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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh13 - 444: My Entire System Is Dumbfounded


Translated by Eve

Edited by Shirubame LWQAl6

When Zhou Yian uttered these words, everything became so quiet that one could probably hear a pin drop.

The few friends that followed Zhou Yian from behind tsked at his troublesome behaviour. Their eyes darkened and they itched to directly smack Zhou Yian unconscious before dragging him away! How could they have been so careless! They’d heard early on that the Zhou brothers didn’t get along and that they shouldn’t let the two meet! But now, they’ve met with a mishap!

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Everyone looked at Zhou Yizhe in succession, waiting to see if they’d witness a terrifying scene hahaha!

Everyone could see clear as day that Zhou Yizhe doted on Xie He—he absolutely wasn’t just playing around! This kind of request, wasn’t this him just looking for death?! It seems like there were still a few people who hadn’t learnt from Ding Ming’s mistake!


Even if you’re his little brother, so what? Aren’t you still the little brother born from a mistress’ womb? Did you think that Zhou Yizhe would treat you a bit better than how he treated Ding Ming?

While everyone was waiting for this oncoming storm, they only heard Zhou Yizhe open his thin lips and impassively say, “Fine.”

Everyone: WTF? Was that an auditory hallucination just now???

Xie He, who had seemed to want to ignore Zhou Yian earlier and was calmly leaning against Zhou Yizhe’s shoulder, suddenly trembled, as if he was just reacting to what had happened now. He immediately looked at Zhou Yizhe with slightly red eyes and pale lips; the fingers that were grabbing onto the other’s sleeve turned white. Although he didn’t say a word, his helpless and frightened appearance was worth a thousand words. w 8HN2

Zhou Yizhe looked at him calmly and gently rubbed his hair, “No need to be scared. It’s just one night after all. Furthermore, I won’t necessarily lose.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

With these words, he downplayed the situation, as if he wasn’t giving away his own beloved, but an insignificant, cheap thing.

All the colour drained from Xie He’s face.

The spectators didn’t quite understand what was going on. Could it be that they had misunderstood just now? Was he just Zhou Yizhe’s toy in actuality? But…Zhou Yizhe kept very few people by his side. Furthermore, he’s never treated his lovers as well as he did him. To call him a toy wasn’t right, but if he was indeed his beloved, how could he agree to such a request?! OjST1A

Since Zhou Yian had raised this suggestion until now, he had not missed a single change in Xie He’s expression. At this moment, when he looked at the other’s pale face, an inexplicable elation bubbled up from the depths of his heart.

Even if it was like this…this way, you’ve come to understand that you’re only a toy that can be taken and swapped at will in Zhou Yizhe’s eyes! The person that you strenuously schemed against and fooled around with was this kind of person—is it extremely painful? You, shallow, despicable person who uses such underhanded tactics, you deserve to receive this sort of punishment!

Zhou Yian took a step forward and bent down to look at Xie He with an evil smile, “What are you making this kind of expression for? You look like you’ve been really wronged. When you were with me in the past, you’ve slept with me plenty of times. Now that you’re with my brother, have you become a chaste virgin?” vqrnpG

He then turned to look at Zhou Yizhe, “Ge, you actually like this kind of trash that even I don’t want.”

A veiled anger flashed past Zhou Yizhe’s face. This disgrace, he unexpectedly dares to treat Xie He this way! However, he couldn’t say this out loud because…it was him who had first agreed to Zhou Yian’s request and it was also him who had forced Zhou Yian to become like this….

Everyone gasped! They all retreated 3 metres, one after another, for the fear of being burned by the spreading fire!

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Once they understood the situation of this manner, their eyes when looking at Xie He became full of contempt.

Xie He looked at Zhou Yian. He watched as the person he dearly love and miss spit out these kinds of heartless words, cruelly putting him into a hopeless situation before all these people. However, he was neither angry nor disappointed—he only felt sad…because Zhou Yian was also in a lot of pain. It was because of this pain that he had changed…everything was his own fault. The Zhou Yian he loved was ruined by him….

