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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh22 - On the Topic of 101 Ways to Threaten Someone: Part 2


Translated by Eve

Edited by Karasunofight caemb8

Warning: Blackmailing and non-con drug usage and other actions.

4. On the Topic of 101 Ways to Threaten Someone: Part 2

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After coming to the decision that Xie He will return money to Sun Zeyang each week, Allen escorted Xie He out in a rather gentlemanly and elegant manner. 6K30yJ

Su Yan really didn’t have much money. Not only did he live frugally, but he also had to subsidize his family back at home. Luckily, university lecturers had a lot of free time, and he had time to find extra income. Xie He had agreed to return the money. In order to act realistically, he accepted several other jobs. Aside from working as a private tutor, he became a dishwasher too. He was so busy from light ‘til dark. At night, he only slept four to five hours.



【Xie He sighed: There are still two more days until Saturday….】 6 EkVw

【444:It can’t be that you’re actually looking forward to repaying the debt? 】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Xie He: No.】


【Xie He: If I really wanted to repay the debt, would I work these part-time jobs? Do you think I don’t have the 5 experience points to exchange for cash? 】 sGxA5T


Xie He busied himself those two days and was incessantly exhausted. As soon as he closed his eyes while lying in bed on Friday night, he fell asleep. The next day, before the sun had even risen, he was woken up by 444’s shouts within his mind.

【444:Lalalala, I am Host dada’s considerate, intelligent little helper. Host dada, you should get out of bed now. Today is Saturday, ne. \(≧▽≦)/】

【Xie He:……】 ASR1rk

【444:I was afraid that you would sleep in and specifically woke you up! 】Shaking tail, seeking praise~

【Xie He:I think that….】


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

【Xie He:That sentence you said just now. You can take away the word ‘intelligent’.】 EgilLF

【444:HCH】Qtja vlv P vb kgbcu atlr alwf???

【Wlf Lf:P gfwfwyfg afiilcu sbe atja P vlv cba qijc bc jmaejiis ublcu ab gfqjs atf vfya. 】

【444:Dea sbe rjlv atja sbe kfgf gfjiis ibbxlcu obgkjgv ab Vjaegvjs…Eluta cbk, la’r jigfjvs Vjaegvjs….】

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【Wlf Lf ofia ylaafg jcv tjafoei:Tfr. Dfmjerf lo P vbc’a gfaegc rbwf bo atf wbcfs ys Vjaegvjs, atfs’ii tjnf jc fzmerf ab mbwf vfji klat wf. Coafgkjgvr, P mjc glv wsrfio bo atlr rfj bo ylaafgcfrr atja lr kbgxlcu wsrfio ab vfjat. P ujnf atfw j ubbv mtjcmf ab mbwf jaajmx wf. Po atfs mjccba ugjrq bcab atlr bqqbgaeclas, atfc atfs cffv cba mjii atfwrfinfr ws raevfcar lc atf oeaegf. Pcvloofgfca.pqu】 ds6U1J


【Xie He:Right now, give me peace. I want to go back to sleep. 🙂 】


444 no longer dared to make a sound. Xie He slept until noon before he awoke, feeling refreshed. His appetite was large, and so, he exchanged points for a large meal from the system store. After eating his fill, he continued to sleep. The next time he woke, it was already eight o’clock the next day. VoJdYa

Only, when he was looking in the mirror in preparation to leave, Xie He discovered an issue. Since he had eaten, drank and slept well, along with the Heartthrob’s Pedigree’s restoration capability, the dark circles he had put a lot of effort and suffering to get that week had unexpectedly disappeared overnight! This would not do. It was completely inconsistent with his image of a perpetually-exhausted, little white rabbit that rose early and went to bed late in order to rush about and painstakingly settle his debt!

Xie He’s eyes narrowed in concentration, and he muttered to himself for a while.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

【Xie He:Help me exchange for a ‘dirt poor’ debuff.】

【444:OK. The ‘dirt poor’ debuff costs 200 experience points. The exchange is complete! The debuff’s duration is one month. Its effect can adjust itself according to the Host’s body’s actual condition~~】 EPDesG

Xie He looked into the mirror and was very satisfied. There was a faint blood-red colour in the young teacher’s eyes and heavy, dark circles around them. His originally pink and tender lips had a trace of an anemic pallor as if he would collapse under a heavy burden at any time. However, this did not make him any less beautiful. On the contrary, this kind of wan and sallow appearance had a melancholic beauty to it.

Even if a good-looking person was dirt poor, they would still be good-looking.

After tidying up appropriately, Xie He placed his wallet into his pocket and left.

