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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh78 - I Won’t Let Go!


Translated by Eve

Edited by Serefina by25SP

9. I Won’t Let Go!

Xie He nodded without any hesitation and said indifferently, “Yes.”

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Wei Zhangqin realized that he couldn’t convince Xie He so he could only leave bitterly.

Although Xie He didn’t mind, he and Wei Zhangqin had been friends for many years. Wei Zhangqin really couldn’t really bear to see Xie He take a dive like this. He hesitated for a few days before deciding to go look for Yi Ze on his own. sm9wS2

However, Yi Ze was not willing to meet with him. He only told his secretary to say one sentence—he wanted Xie He to personally come.

Wei Zhangqin couldn’t do anything. He could only leave dejectedly. He went to try and convince Xie He once more but Xie He remained firm. He would rather everything be destroyed than to go beg Yi Ze. Moreover, because Yi Ze was only watching and didn’t seem to plan on getting involved, many people made their own inferences and decided that there was no longer a need to hold back. One after another, people came to throw stones at the Xie He who was already down. The male actor who filmed with him before was also eager to come out and testify.

The numerous connections Xie He had accumulated throughout the years were so weak they could not stand a single attack in face of reality. Occasionally, there were people willing to say some things on his behalf, but they were very quickly drowned under the onslaught of curses.

【444:Host dada, are you really not planning on going to find Yi Ze? _(:зゝ∠)_】


【Xie He:Of course I won’t. If I go, then it will be no different from back then. If he prefers to break than bend, then I’ll make sure that he’s satisfied. Who said that timid people have no backbone?】

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【444:But it seems that even if you do this, Yi Ze won’t take the initiative to come see you, ne…how will you increase his Favourability Value then?】

【Xie He:Baby, be patient. He will come. From when he came looking for me on set for the first time, the upper hand was no longer his.】

【444:Is that so…?】 XoTv3d

【Xie He:Yes. With a Favourability Value of 80, it’s about right.】

【444:Honestly, I can’t tell it’s already at 80…._(:зゝ∠)_】He’s still so cold-hearted!

【Xie He:ZeZe only lacks experience in love, that’s all. Just because he’s had plenty of experience in the sexual department, doesn’t mean that he’s had a lot of experience with emotions. He’s used to having people climbing onto his bed. He’s used to being catered to by other people. He’s never had to think about his lover, let alone has he ever loved someone and had a relationship where both parties were on equal footing. His EQ isn’t as high as Jian Zihan’s. Even a university student with ample experience with feelings could instantly knock him out in terms of EQ. Therefore, it’s not his fault that he’s a bit slow. In terms of feelings, he’s still a child, ah! Hehe.】

【444:……】 8Rk Zh

【444:…Doesn’t he love Jian Zihan?】

【Xie He:I also thought that he loved Jian Zihan. However, I later discovered that rather than love, what he feels is an unwillingness to accept the fact that he couldn’t get him. It’s just that the other’s rare rejection of him etched itself deeply in his memories, that’s all. Compared to Jian Zihan, Si Minghui is a real person who exists in his life. He is intimately related to him…compared to the superficial ‘like’ of his, habit is sometimes even more fearsome.】

【Xie He:Modern day girls are able to switch up who they ‘like’ and want to call ‘hubby’ every week, not to mention fickle-hearted men. Sometimes, their love is a cheap thing. However, if you make them change a bad habit, such as smoking or drinking, you’ll find that they may not necessarily change this habit even if they work on it their entire lives. Don’t look down on the length of eight years. You’ll neglect something that you’re used to having right by your hand—something that has always been easy to attain. However, once it’s no longer there, you’ll go crazy from how unaccustomed its absence makes you feel. It’s not easy to change a habit and start anew. Yi Ze doesn’t have the patience to do this. Neither is he the type of person to be willing to do so. By fair or foul means, he will take back what belongs to him so that he doesn’t have to change his habits.】

