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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh60 - Disobedient


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara zTx4ey

7. Disobedient

Chu Xing silently watched Xie He finish drinking his porridge. He then took the bowl out.

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He felt that he ought to maintain a distance between himself and the Incapable Ruler. He could not indulge in him any more. Lunch and dinner were both delivered by the palace servants he had instructed and finished by Xie He alone. Only in the middle of the night did Chu Xing return. Xie He’s body still needed to have medicine applied to it, and he didn’t want anyone else to touch him.

The Incapable Ruler laid on his side, hugging himself, frowning slightly. ZiHFqO

Chu Xing gently drew him into his arms, placing him on his back. The Incapable Ruler instinctively struggled, but when he woke up, he immediately stopped moving. It was rare for Chu Xing to see him this docile, so his expression softened a bit. He very quickly applied the medicine for him before putting him back down.

Chu Xing did not toy with Xie He this time. He only helped Xie He apply the medicine in an honest manner. However, Xie He didn’t appreciate his kindness in the least. Instead, he used an even colder and scornful gaze to look at him. What he didn’t want the most was for anyone to see this side of him, but in the end, he was seen by this traitor! The only reason why he treated him gently was because he pitied him! He pitied him for his pathetic, dirty, and lowly body that thirsted to be tormented! Even if it was being tormented, it still felt pleasure!

He would rather be hated and reviled by everyone beneath the Heavens than be pitied by them!

His lips began to tremble, and he forced out an extremely repressed sound of pain, “Zhen should kill you….” dcflC1

Chu Xing had already heard this phrase come out of the Incapable Ruler’s mouth a countless number of times. In the beginning, he would still get angry. Afterwards, he turned a deaf ear and did not pay any attention to this ineffective, pitiful threat. However, when he looked at the Incapable Ruler’s indignant and despairing expression now, he realized that the Incapable Ruler must know that this was meaningless as well. And yet, he repeated it so many times…it was probably because aside from this, he had no other way to express his anger or make peace with his suffering.

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To be forced to beg the person you hate the most for s*x, that must have brought an unimaginable shame to the Incapable Ruler, ba….

Chu Xing silently looked at Xie He. For the first time, he wondered if he had crossed the line…perhaps he shouldn’t humiliate his captive like this?

When this was all over, he should give him what he wanted. eusYF1

【Ding, the target, Chu Xing’s Blackening Value -10. The current Favourability Value is 70. The current Blackening Value is 50.】

Chu Xing looked at Xie He and said apathetically, “Your Majesty should rest.”

Afterwards, he ignored Xie He’s nearly tangible despising gaze and left.

Xie He shut his eyes and began to fall asleep. He didn’t expect that Chu Xing would be able to completely understand everything, because Chu Xing didn’t care about whether he lived or died. He just wanted to see him suffer, to do everything he could to degrade him. Otherwise, he would not have gone so long without noticing his abnormality. However, he could first lay down the foundation and wait for a good opportunity. It will naturally produce an unexpected effect. sx2kvP


Although Xie He’s wounds had yet to heal, he was able to just barely get out of bed and walk without issue. Chu Xing came to see him again and had him take the Imperial Decree to morning court.

As soon as Xie He heard the words “morning court,” hatred flared out of his eyes. It was clear that he was recalling that previous painful experience. However, this time Chu Xing did not make him use anything from the time he helped him change clothes to the time he sent him to the door. It was like he had forgotten. He didn’t humiliate him nor mistreat him either. Xie He still wasn’t grateful though, and his eyes still held great resentment. Only, he didn’t curse him as if he was afraid of him.

Although this body didn’t have anything on it, Chu Xing’s subordinates, who were pretending to be eunuchs, still watched Xie He closely. They did not give him any chance. Moreover, Jing Zhao was utterly isolated. Aside from Yang Xian, there was no one he could trust or depend on. So, to tell the truth, even if Chu Xing didn’t do anything, he was already foreordained to be a fallen sovereign. It was just a matter of now or later. A578dB

This time, Xie He acted very calmly. He peacefully listened to the officials ramble throughout the morning. Then, he let the eunuch read his decree out loud, granting Chu Xing the title of Prince Chu, permitting him to carry his sword into the palace hall, excusing him from kneeling to the Emperor, giving him free access to the palace, and all sorts of other special privileges. He also bestowed upon him countless amounts of gold, cloths, and land.

