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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh7 - Beep. You Have Successfully Triggered the Character Blackening Value.


Translated by Eve

Edited by Shirubame UXSlnI

Xie He’s expression was nervous as he returned home. Zhou Yian was unexpectedly not home.

He had changed into slippers and prepared to cook a bowl of noodles in the kitchen when he suddenly heard the sound of the door he had just closed open again. He turned his head to look, pleasantly surprised. Indeed, it was Zhou Yian. He asked, “You’ve come back? Did you eat yet?”

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Zhou Yian’s expression was tense. He looked at Xie He with a complicated expression. His current appearance was out of the ordinary.

He looked at Xie He and asked in a deep voice, “Didn’t you have to work overtime? How come you’ve come back so early?” 7ebQf1

Xie He’s expression changed to one of guilt in a flash, “I-I already finished……”

If it was the him of the past, Zhou Yian would not pay attention to the particular details. However, today, he could clearly catch the youth’s slight changes in expression. His heart felt cold, frozen to the point of slowly cracking.

He hadn’t originally believed Song Ruyi’s words. He didn’t want to doubt his beloved person. Full of zeal, he had planned to go pick up Xie He from work. Instead, he received the other’s avoidant text. Afterwards, he watched blankly as Xie He left the company, only to enter a hotel. After some deliberation, he went to the front desk to ask about the current occupant of room 608. The answer was just as he expected, but also unexpected.

His beloved had deceived him, and then went to meet with his older brother in a flash. When he came out, his clothes were disorderly and his face was flushed……His lips had the traces of having been kissed. uUwe76

How could he continue to deceive himself now?

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This pain that felt as if being bled dry made Zhou Yian’s expression slightly distorted. The youth before him was acting as always, looking at him with a pure expression, like nothing had happened.

At this moment, it felt like something dark formed in the depths of his heart.

That shy, pretty face slowly morphed in his eyes, turning into one that was flirtatious and wicked……Had he used this kind of pure face to seduce his brother? aHnd6D

Zhou Yian suddenly stepped forward and placed his index finger on Xie He’s lips, “Where did you go?”

“I…….I was at the company the whole time……” Xie He averted his eyes. He was bad at lying and did not dare to look at Zhou Yian.

“Is that so,” The last thread of hope disappeared from Zhou Yian’s eyes. He closed his eyes and desperately kissed Xie He’s lips. Those soft lips seemed to still carry the taste of another man…….that man……was the older brother that he worshipped and adored……who was born from a good family, who was capable, and skilled. His brother who was always noticed from childhood until now. His brother who was always up in the clouds, making people have to look up to him……

And him, he was just a despicable illegitimate child. He thought that by leaving that filthy family, he could obtain his own love and world. vJBMQN

However, reality gave him a hard slap in the face.

His mother wasn’t wrong. There were some things that he had to fight for, otherwise, he’d never be able to obtain it……

Why was it that he had to forever be a lamentable illegitimate child? Why did he always have to be pitied? Obviously, he could fight too!

Obviously, this person belonged to him! 1GcZ7j

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Wlf Lf wbjcfv lc qjlc. Lf lcralcmalnfis qertfv Itbe Tljc jkjs, yea tf mbeivc’a ufa tlw ab yevuf ja jii. Lf vlvc’a xcbk kts Itbe Tljc tjv revvfcis ubcf mgjhs!

Zhou Yian ruthlessly bit Xie He’s lips. The taste of blood filled their mouths. His eyes were gloomy and cold as he looked at Xie He, “What, other people can touch you, but I can’t?”

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This sentence was like a bolt from the blue , making Xie He dumbfounded in a flash. His lips trembled, “W-what are you saying…….” cI0JC6

“Didn’t you just go meet with my brother? I already know it all. There’s no need to feign ignorance,” Zhou Yian’s eyes were interwoven with love and hate. His voice was cold to the bone.

Xie He trembled from head to toe. Everything turned dark before his eyes.

What he was most afraid of had happened.