【444:So it’s like this! ( ⊙o ⊙)】 Jrm7w4

【Xie He:As the proverb says, dripping water penetrates the stone. ZeZe, this smelly stone in the latrine pit has long since been pierced by Si Minghui’s water. It’s just that he has yet to realize this. Wait until he reacts. He’ll come looking for me. Unfortunately for him, at that time, he’ll find that what used to belong to him is no longer cheaply-priced, but rather, is extremely hot goods.】

【444:But this isn’t necessarily love, ah.】

【Xie He:Baby, sometimes habit is also a form of love.】

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【444:……】 MeZc8S

【Xie He:Moreover, even if it isn’t, I can turn it into love.】

Actually, this was why Xie He had said that this world was very simple. It was because his identity was really advantageous. According to Si Minghui’s memories, the longest lasting bed partner of Yi Ze only stayed for half a year. Meanwhile, Si Minghui had stayed with him for eight years. For someone like Yi Ze, if he didn’t like someone or was sick of them, there was no way he would let them stay by his side. This meant that he hadn’t gotten fed up with Si Minghui even after eight years.

If it was just because Si Minghui was sensible and obedient, he would also only have been allowed to stay for half a year. However, the crucial point is that not only was he sensible, he also looked similar to the person Yi Ze wanted but couldn’t have. These two factors combined produced this delicate outcome.

To Yi Ze, Jian Zihan was an unreal, expensive good. In the beginning, he couldn’t buy him so he could only buy counterfeit goods. However, he didn’t expect that it would be so good to use. He used it for eight years. Although he usually disdained it to death and never took it seriously, as soon as he lost it, he discovered that amongst the many other similar goods, he liked that counterfeit good the most. Never again would he be able to find a replacement that he could use as well as that counterfeit good. D9GCuX

When that happens, he’ll want to take it back and continue to use it. As a result, he would discover that once he wiped the dust off of said counterfeit good, that it was actually a luxury good.

If he wanted to take it back, he would have to pay many times more than what he originally paid.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Even if it was like this, he still might not get what he wished…because once one has lost something, it’s gone. What’s broken will never be the same.

……………………………………………… IlBoiv

Ever since Yi Ze sent Wei Zhangqin away, he waited for Xie He to come beg him. Back then, Xie He had sold his body for just a bit of money. Now that something like this had happened, how was it possible that he wouldn’t come beg him?

Yi Ze thought that his plan was well thought-out. Contrary to expectations, he waited and waited but Xie He never came. Yi Ze thought, who cares if he doesn’t come, he’s just a plaything after all. Did he think that he couldn’t find another? Yi Ze went to the entertainment district. Rows and rows of beautiful youths were there for his picking. Each of them had eyes gleaming with the hope that they would he chosen. However, Yi Ze looked at them and suddenly felt like he was sick of this.

He thought of Xie He again. Although he had always sold himself like the other boys in the beginning, Yi Ze…had never seen any kind of anticipation in his eyes. There had been compromise and the resignation of his fate; there was profound peace that came from knowing he had no other choice. He had been so young but it was like he had already come to understand the ways of the world.

When Xie He was still by his side, he never thought about him. Now that he wasn’t, he was constantly on Yi Ze’s mind. He thought of every drib and drab of their past. 0F2uDo

Yi Ze could not help but begin to wonder, why didn’t Xie He come looking for him? It couldn’t be that someone else was helping him? Did Fu Yuan act? When he thought of Fu Yuan, Yi Ze began to seethe with anger. This smiling fox, not only did he incite things between him and Jian Zihan, he even dared to have his eyes on his person!

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As soon as he thought about the possibility of Xie He lying beneath Fu Yuan’s body, showing Fu Yuan that expression he used to show him, Yi Ze could no longer sit still.

Lbk mbeiv yf yfjg atlr! Lf cffvfv ab rff lo la kjr Me Tejc. Po Wlf Lf vjgfv ab ub ibbxlcu obg Me Tejc, tf kbeiv cfnfg obgulnf tlw! Tfr, la kjr pera yfmjerf tf vlrilxfv Me Tejc, atja’r jii!

