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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh19 - Multiple Choice Question: Gong A, Gong B, Gong C, Gong D


Translated by Eve

Edited by Karasunofight 9ANidT

Eve: I’m so sorry! I forgot to schedule this chapter! I thought I did.

Arc 2: Teacher Love Me One More Time

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Chapters in this arc: 18

1. Multiple Choice Question: Gong A, Gong B, Gong C, Gong D ohN1WK


The next day at noon, Zhou Yian finally found them.

Zhou Yizhe held Zhao Qing in his arms, neither of them moving as if they were both dead. Zhou Yian felt his hands tremble. He watched the doctor approach them with wide eyes. The people Zhou Yizhe had arranged for quickly sent him to get emergency treatment at a hospital. They left Zhao Qing behind, abandoned and without any help.

Zhou Yian was rather confused. Why…why didn’t they save Zhao Qing? Why did they leave him behind…? He grabbed the doctor’s collar and angrily shouted, “What are you guys doing?! There’s clearly another wounded person here!” AxViK4

The doctor looked at the man in front of him with pity, “He’s dead.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“No…that can’t be!” Zhou Yian’s eyes were red as if he was a frenzied beast. He pushed the doctor away and ran towards Zhao Qing, gathering him in his arms. His tone was imploring, “Wake up…wake up….”

But the youth in his arms would never open his eyes again. All his blood had drained out of his body, making him seem like an ash-coloured sculpture.

He was still and serene…it was just that he lacked all signs of vitality. sSk487

After three days of emergency treatment, Zhou Yizhe finally came out of critical condition.

When he woke up and faced Zhou Yian’s eyes that were so dark one couldn’t see any trace of life in them, Zhou Yizhe knew what had happened.

What had happened made every vein in his body freeze. He said, “He died.”

Zhou Yian didn’t speak. Only his hand hanging by his side moved, clenching into a fist, quivering slightly. zpjNQL

Zhou Yizhe locked his gaze firmly onto him and said, “You want to kill me.”

“No, I won’t,” Zhou Yian coldly fixed his eyes on him, “You have his blood in your veins, so I won’t let his kind intentions go to waste. I just wanted to tell you…that you must live on.”

Zhou Yizhe watched as Zhou Yian walked away. His expression did not have even the slightest change; it was consistently indifferent.

In fact, for a second, he had hoped Zhou Yian would kill him. 65LbsS

Then, he wouldn’t have to live through such suffering.

But…when he recalled Zhao Qing’s final expression, his final words…

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Qlatlc j ofk rtbga wbcatr, tf raglqqfv Vbcu Eesl bo fnfgsatlcu rtf tjv jcv rfca tfg ab j wfcaji lcralaealbc.

From start to finish, Zhou Yian did not express any sort of opinion about her punishment. He only coldly watched from the sidelines as if she wasn’t his mother.

Actually, he truly thought in this manner. Previously, he had never expected this woman could reach such extremes, for the sake of her interest. In her eyes, her son was nothing but a tool to reap benefits with. She deceived him, made a fool out of him…this time, she destroyed his happiness. Next time, she could destroy him. She was so cold-blooded; it made him extremely frightened.

Song Ruyi’s fall from power made everyone think the next one Zhou Yizhe would deal with would be Zhou Yian. k4BbaI

But nothing happened.

Not only did Zhou Yizhe not dispose of Zhou Yian, but he treated him with increasingly more importance. Within the next few years, he gradually transferred all of his power over to Zhou Yian. Afterwards, he never appeared in public again.

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He was gradually forgotten by the public.

Five years later, on New Year’s day, Zhou Yian arrived at Zhou Yizhe’s home. K6H8G5

Zhou Yizhe looked as if he hadn’t changed at all. The only difference being his capable, imposing manner was all the more evident. He looked upstanding, a man in the prime of his life. However, from him came a decaying aura as if he was at the end of his life. It was like there wasn’t anything in this world that could make his eyes shine or his heart ripple with emotion.

Zhou Yian had a tense expression. This kind of Zhou Yizhe was hard for him to see. It would be a lie to say he didn’t resent Zhou Yizhe these last few years, but…he wasn’t the one who had really killed Zhao Qing. Zhou Yian had to acknowledge that.

