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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh125 - The President’s Strategy to Court His Wife


Translated by Eve

Edited by Serefina Zds0nt

12. The President’s Strategy to Court His Wife

Ye Jinzhou stared at the person in front of him. This was the person he loved deeply. Those eyes, that smile, that soft and low voice—everything was engraved into his heart. But right now, this person was looking at him like he was a stranger. There was no love or hate…he didn’t remember him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“You…don’t recognize me…?” Ye Jinzhou’s voice was bitter. His fingernails dug into his palms.

Xie He smiled. “Something happened to me recently so I forgot about my past. I’m sorry that I don’t recognize you.” naqu7s

“I-it’s fine. It’s good that you’re alive….” Because Ye Jinzhou was too nervous, he spoke a bit incoherently. Suddenly, he reached out to hug Xie He tightly. “You’re alive….”

“I really missed you…” Ye Jinzhou sobbed.

There is nothing more important in this world than you being alive….As long as you are alive, it doesn’t matter if you’ve forgotten me or you don’t love me anymore. In any case, I will always love you.

Xie He didn’t think that he would be hugged by a big man in public. The people passing by had all turned to look at them. Immediately, he felt really embarrassed. But when he saw how Ye Jinzhou looked like he was about to start crying, he couldn’t bear to chide him. He hesitated and then gently patted the other’s back. As if he was coaxing a child, he spoke with a soft voice, “It’s fine. I’m still alive. How about…you let go first and we talk?”

2 4pvy

Ye Jinzhou heard Xie He’s gentle voice. Even if this person had lost his memories, he was still as considerate and kind-hearted as ever. His heart was still as soft as ever…. Ye Jinzhou’s eyes immediately turned red.

How foolish had he been in the past to want to hurt this kind of person?

How had he managed to harden his heart?

Xie He felt very helpless. He felt like before him was a heartbroken and inconsolable young child. If he told him not to cry, he would cry even harder…. Just as he felt at a loss as to what to do, he suddenly heard someone call for him. Xz5M0e

“Xiao Mu,” Lu Jianing came over in big strides. He had waited for a long time but Xie He hadn’t returned so he came to look for him. Who would have expected that he would see Xie He held in Ye Jinzhou’s arms? Instantly, his expression sunk.

Xie He saw that Lu Jianing’s expression wasn’t good. He didn’t want the other to misunderstand so he hardened his heart and pushed Ye Jinzhou away. He walked over with big steps. “Sorry, I encountered someone who used to know me and ended up wasting some time….I was about to come back.”

Ye Jinzhou looked at his own hands in a daze. His arms was suddenly empty again…. He looked in Xie He’s direction and saw Lu Jianing standing there. The two of them were clad in couple’s wear. They looked very loving. Xie He was currently talking to Lu Jianing with a smile on his face…

This scene made his heart fall straight down. The nightmare he used to have had finally become reality. 0eTOgZ

Xie He had fallen in love with Lu Jianing.

No…he originally loved him. He had just gone back to him. Meanwhile, Ye Jinzhou had become an insignificant person.

When Lu Jianing looked at Ye Jinzhou, he had felt apprehensive. He was afraid that Xie He would remember that Ye Jinzhou was his current lover. But right now, it seemed that Xie He didn’t remember at all. Therefore, Lu Jianing relaxed sightly and cast a cold glance at Ye Jinzhou. He held Xie He’s hand and said, “An insignificant person. Let’s go back, ba.”

“OK.” Xie He nodded with a smile. IVZmdz

Ye Jinzhou saw Lu Jianing lead Xie He by the hand. The two of them turned and left, as if they would soon disappear from his world.

From now on, he would see Xie He love another man…no, how could he do that? He wouldn’t allow it!

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Ye Jinzhou abruptly rushed over and grabbed Lu Jianing by the collar, punching him in the face! Lu Jianing had been interrupted by Ye Jinzhou last time. Right now, the old and new grudge came together, and Lu Jianing directly punched back!