………………………………………… RVBdo3

Wlf Lf tjv rtea tlwrfio lc. Snfc ktfc tf jaf, tf mjiifv obg ajxf bea. Lf tjv jirb aegcfv boo tlr qtbcf jcv vlvc’a xffq lc mbcajma klat jcsbcf.

However, Fu Yuan came over.

Previously, Fu Yuan hadn’t reached out and had just spectated. He watched as things took a drastic change. Moreover, Xie He didn’t seem to have any intention of asking Yi Ze for help. Fu Yuan thought that his chance had finally come. Therefore, he went to Xie He’s home.

Upon seeing Fu Yuan, Xie He hesitated for a moment before letting him in. itTIs0

Fu Yuan wasn’t modest and went right to the point, “I can help you.”

Xie He looked at him very calmly. There was no despair one would expect from someone at the end of their ropes. He even smiled, “What does President Fu want?”

Fu Yuan thought that Xie He was swayed. When he thought that he would soon possess this person, his heart itched. He said, “Be mine and I will help you settle this matter. Furthermore, I will give you even more resources.”

Xie He said, “Thank you, President Fu, for your good intentions. Only, I don’t need it.” CRu5n4

Fu Yuan was startled. He didn’t think that Xie He would refuse him so directly. It couldn’t be that the other didn’t understand what kind of situation he was in? Forget wanting to continue being a celebrity, after suffering such a hit to his reputation, the penalty fees he’d have to pay would leave him penniless! Wasn’t he afraid of falling from up high as a huge star down to the ground?

Xie He smiled and looked at Fu Yuan calmly, “I am honoured that President Fu thinks highly of me. Unfortunately, I cannot agree to your request. I’m sorry.”

Fu Yuan gazed into Xie He’s clear eyes. His heart suddenly skipped a beat. He said gently, “Why don’t you think it over, ne? I won’t treat you like Yi Ze did. I really like you. If you’re not happy with me in the future, we’ll part without any hard feelings. I’m a man of my word.”

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Xie He shook his head, “Sorry.” XyRKc

He only said this one word and then revealed an expression that hinted that Fu Yuan should go on his way.

But Fu Yuan didn’t want to leave like this. He thought that if he gave up like this today, he would never have any other chance. Why did Xie He refuse his helping hand when faced with such a plight? He didn’t understand. He actually didn’t need Xie He to do much. The other wouldn’t lose anything by becoming his, right? There was no reason for him to refuse such a deal.

Fu Yuan thought for a while and then said, “What if I didn’t ask you for anything in return? I don’t need your reply now. Just treat it as me courting you.”

Xie He looked at him, determined, and spat out three words, “There’s no need.” nBSaqH

In this world, there was no such thing as a free meal. He had long since understood this. He didn’t want to sell himself again.

Fu Yuan narrowed his eyes. He had originally thought that once Xie He left Yi Ze, he would throw himself into his arms. However, he now knew that he had been wrong…perhaps he hadn’t truly understood this person before. He had underestimated the depth of his attachment.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

To Xie He, emotions could not be measured with any materialistic thing. Thus, Fu Yuan, who had tried to use materialistic things to try and win him over, was foreordained to never sway him.

“Sorry, I was rude today.” ZgyQ4e

Fu Yuan didn’t say anything more. He realized that he may have gone about this the wrong way. He shouldn’t have thought about getting what he wanted before even starting his pursuit of the other. He shouldn’t have tried to buy the other’s genuine heart. At the very least, he should put in some effort before they talked about this again, ne?

Fu Yuan decided that after handling this matter, he would come discuss the matter of his courting again. This way, he’d be able to show the other at least a little bit of his sincerity.

【Ding, Fu Yuan’s Favourability Value +10. The current Favourability Value is 90.】

Yi Ze’s car stopped just outside of Xie He’s house. He had waited here for two days already but he had never gone up. IO4blh

Did he really want to take the initiative to go see Xie He? He had clearly said such fierce words earlier. If he went in now, wouldn’t that be a slap to his own face? Yi Ze had never done anything this disgraceful in his entire life, and it even had to be in front of someone he’s never attached any importance to.