Allen had told him that they were at the same private room at the Internet Cafe from last time. When Xie He went there, Li Hongxuan, Allen, and Sun Zeyang were in-game. Chen Gu was not there as usual. It seems that he was a good child who liked to study. XzrLM2

Because he hadn’t repaid the money on time, Xie He revealed an apprehensive expression. He did not dare to disturb them. After entering, he quietly sat to one side.

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This time, they did not make him wait very long. Allen put down the game very quickly and came over to say, “Teacher Su.”

Xie He was extremely ashamed, “S-sorry. I had wanted to come over yesterday, but because I was too tired…I didn’t think that I would oversleep.…”

He was truly a cutie who couldn’t even tell lies…Allen had actually guessed that this was what happened early on. It had only been a week since he last saw him, but Xie He really appeared haggard. His originally clear eyes were full of exhaustion. One could see just how hard he had worked, how he didn’t understand that he needed to take care of himself. His heart hurt a bit, and he wanted to pull his teacher into his arms and treat him tenderly. However, it was obviously inappropriate at this time. Allen thus fell silent for a while before saying, “Oh.” mvkdxK

This response made Xie He even more flustered, “It’s true! I’m not tricking you. I didn’t delay it on purpose…I’m sorry. I’ve brought the money.”

He promptly took out his wallet. Inside of it wasn’t quite one thousand though. Altogether, it was eight hundred and sixty yuan. It was still no small amount. Xie He handed the money to Allen and whispered, “This is for this week. I…only earned this much….”

Allen did not accept the money, however. He glanced at Xie He with a complicated expression and said, “Give it to Sun Zeyang, ba.”

Xie He felt a bit uncertain towards Sun Zeyang. He felt that before these few people, it was the easiest to deal with Allen, who was the most gentle. Except Allen had said it like that, and it was only appropriate and logical to give the money back to the creditor. Thus, he pinched the wad of cash and spoke to Sun Zeyang, “Student Sun, hello. I’m very sorry for not having come on time yesterday. I guarantee that I will not delay the matter next week!” sHxp7E

Sun Zeyang looked at him with a ridiculing expression, making Xie He feel like finding a hole to sink into. He still accepted the wad of cash with disdain and said with dislike, “It seems that Teacher Su is not trustworthy, ah. He can even oversleep and forget about such an important matter like repaying a debt.”

“I-I’m sorry…” Xie He was ashamed from Sun Zeyang’s words, and he lowered his head, embarrassed.

Sun Zeyang suddenly laughed, “Whatever. You look as if we’re bullying you…When I think about it now, it is us who have been rude. After all, you are a teacher. How could we asked you to repay a debt? I think that we should just drop this matter.”

Xie He raised his eyes in pleasant surprise. pQHEoP

“The one who is in debt ought to be the one to repay it. To make Teacher Su settle it in place of his student really makes no sense,” Sun Zeyang said.

Xie He’s heart immediately sunk. If Xu Wenhao was able to repay the debt, why would he be willing to kneel?! How did matters revert to the original circumstances? No matter what, he was someone who had a job and income. He was definitely getting along better than Xu Wenhao. He spoke at once, “No! I’m willing to do this. You guys need not make things difficult for him!”

The corner of Sun Zeyang’s lips raised. He tilted his head to look at the several hundred yuan on the desk, “However, it seems that Teacher Su doesn’t quite have the ability to repay the debt, ah.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“I…” Xie He’s face flushed. After a long time, he said, “Please give me a bit more time. Wait until after the new year. I should receive my bonus then. Moreover, I will do my best to earn money from my part-time jobs. I-I am also willing to be charged interest!” 0BFPHc

Sun Zeyang was moved, “You really want to repay the debt on his behalf? The two of you aren’t familiar, so what need is there to do such a thing?”

“He is my student. Naturally, I must do my best to help him,” Xie He said.

“I didn’t expect to meet a teacher like you in this day and age. It is really his blessing,” Sun Zeyang’s eyes moved. When he said this, there was quite a bit of sincerity.

【Ding. Sun Zeyang’s favorability Value +10. The current Favorability Value is 40.】 4ljV0y

Sun Zeyang smiled, “Since you are so determined, how could I brush off your good intentions? However, the debt is no small amount of money. You were late on your very first payment too…I think that I need some kind of guarantee from you. This shouldn’t be too much to ask for, right?”

Xie He nodded, “It’s not too much.”

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“Alright. How about you take off your pants and let me take a couple of photos? This way, I won’t be afraid of you reneging on this debt,” Sun Zeyang smiled.

