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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh102 - The Sweet and Happy Life of Master and Disciple


Translated by Eve

Edited by Serefina PJ8EdW

Eve: Apologies for anyone who tried reading ch 101 and ended up with a “Page not Found” error. I misnamed the draft for 102 as 101 and this ended up rerouting you guys to the draft (which you don’t have access to). It should now be viewable.

Thank you anonymous tipper for the kofi! I’m happy you’re enjoying the translations. :blobsnuggle:

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3. The Sweet and Happy Life of Master and Disciple

Xie He had just woken up and caught Mo Cang unprepared! He immediately reached out, wanting to tear off the ribbon around his eyes. That vile b*stard actually blindfolded him! If he finds out who he is, he would definitely hack the other to pieces! FW8yRr

Mo Cang was a very vigilant person. Just now, he had been a bit absent-minded from his excitement, which was why Xie He had caught him off guard. He naturally would not allow Xie He to see him. He quickly grabbed the chain and pulled Xie He towards him with force! He then held Xie He’s hands with death grip! Xie He had just regained consciousness and had yet to regain control over his spiritual force. He was very weak right now. He didn’t manage to kill this person at once or even see his appearance. He knew that today was a failure.

Xie He struggled and discovered that he could not break free of the other’s hold. With a chilly voice, he said, “Who are you?”

Mo Cang looked down at the man beneath him. They had just made love, so the man’s pale face was still effused with an abnormal red flush. His lips were swollen and bitten open. Even if his voice was icy and dark, it was less cold compared to usual. It was more alluring and sexy and tickled his heart like a feather…. The arrogance and seductiveness came together, producing a beauty that made one breathless.

Mo Cang couldn’t help but kiss those soft red lips again….


Xie He’s question received no answer and instead, he got a kiss. The man’s extremely violative aura assaulted his senses. Instantly, Xie He became so angry that he began to shake. The shackles clanged as he struggled. Originally, this was supposed to something he meant for protecting himself. Now, it had become the shackles he could not break free from!

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“Let go of me!” Xie He was panting from the kiss. His face was red from extreme shame and anger.

Mo Cang loved his appearance though. When his master lost his rationality, he wouldn’t even resist like this. He would instinctively urge him on and pander to him. But his master, awake…his master who would angrily interrogate him…was tempting in another way.

Awake, he would be able to remember everything Mo Cang did to him. He would not forget everything…. yCbzGQ

When Mo Cang thought of this, his desire that had just been sated boiled back up.

He wanted to thoroughly possess this person. He wanted the other to really remember him, to remember everything he did to him!

Xie He discovered that the man pressing him down had suddenly stopped moving. Everything before his eyes was black. He did not know what the other’s condition was like. Startled and angry, he forced himself to lower his voice, “Who are you? Why are you doing this?”

He tried his best to recall if he had any enemies that would hate him so much, to use such a method to torment and disgrace him. He thought and thought, but could not think of anyone. The only enemies that had enough strength to do this weren’t the type to do so. If it were them, they would most likely directly kill him and plunder his treasures. There was no need to be so sneaky, as if afraid of revealing themselves. RHdns0

Just who was it, that had encroached deep into his territory and was now difficult to get rid of, and was holding him tight, unwilling to let go?

Mo Cang did not make a sound the entire time. He watched as Xie He’s expressions fluctuated calmly. Those eyes beneath that red ribbon…were definitely full of hatred and disgust, ba? However, he couldn’t help but imagine how those star-like eyes would sparkle from rage. It would certainly be very beautiful.

He lowered his head and gently kissed Xie He’s eyes through the ribbon.

Xie He felt his movements. He forcefully dodged away. The corner of Mo Cang’s lips rose and he laughed without a sound. However, his eyes were full of aggression. Since you’ve woken up, then remember me, ba…. vedc5x

Mo Cang leaned down.

Xie He thought that things had already ended. Who would have expected that although the other knew he was awake, he would have no intention of stopping. Instead, he became even more intense!

