Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh10 - Upgraded Scene of Bloody Slaughter, Version 2.1


Translated by Eve

Edited by Shirubame PmakEh

【444:Host dada! Zhou Yuan is sitting in front of you!】

【Xie He:I know, I saw him as soon as I came in. 】

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【444:( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Ah! I thought that you hadn’t noticed….】

【Xie He:His gaze is as penetrative as an X-ray machine, nearly piercing right through me. Even if I wanted to ignore it, I can’t.】 j1hT6g

【444:What is Zhou Yizhe planning? The mood is frightening =口=】

【Xie He:What else but something in bad taste? By the way, a secretary’s work really isn’t easy. 】


【Xie He smiled profoundly:When there’s work to do, you give it to your secretary to do. When there’s nothing to do, you do your secretary. 】

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【444:……】He unexpectedly understood that. He was already no longer that pure system from before!/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

【Xie He: But I have it easy as a secretary.】


【Xie He:Because Zhou Yizhe doesn’t have anything for me to do. He just plans to do me. 】 XvxFuC


【Xie He:This is absolutely a case of wasting a person’s talent :)】

Each of the executives reported their department’s progress. Finally, it was Zhou Yian’s turn.

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He wore a tailored suit, and his hair was combed into a professional style. His face was handsome and bright like sunshine, and his stature was tall. Because his lips were pressed into a tight line, his whole person emitted an aura that was sharp as a blade. Everyone knew that he was Zhou Yizhe’s younger brother, from the Zhou family who were the real deal. His current planning department manager’s position was just a temporary thing, but no one sitting here was a simple person, let alone ones who would easily fall into line. Although they appeared careless, they were all exceedingly aware and were carefully watching this second young master Zhou’s debut as reference for how they should treat him in the future. PEFwgx

“Qlat gfujgvr ab atf Mbgfnfg Gljwbcv pfkfigs rfglfr atja’r ab yf gfifjrfv atlr sfjg, P tjnf tfgf rfnfgji mbwwfgmlji qijcr…Pc jvvlalbc, atf rqbxfrqfgrbc P’w mbcrlvfglcu lr atf meggfca qbqeijg reqfgwbvfi, Vtlgifs. Lfg afwqfgjwfca lr nfgs relajyif obg atlr ilcf…Zbgfbnfg, rtf tjr jikjsr yffc j ojnbeglaf bo atf meggfca Mjrtlbc Xljcar.”

Zhou Yian enunciated clearly and spoke in a neat and orderly fashion, “Afterwards, I have contacted several ad agencies and internet hype men. They are very experienced with promoting and hyping up products…Furthermore, we can draw support from the upcoming Diamond Exposition. We can spread our new series’ reputation…All the aforementioned is what I’d like to report.”

After a few minutes, Zhou Yian sat back down. From beginning to end, his manner was appropriate and his expression was calm. He spoke at a leisurely pace, without any embarrassment that would be expected from participating in an executive meeting for the first time.

Many of the executives nodded their heads inwardly. Their first impression of Zhou Yian: Not an idiot. vDI5EU

It was said that the second young master of the Zhou family was relatively rebellious. He had never been willing to walk on the path set by his family and his conduct was unconventional. Now, however, it seemed that the rumours weren’t quite accurate. Although he was not considered to be ripened, he was evidently very outstanding and had great potential.

Xie He stared at Zhou Yian despondently. From the moment the first words left Zhou Yian’s mouth, Xie He had noticed him. His pen left a long, messy line on his notebook. The later content had not been recorded at all. He felt like his brain had turned into mush.

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He…finally got to see Zhou Yian again. He had finally seen that face that he loved deeply and thought about constantly. But it just had to be under these kind of circumstances.

Zhou Yian, from the start of his speech to the end, did not even cast a single glance at him, as if he didn’t exist….Within Xie He’s eyes came a pained look. He lowered his head, not wanting other people to see him looking ashamed and sad. j6OY8B

In reality, aside from Zhou Yizhe, no one else paid him any attention.

