still had a tiny bit of faith in it. He thought that Deng Zhuo at the very least was the one playing with these women…not the women playing him.

Seeing this group of girls with green light emitting from their eyes…as if they were about to get into a cat fight over him. The battles within the harem were bitter, ah….

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie He’s left arm was hugged by a girl, “Zhuo Zhuo, there’s an empty seat next to me. Sit with me, ba~” 6xcGVT

Xie He’s right arm was pulled by another girl, “Deng Zhuo, you haven’t hung out with me in so long.”

The girl in front of him touched his face, lamenting, “Your skin still feels so good. What’s your secret for maintaining it?”

If this could be tolerated, what could possibly be considered intolerable? This was simply a disgrace amongst rich boys! Xie He flung the two girls off of him. He swept an eye over them and raised his gorgeous eyes slightly, tone indolent, “Make way. Today, I belong to Goddess Huihui!”

After saying this, he directly broke through the crowd surrounding him and walked towards the aloof beauty, Ren Huihui, the only one in the class who would speak to him bluntly. He spoke coldly to the male student sitting by her side, “Give way!” KVihGE

The male student: “….”

Ren Huihui: “Not allowed to give way.”

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The male student: “….” He was really innocent, OK?

Xie He didn’t have any patience. He grabbed the male student by the collar and pulled him out, “Scram.” dOXJd0

He then sat down and smiled at Ren Huihui, “Long time no see, ah~”

The male student, who ended up stumbling from being pushed out, felt like breaking out into curses. However, when he saw Ren Huihui’s outstanding, elegant, and exquisite face paired with Xie He’s even more peerless beauty…Fine, ba. What was there to be angry about regarding these two beauties, ne? He quietly picked up his books and sat on the side.

Ren Huihui ignored Xie He.

This kind of problem was even easier than the beginner’s difficulty. Xie He beamed and began to compliment her, “Your skirt looks really nice today.” Zy9YHt

Ren Huihui remained expressionless.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Wlf Lf rjlv jujlc, “Lbkfnfg, la’r remt j kjraf bc sbeg ybvs.”

Efc Leltel olcjiis aegcfv ab ibbx ja tlw.

Ktf mbgcfg bo Wlf Lf’r ilqr gbrf. Lf ujhfv ja tfg klat j rlcmfgf jcv jvbglcu ibbx jr lo tf kjr jr wbnfv ys tfg jr tf kbeiv yf ys j yfjealoei jglj, “Mbg rbwfbcf jr yfjealoei jr sbe, fnfgsbcf’r fsfr gfra rbifis bc sbeg ojmf. Rb bcf klii jqqgfmljaf atlr rxlga.” 0bNvEg

Ren Huihui:“……”

Everyone watching was internally going WTF. Zhuo Zhuo was gone for a few months, and somehow, his flirting technique seemed to have turned over a new leaf….

Ren Huihui could not fully repress her smile. She “hmphed” and then stopped paying attention to him.

Xie He didn’t mind this at all. He tossed out sweet words like they cost nothing. Furthermore, his expression was always sincere. This lasted until Ren Huihui glared at him, “Are you going to pay attention to the class or not?!” rcn1da

Xie He shook his head, “If it wasn’t for you, who would come to attend this baldy’s course?”

Ren Huihui was left speechless.

When class was over, everyone watched as the famous iceberg beauty ran out, face flushed from Xie He’s teasing. They all looked at Xie He with an admiring gaze. The other girls’ eyes flashed. Although Deng Zhuo was still that same Deng Zhuo…they thought that he had become even more charming and cute, what to do? I really want him to come and tease me too, what to do?! I like him more and more, what to do?!

Xie He slowly walked out of the classroom. dFHkpD

【Xie He:This group of superficial women who only care about appearances.】

【444:Nod, nod, nod!】

【Xie He:I still love them. :)】

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444:Fortunately, he can’t get hard. d6AWJK

Xie He felt satisfied, and there was a smile in his eyes, right until he turned the corner and saw Ning Qi, who was silently waiting for him. The smile on his face instantly disappeared, and disgust appeared in his eyes. Without a word, he turned to leave!

Ning Qi’s expression was complicated. However, it was not easy to meet with Deng Zhuo. How could he let him go like this? He took big strides and grabbed the other’s wrist, “Xiao Zhuo!”

“Let go of me.” Xie He was very unhappy.

Hurt emerged from within Ning Qi’s eyes. He fell silent for a moment, “Let’s go off to the side and talk.” pxyclf

Xie He shook his head, “I won’t go!”