Instantly, he began to struggle with all his might!

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“Who are you?! Halt, ah—” Xie He shouted. However, it was no use. The man’s action did not stop. qQK5ot

”I’ll kill you…no, I’ll pull out your soul and make you feel so much pain that you’ll wish for death!”

Xie He tightly grit his teeth…he was clearly extremely furious but he could not escape. He could only lay there like a fish on a chopping board….


Mo Cang held Xie He. From beginning to end, his gaze did not leave Xie He’s face. The man’s pale, stern face was flushed from arousal. He obviously hated this so much but had no way to resist him. His red lips parted and spat out familiar, icy words. There was a pleasant tremble in his voice…. Za4luR

Gentleness appeared in Mo Cang’s eyes. This version of his master…made him unconsciously even more reluctant to let him go, ne.

You would never have dreamt that there would be a day where you are treated like this, right?

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Remember me well. Only I can ever treat you like this.

【Ding, the target Mo Cang’s Favourability Value +3. The current Favourability Value is 85.】 3cYELX

Xie He fainted again. When he woke up the second time, he discovered that he was no longer blindfolded and the cuffs had been taken off. He was still lying on the cold floor but that person was nowhere in sight.

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This time, it was no longer a fuzzy nightmare. The other’s every action was burned into his soul. Xie He’s face ashened. He grabbed his clothes and got dressed.

Dfmjerf tf tjv yffc abgwfcafv obg j ktbif vjs, ktfc Wlf Lf rabbv eq, tf kbyyifv, ybat ifur agfwyilcu. Pwwfvljafis, tf rijwwfv tlr qjiw jujlcra atf kjii, mjerlcu j ylu tbif ab jqqfjg lc atf tjgv rabcf kjii!

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… WFhJtq

【444:Host dada, you failed today, eh? (:зゝ∠)_】

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【Wlf Lf:Qtb rjlv P ojlifv?】

【444:Glvc’a sbe kjca ab fzqbrf tlw? @[email protected]

【Xie He:No, I just wanted to raise his Favourability Value. Smile.JPG】 YcirgT


【Xie He:Before, I underestimated my good disciple a bit. Aside from the first time, despite doing me so many times before, the Favourability Value didn’t rise at all. Truly heartless and the type to play with someone and leave them. I really admire him ah. Therefore I introduced to him a new kind of delight. Indeed, it was really useful. 🙂 】


Xie He naturally was in no hurry to expose him. He was having a lot of fun. Although the frequency of having sex once a month was really low, he as afraid that if he exposed him too early, his little disciple who didn’t know how far to take things would go too far. After all, people don’t cherish what is too easy to get. This was a wolf cub that only knew how to plunder and seize. He was very ignorant in the matters of love. vzNp3g

Since he liked to play cat and mouse, he would let the other think himself the cat for now.

When he was about to arrive at his Immortal’s Cave, Xie He fixed his expression. A cold aura emitted from him as he walked in.

Mo Cang was waiting for him there. When he saw him return, he immediately welcomed him, “Shifu, you’ve returned.”

Xie He didn’t even glance at him. He headed directly inside. As a result, as soon as he sat down, his expression changed, eyebrows furrowing. He had been ruthlessly played with. Right now, he had yet to recover. When he thought of what that person did to him, thick hate appeared in his eyes, appearing almost tangible. 3VmA4g

Mo Cang looked at Xie He’s pale face and the frigid expression in his eyes. He was fully aware why he was angry. However, he pretended not to know. He looked at Xie He with a face full of concern, “Shifu, are you not feeling well? Your complexion doesn’t look very good.”

Was his abnormality so obvious? When Xie He heard this, he grew even more furious! How could he let others know about this ugly matter? With an icy voice, he said, “I’m fine. What are you still here for? Get out!”

Mo Cang was used to Xie He’s chiding. His expression did not change and he respectfully exited.