Xie He turned pale with fright. Why did they suddenly begin fighting? But he wouldn’t let Ye Jinzhou hurt Lu Jianing. Seeing that Lu Jianing was no match for Ye Jinzhou, he didn’t hesitate to run over and help Lu Jianing. He grabbed Ye Jinzhou’s arm and said coldly, “Stop!” HopXal

Ye Jinzhou was stopped by Xie He. When he heard the other’s icy voice, he froze. He wasn’t able to dodge Lu Jianing’s punch to the face in time.

However, this couldn’t compare to the pain he felt in his heart. This time, Xie He was sober. He wasn’t drunk….He had helped Lu Jianing while sober—he had stood on Lu Jianing’s side without hesitation and acted against Ye Jinzhou.

However, he couldn’t even feel angry. There was only sorrow and sadness in his heart….

If Xie He hadn’t lost his memories, he still wouldn’t forgive Ye Jinzhou. He would only hate him more. jEYJTg

It was he who had sent Xie He to his death. Xie He, with his memories, hated him. Xie He, without his memories, loved another man. What was Ye Jinzhou then? If Ye Jinzhou was sensible, he would get far away from here. But he couldn’t do it.

He couldn’t let go.

Ye Jinzhou licked the blood in his mouth and stared at Xie He in a daze. “I’m sorry…I just….”

“No need to apologize to me. I don’t know who you are to me but there better not be a next time.” MzTcS0

Xie He’s voice was cold. He turned to say to Lu Jianing, “Let’s go back.”

Lu Jianing’s gaze was fixed on Ye Jinzhou. He really wasn’t willing to stop…but he was afraid that Ye Jinzhou would reveal more if they stayed. He might as well take this loss so that Xie He would become more partial towards him. Therefore, he didn’t refuse.

Ye Jinzhou’s hands clenched. They hung by the side of his body, shaking. No…he could not be impulsive. He could not be impulsive again.

Right now, Xie He didn’t remember him. Actually, that was a good thing for Ye Jinzhou. If it was like this, then that meant that Xie He didn’t remember what he had done to him. If he could make Xie He fall for him the first time, he could make him fall for him a second time. However, right now, he had to be calm. Impulsiveness would only ruin things. Sp4efb

Ye Jinzhou slightly narrowed his eyes but didn’t chase after them. Instead, he shouted at their backs, “I don’t know what Lu Jianing told you but the two of you already broke up ten years ago. I’m your current lover. I’ve always loved you. Even if you don’t remember me, I will wait for you.”

Xie He’s steps paused but he still left with Lu Jianing.

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Ye Jinzhou watched them leave and immediately made a call. He instructed people to investigate Lu Jianing’s recent movements. He wanted to know when Lu Jianing had found Xie He and how he had managed to hide him.

…………………………………… f7nMqx

Dfmjerf bo atlr fqlrbvf, atf akb bo atfw kfgfc’a lc atf wbbv ab kjamt j wbnlf bg ragbii jgbecv. Ktfs tfjvfv tbwf.

Wlf Lf abbx bea atf olgra jlv xla jcv ilutais klqfv Oe Aljclcu’r ilqr klat jc jimbtbi-rbjxfv mbaabc rkjy. Oe Aljclcu tlrrfv lc qjlc.

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Lf rlutfv. “Dfjg klat la obg j yla.”

He then turned around and put down the cotton swab. At this time, Lu Jianing grabbed Xie He’s hand and peered deeply into his eyes, saying, “Do you believe him?” jgRLB3

A flicker of hesitation flickered through Xie He’s eyes. He didn’t reply.

Lu Jianing looked hurt. Even if Xie He had lost his memories, Ye Jinzhou was still easily able to sway him.

He was silent for a long time. He laughed, self-deprecatingly. He said, “I did indeed hide some things from you. I planned to tell you later but right now it seems…I can’t continue to keep it hidden.”

Xie He looked at him, extremely surprised. His lips moved. “You really tricked me?” VCvaud

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to lose you….” Guilt appeared in Lu Jianing’s eyes. “You are indeed my first love. We were together for eight years but broke up in the end…but I’ve always loved you. I’ve never forgotten you. You have also never forgotten me. You’ve never dated anyone else for the last ten years until last year when you suddenly got a boyfriend, which was Ye Jinzhou.”

