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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh38 - Honestly, He Didn’t Expect This Story Line


Translated by Eve

Edited by Karasunofight DjZYz

2. Honestly, He Didn’t Expect This Story Line

The man had seen everything—from Xie He barging in to him kicking the beautiful youth away. However, the man’s expression did not change. That pair of black eyes seemed incapable of any fluctuations. Not even Xie He could read his thoughts.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, Xie He could guess, ah! Moreover, he had 444, this cheat!

【Xie He:What’s Deng Jingwen’s Favourability Value?】 sbOr2N


【Xie He:If we’re talking about the Favourability Value of relatives, then a normal person would have a Favourability Value of at least 80 towards one’s own son. Or rather, even a normal person would have a higher Favourability Value towards a dog they’ve raised for eighteen years, ba? I’m a son he’s raised for eighteen years and yet I barely have a Favourability Value of 20—a value just barely above what one would have towards a passer-by—how could that be worthy of my good looks? 】


【Xie He:Cold-blooded and ruthless. Very good. I love a good challenge.】


In the next moment, Xie He hugged the older man’s arm and used an exaggerated tone to shout, “Dad, quickly make him get out, ah! It’s nauseating seeing him without clothes on!”

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Internally, Xie He thought, Sorry, darling. Actually, you look quite good without clothes.

Deng Jingwen tilted his head slightly, gaze calm as he looked at Xie He.

Xie He’s heart sped upon being looked at like that. It was fortunate that his character right now was the nitwitted Deng Zhuo. Deng Zhuo would not be able to discern such a veiled displeasure! He stared right back, carefree, and shot a grin at Deng Jingwen while he was at it. His eyes were full of intimacy and sycophancy. sr9NmQ

This grin…it made the originally extremely dazzling and beautiful face suddenly become lively. Because he drank alcohol earlier, there was a faint flush on his cheeks…. Wherever he went, he would cause others to appear tacky in comparison. The light within his bright eyes was like gleaming sunlight that refracted off of clear, crystalline waters, or like the splendour of a myriad of stars. When he wasn’t speaking, he was like the most perfect creation in the world. Who’d be able to tell that this beautiful exterior actually held an idiot on the inside?

Xie He raised his head to look at Deng Jingwen, worship and dependency conveyed in just one glance.

Yes…Deng Zhuo didn’t like homosexuality, but Deng Jingwen was an unrivalled existence that transcended worldliness. In his eyes, Deng Jingwen did not have any faults! He was absolutely perfect! Even if he saw such a thing, aside from being shocked, he would only loathe the person who was “seducing” Deng Jingwen. He would not believe that Deng Jingwen was attracted to the same sex, let alone feel any dissatisfaction towards him.

This kind of reverence, worship, and respect was something that was engraved into Deng Zhuo’s bones since he had been young. d2TXg

Even if Deng Jingwen pointed to a deer and called it a horse, Deng Zhuo would not doubt him.

Deng Jingwen stared at the glittering youth, who was smiling at him, and his pupils darkened.

Humans were always more lenient with attractive people, even if this person was nothing more than a pretty face. Although Deng Jingwen did not like this idiot son of his, today’s matter wasn’t anything major. After all, they hadn’t begun yet….Although he didn’t think his son was particularly important—nothing more than a play thing— today’s matter was even less important than his son.

Deng Jingwen glanced at the youth on the side and spoke indifferently, “Leave, ba.” J64q2d

The youth had been kicked by Xie He, and his face was pale from the pain. He had been shaking on the ground, but he had not dared to leave. As soon as Deng Jingwen spoke, he quickly gathered his clothes and rushed out!

Xie He’s mood was not bad. He didn’t expect that Deng Jingwen would be this fond of him! This wasn’t in Deng Zhuo’s memory at all! Xie He did not expect that such a last-minute, abrupt attack would reap him such rewards. It could be clearly seen that Deng Zhuo, this child, was truly too silly.

However, since Deng Jingwen had this kind of hobby, Xie He wasn’t afraid that he wouldn’t be interested by this body of his. This was definitely easier than bending a straight male.

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Xie He beamed as he snuggled up to Deng Jingwen and did not release his hold of the other’s arm. He revealed a flattering smile, “Dad, when are you coming back home?” RAIzFk

Deng Jingwen gazed at him profoundly, “What? What’s the matter?”

Xie He waved his hand, “Nothing! I’m just asking.”

