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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh68 - President Xie Teaches You How to be an Official


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara uDcbOf

16. President Xie Teaches You How to be an Official

Xie He looked up and smiled, looking at Chu Xing with bright eyes, “Chu dage, don’t you recognize me? I’m Xiao Yan, ah!”

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Chu Xing looked at him in disbelief. For a moment, he forgot to respond. Why? Why did His Majesty think that he was Chen Yan? This didn’t make sense!

Xie He pulled at his sleeve, asking, “Chu dage, why aren’t you saying anything?” jeh1to

“I…” Chu Xing’s lips moved as he spoke slowly, “I was just a bit surprised…I didn’t think that I’d see you here….”

Xie He furrowed his brows, “I’m also very baffled. As soon as I woke up, I was here! And, there’s a person here who doesn’t want me to leave. Where is this place?”

Chu Xing fell silent for a moment and then said, “This is the Imperial Palace.”

Xie He widened his eyes in shock, “Why am I in the Imperial Palace?! Shouldn’t I be at home? Right, since you’ve come back…has my brother come back as well? Why hasn’t he come to see me?”


Chu Xing thought about Chen Cong’s hate towards Xie He and was even more unable to face Xie He’s hopeful gaze. Sadness churned in his heart, “Your brother hasn’t come back yet. I had something come up, so I returned first.”

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Xie He looked disappointed, “Oh…” Only, he very quickly picked himself back up and smiled at Chu Xing, “I don’t want to stay here. Chu dage, take me with you, ba!”

Yang Xian was watching from the sides all this time. At this time, he couldn’t stop himself from going over and persuading in a quiet voice, “It’s for the best that you don’t leave….”

How could His Majesty leave the palace like this!? Moreover, it was unsafe outside! PBAExX

Xie He seemed not to recognize him at all, but his attitude was still good, “Why? I want to go home. If I don’t go home, Mother will be worried.”

Chu Xing thought about Chen Yan’s mother of the Duke Yingguo residence who had died of sickness from the pain of losing her youngest son as well as Chen Cong and the rest of the Chen Family, who hated Xie He to the bone….He had no choice but to admit that Yang Xian was correct. Xie He could not leave and especially could not go to Duke Yingguo’s residence.

Chu Xing said, “Your mother knows that you are here. She won’t be worried…You can stay here at ease. After a few days, I’ll send you back, alright?”

Perhaps within a few days, you won’t believe you’re Chen Yan anymore. For now, they could only stall for time. ihq23S

Xie He was still a little hesitant. He asked, “Then…do you know why I’m here? I can’t remember.”

Chu Xing said gently, “You are a precious guest who has been invited into the palace by His Majesty.”

Xie He was puzzled, “So, it’s like that. How come I haven’t seen His Majesty yet….?”

Chu Xing said, “His Majesty is sick. You just have to wait for him to recover.” RiEJjz

Xie He looked like he understood. He had no doubts towards Chu Xing’s words, “Alright, ba…Chu dage, can you stay in the Palace with me? I’m a bit…afraid to stay here on my own.”

Chu Xing did not hesitate, “Alright.”

Xie He shot him a brilliant smile.

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……………………………………………………………………………………………… 2SZFhQ

【444:Host dada, I really don’t understand this bit! Why do you have to pretend to be Chen Yan? _(:зゝ∠)_】

【Xie He:Baby, do you want to hear the truth or the excuse?】

【444:…The truth.】

【Xie He:The truth is…it’s fun.】 sLyuvZ

【444:What’s the excuse then? 】

【Xie He:The excuse is that it’s extremely fun.】

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【444:╭(╯^╰)╮】I know that you were fricking teasing me again. This definitely wasn’t the truth!

Xie He wasn’t completely tricking 444. He really was having a lot of fun. Only, what was more important was increasing Chu Xing’s Favourability Value. Xie He thought that Chen Yan was the key to tackling the matter that gnawed at Chu Xing’s mind. m0TyRV

Jing Zhao only liked to torment youths in their teens. He hadn’t coveted their appearances since he was impotent. The reason he had liked to do so was because he had wanted the youths to be his substitute, to take on his pain. It had been as if he had believed that he could transfer all his suffering onto someone else. Chen Yan originally hadn’t been special to Jing Zhao. However, now that they’d reached this point, if the real Jing Zhao was still alive, he would probably envy him dearly, ba.

