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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh23 - Please Don’t Make Me Repay the Debt With My Body!


Translated by Eve

Edited by Karasunofight Lgetdu

5. Please Don’t Make Me Repay the Debt With My Body!


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【Xie He:Baby, have they finished taking pictures?】

【444:Yes! All of the pictures have been developed! 】 PEaoWN

【Xie He:Oh? How long was I asleep for?】

【444:Three hours.】

【Xie He:Did the photos turn out well?】

【444:……】How was he supposed to answer this??!!! 6IHFjp

Xie He opened his eyes dazedly. His damp, black eyes were at a complete loss as if he had absolutely no clue what had happened. Why did he suddenly fall asleep?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Li Hongxuan and Sun Zeyang had left at some unknown point in time. The only one who remained was Allen, and Xie He was sleeping in Allen’s embrace.

“W-what happened to me?” Xie He sat up at once, face red. He had unexpectedly fallen asleep in his student’s arms.

“You were probably too exhausted, and since you haven’t been resting properly, you fell asleep right after drinking the beverage. I didn’t have the heart to wake you, so I let you sleep,” Allen said gently. bml45

“I’m so sorry for troubling you yet again,” Xie He said with gratitude.

“It’s no trouble. Who let me like you, ne?” Allen said, without his face blushing or heart skipping.

It was the first time Xie He was told by someone that they liked him. He had completely missed Allen’s deeper implication. He took this sentence as ordinary, polite words but did feel rather embarrassed. He hurriedly stood up, “I ought to return.”

“OK. Have a safe journey,” Allen smiled as he looked at him. 6AzI8V

Xie He bypassed the desk. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly noticed several photos on the desk. As soon as he saw them, his eyes couldn’t help but widen, and his face paled instantly.

He grabbed the photos, eyes rigidly focused on them.

The one in the photo was him. Because he wasn’t wearing his glasses, his whole face was revealed. His eyes were out of focus, and his face was red. He was sitting on a man’s lap, legs spread apart. The man held onto his waist, a finger inserted into his mouth…the scene could not be called vulgar but actually seemed rather beautiful and alluring. It fiercely provoked people’s senses, enticing their innermost **. The photos really…turned out well! He almost got hard from looking at it!

As for the man who was playing with him from behind, although his face wasn’t captured, just by looking at the clothes, it was obviously Allen without a doubt. go3xvt

Xie He abruptly turned around, lips trembling, “This is you, ba…you! Why did you do this…” His eyes were full of disappointment. He had trusted this gentle student. Who would have known that he would take advantage of him while he slept to do this sort of thing!

Allen sighed, “This was Sun Zeyang’s idea. He doesn’t trust you.”

“I…I said that I would repay him!” Xie He was so angry; his chest heaved up and down.

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“I trust you, but that doesn’t mean that other people trust you. That’s because you were late on your first payment. As an unfamiliar person, to have misgivings is normal, ba?” Allen looked at him earnestly, “I’m very sorry that I didn’t stop him, but as long as you repay him on time, then I guarantee that these photos will not be exposed.” bYs17i

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“Dea sbe…!” Wlf Lf qblcafv ja Ciifc, fcvifrris oeglber, “Qts vlv sbe tjnf ab jma jr jc jmmbwqilmf! Gbc’a sbe vjgf rjs atja atf wjc lc atlr qtbab lrc’a sbe!”

Ciifc ibbxfv jr lo tf kjr tega ys atlr jmmerjalbc. Lf ibbxfv kbecvfv, “Kfjmtfg Ve, kts wera sbe jikjsr ibbx ja wf ogbw atf kbgra jcuif?”

“You want me to think of you in a positive light when you’ve done such a thing?” Xie He said angrily.

“That’s because you weren’t willing to cooperate, so we had no choice but to do this. Moreover, the reason I did this was because I didn’t want another man to touch you and make you feel even more embarrassed. At least, I really respect you…like you…” Allen said slowly, “Rather than let someone else do it, it’s better if I do it…I only acted out of good intentions.” P7zj46

The sudden arrival of the terrifying photos and Allen’s loving confession mixed together. Xie He’s brain fell into chaos, becoming a complete mess! However, his panic and terror still won over in the end, and he tore the photos apart. With a pale face, he stared at Allen with a complicated expression before hurriedly running away.

After that day, Xie He worked even harder at his part-time jobs and ended up losing a considerable amount of weight.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Xie He speaking as if admiring the vicissitudes of life:My students are too kindhearted.】

【444:If I didn’t misunderstand, the ‘kind-hearted’ students you are referring to are the two that spiked your drink and took nude photos of you?】 2djryg

【Xie He:Actually, after having finished taking the nude photos, we could have directly and decisively taken the next step. They however want to play a game of ‘loosening the reins in order to grasp your prey better,’ unfortunately. They’re letting me go to continue earning money. This kind of softhearted and sloppy action, don’t tell me you don’t think that this is a sort of kindness?】

【444:You seem to really feel sorry that they didn’t directly take the next step, ne….】

【Xie He: Yes. I don’t like any actions that waste time.】

444 felt that his heart had already begun to grow old. He only wanted to be a cute little system and accompany his host to happily complete missions…Instead, he, whose world views have sustained a great amount of damage, already had no way to maintain his smile. _(:3ゝ∠)_ JPCaVs

Were all hosts like this or was it that he just met such a host on his very first try?