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That wouldn’t do! Xie He scowled, “No, I want to accompany you, ba!” He didn’t wait for Deng Jingwen to shoo him away and quickly jumped up from the sofa. He stood behind Deng Jingwen, “Dad, you work so hard every day. Let me massage your shoulders!”

As he spoke, he began to knead Deng Jingwen’s shoulders. Deng Jingwen didn’t look very robust, but his shoulders were wide and his muscles firm to the touch. Xie He had already begun to imagine how impressive he actually was beneath his clothes despite looking so thin while dressed. It seems that this cheap father of his took pretty good care of himself and worked out too….

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Deng Jingwen felt good from being kneaded by these two hands. Inwardly, he knew that there must be a reason for his son to act so ingratiatingly, but he didn’t mind. He probably only wanted money anyway.

Eight out of ten times that Deng Zhuo came looking for him, it was because he needed money. The other two were because he had made a mess out of things. BhDpAt

“Fine,” After ten minutes, Deng Jingwen could feel the hands that were kneading his shoulders gradually weakening, so he said, “How much money do you need? I’ll have Liu Yan give it to you.”

Xie He shot him an unhappy expression, pouting, “I didn’t come to ask for money….”

Deng Jingwen turned his head around, staring at him expressionlessly, “Then, what do you want?”

Xie He’s expression was awkward. He thought for a while, hesitating before whispering, “One of the three newest, limited edition sports cars by XXX Company….” PbRYD0

This wasn’t something that a little money could solve. Moreover, if you didn’t have the ability, you wouldn’t be able to buy this. After speaking, Xie He lowered his head until it nearly rested against his chest.

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This wasn’t anything difficult for Deng Jingwen, but he still felt that this son of his was really becoming increasingly unreasonable.

When Deng Jingwen recalled Deng Zhuo’s preposterous actions, he felt a bit impatient. His tone became a bit cold, “If I recall correctly, you already have eighteen sports cars.”

Xie He: “….” F*ck, Deng Zhuo’s memory was a bit off. JZKkR

“I understand. You go back first, ba,” Deng Jingwen said. After speaking, he stood up and sat behind his office desk.

He did not agree, but he also didn’t disagree. Xie He’s expression shifted, and he smiled, “Actually, I don’t have anything to do back at home, so how about I wait for you to go home together~?”

However, Deng Jingwen ignored him.

Xie He didn’t mind. He explored Deng Jingwen’s office on his own. Then, he nested on the sofa and played on his phone. After playing for a while, the alcohol went to his head, and he fell asleep, his cellphone falling with a clack onto the floor. zxFCTm

Deng Jingwen did not raise his head. It was as if Xie He didn’t exist at all.

He was the kind of person that had an extremely powerful need for control. He had never allowed anything to be out of his control. However, Deng Zhuo was the only exception. As for this son of his, it wasn’t like he had absolutely no hopes for him in the beginning. However, as time would prove, it wasn’t worth wasting any time or effort on Deng Zhuo. This child did not inherit even the slightest bit of his capabilities. His ability was near non-existent, and he would not get far in life. So, he stopped caring about him. Out of sight, out of mind. Since he was of his own flesh and blood, then he would just treat it as raising a useless person. It wasn’t anything hard. What he lacked least was money.

Deng Jingwen methodically handled his work. He then shut his computer off and prepared to go home.

When he walked towards the sofa, he was about to call the boy awake. However, when he saw his sound asleep face…the words suddenly died in his throat. The boy’s sleeping posture also wasn’t anything good. One of his legs was off of the sofa, and he slept on his side. That pair of red lips were slightly parted, saliva dripping slightly out, causing his lips to sparkle. Even if he was like this, he was still gorgeous beyond comparison. Deng Jingwen bent at the waist, eyes fixed on the boy’s sleeping face. Truly…aside from his face, there wasn’t anything else good about him. UG10We

Deng Jingwen was silent for a while. He shoved his hands between the boy’s body and the sofa and picked him up into his arms. The boy twitched, and his face fell against Deng Jingwen’s chest,rubbing against it a few times. Then, he continued to sleep, curled up just like a little kitten….

Deng Jingwen’s eyes darkened, and he directly left with the child in his arms.

It must be because his desire hadn’t been sated, that he would have such strange delusions…this was his child, after all.