He would envy Chen Yan for having a doting older brother and family. He would envy him for having Chu Xing, who had been willing to stage a rebellion for his sake. He would envy that there were people who had been concerned for him and cared about him….If he hadn’t died, he would probably have lived a blissful life. He had had everything Jing Zhao had lacked.

If he was Chen Yan, how great would it be?

If he could make Chen Yan him and himself into Chen Yan, he could have everything that he had had. LD9hSy

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From that day on, Chu Xing came by frequently. Xie He acted very dependent on him.

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Today, Chu Xing brought delicious foods and fun things to play with from outside the palace for Xie He. Xie He was extremely happy. Midway through eating, he suddenly sat by Chu Xing’s side, leaning his head against the other’s shoulder while he smiled, expression bright, “Chu dage, do you like me?”

Jte Wlcu’r fzqgfrrlbc mtjcufv rilutais jr tf rjlv, “Qts vb sbe atlcx atja?”

Wlf Lf ibbxfv eq ja tlw, ybat fsfr uilaafglcu. Pa kjr ilxf atfgf kfgf j wsgljv bo rajgr klatlc atfw. Ktfs kfgf mifjc jcv yfjealoei. od5Udr

”Dfmjerf, sbe agfja wf gfjiis kfii, jt. Po sbe vbc’a ilxf wf, kts vb sbe agfja wf rb kfii?”

Chu Xing could not respond.

Xie He blinked, curled lashes fluttering, lips raised into a smile, “Chu dage, are you feeling shy?”

Chu Xing’s expression was wooden. He was indeed a little nervous. QFHIGN

Xie He suddenly stood up and gently placed a hand on Chu Xing’s cheek. He then stood up straight, eyes curved into a smile, “I also like you.”

Chu Xing stared at him, shocked. He was a bit dumbfounded. Chen Yan wouldn’t be like this…Chen Yan had really respected him, but he had only seen him as an older brother, that’s all. He would have never developed these kinds of thoughts nor do such a thing. He also hadn’t had any feelings aside from brotherly affection…However, in His Majesty’s version of Chen Yan, he thought they liked each other.

These feelings…were from His Majesty…?

Chu Xing suddenly felt his breath quicken. He thought that he was really laughable to unexpectedly gain comfort from this version of His Majesty, to want to know…if His Majesty liked him even just a bit. He knew that it was impossible, but he wouldn’t resist this fantasy. Q7dJmM

Chu Xing looked at Xie He and asked cautiously, “You…Why do you like me, ne?”

There was a smile in Xie He’s eyes, “Because, Chu dage is the great hero in my heart. You can protect me and love me and make sure no one hurts me. If anyone dares to hurt me, you’ll certainly make it so that they suffer a fate worse than death, make sure that they hurt hundreds of times more than I do, right?”

Chu Xing’s expression stiffened. Agony accumulated in his eyes.

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He understood. xdcrRh

His Majesty was envious of Chen Yan.

Because Chen Yan had been loved dearly. Because Chen Yan had had people who cared for him, who were willing to seek revenge for him, who would not hesitate to topple the Heavens for him….Although he had died, in His Majesty’s eyes, he was still someone worthy of being envious of. Meanwhile, His Majesty lived in the mud and could only raise his head to look up at Chen Yan, this fortunate person.

The more pain he suffered, the more envious he was of Chen Yan’s happiness.

Meanwhile, Chu Xing was the one who brought him that pain. H2 Tel

Xie He lowered his head slightly and stared at Chu Xing, “You’ll always protect me like this, right…Chu dage?”

Although his heart hurt so much that it felt numb, Chu Xing did not avoid those bright black eyes and met his gaze directly, “Yes, I will always protect you like this.”

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This time, I will protect you and care for you like this…No…It should be even more. I will stop at nothing to protect you. So long as I can protect you, I can let go of Chen Yan’s death, let go of all your past wrongs…I can even betray my good brother.

So, you don’t have to envy Chen Yan, because you are the one I want to protect the most. c5VUTG

No matter how you change…I am willing to serve you at your feet.