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However, as time passed, his perseverance became weaker and weaker. Meanwhile, his urge became stronger and stronger….right until he saw Fu Yuan arrive. At that moment, he could no longer suppress the urge in his heart.

While he had been unable to put away airs and step off his high horse, Fu Yuan, that scoundrel, had already put on a hypocritical mask and reached out a helping hand to Xie He! Would Xie He be moved by that repulsive hypocrite?

Yi Ze beat his steering wheel with his fist, expression icy. He then abruptly pushed the car door open and went up! voxUbd


Fu Yuan looked at Xie He softly, “No matter what, we’re friends. Can I continue to come see you?”

Xie He was quiet for a while and then smiled calmly, “Yes.”

Fu Yuan nodded, “Then I’ll leave now.” BHEv7M

Just then, hasty knocks resounded from the door. Xie He walked over and opened the door. He ended up seeing Yi Ze standing outside, expression dark and gloomy. Yi Ze’s gaze quickly flitted over Xie He’s face and then suddenly landed on Fu Yuan who was behind him. Rage immediately colored his face!

In the next second, Yi Ze abruptly rushed over and landed a kick on Fu Yuan’s abdomen!

Fu Yuan didn’t have time to react! He didn’t have time to retaliate when Yi Ze grabbed his collar and heavily pressed him onto the ground. Yi Ze’s eyes were cold when he said, “I’ve warned you before. Don’t get any ideas about what’s mine!”

Xie He was stupefied by this scene. He saw that Yi Ze’s fist was about to smash down so he hurriedly pounced over to pull at Yi Ze’s hand. “What are you doing?! Quickly let go!” senH4

Yi Ze turned his head around and could not control the fire in his chest. His eyes were cold as glaciers. Xie He actually stopped his fist for Fu Yuan’s sake! This time, it wasn’t an act! Yi Ze’s voice was so dark that it seemed as if a storm would soon fall. “You still dare to say that you and Fu Yuan have no relationship?”

Xie He had a self-mocking expression in his eyes. Yi Ze had never trusted him. In Yi Ze’s eyes, Xie He was someone who could submit himself to anyone for money and status…what was there left to bicker about with him? He slowly parted his lips and spoke with extremely repressed pain in his voice, “He’s my friend. He just came to see me. Is that not allowed?”

Because of Xie He’s interruption, Fu Yuan took advantage of Yi Ze’s lapse of attention and freed himself, flipping their positions! The two of them looked like they were about to wrestle!

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Xie He suddenly shouted, “Enough!” bzZE J

This shout made the two of them pause and turn to look at him.

Xie He shut his eyes tiredly. “If you want to fight, do it outside. This is my home.”

These words made the two of them instantly sober. They were both people of status. It was a bit too unreasonable for the two of them to fight like a pair of hoodlums.

Fu Yuan didn’t want to make things difficult for Xie He. Thus, he gave Yi Ze a ridiculing smile. “Let’s talk outside, how about that?” aAZkpB

Yi Ze gave Xie He a threatening gaze and then turned to leave with Fu Yuan.

Xie He shut the door with a ‘bang’ and then turned around with a smile.

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【444:He waited down there for two days. I was wondering when he’d come up….】

【Xie He:Sometimes, people are only willing to advance forward when given a push at a crucial moment. If Fu Yuan didn’t come, he probably would have squatted outside for a few more days. It’s a bit cold these days though, ah. Smile.JPG】 Okt19w

【444:_(:зゝ∠)_】I don’t understand these complicated humans!


Fu Yuan fixed his collar and sneered. “I thought that President Yi doesn’t want him anymore. Care to explain your actions today?”

Yi Ze choked. Before, it was indeed him who had stood aside and took no part in this. He paused and then snorted. “It doesn’t matter whether I want him or not. He’s still not yours to eye!” 3cpkLg

Fu Yuan really thought that Yi Ze wasn’t worthy of Xie He’s feelings. How could he have met such a demented patron? How was he able to deal with him? He smiled indifferently. “It’s fine if you still want him, but have you asked Minghui for his opinion? Is he willing to stay with you?”