Chu Xing pretended to decline. Xie He inwardly thought that the ancient folk were hypocrites. Clearly, he was a scoundrel who was scheming to seize the throne, and yet, he also paid particular attention to his reputation. With an insincere smile, he asked General Chu not to reject him. This was what he should have. It was an appropriate expression of how much he depended on Chu Xing. He also lamented about how without General Chu, Zhen would not be here today.

Some people were already aware of this matter while others were extremely shocked. Xie He paid no attention to what schemes were going on in these Officials’ heads, finished his task, and then left the hall.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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【444:Host dada, why doesn’t Chu Xing come?!】

【Xie He:He’s afraid that he won’t be able to kill me when the time comes, so he’s trying to keep a distance between us. Smile.JPG】 wmkqge

【444:Σ( °△°|||)︴He still wants to kill you with a Favourability Value of 70?! He seems to be treating you rather well these days though!】

【Xie He:Baby, don’t overestimate the conscience of a scoundrel who plans to overthrow his liege. Even more, don’t be deceived by his outer appearance of his reverence-inspiring devotion to justice. Although Chu Xing isn’t actually a bad person, and it’s indeed a good thing for him to replace Jing Zhao, you have to remember, a person who wants to and has the power to seize the throne must be vicious and ruthless. He cannot let his heart soften easily. Even at a Favourability Value of 80, he may still continue with his original plan of killing me, let alone at a trifling 70. Since ancient times, hasn’t there been so many instances of fathers, sons, and brothers destroying each other for the sake of this supreme position? Moreover, he and Jing Zhao were originally enemies who would fight to their dying breath. Therefore, he is even less likely to let me off easily. Therefore, I’ve said it since the beginning. Seducing him is only a temporary measure to defer when he kills me. Right now, he’s tolerating me. If I had to give an analogy, I would say that what he’s giving me is akin to the last meal given to death row prisoners.】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【444:…Then, what should we do?_(:зゝ∠)_】

【Xie He:Don’t worry. I’m still useful. He will come back. Smile.JPG】 HSJ1dK

【444:@[email protected]

【Xie He:If his Favourability Value doesn’t increase when he sees me, then that will be letting down my title of Casanova :)】


…………………………………………………………………………………… dRglU9

Indeed, Chu Xing came back two days later.

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His subordinates had already reported to him about Xie He’s activities. Xie He did not leave his room these last few days. He stayed inside, not making a sound. If it wasn’t for the fact that he still ate and slept on time, they would have suspected that he had already died.

Chu Xing didn’t want to scare Xie He. He pushed open the door very lightly. He saw Xie He sitting at the foot of the bed, arms wrapped around his knees, head hanging. His hair hadn’t been tied up, so it flowed down, covering half his face. Chu Xing only discovered that Xie He had actually fallen asleep like this when he walked over. He reached out. Just as he was about to touch Chu Xing, Xie He’s brows suddenly tightened, and he whined in pain, eyes still shut, “Don’t touch me!”

Chu Xing’s hands froze in midair. ZUlpGD

Even if he wasn’t told, he could imagine what kind of nightmare the Incapable Ruler was absorbed in right now. Chu Xing looked at Xie He’s pale face and the tears beneath his trembling eyelashes. They were about to fall but had yet to do so. He was like a child who had been cruelly bullied, shaking and curled up…Chu Xing had never seen this weak side of the Incapable Ruler.

Probably because his dreams were the only place the Incapable Ruler could show his weak side, ba.

Chu Xing stood before Xie He’s bed, head lowered as he stared at his pained, pale face, not moving for a long time.