“I don’t know why you chose him. Perhaps it was because you wanted to anger me….” Lu Jianing hugged Xie He, “But I was indeed jealous. I didn’t want you to remember him. I didn’t want him to get between us. So I lied. Forgive me, okay? I just love you too much.”

“I know that you still love me. You told me. This love has always been in your heart. We can start anew.” Lu Jianing looked at Xie He pleadingly.

Xie He gazed into Lu Jianing’s eyes. He could see the sincerity and affection in his eyes. However, this lie made him feel an indescribable sadness. He didn’t reply to Lu Jianing and said, “I’m a bit tired. I’m going to go rest.” 4l7Pe1

Lu Jianing watched Xie He leave, tightly grasping the sofa. Xie He had never told him once, “I love you”.

Although he had been able to keep this person by his side, he had never truly entered the other’s heart.

Not even amnesia could stop the flow of time?

…………………………………… vF0RJi

【444:Host dada, what’s your plan? ⊙v⊙)】

【Xie He:I just have to cooperate with ZhouZhou. He will naturally think of a way to steal me back. Smile.JPG】

【444:(⊙o⊙) Oh.】

【Xie He:To tell the truth, I really miss him a bit.】 pLgcb


【Xie He:After all, he always made me feel really good. Moreover, after being lovingly educated by me, he must be even more enlightened now. 】

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The next morning, when Xie He got up, Lu Jianing had already gone to work. bFe1mC

However, the home very quickly welcomed some unexpected guests.

The people who had come were Father Lu and Mother Lu. Father Lu had imposing features but he was no longer young. The hair at his temples was already white. Mother Lu had took very good care of herself. Her clothes and makeup were all natural and luxurious. the two of them obviously recognized Xie He. The gaze they looked at him with was very complicated.

Mother Lu sighed. “It’s really you.”

Xie He looked at her questioningly and asked, “May I ask who you are?” JdgNDe

Mother Lu said, “We are Lu Jianing’s parents. I heard that you lost your memory after your car accident. It seems you really don’t remember anything.”

Her expression was gentle and her tone was also good.

Xie He promptly said politely, “Please, sit down.”

He then personally brewed a pot of tea for them. XUNuLb

Father Lu sat on the sofa, expression heavy the whole time. He seemed a bit impatient. He had no interest in listening to his wife and Xie He chat. He directly said to Xie He, “Jianing has been unwilling to marry this whole time. Now, he’s hidden you by his side. It seems that even after ten years, he hasn’t been able to get over you. Since it’s like this, I will allow the two of you to be together. However, our Lu Family cannot be without a successor. Let Lu Jianing find a surrogate to birth a child for us to raise. From then on, I will not interfere with your matters.”

Mother Lu softly added, “Xiao Mu, although we will agree to this, honestly, do you have to be with Jianing? Since you’ve already broken up, it’s not like you two cannot not be together. I know that with what’s happened to you, it must be difficult. But if you’re willing to leave Jianing, we won’t treat unfairly.”

Even though her tone was soft, it was obvious from her words that she didn’t support Xie He being with Lu Jianing. She was even willing to give him money to leave him. She thought that he had gotten back together with Lu Jianing for money.

The smile on Xie He’s face slowly disappeared. He slowly said, “Does Jianing know about your coming today?” s8fLPZ

Mother Lu sighed. “I was afraid that he would be angry so I didn’t tell him in advance. However, as long as you agree, he won’t go against this. He has always listened to you.”

“I understand,” Xie He said blandly, “When he comes back I’ll talk to him.”

Xie He finally sent Mother and Father Lu away. Less than an hour later, a second unexpected guest came over. This time, it was a graceful and beautiful young woman. Although the woman looked like she came from a pretty good background, her words were very harsh. She looked at Xie He with contempt and said, “Bai Mu, for how long must you pester Jianing? You had such a backbone back then, breaking up so decisively. Right now, you still have the face to shamelessly come back? Only when you have nothing left do you think of Jianing. I didn’t know that you were this kind of person, ne.”