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Xie He thought that he would leave just like that. Who knew that not a moment later, he would see Mo Cang return. He even carried two exquisite little dishes. In a quiet voice, he said, “Shifu, I made you two of the dishes you usually like to eat. How about eating a little before resting?” n4j8zT

Xie He looked at the food in Mo Cang’s hands. Indeed, he usually liked these. However, he was haughty. Just now, such an indescribable thing had happened, how could he be in the mood to watch his disciple coax him with food? With his patience wearing thin, he said, “Take it away.”

As he said that, he stood up and was about to leave. He had to think it over again. What should he do next month….

Who would have expected that his legs would go soft when he got up. He nearly toppled to the ground!

Mo Cang saw that Xie He was unsteady and promptly reached out to support him. His voice was very nervous, “Shifu, be careful.” WZCSxK

Xie He’s wrist was held in Mo Cang’s hand. That powerful palm…the feeling of those fingertips rubbing against his skin immediately made him quiver! He abruptly threw Mo Cang off with force and shouted in a stern voice, “Don’t touch me!”

Just now…it was as if he had returned to the darkness, to the nightmare where he had been ruthlessly toyed with by that man….

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His hands were just like that….

Mo Cang looked panicked and helpless. The light in his black eyes dimmed. He said at once, “S-sorry, I didn’t mean to….” iC6Jlk

Xie He looked at him with a frosty gaze for a long time. In the end, he took back his gaze and left.

He had actually compared Mo Cang to that person just now…how could that be? Mo Cang was so young, how could he have that level of cultivation? It was already remarkable for him to be at middle stage Soul Condensation. Moreover, this child has always treated him with utmost respect. He would never dare rebel even in the slightest. He was completely different from that despicable and wicked man. He must have been possessed to even think about such a laughable idea.

Xie He recuperated for a few days before he fully recovered. Although he believed that Mo Cang could not be that person, every day and night remained an endless nightmare.

The face of the man in his nightmare was no longer fuzzy. Mo Cang’s face appeared on it in his nightmare…. His deferential, obedient disciple transformed into a completely unfamiliar demon. His handsome face held a vile smile and his black eyes were like dark abysses. He would…do those terrifying things to him over and over…. Xie He had been startled awake countless times. vpTkRM

Every time he looked at Mo Cang, Xie He would not be able to control his thoughts. Although it was impossible…what if?

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The gaze Xie He used to look at Mo Cang became increasingly suspect.

He had hurt that person before. In such a short amount of time, there was no way he could be healed. It should be fine to just check? Just as Xie He was preparing to call Mo Cang over to examine his body, he discovered that Mo Cang had descended the mountain. Moreover, he didn’t return at night. There was also no news from him. Xie He couldn’t help but feel great rage! It couldn’t be that he was really that evil creature. Otherwise, why would he dare to leave without telling him?

Xie He left the mountain and went to track him at once. He used things Mo Cang used often to evoke a tracking technique. Very soon, he found Mo Cang dying at a dilapidated temple. we5ysV

Mo Cang was heavily injured. Half his body was drenched in blood. His face was deathly pale and his breath was weak. When he saw Xie He come, his eyes opened wide for a second before shutting powerlessly. Xie He looked at him like this…and the anger in his heart immediately dispersed. He even forgot why he had rushed over here and carried Mo Cang back to the Immortal’s Cave!

He wasn’t that suspicious of Mo Cang to begin with. Faced with this kind of situation, no matter what, he had to save him!

Xie He took off the other’s clothes. He saw that Mo Cang’s wounds were even worse than what he had thought. He looked like he had been burned. From the shoulder to his abdomen, half his body was charred. He was also severely injured just below his heart. If he hadn’t made it in time, Mo Cang might have died there noiselessly, without anyone knowing.