Xie He’s expression changed. He stared at Sun Zeyang in shock as if he did not understand why this student who had always seemed to have good morals suddenly would say such a thing! Al34 2

Sun Zeyang’s long and narrow eyes became rather gloomy and cold. He apathetically said, “Aside from this, is there anything Teacher Su can take out and use as a guarantee? I only suggested this because I had no other choice. As long as you return the money on time, those photos will not be seen by anyone else. What are you afraid of? It couldn’t be that you think that we, students, are easy to deceive and actually plan on reneging the debt?”

“N-no. It’s just that…this request is too much!” Xie He’s face was red. He had never even dated anyone before. He was very conservative in nature. To ask him to take off his pants in front of several men and get photographed, how could he accept it!

Allen’s eyes glinted. He immediately pressed down onto Xie He’s shoulders in a comforting manner and spoke to Sun Zeyang in a displeased tone, “You’re going overboard. I believe in Teacher Su. He was just too tired, so he forgot. It is not like you say.”

Xie He looked at Allen in gratitude. He would always defend him at critical moments! Qr7D2U

Sun Zeyang seemed unhappy. But, he gave Allen face and relented, “Fine.”

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Allen pulled the rigid Xie He to one side and conveniently handed over the beverage on the table to him, “So sorry, Teacher Su, letting you hear such impolite words. You have just braved such cold winds too. Your fingers are ice-cold. You should drink something warm before returning.”

“Thank you,” Xie He trusted Allen immensely. He finished the drink in one go. Only…the taste was quite strange….

A few minutes later, he felt dizzy. His vision also became hazy. 3CF sM

Allen supported Xie He, and he did not let him fall down. He took off Xie He’s glasses. The young teacher’s face appeared without any obstructions. Beneath those handsome eyebrows were his delicate and beautiful eyes; the two black pupils seemed to be glistening with water, making his heart itch. He lowered his head and nearly met with Xie He’s lips. He called his name in a whisper, “Teacher Su?”

Xie He did not respond. He opened his eyes halfway but only felt extremely tired. After being drugged, he wasn’t too awake to begin with. Now without his glasses too, he could not recognize the person before him and only quietly hummed.

Allen smiled, pleased.

Sun Zeyang clicked his tongue and laughed, “This is why I say you’re extremely two-faced. Teacher Su trusts you so much, but you’ll put your hands on him without the least bit of hesitation.” lxcQf3

“With his timid and shy nature, if I don’t use a little strategy, when on earth will I be able to eat him up?” Allen shrugged indifferently.

“Che. This kind of guy whose emotions are as pure as a sheet of white paper is extremely fun to pursue. You’re just too lazy to waste any time in doing so,” Sun Zeyang ruthlessly saw through him.

“Stop talking nonsense and let’s begin, ba,” Allen said.

He undid the buttons on Xie He’s pants and immediately took them off. The young teacher’s legs were exposed under the gentle light. They were slender and pale, without any excess flesh. A little more or a little less would destroy their perfection. Allen caressed and fondled his legs admiringly. The feel against his hands was beautifully soft like the highest quality satin. It was smooth and exquisite; with even the lightest pinch, a red mark would be left behind. Allen’s eyes darkened even further. With a flick of his fingers, he took off his teacher’s underpants. S90ImE

Very quickly, the young teacher’s body was only left with a half-parted shirt on. The shirt’s length was just enough to reach his thighs, barely covering that erotic area.

The pale legs hung down powerlessly. Atop of them were little red dots that looked like marks left after a bout of lovemaking….

【Ding. Allen’s Favorability Value +5. The current Favorability Value is 75.】

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Allen flipped his teacher so that his back was pressed onto his chest. He parted Xie He’s legs with his knees. He wrapped his left hand around his waist and stuck his right index finger into his mouth, fiddling with that wet and flexible tongue. Because Xie He could not close his mouth, saliva dripped down from the corner of his mouth. gdORQt

The young teacher’s cheeks were crimson, his eyelashes trembling slightly. He sat in the embrace of another man while half-naked, legs spread apart.

He seemed to sense that something wasn’t right and instinctively tried to wriggle. However, he was physically unable to free himself from the man’s restraint.

Allen could feel his lower half had already reacted. He really wanted to press down his teacher right here and ruthlessly do him until he cried. However, he remembered that he had other matters to do right now. Moreover, this kind of delicacy was worth spending more time on—worth patiently tasting it little by little.

“Take the photos,” Allen raised his eyes, smiling. jfQTlb

Eve: …Tsk tsk. These children need a spanking.

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    • I just finished Ch 24 and the revenge has yet to start. Things get…idk if I would say better or worse actually haha. It’s indeed progress… There are 18 chapters in this arc so that does explain why it’s taking so long for it to get rolling. I do feel you though. School….isn’t my fave setting either.

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