“I don’t know what you mean?” Xie He said with a cold face. KpatYc

The girl snorted, “Didn’t you sell your business because it failed? That’s why Jianing took you back out of the goodness of his heart. He just pitied you.”

Xie He suppressed the shock in his heart and sucked in a deep breath. “You like him?”

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The girl laughed and said, “Yes, ah. And Uncle and Aunty like me. If it wasn’t because you shamelessly came back to pester him, he would get married sooner or later.”

Xie He looked at her, “I don’t think that’s likely. It’s been ten years. If he was willing to marry you, you would have been married a long time ago.” 8GI2gk

The woman cursed angrily, having her sore point poked.

Xie He directly said, “I won’t send you off.”

The woman cursed for a while. When she noticed that Xie He wasn’t paying any attention to her, she left dispirited, as she didn’t dare to do anything to him.

Xie He watched her leave and his expression relaxed. He was about to return to his room when he suddenly heard 444’s warning. eRkrQJ

【444:Host dada, Ye Jinzhou has come. He’s in your room right now!】

【Xie He:Not bad, ah. His efficiency is quite high. One after another, he’s not giving me time to rest. This is a tactic to exhaust the enemy. Smile.JPG 】

Xie He quickly put on a tired expression and then pushed the door open.

Before he could react, he was pushed against the wall and kissed forcefully! Xie He widened his eyes in shock. When he saw that it was Ye Jinzhou, he struggled to push him away with all his might, but the other wouldn’t budge. This person’s strength was ridiculous…. He was kissed until he was panting by Ye Jinzhou. His lips were red. After a lot of difficulty, he managed to get the other to let go. LMZo3I

“What are you doing?!” Xie He’s chest heaved. He looked at him angrily, “How did you get in?!”

Ye Jinzhou said, “I came in through the window.”

Xie He was angered by his shameless words. He reached out, wanting to hit the other, but when he saw the pitiful way Ye Jinzhou was looking at him— as if he was a puppy that was wagging his tail intimately and with all his strength because he had finally found his owner, who had abandoned him, with much difficulty— his hand froze in mid-air.

Xie He said coldly, “Was it you who sent those people over?” zrOyFk

He wasn’t stupid. It was too much of a coincidence for him to appear right at this moment.

Ye Jinzhou shook his head. “No, I just let them find out a little bit of Lu Jianing’s most recent actions. They came themselves. Look, no one in the Lu family welcomes you. Lu Jianing even wants to hide you…moreover, the two of you have broken up a long time ago. There’s no reason to stay here and invite humiliation onto yourself.”

Xie He snorted. “So you decided to use this kind of contemptible way to break us up and still dare feel like you have justice on your side?”

Ye Jinzhou looked at him, wronged. “It’s him who chose to use a contemptible method first. You’re my lover and he stole you away. Am I not allowed to steal you back?” cWMLTA

Xie He was startled by this deliberately provocative argument. He paused. “How do I know that what you say is true?”

Ye Jinzhou said, “Come back to our home. You will know.”

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Xie He was silent for a moment and then said, “Okay.”

…………………………………… p5taGK

After several months, he came back to his home. The house seemed very clean and tidy. It was obvious that the occupant had very meticulously kept it clean, preserving its original state.

Although Xie He didn’t remember this place, it felt familiar when he looked at it. He examined every room. Everything here had all been personally selected by him….

Even without his memories, instinct told him that this was his home. This place gave him a sense of intimacy that he didn’t with Lu Jianing’s place.

Xie He caressed the photo frame by the bedside. He turned to ask Ye Jinzhou, “Is this really my home?” 0rc7DV

Ye Jinzhou looked at him, a sliver of concealed grief in his face. He said softly, “Yes. Can’t you feel it?”

Xie He’s eyes focused. No, he could feel it.

He put down the photo frame in his hand and opened the closet. Inside were the clothes of two different people. Inside the washroom were two cups. There was even a pair of everything in the kitchen…. He slowly sighed. “So, I also lived here.”