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In order to express his fear of those photographs being leaked, Xie He acted very earnestly. Each day, he rushed about in haste. One day, after leaving the school building, he bumped into Xu Wenhao, who had just gotten out of class. Xie He wanted to leave as soon as he caught sight of him, but he was stopped by Xu Wenhao.

“Teacher Su…I have something to say to you,” Xu Wenhao fixed his eyes on Xie He.

Xie He paused, “Speak.” iMYAUe

“Is it you that’s helping me?” Xu Wenhao said directly, “I heard that because you are helping me repay the debt, Sun Zeyang agreed to let me off.”

Xie He was afraid that answering directly would hurt the other’s pride; however, he could not conceal this matter from him. Therefore, he gently said, “Yes. However, you needn’t feel burdened. It is only right that I, as your teacher, help you. I cannot watch as you are being bullied in that manner.”

Xu Wenhao stopped smiling and furrowed his brows as he looked at Xie He, “I didn’t want your help!”

Xie He’s expression became unsightly as he heard this, his expression becoming sad, “I….” T6uaUm

“I’ll think of a way to return the money back to you as soon as possible!” Xu Wenhao said coldly.

【Ding. Xu Wenhao’s Favorability Value +50. The current Favorability Value is 60.】


【Xie He:Indeed, my students are so kind-hearted. 🙂 】 2daDO

After saying his piece, Xu Wenhao turned around and left as if he was discontent with Xie He. However, looking at the Favorability Value, his heart was already revealed. Xie He could not help but lament; he was truly a tsundere child, whose mouth said one thing while his heart said another.

He watched as Xu Wenhao’s silhouette got further away, a smile on his face, emotions stirring up in his eyes.

Once again, it was Saturday. This time, Xie He prepared the money early and went to go find Allen. Allen said that they were all at the dormitory, and Xie He could directly go there.

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For once, all the room’s inhabitants were there. Sun Zeyang and Allen sat on the bottom bunks. Li Hongxuan sat on a top bunk, playing with a Rubik’s cube, and Chen Gu was reading on the balcony. YiPvCo

Xie He tightly gripped onto the cash in his hand. Because of his photos, he acted extremely afraid of Sun Zeyang. He forced himself to walk in front of him, “Student Sun, this is money for the repayment….”

This time, there was close to two thousand yuan. Xie He had risked his life to earn this amount of money.

Sun Zeyang continued to look as if this whole situation was beneath him. He threw the money onto the desk thoughtlessly, said ‘en,’ and continued playing on his cellphone.

Xie He sighed in relief. He turned to leave quickly since this place was extremely stifling to him. However, because he was too exhausted, he stumbled when he passed through the doorway. His head bumped against the door frame, and he fell backwards. UIs9Zx

Allen, who was eyeing him like a tiger does its prey, quickly moved forward to catch Xie He. He softly spoke into his ear, “Teacher Su, it pains my heart to see you work yourself to the bone like this.”

Xie He already held a grudge against Allen in his heart. He exerted all of his strength to push him away, “You don’t need to be concerned about me!”

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The corners of Allen’s lips lifted in a helpless smile, “You’re still upset about that thing?”

Xie He stubbornly stared at him in silence. His eyes were full of reproach. He was truly too disappointed in him! Ib8Jef

Allen paused. The smile on his lips deepened a bit, and his expression slowly changed. He spoke unhurriedly, “Since you already loathe me, then it doesn’t matter if you loathe me a bit more. Teacher Su, I really can’t stand seeing you work so arduously. Don’t be like this. Sleep with me and I’ll repay the debt for you. How about it?”

Xie He stared at him in astonishment. He had never expected that the big, male student who had always been cultured and refined would suddenly say such a thing! Was this still the Allen he knew, the one who was full of a gentlemanly air?! With that indifferent expression, it was like he was simply saying that they would attend class together rather than sleep together!

“Five thousand yuan each time. What do you think of this price, Teacher Su?” Allen lowered his head, beaming as he looked at him, “Even the leading workers at the nightclubs outside can’t get this much. You absolutely won’t suffer any losses.”

Xie He’s lips trembled. His student would unexpectedly humiliate him like this! Could it be that these were Allen’s true colours?! EozfTx

However, Allen felt that Xie He’s lightly quivering, delicate lips were just inviting him in. He couldn’t endure his yearning and lowered his head to kiss him! Indeed, it was as delicious as he had imagined!

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Xie He had yet to react when he was suddenly disrespected by his student. He wanted to push Allen away, but he could not move him!

It wasn’t until a long time later that Allen let go of Xie He, who was puffing and blowing. His blue eyes seemed even darker as he tightly held Xie He’s waist, tone ambiguous, “I misspoke. Five thousand is too low…Teacher Su is worth more than that. How about ten thousand each time?”

【Ding. Allen’s Favorability Value +3. The current Favorability Value is 78.】 ZHRpfD

“Y-you b*stard!” Xie He’s eyes were red, and he suddenly raised his hand to slap Allen!