Xie He did not hesitate to take out his precious spiritual pills. He transferred his own force over to maintain Mo Cang’s pulse. After working tirelessly for a long time, he was able to save his disciple’s life. 9OQZ3u

When Mo Cang woke up, he discovered that he was sitting cross-legged in his own bed and Xie He was behind him. He turned his head with much difficulty, voice low and hoarse, “Shifu….”

Xie He had no time to be angry at him, having just been busy with saving his life. Right now, seeing that Mo Cang had awoken, he unable to suppress the fury in his chest. He angrily said, “If it wasn’t that I went looking for you, did you plan on dying outside?”

When he thought that Mo Cang would die like that, his heart ineffably clenched.

Mo Cang’s face paled. He lowered his gaze. “I’m sorry. It is Disciple who is incompetent….” NaZEPe

Xie He coldly asked, “What happened?”

“Shifu, didn’t you want me to keep an eye out for Frost Spirit shards…? I was able to buy some that had pretty good quality that day after much difficulty. However, when I came back, I encountered several Changchong School disciples. There is resentment between us because we had fought over some spiritual ingredients before. Therefore, I was ambushed on the way back.”

Mo Cang looked ashamed, “They stole the Frost Spirit shards away. Disciple did not have the face to return to you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Xie He heard this, he cocked an eyebrow up, “It’s but insignificant Frost Spirit shards. Who cares if they take it away. Of course your life is more important. Do you not even understand that?!” F7BL5c

Mo Cang pursed his lips and didn’t speak but he looked moved and surprised. He lowered his eyes.

”I’m sorry.”

How could Xie He not understand what he was thinking? Mo Cang had been afraid of being chastise by him for doing things badly. He would rather quietly die outside. How…could he have raised such a stupid disciple?! It couldn’t be that Mo Cang thought himself to be less valuable compared to Frost Spirit shards?!

Although he was not one who revealed his emotions and might not treat Mo Cang very well, he only had this one disciple in his heart. How could the other not understand this? QWvnUB

“Remember this: my disciple cannot be bullied as others please.”

Xie He could not bear to let his temper out on Mo Cang. He stood up coldly and grabbed him with one hand. At the same time, he pulled out his sword and flew atop of it!

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Xie He was a late stage Divine Connection cultivator. He was one of the most powerful cultivators in the cultivating world. Changchong School, this trifling little school— even their Schoolmaster was only an early stage Divine Connection cultivator and yet they dared to injure his disciple?!

Not even a quarter hour later, Xie He had brought Mo Cang over to the Changchong School. eyjKbA

He did not say much. He directly cast an explosion spell and the entire Changchong School was exploded into complete chaos, as if an earthquake had suddenly occurred. Following this, many people ran out. There were even some cultivators that escaped outwards, flying on their swords!

Xie He placed Mo Cang next to him and then reached out, making a grasping motion with one hand. He captured a good number of those escaping and smashed them onto the ground. Those people were heavily injured, blood spurting out of their mouths.

He walked in with his sword in one hand. There was no one within that mob of people that was his match. The Changchong School Schoolmaster saw that things weren’t good. He was about to quietly escape through a secret passageway when he was discovered by Xie He. Xie He directly pierced the other’s shoulder, nailing him to the ground!

The Changchong School Schoolmaster knew that there was no hope of escape. His expression was full of terror. But he didn’t know how he had provoked the Dongyang Demon Lord, this temperamental monster. It was really unlucky! He didn’t even dare ask. His elderly face scrunched up into a ball and he begged with all his might. FDYogZ

”Demon Lord, please spare me. Demon Lord, please spare me, ah…. You can take any and all of the treasures in the possession of the Changchong School. But please, just spare me, Demon Lord!”

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“After stealing from me, you dare beg me to spare you?” Xie He gave him a cold glance.

The Changchong School Schoolmaster nearly cried. He promptly said, “Is there some kind of misunderstanding here? How could I dare steal something of yours, Demon Lord?”