Even so, although Ning Qi didn’t look like he was using much force, Xie He was unable to break free. In the end, he was dragged over to a remote corner.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ning Qi had a death grip on Xie He’s arm, “Xiao Zhuo…do you still blame me?”

Xie He: “Pei! A pervert who takes advantage of someone in a precarious situation!” Ra3ByO

Ning Qi:“……”

Ning Qi thought, I need to be calm. Haven’t I always known what kind of person Deng Zhuo was? It’s not like today was the first time I’ve experienced this…He sucked in a deep breath, “I want to apologize for my inappropriate actions that day. However, I really like you…I hope you can understand.”

Xie He sneered, “You just like my face. And, you’re only apologizing because of my dad.”

Ning Qi looked surprised. In the time period since they last met, the boy seemed to have become…much more perceptive. Is it because of him that he’d changed? “If I said that I didn’t like your face, you certainly wouldn’t believe me. However…I also like you for you. Moreover, even without Deng Jingwen, I would never hurt you. You don’t need to doubt that.” d09ecM

“At that time I…was just too angry. I really meant it when I said that I would protect you,” Ning Qi gazed at him profoundly, “When have I ever lied to you? If I was the same as those people…I would have treated you like Zhao Ling. However, I didn’t do that. Haven’t you ever thought about why?”

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Anger emerged from within Xie He’s eyes when Zhao Ling was mentioned. Regardless, Ning Qi’s words seemed reasonable, “But you…forcibly kissed me…” He turned his head away, ears flushed red in indignation.

Ning Qi just thought that the boy was cute like this and sighed, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t control myself with my emotions flaring like that.”

Xie He indeed did not like men. However, after experiencing so many things combined with the fact that Ning Qi hadn’t hurt him, Xie He found thatNing Qi, who only loved him silently, didn’t seem that disgusting anymore. However, that was it. He couldn’t like Ning Qi, and so, he impatiently said, “Fine, I know. Can I go now?” 2AvdZV

“Xiao Zhuo…” Ning Qi slowly came closer, gazing at the boy. Pain and silent endurance emerged from within his eyes, “Don’t hate me, OK? I can…just be your xuezhang.”

“I don’t believe you,” Xie He didn’t want to stay here. He turned around and left.

Ning Qi reached out to pull at him. He accidentally pulled at Xie He’s sleeves, causing the collar of his T-shirt to be pulled open as well, revealing the purple marks on the boy’s collarbone. Ning Qi’s expression changed in a flash.

Xie He suddenly flung Ning Qi’s hands off with force and pulled his collar back up. Panic appeared in his eyes, and he broke out in a run. Be that as it may, Ning Qi reacted even quicker. He easily captured the boy and dragged him back! In one glance, Ning Qi could tell that these were all marks left by a man! Moreover, it was a very rough man! HxsoZ

His breaths became heavy, and his eyes grew dark. He fixed his eyes on the boy and suppressed the trembles in his voice, “What is this?”

His most unbearable secret had been exposed. Xie He’s whole body shook, either from anger or fear or maybe both. He glared at Ning Qi, pretending to be fierce, “None of your business! Let go of me!”

This only made Ning Qi think even more. He connected Xie He’s panic on that day with what he saw today. How could he not understand what had happened? However, this time, his rationality suppressed his fury and jealousy. After all, the boy was innocent. He couldn’t push him further away than he already had. Therefore, he used a low voice to ask, “Who forced you?”

Xie He averted his gaze, lips tightly pursed in silence, face pale. LrMCHc

Ning Qi’s heart was full of tenderness upon seeing him like this. He pushed down his anger and used a gentle voice to say, “Tell me. I can help you.”

Xie He finally looked at him. A light seemed to flicker in his beautiful eyes, but it was extinguished very soon after. He said, “I don’t need your help.”

Ning Qi stared at him fixedly, “Why? You don’t believe that I can help you?”

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Xie He bit his lips, “There’s no ‘why.’ Let me go!” uL2OPm

In the end, Ning Qi couldn’t bear to press too hard. Secretly, he decided that he would get to the bottom of this. He would not let off any man who had hurt this boy! A long time later, he slowly let go of his hold on the boy. Seeing that the other was just itching to leave, he suddenly asked, “Does Deng Jingwen know about this?”

If Deng Jingwen knew, how could he possibly have let someone hurt him like this?

Xie He froze, but he didn’t respond as he left in quick steps.