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Liu Yan had driven Deng Jingwen’s car over prior. He also opened the door deferentially for Deng Jingwen. His mouth was wide open from his jaw dropping in shock for half a day as he watched Deng Jingwen carefully placed Xie He into the backseat of the car. Mister Deng unexpectedly had not gotten angry despite Deng Zhuo bursting in and messing around like that! Oh…it seems that Mister Deng really does care about his son…. wPHNie

When Deng Jingwen returned home, he tucked the boy into bed. Just as he was about to leave, a hand reached out and grabbed hold of him.

“Daddy…stay with me for a bit longer…” The boy’s lips moved slightly, letting out a muffled voice, “Aside from asking you for money…I don’t know what to say to you….”

His eyes were still closed, and his beautiful eyebrows were slightly knitted. It was clear that he was sleep talking.

Deng Jingwen paused and then sat down on the side of the bed. For some inexplicable reason, he reached out and touched the boy’s lips with his index finger for a second. They were shockingly soft….So, it turns out that this was the reason he always came asking for money? Since he didn’t like this son of his, he did not spend much time with him. However, he never thought that his son would actually need his father. Z VSJC

A moment later, Deng Jingwen slowly took back his hand in a firm manner, expression unchanging.

【Ding, the target Deng Jingwen’s Favourability Value +1. The current Favourability Value is 21.】

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Xie He heard the door close and slowly opened his eyes.

【Xie He: Frankly, this is the most stingy target I have ever met. 🙂 】 eOzTGY

【444:Absolutely agree. _(:зゝ∠)_】

【Xie He:I’ve already installed a security camera in his office. Help me make sure nothing’s wrong?】

【444:There is no issue. Everything is normal.】

【Xie He:Very good.】 6UnqGH

The target this time was a mature, shrewd man, who had crafty tricks up his sleeve. He obviously could not use the methods he had used to capture Li Hongxuan. Deng Jingwen was worthy of investment. Xie He had spent 500 experience points to purchase a futuristic surveillance monitor and had installed one in Deng Jingwen’s office just now. He would also be looking for an opportunity to install several more at home and in Deng Jingwen’s study.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

For a target like this, one must not lower one’s guard. Only by knowing thy self and knowing thy enemy can one emerge victorious.


The next morning, Xie He woke up, feeling refreshed, and ate breakfast. Aside from when he had matters to attend to, Deng Zhuo never woke up to eat breakfast as his morning and night schedules were reversed. However, if he wanted to continue creating opportunities to interact with Deng Jingwen, he could not continue Deng Zhuo’s lifestyle. Fortunately, Xie He had already found himself a good reason for the change, for it was very normal for someone to be eagerly attentive when they wanted something. CJYhE1

Xie He sat down eagerly by Deng Jingwen’s side. Then, he shouted, “Grandpa Zhang, my breakfast, ne!”

Butler Zhang had served the Deng Family for decades and was already sixty something years old. Although Deng Zhuo seemed arrogant on the outside, he was actually very lovable at home. He would always call Butler Zhang, Grandpa Zhang. When Butler Zhang heard his call, he very quickly arranged for the servants to bring Xie He his breakfast.

Xie He’s cheeks were bursting as he ate. As he ate, he said with a full mouth, “Dad..mfm..when are..mm.. you coming home tonight?”

Deng Jingwen had already finished eating. He placed his chopsticks down in an unhurried fashion and shot Xie He a glance, thin lips parting in speech, “I’ve already had Liu Yan handle the car matter.” 8tdRZ7

The implication was that Xie He could stop with the eager act.

Xie He’s eyes widened upon hearing this. Soon after, he revealed an incredibly happy expression and hopped up from his seat abruptly! He held Deng Jingwen’s face in his hand and smushed his lips to his face, “Daddy, I love you the most!”

Deng Jingwen could not dodge in time and ended up being given a wet kiss. However, for some baffling reason though, it was as if a feather was brushing against his heart when he felt those soft lips pressed against his skin. The anger in his heart unexpectedly did not erupt.