“When do you plan on returning to the company? At that time, you said I was immature to leave when I wanted to leave. Right now, you’re no better,” Zhou Yian said coldly.

Zhou Yizhe slowly turned to look at him. His black pupils were still. A long time later, he showed a weak smile, “The company is doing well in your hands. It doesn’t matter if I go back or not.” SyIdza

Zhou Yian sucked in a deep breath and could not help but say, “How long do you plan to go on like this? Do you think he gave up his life to save yours, only to watch you become like this?!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Yizhe’s face twitched slightly. He fell silent for a moment, “Sorry.”

Zhou Yian sneered, “I don’t need your apology.”

“I promised him that I’d take him back to you,” Zhou Yizhe looked at him, his lips slightly moving, “I promised him…but I couldn’t do it….” fXto3J

Zhou Yian felt his eye sockets heat up, his throat was tight; no words could come out.

Zhou Yizhe spoke slowly, “I couldn’t protect him.”

“What’s the use in saying this now?! If you really feel remorseful, then you should live well!” Zhou Yian gritted his teeth. Each time he spoke, he felt like blood was seeping out of his throat.

Zhou Yizhe suddenly smiled. He firmly stared at Zhou Yian and said, “The person he wishes to have a good life the most isn’t me, but you.” 5idZYX

“He saved me, probably only out of kindness. The person he loves has always been you.”

“I’d rather he have never taken pity on me. That way, at least he’d still be alive.”

Zhou Yian looked at Zhou Yizhe’s appearance. He felt his heart ache. His tone was not as sharp as before, “You….”

Zhou Yizhe’s voice suddenly rose. He suddenly became full of vigor like how he was many years ago. His sharp gaze fell onto Zhou Yian, and he enunciated, “So, you ought to live well. Do you understand?!” U0BdXR

After he said this, it seemed as if he had used up all his strength. He shut his eyes, appearing exhausted.

Zhou Yian stared at him. In the end, he didn’t say anything and silently turned around to leave.

When Zhou Yizhe closed his eyes, it was as if he could faintly feel Zhao Qing by his side. That soft breath fell onto his face, and Zhao Qing faced him with a bashful smile.

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I really miss you, you know? QUxEe3

I really want to see you. Can I?

Zhou Yian only found out a month later that Zhou Yizhe sailed out to sea the day after he had gone to see him. Since then, he never returned. Zhou Yian dispatched people to search for him for a whole two months, but he couldn’t find anything at all.


######~I’m a Transmigration Divider Line~##### ld4rSR


【444:Transmigration to the new world has completed. Host dada, would you like to receive the memories now?】

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【Xie He:Send it over.】

Countless memories instilled themselves into Xie He’s brain. In this world, he was named Su Yan. He had a step family: his mother had remarried when he was 8 years old. Soon after, she had given birth to another son. The husband and wife gave all their love to this second son and thereby greatly neglected Su Yan, causing Su Yan to grow up timid and antisocial. Although, he grew up in such terrible circumstances, Su Yan still matured into a kindhearted person. In this way, he slowly grew up…. With his own hard work, Su Yan was finally about to get his PhD and he became an unremarkable English teaching fellow at a university. And today was his first day. CnF03b

Xie He smiled. Innocent and kindhearted, timid and antisocial—this was his complete opposite. To act this out would certainly be interesting….

444 waited for Xie He to finish receiving the memories before stammering.

【444:Host dada…Why did you save Zhou Yizhe, ne? …Actually, even if you didn’t save him, it’d be fine. The mission was already over.】He always felt that, at that time, it would have been kinder to let Zhou Yizhe die….

Xie He raised his eyebrows, astonished, “You’re still thinking about matters from the previous world?” eWTBl9

Xie He revealed a complicated expression and sighed, “Probably because I felt sympathetic to him because I saw myself in him.”

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【Xie He:Out of the hundred hosts who have tried to capture me, if even one was successful and left, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be any better off.】

【444:QAQ】He was wrong. In the past, he had thought that perhaps his Host dada was cold-blooded and without feelings. He was too inconsiderate!