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These words really poked at Yi Ze’s sore spot. At that time, it was Xie He who first said that he wanted to break up! Moreover, he didn’t come plead to him even when faced with such a plight! However, he naturally couldn’t let Fu Yuan hear such disgraceful things. Yi Ze’s expression became darker and darker. He said coldly, “It’s not up to him.”

Fu Yuan nearly smiled out of anger. He looked Yi Ze in the eye. “He is a free person. Of course he has the right to make his own choices. Today, I might as well tell you that I really like him. And that I’m going to court him. As for you—”

Fu Yuan raised an eyebrow. “Do as you wish.” 8qdObx

After speaking, Fu Yuan left. He would not be so kind as to give Yi Ze advice! With Yi Ze’s identity, for him to have actually put his hands on him so recklessly obviously meant that he really cared about Xie He. However, he hadn’t yet realized this himself. Therefore, Fu Yuan would just leave him to his own devices.

As they say, serves you right for doing something so stupid.

Xie He sat in his home, beaming as 444 gave him a livestream. He watched while commenting.

【Xie He:YuanYuan is so cunning, ne. His heart is so wicked. Anyway, I still like him.】 V3lqhr

【444:O(∩_∩)O~】What could he say to his host that was just like these scum?! In times like these, he should just keep smiling!

【Xie He:ZeZe is really so stubborn. I, your father, feel so distressed watching you, ah. I really want to love him more and more. Smile.JPG 】

【444:……】He felt a cold air infiltrate his database! How could a system perceive winter?!

【Xie He:What has HanHan been doing recently?】 MIoTvO

【444:He’s been inquiring all over for news about you. Only, very few people know about where you live. Because you didn’t permit Wei Zhangqin from disclosing your location, he temporarily has no way to find you.】

【Xie He:No hurry. I will let him come back at an appropriate time.】

【444:Ah, Yi Ze came back!】

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【Xie He:No need to pay him any attention. :)】 Gc3 UD

Yi Ze watched Fu Yuan leave with a dark expression. Dare to face off against him? That means that he has to be prepared to face his wrath. This time, he won’t let Fu Yuan off lightly! Yi Ze called his secretary and gave a series of commands…. Since Fu Yuan was so free as to come bother Xie He, he would give him something to do.

After Yi Ze handled everything, he returned to Xie He’s door.

He thought for a while. Since he wasn’t sick of Xie He, then it would be fine to leave him by his side. It had only ever been him rejecting others. No one had ever dared to reject him first. Xie He was no exception.

Yi Ze knocked on the door. However, who would have expected that there would be no signs of movement from the other side. Xie He actually dared to lock the door and refuse to see him! IChx2k

This was disrespecting him!

Yi Ze glared at the door for several minutes with fury. He then turned and left.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Because Xie He didn’t leave his home for the last few days, he always called for delivery when he wanted to eat. The next day was no exception. U7OHYy

Xie He called for delivery as per usual. When the doorbell rang, he didn’t rush to open the door, however.

【Xie He:To tell the truth, delivery food isn’t that tasty. The chef at the Yi Residence cooks rather well. Si Minghui had eaten there a few times. I have yet to have a taste, ne. 】


【Xie He:I can live a life of having only to open my mouth to be fed and only have to hold out my hands to be dressed again. I’m looking forward to it a bit. 🙂 】 NUTgBX


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Xie He put on his slippers and walked to the door. As soon as he opened it, his mouth was covered by a handkerchief and he passed out.

When he woke up, he discovered that he was lying in a large, familiar bed. He turned his head and saw Yi Ze sitting on the side of the bed, looking at him with a deep but complicated gaze. Xie He’s expression instantly changed. He had been kidnapped!

“Yi ge…you…” Xie He met with Yi Ze’s dark eyes and felt his whole body go cold. He couldn’t say the rest of his words. HTrsL2

Yi Ze gently caressed Xie He’s face and asked, “Why didn’t you open the door yesterday?”

Xie He’s expression grew rigid.