……………………………… OL4EIC

When Xie He came home, Deng Jingwen had yet to return.

【444:Host dada, why did you go out today, ne….】

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【Xie He:Do I have to have a reason for everything I do? Can’t I just go out for fun? :)】

【444:……】 VJtsRh

【Xie He:It couldn’t be that you don’t believe me again?】


【Xie He:Wait a while, and you’ll see. Deng Jingwen should be back soon.】

When Deng Jingwen came home, he saw the boy lying on the sofa in the living room, playing video games. When the boy heard the sound of the door open, he placed his phone down and immediately gave him a big, radiant smile, “Dad, you’ve returned, la!” aK06yH

Deng Jingwen didn’t respond. He thought that this was truly a simple-minded child, no matter how Deng Jingwen treated him, no matter how much he hurt him, so long as he gave him a smile—a little bit of kindness—he would immediately circle around his feet like a little puppy. Only, he didn’t hate this kind of boy. On the contrary, he quite enjoyed this kind of dependent and worshipful expression.

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It was just that when he recalled what the people monitoring Deng Zhuo had told him about Deng Zhuo’s conduct at school today, Deng Jingwen felt rather unhappy. Since he had become his, he shouldn’t go out womanizing again. He especially shouldn’t be coveted by another man. When he thought about how the boy could belong to someone else, he began to feel fidgety.

He could only be his.

Deng Jingwen handed his coat over to a servant and then walked over, raising the boy’s chin, “You went to school today?” fsD6VX

Xie He raised his head. He was always lovable before Deng Jingwen, “Yes, Daddy.”

Deng Jingwen smiled, “Why did you suddenly want to go to school?” What the boy hated the most was studying. This he was very clear about.

Xie He averted his gaze, “I…I want to study properly. To not make Dad lose face again.”

Deng Jingwen said, “Really?” 6 HKed

Xie He nodded with force.

Heh…Deng Jingwen chuckled, his eyes growing slightly cold. He rubbed the boy’s head and suddenly asked, “You and the youngster from the Ning Family…Ning Qi…are you close? Hm?”

Hearing Ning Qi’s name, a flash of some complicated emotions flickered through Xie He’s eyes. He hesitated and then nodded, “Yes, Xuezhang had always taken very good care of me.”

Deng Jingwen was still smiling, but it no longer reached his eyes, “Your relationship is so good that you can wear his pyjamas and sleep with him in one bed?” The scene of the boy wearing another man’s sleepwear was like a sting to Deng Jingwen’s heart. If it wasn’t for the fact that nothing had happened between them after investigating and that it wasn’t worth becoming enemies with the Ning Family over this, he would not have let this pass just like that. W5z61V

However, if Ning Qi was still hung over on his boy, Deng Jingwen felt that he wouldn’t be able to let him off lightly this time.

Xie He looked panicked. Before, he would have thought that this was nothing. However, after going through Deng Jingwen’s lessons and Ning Qi’s confession, he had become much more sensitive. He immediately sensed Deng Jingwen’s displeasure and hurriedly explained, “T-there’s nothing between us….”

“You didn’t know that he liked men?” Deng Jingwen chuckled.

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Hearing this chuckle, Xie He couldn’t help but tremble, “I didn’t know. I didn’t know!” ruRkgo

Deng Jingwen reached out and pressed against his lips, “Naughty children who lie need to be punished.”

Xie He’s eyes were full of fear. Although Dad had treated him very well for a while…he still hadn’t forgotten about those terrifying memories! His eyes instantly turned red, and his voice quivered, “I really didn’t know back then…there’s nothing between us! Besides, I don’t like him!”

Deng Jingwen looked at him, “Is that so?”

Xie He was afraid that Deng Jingwen wouldn’t believe him, so he practically pledged to the heavens, “Yes, I don’t like men!” 5DkCUs

Deng Jingwen’s expression became frigid, “So, what you like are women like Ren Huihui?”

Xie He was frightened by the coldness within Deng Jingwen’s tone. He couldn’t help but scoot back, not daring to utter a peep.

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Deng Jingwen was even more displeased upon seeing this as if his heart was being burned by fire….He didn’t know why he felt like this. Although he had always known that the boy didn’t like men, the boy treated him with worship and dependence. He looked at him with that seemingly loving and yearning gaze…but that was only because he saw him as a father.

However…he had never thought that he would unexpectedly care about this. 4TsJ3K

Care about the fact that the boy didn’t actually like him.