【Xie He:Even if the feelings were fake, it’s enough to grab the experience points and leave. There’s no need to inflict suffering onto someone else’s life. Look, aren’t I alive and well right now? 】 HVRvGi

【444:Host dada, you are a strong person. QAQ 】

Xie He:Pfft……

【Xie He:Baby, you’re actually sad.】

【444:I….】 CbdgkG

【Xie He:You actually believed me. Indifferent.jpg】

444:How vile! There is no trust between host and system, ne!

【Xie He:I saved him only because I don’t like the system’s random death feature. 】

【Xie He:You have to remember that the only rule with regards to survvial in this world is survival of the fittest. Don’t overthink things. It’s fine as long as I win. 🙂 】 srCX73

Xie He opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings. He noticed that his vision was blurry. Su Yan was extremely near-sighted—without his glasses, he wouldn’t be able to recognize anyone who stood more than a metre away from him. He put on his glasses, and everything became clear again. Xie He looked in the mirror: in the mirror’s reflection stood a young man with short, black hair that fell down to his forehead. In addition, he wore black-framed glasses that covered half his face. At first glance, he looked unremarkable, but on closer inspection, one would discover his features were all extremely delicate. He had a rare, exquisitely fair complexion. At present, with the addition of the Heartthrob’s Pedigree, he was even more perfect—completely without any blemishes.

This kind of appearance and personality was simply that of a standard little white rabbit. Unfortunately, this little white rabbit had a black heart.

Xie He looked through his desk and pulled out a lesson plan before preparing to go teach his class.

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Because he had wasted time in the last world, Xie He had to rush to class and just barely made it as the bell rang. When he reached out to push open the door to the lecture hall, he suddenly halted. ASzckR

【444:Host dada, there’s a trap! 】

Actually, Xie He already knew that. There was an almost unnoticeable silver-coloured thread coiled around the doorknob. The corner of his lips raised, and he revealed a profound smile. He didn’t expect that it’d be a class full of bear children, but it wasn’t anything too unexpected. According to this world’s settings, this university’s school of business was famous across the nation. Aside from top students, a large majority of the students were aristocratic children, who would inherit their family’s enterprises. Therefore, within this group of students, they were never lacking of arrogant and despotic mavericks, who would play tricks on the instructor. It couldn’t be any more commonplace.

Many thoughts floated through Xie He’s mind, but in reality, only a second had passed. In the next moment, he pushed the door open and entered without any hesitation.

A crash. A basin of water splashed atop of Xie He’s head. IO0XYv

Such an overused, unoriginal idea. Tsk.

Laughter erupted from within the lecture hall. But gradually, the laughter stopped. Several students stared unblinkingly at the young teacher, who was standing in a daze. Droplets of water dripped down his cheeks, streaking across the pure white tip of his nose, and down his light pink lips. It looked like dew on the petals of a rose. In the end, the water slowly dripped down…. His thin, white shirt was soaked and stuck to his body, exposing his attractive skin colour, outlining the graceful lines of his body….

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His eyes looked totally lost behind his glasses, seeming completely unable to understand why something like this would happen. He drew a blank and looked a bit helpless.

How could he be so innocent? ide7mP

Xie He maintained this sort of expression for several seconds. After a while, an incessant ‘ding ding ding ding ding ding’ sound rang in his head. All of the students’ Favorability Values increased simultaneously by 10-20 points.

【Xie He:Who’s my capture target?】

【444:In the last row.】

Xie He looked over slightly. In the very last row sat four men. qyjds2

One was a handsome top student, who wore glasses and looked cultured, elegant and cold. One was a handsome foreigner with blonde hair and blue eyes, handsome to the point of looking a bit frivolous. One was a dangerous-looking, handsome guy with soft features, but a cold expression. And the last one leaned against the window, long legs willfully placed atop of the desk. He was an aloof, handsome guy who only tilted his head and revealed a smile as sharp as a knife.

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Eve: Wow. What a pick of guys. Guess who the target is this time! (Hoping for a harem).

Kara: Oof. Boys Over Flowers Teacher Edition, anyone? My money’s on the last guy (or at least, I’m hoping it is, he’s my type (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄).


Translator's Note

Graduate students may be the sole instructor of a class, instead of just a TA with a professor assigned to it.

Translator's Note

Bear child = little brat

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