Xie He smiled. He looked at Chu Xing, gently caressing his face. His fingertips swept across his thin lips, the bridge of his nose, his dark eyebrows, slowly tracing the contours of his face, “Chu dage, it’s fortunate that I have you.”

Chu Xing held Xie He’s hand, “And I, you.”

It was you who helped me regain my faith, who helped me realize how to love someone. It was because of you that I was not controlled by my desires, that I didn’t sink into the temptation of power. It was because of you that I didn’t turn into the kind of person I hated the most. I am so glad that you allowed me to fall for you. 3Z2a7N

If I have this, I have no need to rule.

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I only wish to serve you.

【Ding, the target, Chu Xing’s Favourability Value +2. The current Favourability Value is 100.】

【Ding, the target of this world has been captured. Depart from this world within three days.】 kxbMrp

Xie He smiled and took his hand back, “Chu dage, I really can’t leave? It’s boring here.”

Chu Xing fell silent for a while, “It’s not that you cannot, but you must return here. You cannot go home.”

Xie He acted spoiled, “If I can’t go home, I won’t. I just want to go out and take a stroll. Take me with you, please?”

Chu Xing said, “Alright.” R9Et0m

Yang Xian immediately came over and glared at Chu Xing, “I also want to go!”

Xie He waved his hands repeatedly, “No need. It’s enough to have Chu dage with me.”

Yang Xian said, “But—”

Xie He wasn’t happy. He glared at him, “Why are you always following me?! I said there’s no need!” iborhu

Yang Xian choked. He could not refute Xie He, so he could only look at Chu Xing furiously. It was all because of this traitor that His Majesty had become like this!

Chu Xing looked at Yang Xian seriously, “I assure you, I will bring him back.”

Yang Xian watched as Xie He and Chu Xing left. He hesitated for a moment before sneaking after them. Since His Majesty didn’t want to see him, it would be fine so long as he didn’t let His Majesty catch sight of him. He could never let His Majesty leave the palace with just Chu Xing, that traitor!

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………………………………………………………………………………………… q2mD B

Xie He followed Chu Xing out of the palace in high spirits. After transmigrating to this world, this was the first time leaving Qin Palace. This was the smallest range of movements he’d ever had in any of the worlds! He was actually quite excited to see the local conditions and customs of the ancient era. He indeed felt refreshed coming out for a stroll.

【Xie He:Baby, is Yang Xian following us?】


【Xie He:OK. Send me a map of the Capital.】 oQTRu

【444:(⊙v⊙) Mn!】

【Xie He:Tell me when Chen Cong appears within twenty metres of me. :)】

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【444:I know, la~】

Xie He seemed to be aimlessly walking around, but actually, he was heading towards Duke Yinggyo’s residence. wP5 XR

Chu Xing’s brows furrowed imperceptibly. Inwardly, he thought that Xie He indeed wanted to return home. He was just saying that he wouldn’t go back for show. However, he absolutely could not let him go to Duke Yingguo’s residence. Everyone there hated him to the point that they were just itching to bite off his flesh. Although he could protect His Majesty, it would inevitably agitate His Majesty. Therefore, Chu Xing silently herded Xie He further away.

However, 444, Xie He’s cheat, was not something Chu Xing could easily deal with.

Even if his martial arts were incredible, there was no way to beat the monitoring system that had a 360 degree omniscient view, ah! It was extremely easy for Xie He to stage a chance encounter.

Therefore, although Chu Xing was very careful, they still met with Chen Cong, who was riding on horseback. lJ2 9F

Chen Cong had just come from a colleague’s place and was ready to return home. He didn’t expect that he would encounter Chu Xing. However, what made him explode in rage was that Chu Xing was actually together with that Incapable Ruler, acting intimate! That appearance of cautiously coaxing that Incapable Ruler, that pampering and kissing up behaviour…it was blinding to the eyes!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This was not the Chu Xing he knew. The Chu Xing he knew was neither overbearing nor servile—a callous commander! There had never been anyone who could make him lower his head, or anyone who could make him act so prudent!

But now, the Chu Xing that stood before that Incapable Ruler had never-before-seen respect and affection in his eyes!

That Incapable Ruler must have seduced him! KRxCOY

Chen Cong dismounted from his horse and sprinted over with red eyes.