【Ding, the target, Deng Jingwen’s Favourability Value +2. The current Favourability Value is 80.】

Xie He stared up at him timidly. His gorgeous eyes were watery as if he didn’t understand why Deng Jingwen was angry. He lightly bit his lips and called out in a fawning voice, “Daddy….”

Deng Jingwen slightly narrowed his eyes and stared coldly at the boy. bt0 vO

This “Daddy” sounded even more ear-piercing than it had in the past. He didn’t want to be the boy’s father. However, the boy seemed as if he could never understand this. No matter how he possessed him, even if he forced him to call him Sir while tormenting him, even if he enjoyed his body…from his expression, he could tell that the boy would never change.

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That was a gaze one would use to look at their father.

He was very unhappy. Extremely unhappy.

Deng Jingwen gently caressed the boy’s face. It had been a long time since anything or anyone had made him feel yearning, affection, displeasure, jealousy, and even anger….He had always been a cool-headed, rational person who was good at analyzing himself. At this moment, his heart rippled. Although he didn’t believe that he loved the boy, the boy was obviously more than a simple play thing to him. LtkOdu

He was something he wanted to thoroughly own, both in body and mind.

Deng Jingwen said, “Don’t call me Dad.”

“Sir,” Xie He immediately changed his words. His eyelashes fluttered. The lesson he learned taught him to be obedient. Only by doing so could he suffer less.

Deng Jingwen gazed into the boy’s eyes. Those eyes were full of reverence but also hid a sliver of fear. Clearly, the boy wasn’t calling him Dad anymore, but he still felt dissatisfied, because the boy wasn’t being sincere. Everything was because he was forced to, threatened to. XPErUk

He didn’t care about this before. In any case, he had just needed obedience. However, now, he wanted more.

“You’re mine. Do you understand?” Deng Jingwen said.

Xie He nodded at once, “I understand.”

Deng Jingwen shook his head, lips pulling into a wry smile, “You don’t understand.” Sjo4LM

Xie He looked at him with alarm. Every time Deng Jingwen spoke like this, there would always be some kind of terrifying consequence…He shuddered, voice carrying eagerness amidst his panic, “I understand! I understand!”

“Oh?” Deng Jingwen laughed, gaze profound, “What do you understand? Let me hear it.”

Xie He deliberated over this and then spoke cautiously, “ I-I am yours….”

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Deng Jingwen said, “And?” nsSO6Q

Xie He thought over it, “I will listen to you.”

Deng Jingwen nodded, “Continue.”

Xie He was stumped. His pretty little face scrunched up in confusion. He thought about it for a long time and then said with uncertainty and a flushed face, “I…have to sleep with you…make you happy.”

Deng Jingwen was silent for a moment, “What else?” Y7hupE

Xie He really couldn’t think of anything else. He stared at the other with pitiful eyes.

Deng Jingwen sighed, “So, you don’t understand.”

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Then, Xie He was carried into the play room.

Two hours later, Xie He laid in Deng Jingwen’s arms like a dead fish, gasping. Deng Jingwen held him like this and gave his a slow and delicate kiss. zVBl6u

“Do you understand now?” Deng Jingwen’s deep voice echoed within the boy’s ear.

Xie He opened his eyes, still at a loss. Because he had been tormented so ruthlessly, his voice was hoarse, “I….”

He had already said everything he could think of. Why was Dad still dissatisfied….?

Deng Jingwen felt helpless. He used his fingertips to sweep across the boy’s eyelashes and sighed, “You need to understand, you are mine. This means you can’t like anyone else, regardless if they are male or female. Neither is OK.” X8Gy5L

“You can only like me,” Deng Jingwen enunciated word by word.

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Xie He fixed his eyes on his, appearing as though he still didn’t quite understand. He really liked Deng Jingwen but it was not the same “like” that he had for women or friends…why couldn’t he like anyone else but him, ne?

The author has something to say:

Heeheehee, actually this author feels that we need to treasure every scum gong. This is because the scum gongs all carry an immense pressure and infamy on their backs as they do all sorts of shameful play that can’t be done in sweet stories. In the end, they must be abused to death while others applaud their suffering….Such a dedicated and respectable group of people, ah, heehee. (*/ω╲*) Anyway, we’re already at 80. Gong abuse isn’t far away, hm? pUDirg

Translator's Note

Alternatively, ‘you city folk really play well/know how to live it up/how to party’. It was originally used when people don’t understand why someone is doing some odd or unfathomable thing and so they say this to mock them. It’s now used between friends to joke around.

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