For the rest of the meeting, Xie He remained quite inattentive. He recorded down notes intermittently. When he looked at his messy notes after the meeting ended, Xie He revealed a self-reproaching expression. He was always a responsible and earnest person. No matter what he did, he would do his best. But now, because his heart was shaken, his work was influenced. This was really something that seldom happened…Holding onto his notebook, he silently followed Zhou Yizhe back to the office with a guilty conscience.

“I-I’m sorry,” Xie He hesitated for a moment before speaking with his head lowered.

Zhou Yizhe sat at his desk, browsing a file. He indifferently said, “What did you do wrong?” r57RZO

“I didn’t take notes well,” Xie He lowered his head even further.

Zhou Yizhe raised his head and smiled slightly, “It’s nothing. Give the recorder to Assistant Zhang. He’ll sort it out.”

“Oh…Thank you,” Xie He sighed in relief.

Zhou Yizhe pulled out a file from the stack on the desk and then casually threw it atop of the desk. To Xie He, he smiled slightly, “Come here.” 7WodfF

Xie obediently walked forward, looking at Zhou Yizhe with skepticism.

Zhou Yizhe gazed at him with an emotion that Xie He didn’t quite understand. After a moment, he gently patted his own thigh.

Xie He’s face turned red. He stood in place, unmoving. The implication of this action was very clear. When they were at home, Zhou Yizhe would use this sort of action to call him over and sit there. Then what followed were all sorts of unspeakable things…But that was at home! Right now they were in his office!

“Are you unwilling?” The corner of Zhou Yizhe’s lips rose. He pushed the file towards Xie He and spoke languidly, “This is the plan that the planning department just delivered. I think that Zhou Yian’s work isn’t bad. Even though he wasted away so many years, he still has some ability. It really makes me gain a whole new level of respect for him. However…even if it’s not bad, this kind of plan isn’t completely irreplaceable. Say, should I give him a pass or should I veto him?” FAk nw

Zhou Yizhe’s smile was rather profound. He was a person who didn’t like to speak very thoroughly. But in front of Xie He, he was always particularly patient, “Zhou Yian has just returned to the company. A lot of people are watching him. This is his first project. If he’s vetoed by me, everyone will know my attitude towards him. At that time, I won’t have to do anything.That group of deeply scheming fellows will eat him up until not even his bones are left. They’ll make it so that he has absolutely no chance to mature. It’s such a pity. It wasn’t easy to enter the company. It all depends on me. Without my support, he’ll be in an extremely difficult situation here.”

The blood drained from Xie He’s face.

“Originally, I would easily pass him. However, right now, my mood is suddenly bad. No matter how I see it, I don’t like it. I should just veto it…” Zhou Yizhe said slowly.

“No!” Xie He hastily interrupted Zhou Yizhe and suddenly advanced. Looking like he was facing death head on, he sat on Zhou Yizhe’s thigh, tense from head to toe due to his nervousness. vnEQSe

He was the type to feel embarrassed just from holding hands in public. At this moment, sitting on a man’s thigh in an office where anyone could come in at any time was extremely challenging for him. It greatly tortured his ashamed heart. He was afraid of being discovered. The fear made him turn rigid like a stone.

Zhou Yizhe fixed his eyes on the nervous and resentful youth in front of him. That pair of watery eyes, the lips that turned red from being bitten, that pale and alluring face–everything stirred up his arousal. His eyes darkened, but he didn’t extend his hand. Instead, he used an extremely calm but indifferent tone to say, “If you want to make me happy, then you have to learn how to take the initiative to please me.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This sentence made Xie He’s expression turn helpless and vacant.

“You should be able to please men,” Zhou Yizhe’s voice was deep, his smile mocking, “Let’s see how sincere you are.” CBO4iT

Xie He really wanted to say that he couldn’t do it, but when he met Zhou Yizhe’s eyes, he knew that that kind of argument would just be asking to be humiliated.