He took a napkin to wipe his face, stared at Xie He coldly, and then turned to leave. Pb dgm

【Ding, the target Deng Jingwen’s Favourability Value+1. The current Favourability Value is 22.】

【Xie He:Baby, it seems like this method is no good, ah….】

【444:Why do you say that?】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Xie He:The deep-rooted impression that has been reinforced all these years is very difficult to eliminate with this kind of method. Unless I can collapse my character settings, completely reform my character, and become like Ning Qi, the ideal child, it will be very difficult for the Favourability Value to exceed 30. Moreover…even if the prodigal son returns home, the rise in Favourability Value is nothing more than the affection one would feel for one’s own child. With Deng Jingwen’s personality, he is unable to fall in love with his own son.】Otherwise, he wouldn’t have remained uninterested towards this unparalleled beauty all these years. v9Ufa7

【444:Then, what should we do? _(:зゝ∠)_】

【Xie He:Baby, how about you tell me a little piece of information? Why aren’t the two of them biologically-related?】

【444:My information is all transferred over from the main system. I only have this. /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~】

【Xie He:Hehe.】 sYdHZy

It seems that he had received the main system’s malice, ne…Xie He’s lips slightly curled up. Since he didn’t know the reason why, then he could only create an opportunity by himself. He must let Deng Jingwen know that he was not his real child. Otherwise, there would never be any substantial development.

Xie He pondered over many methods during this time. For example, a car accident could allow people to spread rumours that would then arouse Deng Jingwen’s suspicion. However, each of his plans were trashed. In this world, Deng Jingwen could practically hide the sky with one hand. Even if it was Xie He, it was very difficult for him to avoid all possibility of exposing himself without knowing all of the facts. One small careless mistake could lead to him shooting himself in the foot.

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After another month, Xie He raised Deng Jingwen’s Favourability Value to 25 with much difficulty. While he was still trying to figure out a way to expose his own identity…a breakthrough suddenly appeared.

【444:Host dada! I’ve seen something disastrous! Σ( ° △°|||)︴】 GeW19X

【Xie He:Let me see.】

A hologram that only he could see suddenly appeared before Xie He’s eyes. The surroundings was that of Deng Jingwen’s office.

A slovenly woman, who had both of her hands tied behind her back, stood in front of Deng Jingwen’s desk. Liu Yan stood to one side, on guard.

The woman shot a smile, full of hatred, towards Deng Jingwen, “It’s such a pity that I couldn’t kill you.” u8Hbf5

Deng Jingwen had his hands folded on his lap, fingers intersected. His gaze towards the woman was calm and unflustered as he spoke in a frigid voice, “You are that…Song Zhang’s daughter? The matter of him jumping to his death because he lost to me in commerce is a matter from eighteen years ago. Yet, to my surprise, you are still thinking of avenging him.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

A deeply-entrenched hatred shot from the woman’s eyes, “You made my family fall into bankruptcy and caused the death of my family. I will never forget about this for the rest of my life! A fiend like you should fall into the eighteenth circle of hell!”

Deng Jingwen laughed. On his lips was a very shallow smile, expression apathetic, “It’s very unfortunate, but it seems that you will head there first.”

“It doesn’t matter. In any case, I’ve already had my revenge on you,” The woman suddenly smiled eerily, “Do you remember that son your mistress had given birth to at Hospital Three? At that time, I was a nurse there. I could not get close enough to you to take revenge, so I secretly got rid of your child and casually switched him out with some random child. I heard that you’ve been so doting on that child that I had picked up. Moreover, you haven’t had any other children. You don’t know how happy I am every time I hear about your son…hahahahaha. You never expected this, ba! Your actual son had died long ago! What you’ve been raising for all of these years was a b*stard substitute that your enemy had secretly substituted in! This is your retribution, ah!!!” mIcgbn

Xie He’s expression became a bit strange and complicated upon seeing this. He sighed.

【Xie He:Honestly, I didn’t expect this story line.】

【444:O(∩_∩)O~ It seems like you don’t have to worry about how to let him figure out your identity!】

【Xie He:Sensibly said.】 rwZWYg

Xie He quickly rushed out of school and drove directly to Deng Jingwen’s company. This kind of dog blood drama, how could he not make an appearance, ne!

The author has something to say:

This author has received a lot of beloved encouragement~~~Love you all muah muah (* ̄3 ̄)╭

Mn, although I’ve also received some threatening comments, I believe that there’s a kind of love called love and hate. Although you purposely treat me like this, you actually love me inside. (Hey!) gctN6C

This chapter is relatively long…ba? So we don’t have to hurt each other. O(∩_∩)O~

I was really working hard…_(:зゝ∠)_ Yingyingying… — by the author that still wants to finish writing even if it kills her.

Eve: XH abuse start?

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Kara: LOL. This arc’s chapters so far have always ended so ridiculously. I love it–the humor is a nice break from the heartbreak that I know is incoming. _(:3」∠)_But it also seems that the worlds are getting harder, maybe? Things are less in XH’s control this time, it seems… (´・ω・`)? SQ63mV

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