Ye Jinzhou nodded. mkhF4X

Xie He turned to look at him. Through his eyes, Ye Jinzhou could see that this person had been moved. “Then…after I ‘died’…you have been living here the whole time?”

Ye Jinzhou nodded.

Xie He suddenly laughed and teased, “Did you have nowhere else to go?”

Ye Jinzhou nodded again. ctM1fX

Xie He was startled.

Ye Jinzhou walked over to him and solemnly said, “It’s only here that I can sense your presence. My heart is here. Aside from here, there’s nowhere else I have to go.”

Xie He could see the earnestness in his eyes. He didn’t know why, but his heart hurt. He couldn’t help but say, “What if I didn’t come back?”

Ye Jinzhou chuckled quietly, “That makes no difference to me.” AIndlB

Ye Jinzhou reached out to hug Xie He softly. He didn’t use a lot of strength. Xie He could easily push him away but this time he didn’t. In this familiar place, being held in these familiar arms—it was like something in his heart was telling him that this is what he needed. This was where he should be.

This was reality…. At Lu Jianing’s place, he had always felt that things weren’t real. Like everything was just a castle in the sky.

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Ye Jinzhou lips pressed against Xie He’s ears and his low voice carried a deep grief. “I made a mistake. You were really angry. That night, we fought and you drove out that very night and got into a car accident. I thought that you had died….”

“I couldn’t forgive myself. It was I who caused you to have an accident. It was all my fault…If I didn’t make you angry, it would have been all fine….” 47vMC0

“I really couldn’t forgive myself. I thought, what should I do….”

When Xie He heard his voice, he couldn’t help but feel a dull pain sprout in his heart. At this moment, he knew that if he hadn’t come back, Ye Jinzhou would probably suffer from guilt and pain for the rest of his life….

And he couldn’t bear to let him be that upset.

Xie He reached out and gently hugged Ye Jinzhou back. “It’s okay, I’m back.” iR5mEx

Ye Jinzhou asked apprehensively, “Are you still angry with me?”

Xie He laughed. “I don’t remember anything, how could I be angry? What did you do to make me angry anyway?”

Ye Jinzhou pursed his lips, “I don’t want to tell you.”

Xie He raised a brow, “Is it that bad?” 9ijm0B

Ye Jinzhou stressed, “But I promise you that I will never make that kind of mistake again. Will you come back? I really can’t be without you. When you didn’t come back…I really thought that I would soon die.”

Xie He thought, young people loved desperately. If it was Lu Jianing, he would definitely not be so shameless. When he thought of Lu Jianing, his expression involuntarily became stiff.

Ye Jinzhou saw this, took advantage of their position and suddenly pushed Xie He down onto the bed, biting the other’s neck. “You’re not allowed to think of him.”

Xie He reached out, wanting to push him off. But who would have expected that Ye Jinzhou would lock Xie He’s hands above his head with strength. Ye Jinzhou looked at him, wronged. “You don’t know how upset I was yesterday. It wasn’t easy to find out that you were still alive…but you had forgotten me and gotten together with another man. You even hit me because of him.” Uo6wiN

Xie He looked a bit uncomfortable. He already more or less believed Ye Jinzhou…. If all of this was real, then his actions must have really hurt the other.

But when he thought of Lu Jianing, he felt that right now he was betraying the other. A look of hesitation and indecisiveness appeared in his eyes. He was confused like never before…. Who should he choose?

But before Xie He could make a decision, he suddenly felt Ye Jinzhou’s movements. His expression changed. This hoodlum was taking off his clothes. He immediately yelled, “What are you doing?!”

Ye Jinzhou’s originally strict-looking phoenix eyes were full of love when he looked at Xie He. His pupils reflected Xie He’s face. He said, lovingly, “I really missed you. I missed you so much I was going to go crazy.” dN2UmJ

“Stop.” Xie He flushed red. He still felt that Ye Jinzhou was rather unfamiliar to him.