【Ding, the target, Chu Xing’s Favourability Value+5. The current Favourability Value is 75. The current Blackening Value is 50.】 8UWFu3

Xie He naturally wasn’t actually sleeping. He had his eyes closed and was pretending to be trapped in a nightmare. After a while, he felt that if he continued to act, he would actually fall asleep, so he slowly opened his eyes.

As soon as he looked up, he saw Chu Xing standing to the side. He immediately showed him a disgusted and loathing gaze. With a hoarse voice, he said, “What do you want now?”

Chu Xing was startled. He then laughed at himself. He had indeed come because he needed something. When he didn’t need this Incapable Ruler, they had nothing to talk about. It was hilarious that he had felt tenderness towards him just now. If this Incapable Ruler knew that, he would only mock and disdain him. He fell silent for a moment and then said, “I hope that Your Majesty can enact an Imperial Decree, blaming yourself for the people’s suffering.”

Xie He’s expression instantly changed. RJETju

Chu Xing took out an edict, “I’ve already prepared the edict for Your Majesty.”

However, Xie He didn’t even look at it this time. He smacked the letter onto the floor and said in a cold voice, “Don’t even think about it!”

Chu Xing picked it up, no expression on his face, “How about Your Majesty take a look before making a decision?”

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Xie He repeated through gritted teeth, “Don’t, even, think, about, it! 9f7wxu

Chu Xing’s expression turned cold. He had thought that this Incapable Ruler had learned to be obedient. Who would have expected that he was actually still so pigheaded? He absolutely insisted on having him threaten him. With a frigid voice, he said, “Has Your Majesty forgotten what you’ve promised me?”

Xie He recalled Chu Xing’s threat. The grinding of his teeth was audible.

Chu Xing bent down and met with Xie He’s gaze, “Your Majesty, it’s only an edict, that’s all. Just follow it obediently. At that time, I’ll give you something delightful.”

Xie He glared at him fiercely, “Zhen is not guilty!” oWxjAh

Even if he died, he wouldn’t admit that he had sinned! He didn’t want to still be a sinner in his next life!

Chu Xing lost his patience. He sneered, “It seems that Your Majesty doesn’t plan on being buried and laid to rest. When it comes time, having you take a walk along the city gates may have a better effect than the edict.”

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Xie He’s hands clenched into two fists. He shut his eyes in pain.

A sinner, a sinner…everyone said that he was guilty. His mother said that he was guilty, that he shouldn’t have been born in this world. Lady Bian, that malicious woman had said that he was guilty, that he was born a low-breed. The people who had humiliated him had all said that he was guilty, which was why he deserved to be tormented….Now, this traitor who had sullied him also said that he was guilty. He even wanted him to admit that he was guilty in front of everyone! Even after his death, he would be imprinted with a sinner’s mark! It would follow him into his next reincarnations over and over again! vxJW7j

Why did he have to admit to being guilty? He wouldn’t admit to it! He wouldn’t admit to it! He wouldn’t admit to it!

Xie He slowly opened his eyes and used an extremely icy gaze to look at Chu Xing. He emphasized one word at a time, “Kill Zhen, ba.”

Chu Xing was startled by the decisiveness in Xie He’s eyes. He suppressed the odd feeling in his heart and said coldly, “Your Majesty, are you sure?”

Xie He still repeated his words, expression calm, “Kill Zhen, ba.” dYaRGs

If his ending could not be changed, why should he care how he died? Why should he care if he will never be reincarnated? If he was destined to be a sinner forever, at the very least, he would not admit to it even upon dying!

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This was…the only thing he would insist on.

Chu Xing’s threat that had always worked had finally lost effect. His brows furrowed. Clearly, it was a trivial edict, that’s all. Who didn’t know about the Incapable Ruler’s preposterous lack of virtue? It couldn’t be that he thought that so long as he didn’t admit it, other people would not know about his crimes? It was a single edict proclaiming his guilt. It might have even helped his reputation a bit. When the time came, he’d even give him an honourable posthumous name and title to send him off in a grand and honourable way. This was already an act of extreme benevolence. What was wrong with it? Why was he resisting like this?