Xie He looked over when he heard noise. Immediately, pleasant surprise bloomed on his face!

Dage…” Xie He turned and headed towards Chen Cong but Chu Xing pulled him behind him!

Chen Cong looked at them, gaze fixed. This was not the Chu Xing he knew. He was not! zC6Ex3

Chen Cong was enraged to the extreme. At this moment, he only wanted to kill that Incapable Ruler to vent his hate! However, he knew that he was not Chu Xing’s match. If he were to directly attack that Incapable Ruler, he would not be able to get around Chu Xing. Thus, he didn’t attack the Incapable Ruler directly. Instead, he pointed his unsheathed sword at Chu Xing. Angrily, he said, “Move! I want to kill him!”

Chu Xing looked at him coldly, “You leave, ba. I won’t move.”

Chen Cong sneered, “Then I’ll kill you first!”

He didn’t not say anything else and directly lifted his sword, dashing forward! Chen Cong was Chu Xing’s right hand man in the military. His skill was extraordinary. It was a battle between experts and Chen Cong currently had no regard for their past camaraderie. Faced with the ruthless, reckless Chen Cong, Chu Xing was at a loss for a moment. Although Chen Cong wanted to kill him, he couldn’t kill Chen Cong! Not only did Chu Xing have to block Chen Cong’s attacks, he also had to avoid the other’s vitals. For a moment, he was too busy to pay attention to Xie He. gn8dft

Xie He saw them suddenly take up arms. He was helpless and perplexed. He shouted loudly, “Don’t fight, don’t fight! Both of you, don’t fight!”

There was worry in his eyes. He darted towards Chen Cong, “Dage, what’s wrong? Why are you fighting Chu dage right now?”

Chu Xing saw Xie He dart over to Chen Cong unguarded and alarm filled his eyes! he reached out, wanting to pull Xie He back, but Chen Cong also noticed that this was a good opportunity. He had been waiting to catch Chu Xing off guard so that he could attack that Incapable Ruler. Who would have expected that this Incapable Ruler would unexpectedly run over to him! Although he didn’t know why the Incapable Ruler was acting so wildly, he would not let go of this great opportunity! Chen Cong recklessly stabbed his knife towards Xie He! There was deeply entrenched, ice-cold hatred in his eyes!

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Xie He looked into his eyes, stunned and frozen to the spot. YXVF 5

Why…did gege want to kill him…?

Despair flowed out of Chu Xing’s eyes for the first time! Just as the sword nearly ended Xie He’s life, Yang Xian suddenly appeared and parried Chen Cong’s sword, carrying Xie He away! Chu Xing finally rushed over, gaze firmly tracking Chen Cong! The hand holding his sword nearly turned white from how tightly he was clenching the hilt. Just a bit more and…His Majesty would have been killed right before his eyes!

Chen Cong looked at Chu Xing and Yang Xian, as well as Xie He who was protected by the two of them. He knew that he would have no more chances today and said coldly, “If you want to kill me, then kill me, ba.”

Today, if he couldn’t kill the Incapable Ruler, then the Incapable Ruler would have an overwhelming advantage. How could he let him off? 0Ea3mx

However, what surprised him was that Xie He didn’t move. He only stood there, staring at him dumbly, hurt and incredulity filling his eyes.

He was silent for a while, before suddenly heading over to Chen Cong….

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Pain flashed in Chu Xing’s eyes. He couldn’t let His Majesty stay here any longer. He pressed the pressure point on the back of Xie He’s head, causing Xie He to fall unconscious.

………………………… hU6lNx

When Xie He woke up, he found that he had already returned to the Palace.

【444:Host dada, you didn’t manage to die just now. What should we do?】

【Xie He:Who said that I wanted to die just now? Don’t I still have three days? Smile.JPG】

【444:_(:зゝ∠)_Didn’t you take a lot of trouble to ensure that you would encounter Chen Cong for the sake of seeking death…?】 dNsjFe

【Xie He:Of course not. As an Emperor, how could I die a death so careless and obscure? I absolutely cannot accept this kind of stupid and cowardly way of dying. Moreover, Chen Cong doesn’t deserve to kill me. 】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Xie He:I am a perfectionist that pays particular attention to carrying things through to the end. Even with death. 🙂 】

【444:Then why did you do that today…?】

【Xie He:Baby, keep watching and you’ll understand.】 C3Mb9t

Xie He pushed the door open and went out. There, he saw Yang Xian and Chu Xing guarding his door. The two of them were silent like statues. Seeing Xie He come out, there appeared a pained expression of wanting to say something but hesitating on Chu Xing’s face, and one filled with complicated emotions in Yang Xian’s.