Allen did not think that Xie He would suddenly dare to hit him. His face whipped to one side upon impact, and the resounding slap silenced the entire room.

After a long time, Allen slowly turned his head back around, his eyes exposing an ice-cold expression, tone dangerous as he said serenely, “Teacher Su, you don’t seem all too willing, ah.”

Sun Zeyang came over at this moment and sneered, “Teacher Su is indeed someone who can’t be reasoned with. As soon as he doesn’t agree with something, he lashes out. It seems that it was indeed necessary to take those photos.” nzyNWo

The blood drained from Xie He’s face in an instant. When he recalled the matter regarding those photos, shivers began to wrack throughout his body.

If those photos were leaked, how could he continue living? It would destroy everything! No! It couldn’t happen! A pleading expression leaked out of Xie He’s eyes, “N-No….”

“Then, that depends on your decision, Teacher Su. To tell the truth, ten thousand each time is not a low price,” Allen said apathetically.

“I-I will repay the debt!” Xie He bit his lips. hd3fyZ

Sun Zeyang smiled, “OK. I am also too lazy to receive one or two thousand per week. Tomorrow, return the remaining forty thousand to me, and we’ll write this matter off. Don’t say that we didn’t give you a chance, oh.”

“Tomorrow!” Despair leaked out of Xie He’s eyes.

He was faced with two people who were gradually closing in on him….

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At this moment, he realized that he had fallen into a terrifying trap! However, it was already too late to escape! W7jzn

Just as he was looking all around in a panic, Xie He’s eyes suddenly met with Li Hongxuan’s pair of emotionless ones.

Li Hongxuan sat on the top bunk, long legs hanging down. One hand held a Rubik’s cube as his indifferent, mocking gaze fell on Xie He. It was like he was as ridiculous as a clown to him. However, in this moment, he was the only life-saving straw the teacher could grasp! This was because Xie He recalled that upon their first meeting, Li Hongxuan had called him an ‘idiot’. At that time, had he already known things would end like this? He had actually warned him, yet Xie He was deceived by outer appearances. He had ignorantly fallen into a gentle snare!

Afterward…although Li Hongxuan always spectated coldly, he had never participated in the scheme against him! Those eyes were full of contempt and disdain, without a thread of * or desire. He was completely different from Allen and Sun Zeyang!

At least, he had never hurt him! Nor had he ever conspired against him! q4oiOm

In that moment, his instinct to live made Xie He run to Li Hongxuan’s side, and he tilted his head up to beg, “Please help me!”

Xie He’s sudden action made Allen and Sun Zeyang flabbergasted. Soon after, they laughed at him with ridicule.

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Xie He did not concern himself with them. He only stared at Li Hongxuan unwaveringly as if he was the only one who could save his soul. This fully concentrated expression of sincerity was like what a believer in dire straits would use to look upon their only god, making people unable to ignore him.

Li Hongxuan, who had originally planned on ignoring him, furrowed his brows. His indifferent gaze fell onto Xie He, and he sneered, “Why should I help you?” w8JoZr

He had no time to waste on this moron. People must always pay the price of their foolishness. He was hypocritical and powerless, naive and stupid—he had absolutely no self-awareness, not to mention not knowing how to act within one’s capabilities…even if he fell into a trap, he only had himself to blame.

There were too many people like this. There was fundamentally no meaning in saving them.

“Because you’re a good person. I know that you’re not like them!” Xie He blinked his moist eyes, using a miserable gaze to look at him, “I know that you’re not like them…Y-you warned me at the very beginning. I only understood your good intentions now…please help me…I beg of you….”

Xie He did not hesitate at all in using the ‘technique of repeatedly using the cheating good person card’! This technique that was worthy of being called a cheat had a one hundred percent chance in causing the other party to blacken, do the opposite of what he asked for, and go berserk. dM3fI7

“A good person?” Li Hongxuan raised an eyebrow as if he had just heard a joke.

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It was the first time anyone had used ‘a good person’ to describe him. Clearly, he was indifferent, spectating the whole time. He had seen everything, but did not do anything to stop it. Even though he was in the same room when the young teacher had been deceived and humiliated, he still didn’t do anything. However, Xie He still called him a ‘good person’ and was willing to believe that he would help him?

How could he be so foolishly pure-hearted, so naive? If he knew that he would hurt him all the same, would he still believe in the kindness within his heart so firmly? Would he regret trying to help someone? Would he still look at him with such anticipation in his eyes?

That pair of clean, pure eyes…would they blacken? BGKp1g

Of course they would…there was no one in this world who was kind-hearted. All acts of kindness were hypocritical as they were founded on the basis of self-preservation. If a person could serve their own interest, they could even abandon their family, let alone strangers who had met due to chance.

But he didn’t mind helping him rip off this hypocritical mask of his.

Li Hongxuan exposed a smile that was not a smile, and his thin lips raised slightly as he spat out one sentence, “Ok, ah, I’ll help you.”

【Ding. The target, Li Hongxuan’s Favorability Value -10. The current Favorability Value is -20.】 dc7TFE


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