A long time later, Xie He lowered his gaze and slowly wrapped his arms around the man’s neck. He hypnotised himself incessantly in his mind. This is Zhou Yian, this is Zhou Yian…Zhou Yian would like him to kiss him like this….

Xie He closed his eyes and kissed the other, pausing for a moment before sticking out his tongue. He lightly licked at the other’s thin lips.

His actions were clumsy and clearly not practiced. It carried a careful bashfulness. However, it was this gentle, self-initiated touch…that made the immensely powerful and proud Zhou Yizhe nearly fall apart. He wanted to recklessly respond and push down the youth onto the desk and kiss him deeply! He didn’t want to experience this kind of torture! Zhou Yizhe’s eyes were a deep whirlpool, so dark that they seemed to suck in all of the surrounding light…However, his strong rationality made him able to maintain his stillness from beginning to end and maintain his calmness. He waited as the youth slowly approached him…. hLZCyv

【444:Ding. The target’s Favorability Value +2. The current Favorability Value is 87.】

Xie He imagined Zhou Yian’s face in his mind. He wrapped his arms around the man’s neck, gently pressing down kisses on him, seeming to carry a faint, indescribably deep love.

At this time, a knock came from the door, startling him awake all of a sudden!

Xie He suddenly opened his eyes. His black eyes were frenetic. He wanted to escape from Zhou Yizhe’s leg! However, Zhou Yizhe suddenly grabbed hold of him. The close, callous gaze fell on his face. He spat out one cold word, “Continue.” 3XOit0

Xie He revealed a begging expression, but he quickly discovered that it was of no use. On the contrary, the hand that held him tightened, as if wanting to squeeze him to pieces.

He read Zhou Yizhe’s attitude towards this matter from his cold and ruthless eyes. Resistance was futile. In this instant, he understood that he could not afford to leave. In the end, he compromised. Yes…it was always him who had to compromise.

Xie He closed his eyes in despair. He recklessly kissed the other once again.

At this moment, he threw aside all of his shame and dignity. TorJOC

The door was pushed open. The sound of footsteps grew closer and closer. Xie He could sense that someone had come and then stood not far behind him. However, he didn’t want to turn his head. He didn’t want to know. At the moment, he didn’t want to think…he didn’t want to think of anything at all.

Now that everything has already started, if he gave up halfway because of his cowardice, then what meaning would there be in his previous efforts?

To Xie He, this kiss felt as long as a century. It was like walking through hell again.

Oh, on his first day, he was discovered by someone else to be sitting on his boss’ lap, taking the initiative to kiss him. This person definitely thinks that he’s a really disgusting, licentious person. Even he himself felt that he’s really nauseating. mZH5L9

In the end, he felt the arms hooped around his waist loosen.

Was he…satisfied? Xie He opened his eyes, bewildered. He looked at Zhou Yizhe at a loss.

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He saw Zhou Yizhe’s demonic face expose a graceful smile. His voice carried a sliver of a smile and held a pampering tone, “Really, a guest has arrived. You don’t even know that you should go serve him tea.”

Xie He lowered his eyes. He had long since understood this man’s vile nature. Thus he didn’t plan to fight with him. He silently climbed off of Zhou Yizhe’s lap. The moment he turned around, his face paled. The colour of death painted over his eyes. IPFd4J

Zhou Yian was standing behind him.

【Ding. Zhou Yian’s Blackening Value +30. The current Favorability Value is 95. The current Blackening Value is 60.】

【444:QAQ Host dada! Was this Zhou Yizhe’s bad taste?!!! 】

【Xie He:No, this is just fun. 】 qH8RpE

Shirubame: I should say this while I struggle through this angst. “No this is just fun.”

Eve: Except that Xie He says it with a pleased smile but we say it with tears running down our faces and look like a quivering mess.

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