He looked at Zhou Yian in a daze. In his eyes was a love that he couldn’t suppress despite him trying his best. However, he knew that he shouldn’t be like this and thus promptly lowered his eyes. Although it disappeared very quickly, this scene caught Zhou Yizhe’s eye.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This expression stabbed at Zhou Yizhe’s heart once again. The pain that came from being unable to obtain that of which you wanted—he finally understood what that truly felt like now. 8IFpUh

He really wanted to take Xie He back to their home and not let him see Zhou Yian, to not let him see anyone at all. He wanted to imprison him to his side, so that no one could hurt him…but he couldn’t.

Because the one Xie He wanted was not him.

“Compete in what?” Zhou Yizhe looked at Zhou Yian, his tone a bit chilly.

“Archery,” Zhou Yian blurted out, smiling happily, “In this case, if I were to win, no one will say that I had an unfair advantage.” GEBFwK

In reality, no one here thought that he would ever be the one with an unfair advantage. Zhou Yizhe’s skill in archery was known to all. No one in this circle could challenge his position as the champion. He was good enough to even become a professional athlete. For Zhou Yian to choose this was the same as admitting defeat.It couldn’t be that…this was him showing that he wasn’t going to fight back? Then, why on earth did he make such a request?

There were so many twists and turns….

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Everyone was stupefied for the third time.

Because it was too exciting, when Zhou Yizhe and Zhou Yian began their competition, almost everybody had showed up, afraid of missing out on this marvelous scene. UsFXvt

Neither brother bothered with formalities. Zhou Yizhe magnanimously let Zhou Yian start. Zhou Yian did not hesitate to grab his bow and arrows. Each person had three shots and the winner would be determined by the total number of points—it was very simple.

Zhou Yian seemed to shoot very casually, but his score wasn’t bad. One 10, two 9s. It made people have a whole new level respect for him. This kind of achievement, if the other wasn’t Zhou Yizhe, he’d have an 80% chance of winning.

Zhou Yizhe subsequently grabbed hold of his bow and arrows and stepped up. His back was erect and he pulled the bowstring with strength. He slightly narrowed his eyes and his finger released the string. The arrow flew, hitting the 10 point ring. His second shot, was also 10.

When it came time for him to take his third shot, Zhou Yizhe was slow to shoot. l0WIVu

A trace of his internal strife flashed by his eyes. A voice in his head shouted: Win, win! Then you can take Xie He home! Today shouldn’t have ever happened. Are you an idiot?

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Another voice coldly sneered at him: Is this all your love is worth? You can’t even make such a small sacrifice? Do you have to selfishly hound him to death?

Zhou Yizhe suddenly turned his head to look in Xie He’s direction.

Xie He probably never thought that he would suddenly look over here, so he had yet to recall his expression of nervousness and disappointment. It quickly turned into an expression of panic. 5cgHJ2

In that instant, Zhou Yizhe felt the hand holding the arrow become unsteady.

Why was he disappointed? Because he was about to win? So he couldn’t see Zhou Yian? So…everything was just an act, that’s all. What ‘I love you’—it was all pretend! What was even sadder, was that, although he had been cheated and made a fool, he still wanted to give him what he wanted.

Zhou Yizhe suddenly let go, shooting the arrow far, far away.

Everyone: F*ck, he missed! 8ZVTX9

Even Zhou Yian had not expected this kind of outcome. He had only wanted to humiliate Xie He a bit and conveniently upset Zhou Yizhe while he was at it. From the start, he had never thought that Zhou Yizhe would really let Xie He go….

Zhou Yizhe, however, didn’t care about how the others saw him. He cared even less about whether or not he had just lost face, having made a joke of himself.

He only indifferently walked over to Xie He’s side and impassively said, “I’ll come get you tomorrow.”

If you agree to a bet, you must accept to lose. He didn’t hesitate at all—this kind of outcome made Xie He unable to react. By the time he snapped out of his daze, Zhou Yizhe had already walked far away…leaving him with nothing but the view of his lofty, ice-cold back. ML5rh9

The spectators all scattered like birds and beasts. They’ve already seen the conclusion and had a topic to gossip about, so no one paid anymore attention to Xie He’s affairs.