Yi Ze didn’t wait for him to respond and continued, “You don’t want to see me that much?”

Xie He bit his lips and finally gathered up the courage to meet with Yi Ze’s eyes with determination. His voice had an imperceptible tremor, “Yi ge, I said that I didn’t want to continue this relationship. You agreed. I don’t know why you have to do this…anyway, I want to leave.” nAXVgk

He sat up and wanted to get off the bed and leave. But suddenly, a hand pulled him back and pressed him down with force. Yi Ze brought his face close to Xie He’s, his sharp, long eyes seeming to brew with a determination to win. He slowly parted his lips and spoke with a low, magnetic voice that pounded against Xie He’s heart, “I didn’t agree.”

Xie He looked at him, shocked. “You…you left at that time….”

Yi Ze looked at him with a smile that was not a smile. “Yes, but I didn’t agree that you could leave, ah. You can’t end this relationship. Only I can.”

He narrowed his eyes slightly, looking at the terror on the young man’s face. BgscwI

Yes, this was the person he wanted. Unless he permitted it, he better not think of escaping him!

There was no need to feel conflicted or hesitate. Wasn’t it fine if he just took what he wanted? He had always been someone who did as he wished. He shouldn’t have played such a game of loosening the reins only to pull them in tighter. He should have just directly locked him up so that aside from himself, no one could see or touch him!

This way, Xie He can’t anger him, nor could he attract any admirers.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

He shouldn’t have let him enter the entertainment industry…Yi Ze recalled how Fu Yuan and Jian Zihan said that they wanted to court Xie He—how laughable! Something that belonged to him would never be something other people could eye. Fu Yuan could not…Jian Zihan could not. 8IcXTR

They should not think that just because Xie He liked them, that they could dare touch what belonged to Yi Ze.

Xie He looked at Yi Ze, face pale. There was disappointment and sorrow in his eyes as he spoke slowly, “Why…don’t you agree…?”

Yi Ze didn’t respond. If he didn’t want to, then that’s that. There was no why.

Since Xie He had been injured, he had not gone looking for anyone else. All this time, he longed for the person in front of him. Therefore, Yi Ze no longer restrained himself…Xie He was his. He was naturally supposed to be enjoyed by himself. Yi Ze pressed tightly down onto Xie He, bent over and kissed him. W7di4B

Xie He immediately realized what was going to happen. He was not unfamiliar to this kind of thing…he had always been compliant before.

But this time, he didn’t want to be compliant!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Clearly, he hadn’t sold himself. This time, he’d rather lose everything than sell himself again. Why did he have to fall back into such straits?!

Why?! Ntdm2O

Xie He struggled like his life depended on it. Although his stature was thin, he was still a grown man. His sudden burst of strength nearly threw Yi Ze off him! Yi Ze’s eyes grew cold. He didn’t expect that Xie He would resist so intensely! This person had never resisted him before. It seems that he had really grown up. He no longer knew who he was!

Without Yi Ze, would he have ever come to this point?

Did he think that he could go against him now that he was a big star that had climbed to a high branch?

Instantly, Yi Ze decided to have no mercy. He directly pressed Xie He’s wrists above his head. Xie He very quickly ran out of energy to continue struggling. He raised his head, eyes wide and red, “No….” iENsQc

Yi Ze sneered. He was his. For what reason was he saying ‘no’?

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The author has something to say:

Everyone, muah muah~~\(≧▽≦)/ The next chapter is a continuation of this scene of bloody slaughter, hahaha.

Eve: The gong abuse is coming soon. …but only after XH suffers some more. :’( 13hjEO

sere: GAHH can’t wait for abuse this man deserves it.

Translator's Note

Persistent effort overcomes any difficulty.

Translator's Note

茅厕里的石头,又臭又硬 is used to describe someone who is both a bad and stubborn person

Translator's Note

过尽千帆 comes from a poem. The full line is 过尽千帆皆不是, 斜辉脉脉水悠悠 and it refers to a woman watching the river and seeing many boats but none of them are the one she’s waiting for—the one her beloved is on.

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