This stubborn fool wouldn’t repent even if he died! Clearly, he had sinned, and yet, he wouldn’t admit it! Funny, he actually pitied this Incapable Ruler before. NExeVL

Chu Xing squeezed Xie He’s neck, eyes cold. Since it was like this, then he might as well kill him.

【Ding, the target, Chu Xing’s Blackening Value +20. The current Favourability Value is 75, the current Blackening Value is 70.】

Xie He found it hard to breathe, but there was a hidden joy inside his eyes. The corner of his lips even raised. He smiled. That chilly smile paired with those gorgeous facial features and the slight movement of his tear mole was especially breathtaking.

Chu Xing had his eyes firmly fixed on Xie He. Finally, his eyes landed on those slightly parted red lips. When he recalled how the Incapable Ruler would beg him while beneath his body, the sweet sounds that would come out of his mouth…. XrxlYj

When he thought that this Incapable Ruler would die, and he would never again see anger, indignation, or arousal on this lively face…the killing intent in Chu Xing’s heart wavered.

A long time later, he slowly let go and said, “I’ll give you one day to think it over.”

He then left.

【444:The Blackening Value unexpectedly rose again! Σ( °△°|||)︴】 jMU9QT

【Xie He:That’s normal. Without an antagonistic relationship, the Blackening Value will fluctuate depending on whether I cooperate, whether I’m obedient, or whether I’m miserable, etc.】

【444:If it’s like that, why did you fight him just now?】

【Xie He: Baby, don’t neglect the fundamentals, and focus on the details. It doesn’t matter what the Blackening Value is. So long as it doesn’t prevent the Favourability Value from rising, even if it’s at 100, it doesn’t matter. Before, I needed to reduce the Blackening Value in order to increase the Favourability Value. Right now, the Favourability Value is already at 75. The Blackening Value no longer has a big effect on the Favourability Value. So long as I use it properly…I can increase my opportunities to have breakthroughs.】

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

【444:?】 c6yzHF

【Xie He:People only understand remorse once they’ve committed a mistake. They will not understand how to cherish something until they’ve lost it.】

【Xie He:Men will only like to stick to you if you play hard to get. As soon as you act nice to them, they’ll leave you, ah. 🙂 】


………………………………………………………………… iH 9LG

Chu Xing went to meet with Chen Cong, expression dark. Upon seeing this, Chen Cong immediately asked, “That Incapable Ruler refused?”

Chu Xing nodded.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Cong was very surprised, “He even agreed to bestow all those rewards to you before. It’s just an insignificant self-blaming decree. Why did he refuse?”

Chu Xing recalled what Xie He had said, “He said he wasn’t guilty.” Lor6sJ

When he heard this, Chen Cong immediately became enraged and sneered, “If he’s not guilty, then no one is guilty in this world! My brother and all of the other innocent people he has harmed will not let him off even as ghosts!”

Upon hearing this, Chu Xing’s expression changed slightly. Recently…he was focused on the sympathy he felt towards that Incapable Ruler. Just now, his anger was only because he had been defied. He nearly forgot about everything else. This was his original intention.

Chen Cong’s words were like a basin of cold water, causing him to sober up instantly. He had almost narrowly been swayed to mess up on something major.

Chen Cong didn’t notice any of this though and asked, “Is he really unwilling? There’s only two steps left. It’s really a bit of a pity, but if there is really no way, we can only kill him.” TtlWcC

Chu Xing shook his head, expression callous, “I’ll try one more time.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Since they’d already gotten to this step, there was no reason to be softhearted. That Incapable Ruler was only asking for death because he had no choice. If they gave him an opportunity, he probably would kill them without any hesitation. Therefore, there was no reason to be sympathetic towards him.

【Ding, the target, Chu Xing’s Blackening Value +10. The current Favourability Value is 75. The current Blackening Value is 80.】

Eve: Things are heating up~ Waiting for the ML abuse~ JLs7RK

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