In the end, only Zhou Yian remained, looking at him with a complicated gaze that was infused with a chilly air.

【444:My entire system is dumbfounded.】

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【444:I don’t understand today’s play at all wuwuwuwuwu…please explain.】 ucqSWT

【Xie He:It’s very simple. Zhou Yizhe had the rare desire to act like the Virgin Mary. He was afraid of pushing me too far, so he looked for an excuse to let me go back to my previous lover and relax a bit. There must be both periods of tension and relaxation when courting as well. 】

【444:Then why doesn’t he straightforwardly let you go see him? It doesn’t have to be this complicated though? 】

【Xie He:He was too ashamed.】

【444:…Really?】 eaX05w

【Xie He:Of course not.】


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【Xie He:Baby, you need to raise your IQ.】

【444:=口=】If you’re like this, I’ll get angry! Obviously, no one else understands so why must you call me stupid! q9e4iF

【Xie He:In short, you’ll understand if you keep watching :)】

Zhou Yian looked at Xie He with a complicated expression. He did not anticipate this kind of conclusion.

He had humiliated the person that he loved and won him as if he was a prize. Although it was just one night…why did he have to do this? What meaning was there? He couldn’t win against Zhou Yizhe, at least not yet.

Seeing Xie He’s distraught appearance, all his desire for revenge drained from his body and he turned to leave. 2zI67N

Xie He watched Zhou Yian in a trance. This was his beloved who was on his mind day in and day out. Although…he was transferred to him in this kind of unbearable way…if he could see him once more, be by his side once more, then even if it was just one night, he couldn’t help but be delighted.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He nervously looked before him and bit his lip. He had just prepared to run on over when Zhou Yian suddenly turned around. In that instant, the joy and light in his eyes scattered.

So it turned out that in Zhou Yian’s eyes, he was already this filthy, to the extent that Zhou Yian felt it below his dignity to…to want him.

This realization made his heart twitch in pain. vwzSiC

Xie He looked at his departing back despondently. His sight seemed to be tinted red…and he suddenly chased after the other! He rushed after Zhou Yian and entered his tent! He gazed steadily at the man before him with an insatiable greed. From his lips came a smile, “Zhou Yizhe told me to accompany you today.”

That’s right, that’s right.

It’s fine like this. As long as he could be by Zhou Yian’s side again, even if he couldn’t stand him or thought his behaviour was ugly, so what?

Hadn’t he already decided that he wouldn’t care about anything anymore? r0AEXF

The veins on Zhou Yian’s forehead bulged. His eyes were like sharp blades and his mouth spoke cold, mocking words, “Oh…aren’t you well-behaved.”

Why did he become like this? Where did the youth that he loved go? The one who stood before him now was definitely a demon wearing the skin of his beloved. That must be why he could so easily cheapen himself with these shameless words like this without any misgivings.

“What a pity that I feel sick looking at you so…” Zhou Yian looked at him and slowly spat out this one word, “Scram.”

Xie He stood there, motionless. His expression and appearance did not change, as if he was a robot. He repeated himself, “Zhou Yizhe told me to accompany you.” HybSJZ

This kind of Xie He made Zhou Yian unable to control the darkness in his heart. He suddenly kicked the desk over, his eyes glowing red! He turned his head to look at Xie He with a malicious gaze. Words as cold and vicious as a viper spilled out of his lips, “Fine. Since you want to stay so badly, then stay.”

【Ding. Zhou Yian’s Blackening Value +20. The current Favorability Value is 95, Blackening Value is 80.】

The author has something to say:

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This author is really moved!!! QAQ I never thought that I would receive so many comments. Babies, you are all so scorchingly enthusiastic. This author can deeply feel everyone’s love and is feeling inspired. So turns out so many people love this story, I’m unable to return the favour and can only work hard to update in order to repay you guys! I love you all!!! 0gslq6

(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~

Eve: Heart hurts for Zhao Qing (even though it’s all an act)

Translator's Note

Shirubame: Die you scum.

Eve: had to include this because I couldn’t stop laughing.

Translator's Note

Term used here describes a woman who kills herself after her husband’s death to defend her chastity.

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