Xie He slowly walked over to Chu Xing, looked up and asked serenely, “Why does dage want to kill me?”

Chu Xing did not respond. He could not bear to destroy His Majesty’s beautiful dream.

Xie He lowered his head, as if talking to himself, “He seems to really hate me. His expression at that time, I can’t forget it. There was only hate inside his eyes…and you’re not the least surprised. So you must know why?” X9Dpa7

Chu Xing’s gaze became more and more pained.

Xie He looked at him and his gaze turned colder and colder, “You’re deceiving me. You’re all deceiving me. I’m not Chen Yan, right?”

“I’m not Chen Yan…” Xie He stepped forwards, looking at a lost, with unease and agitation in his eyes, “I’m not him, so just who am I?! Tell me, who am I?!”

Yang Xian could not watch this any longer. He knelt down, “Your Majesty.” AnklB

Xie He looked at him, a strange smile on his face, “You’re calling me His Majesty. It can’t be…that I am actually the Emperor.”

He looked at the two of them firmly, then suddenly shut his eyes, not moving.

A long time later, Xie He slowly opened his eyes. He turned to look at Chu Xing, not a sliver of warmth, dependence or joy in his gaze. There was only boundless, frosty hatred.

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He smiled coldly, “General Chu, what are you doing?” PTDLpZ

Astonishment appeared in Chu Xing’s eyes. He looked at Xie He’s eyes and suddenly realized that this was his Emperor.

His Emperor had returned….

Chu Xing shut his eyes and slowly kowtowed, forehead touching the ground. His tone was slow and solemn, “Chen is guilty. Chen deserves to die a thousand deaths.”

Xie He walked until he stood before him. He looked at the previously, insufferably arrogant traitor who was now kneeling in front of him deferentially, and smiled sinisterly, “Heh…truly curious. Didn’t you want Zhen to have a fate worse than death? What are you playing at now? It couldn’t be that you think Zhen doesn’t dare kill you?” gDLRhv

Chu Xing’s voice was calm, without any fluctuations, “Chen does not dare.”

Since he had decided to swear allegiance to His Majesty, he had already anticipated that such a day would arrive…. He was willing to die to atone for his sins.

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Chu Xing raised his head, giving Xie He a profound look. The love and agony he bore with forbearance were intertwined in his eyes as he said, “Chen knows that Chen’s crime is unforgivable. Chen begs His Majesty to punish Chen.”

Xie He looked straight into Chu Xing’s eyes and suddenly chuckled, “Are you really looking forward to Zhen killing you?” ERiClc

Chu Xing did not say a thing. There was a sliver of reluctance and yearning flitting through his eyes.

Xie He reached out, fingertips raising Chu Xing’s chin. His charming eyes shifted and his smile suddenly became alluring. His tone raised slightly, “Zhen suddenly recalled that on that day, when Zhen begged you to kill Zhen, you did not fulfill Zhen’s wish. Right now, why should Zhen fulfill yours?”

He bent down, lips touching Chu Xing’s ears, breath like orchids , “Zhen also wants you to have a fate worse than death. What does General Chu think?”

Chu Xing’s expression did not change. He calmly said, “As Your Majesty commands. Chen will obey.” 8pKUcj

Xie He paused. Chu Xing’s subservience made his gaze increasingly cold. He smirked, “Yang Xian, bring me the whip.”

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Eve: His Majesty’s retribution. I wonder if XH is actually lowkey pissed and wants to take a bit of revenge from all the torment haha.

Thank you for those that applied for the editor position. I forgot to specify that I am hoping for editors 18+ of age. I didn’t realize that we had quite the number of younger readers. Your tastes are quite heavy, friends. 🤣 (Says the person who chose this as a project. Coughs.) Applications are still open~

sf5 BG

Translator's Note

Used to describe the breath of a beautiful person…to just remark that they’re beautiful I suppose.

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