Ye Jinzhou didn’t want to listen to him. He didn’t want to give him another chance to think things over. He planted a scorching hot kiss on the other’s lips, blocking his mouth. His actions were gentle but didn’t allow for rebuttal.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie He was in Ye Jinzhou’s control. His vision became blurry from being kissed. He couldn’t bear to treat Ye Jinzhou ruthlessly. In the end, as he was hesitating, Ye Jinzhou filled him up. A gasp involuntarily escaped from his lips.

Ye Jinzhou kissed him on the neck and chuckled in a low voice, “Don’t be embarrassed. Before we even knew each other, you slept with me. At that time, you were so natural and relaxed…I’ll make you remember me….” euZ9lp

“You love it when I do this to you….”

Xie He widened his eyes. Was he actually that kind of person?

However, before he could respond, Ye Jinzhou suddenly began moving. Very quickly, Xie He was no longer able to talk.

…………………………………… bJxFCd

Ye Jinzhou’s legs pressed down against Xie He’s and he wrapped both arms around his waist. He trapped the other person in his embrace. His lips were pressed against Xie He’s ear lobes and he whispered, “Darling, let’s get married, OK?”

Aside from the gentle, loving affection in that voice, there was also an imperceptible, suppressed tremor of fear.

Xie He half-lowered his eyelids. He still felt a bit absentminded. He had actually carelessly slept with Ye Jinzhou. Moreover, when Xie He recalled what he had looked like and how he had acted like he didn’t want it when he really did, his head started to ache.

Ye Jinzhou reached out to pull out a box from the bedside table. Inside was a pair of wedding bands. Jb5XIY

“You prepared this for me. I only found it after your accident happened.” Ye Jinzhou gazed at the rings. Once more, he recalled the suffering and despair he had felt back then. He shut his eyes and grabbed Xie He’s finger, kissing it piously. He then slowly slid the ring onto it. “I love you. Let’s never part again, OK?”

【Ding, the target Ye Jinzhou’s Favourability Value +4. The current Favourability Value is 92.】

The author has something to say:

Oh hehehe, after writing this chapter, I felt like I had turned into the author of a sweet story. How exciting. (*/ω╲*) My dears, do you think that this silly author can write a sweet chapter? 1lphgN

Eve: This is like some kind of fked up BL version of ‘The Vow’. Without the happy ending.

sere: iKR FUUU he literally says oh as long as you are alive it doesn’t matter if you don’t love me and immediately gets angry when XH leaves with someone else WTFFFF arrogant and self-centered people (but men in particular) who unreasonably think they are the only people who can make you happy ARE SO FUCKED UP FUUU I DONT THINK THIS B*TURD HAS SUFFERED ENOUGH

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      • It’s dubious consent mostly since although the amnesiac Bai Mu was taken advantage of by a scumbag, technically, he can still consent. It’s bordering on actual r*pe so I guess you could say either one

      • honestly, to me, or was totally r***. He said stop when YJZ took (tore) his clothes off. Then, when he was hesitating, this piece of crap just, you know….. Bai My didn’t explicitly say that grew was willing, you know. IDK, it was just very unsettling to me QAQ.

        • I would label this as dub-con. YJ seems to have seduced MC. And besides the line “had acted like he didn’t want it when he really did”- they’re close enough for YJ to be able to know what MC really thinks.

          • Unfortunately I can’t address every comment at once, but I will be making a note on this in the next chapter. Yes, there is a distinction between dub-con and non-con in literature. It’s up to your discretion what you want to label it. But in the real world, there is no such distinction. This was sexual assault. No one can be “close enough to know what they really think” when it comes to consent. Consent should be given freely by an informed, sober individual with enthousiasm (as well as other criteria. Search “FRIES” and “consent” on Google). So please don’t tell people “this isn’t r*pe.” Furthermore, that line was referring to how he felt sexual pleasure during the act. That does not mean he actually wanted it and doesn’t make things better. It is still assault. And by saying it’s not as bad because he felt sexual pleasure would be invalidating and shaming actual victims.
          • I only give literature, especially BL the liberty of dub-con. It gives me a peace of mind. Real world: dub-con does not exist- or at least I can’t imagine a scenario for plausible dub-con.

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