Xie He sneered. He turned around to look at Mo Cang and asked, “Who hurt you?” 68qu0X

Because Xie He had already injured several people, the remaining people did not dare run. At this moment, they all waited on the side, scared witless. They saw Mo Cang look over and their faces became nervous and pale, bodies shaking all over.

Mo Cang swept a gaze and then pointed his finger. “Shifu, those three people.”

Xie He followed the direction in which Mo Cang was pointing. Three cultivators stood there, trembling in fear. The one with the highest cultivation level was but a late stage Soul Condensation cultivator. There was also a middle stage Soul Condensation cultivator. Such trivial people dared to nearly kill Mo Cang?!

The Changchong School Schoolmaster understood what was happening. He was just itching to tear apart these three wretches. Who knew that the Dongyang Demon Lord actually had a disciple and that these people would actually dare to steal from the Dongyang Demon Lord’s disciple?! And now, the master has come knocking. They were going to die young, ah! bdXim0

The three of them saw Mo Cang point towards them. They were so frightened they nearly passed out. If Mo Cang had said that he was the Dongyang Demon Lord’s disciple then, they would not have dared to pillage him even if their courage was multiplied a hundred times over! They often killed and plundered in the cultivation world. Today was a completely disastrous failure!

“Demon Lord, please spare us! We didn’t do it intentionally. We are willing to give back double…no, ten times the compensation. Demon Lord, please spare us, ah!” The three of them knelt on the ground, kowtowing with all their might. They then turned around to beg Mo Cang.

”Please be magnanimous, daren, and forgive us…. We will never again dare to do such a thing!”

Xie He didn’t attach any importance to these ants. He wasn’t in the mood to listen to their drivel. In the cultivation world, the strong ate the weak. When you killed someone, you ought to think about the possibility of being killed one day. Xie He waved a hand and his sword directly stabbed through those three people. The flames on his sword directly burned those three to ashes. In the end, they couldn’t even scream! I7lFV4

After that, Xie He turned to look at the Changchong School Schoolmaster.

The Changchong School Schoolmaster met with Xie He’s icy, merciless eyes and quivered. He quickly took off his own storage ring and deferentially handed it over to Xie He.

”This is what I’ve accumulated for the last hundreds of years. It contains all the treasures of my school. Today, I offer it to you, Demon Lord. It is but a small gesture of my goodwill. Demon Lord, please do not decline!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie He looked at him. A smile that was not a smile appeared on his lips. He didn’t expect that he would be so intelligent. He used his sword to flick the ring into his own palm and insipidly said, “Seeing how sensible you are, I will spare your life today. However, while you can escape execution, you must still be punished. I will cut off one of your arms as a reminder.” sI1iyG

As soon as his words fell, his sword cut off one of the Changchong School Schoolmaster’s arms!

The Changchong School Schoolmaster’s arm squirted out blood and his face twisted in pain. His expression was blank and he did not dare to make a sound. He didn’t even dare to stop the bleeding. He only lied prostrate on the ground, trembling.

Xie He’s goal had been accomplished. He grabbed Mo Cang again and flew off on his sword, not looking back.

When they returned to the Immortal’s Cave, Xie He opened up the Changchong School Schoolmaster’s ring and took a look. That old fellow had quite a few treasures. Only, they weren’t much use to him. Xie He directly threw it over to Mo Cang. “For you.” m7VfvR

Mo Cang was extremely surprised. “Shifu…this is yours….”

Xie He looked at him but did not plan on taking it back. Instead, he slowly said, “Recuperate well. There’s no need to descend the mountain for now.”

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He looked at Mo Cang, a flash of helplessness in his eyes. He had actually suspected that that person was Mo Cang before. Really laughable. This fellow couldn’t even deal with a group of trivial people.

He had indeed been letting his imagination run wild. cAW94l

Mo Cang held the ring. He wanted to add something but Xie He had already left, leaving him only the sight of his proud, aloof and cold back.

Mo Cang stood in place…. Xie He had not hesitated to treat him and had taken revenge for him. He stood in front of him, as reserved as a clear pool and as lofty as a mountain. His silhouette did not fade in his eyes, but instead became increasingly more clear.

Mo Cang had long since stopped needing his protection, but the feeling of being protected….

Was surprisingly good. Jms Dc

【Ding, the target Mo Cang’s Favourability Value +3. The current Favourability Value is 88.】

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Xie He returned to his own room and shut the door. The expression on his face became indolent, the cold dissipating. A slight smile appeared in his eyes.

He leisurely steeped himself a pot of tea. Although he had foreseen that Mo Cang would injure himself to gain his trust and cover himself up, he was surprised that the other was actually willing to suffer such a heavy injury. His good disciple was very ruthless towards himself, ne. eu7gav

Like this, two days passed. Xie He received a letter carried by a flying sword.

Although he was solitary, he was in contact with several other demonic cultivators. The one who was looking for him was the Desert Mountain’s Old Demon.

This old demon was originally a wild boar. He ate everything. He was lucky enough to eat a Heavenly treasure and gain spiritual awareness. He had lived for more than a thousand years. According to human cultivation levels, he was currently at late stage Divine Connection. He was a famous old demon.

His letter said that he had eaten a few human cultivators recently and received news that a Heavenly ranked divine weapon would soon appear on Three Spirits Mountain. He wanted to invite Xie He to go with him. fKvEei

The appearance of a divine weapon was a major event in the cultivation world. A Heavenly ranked divine weapon was extremely rare in the cultivation world. If a large sect obtained it, they could increase the strength of their sect. If a wandering cultivator got it, they could increase their own strength. Who wouldn’t want a divine weapon?

Moreover, there would usually be other Heavenly treasures that came into the world with the divine weapon. Each time this occurred, it would be like a storm was gathering within the cultivation world.

The Desert Mountain’s Old Demon was very interested. However, he was a solitary one. It was too dangerous to go on his own but he would be restless if he were not to go. Therefore, he thought of Xie He.

He had heard that Xie He had a grudge against the Immortal Sect. He hated the Immortal Sect disciples the most. In order to persuade Xie He, he had specifically said that Yun Huaiyu of the Immortal Sect would be leading his sect. At that time, even if they couldn’t steal the treasure, it wouldn’t be bad to plunder from these righteous cultivators. He promised that if they were to bump into the Immortal Sect, he would rob them with Xie He! Of course, the other benefits were to be split between them. khBm2v

Xie He smiled after reading this. It was time to reunite with an old lover and give this smelly youngster the cold shoulder.

There was never such a thing as too many experience points.

Therefore, Xie He went to Mo Cang’s room. Mo Cang had obediently stayed at home to recuperate. When he saw Xie He come over, he promptly stood up and deferentially said, “Shifu.”

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Xie He looked at his pale complexion and pulled out a bottle of medicinal pills and placed it down. He then said, “I’m going out. You stay here.” h UcIf

“I’ll go with you,” Mo Cang immediately said.

Xie He’s brows furrowed. With a cold voice, he said, “You would only be a burden. Cultivate earnestly to avoid making me lose face outside.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Cang lowered his head in shame and did not dare to say anything more.

Xie He gave him an insipid look and then left. ezuFcW

【444:Host dada, do you not plan on bringing him?】

【Xie He:Don’t worry, my good disciple will not behave. What he likes the most is openly pretending to agree only to oppose in secret. 🙂 】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


sere: get ready for more experience pts lol 6cBEWl

Translator's Note

A school is basically no different from a sect. But since different words were used, I will use school and schoolmaster instead of sect and sect master in this case.

Translator's Note

Yao can be translated as demon or monster. They refer to animals/plants/inanimate objects that have gained spiritual awareness. They are different from humans and devils. Technically, when people call Xie He ‘Demon Lord’ they’re actually calling him ‘Devil Lord’, as the character is actually mo (devil) but that sounds weird so I kept it as ‘Demon Lord’.

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