Zhou Yian tenderly caressed Xie He’s cheek. His expression was full of malice as he spoke quietly, “What? Is it so unexpected that you were discovered by me? That day, I also know that you were with him.” H93hnx

“I……” Xie He’s expression was sorrowful. This was what he was so afraid of. His nightmare has finally come true. He hadn’t thought that this day would come so quickly. However, Zhou Yian was the man that he loved……so he had to try his best, “Let me explain.”

Zhou Yian slowly lowered his hand, landing on Xie He’s neck. He asked in a quiet voice, “Have you slept with him?”

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This question made Xie He’s body suddenly shake.

Zhou Yian’s actions halted for a moment. After, he exposed a smile like he understood everything clearly. His voice was tender as always, “No wonder you won’t let me touch you recently. It’s because my brother has been keeping you satisfied, hm?” Vdx4 b

“N-no, it’s not like that……” Xie He shook his head with all his might, “That was an accident……”

Zhou Yian turned a deaf ear and looked at Xie He with a chilly expression, “Is my brother that great? He obviously can satisfy you.”

His right hand tore open Xie He’s shirt. His shirt’s buttons fell onto the ground.

Xie He felt extremely frightened. He struggled with all of his strength. UNAR 8

However, the previous warm and gentle Zhou Yian was currently like a fiend who had came out of prison. He was not in the least relenting as he completely suppressed him! This feeling of shame and fear made Xie He want to curl up. Zhou Yian, however, did not allow him to. He firmly pressed down on the person before him, and lowered his head to bite his neck. Xie He cried out in pain.

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Zhou Yian gazed at his expression and said coldly:

“You used this body to seduce him, didn’t you?” x4OdVB

“Did you struggle like this under him?”

“Does his ++ make you feel good?”

“Do you like him or me more?”


These humiliating words fell into Xie He’s ears, leaving his heart with a thousand gaping wounds. Disappointed tears fell down.

At this moment, he was about to be violated by the person he loved the most.

Why didn’t Zhou Yian believe him? Why wasn’t he willing to listen to his explanation? Xie He also didn’t want it to be like this, he didn’t want it to be like this! Heavy despair covered his two eyes.

Xie He raised a hand and slapped Zhou Yian’s face! pwYyTc

A sharp and crisp ‘Pa’ acted like a stop button, putting all of his frenzied, depraved actions to a stop.

Xie He looked at his own hand, astonished. He looked at it blankly.

He……had went as far as to hit Zhou Yian…..

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A long time later, Zhou Yian exposed a bitter smile. He looked at Xie He’s deeply sorrowful expression, “You…why must you treat me like this……” 2ZW6Ix

“I only have you……” He whispered quietly.

Zhou Yian held the youth tightly in his arms, as if the person in his arms was driftwood and he was a drowning man. He pleaded, “I’m sorry. Please don’t leave me……”

This kind of Zhou Yian made Xie He’s heart instantly soft, tugging at his heartstrings. He opened his mouth and shakily said, “I-I don’t want to break up with you…..”

Zhou Yian smiled upon hearing this. He tenderly kissed Xie He’s mouth, “En. Just like this, keep deceiving me, keep on deceiving me.” 9OhnZQ

“I also have a lot of money. Whatever you want, I’ll give it to you. You don’t have to be with Zhou Yizhe, that cold-blooded man. He will only consider you as a plaything. But I won’t do that. I’ll love you properly,” Zhou Yian said softly as he gently caressed Xie He’s hair.

His warm voice, however, made Xie He’s heart plunge into ice.

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【Beep. You have successfully triggered the Character Blackening Value.】

Even that cruel behaviour earlier hadn’t made Xie He’s heart feel this cold. At this moment, he knew that they could not go back to the way they were before. BdpbEL

“I never wanted to trick you. I just……didn’t know how to tell you…..” Xie He looked at the other with empty eyes. The person he loved the most was holding him, but it gave him no warmth. It only made him endlessly cold.

“There’s no need to mention that. You don’t have to say anything. I understand everything clearly,” Zhou Yian’s voice was gentle and soft. “I know that Zhou Yizhe is really outstanding. A lot of people like him. You’re just like them, deceived by his gorgeous outer appearance. You just temporarily lost yourself, that’s all. I won’t blame you.”

Zhou Yian used the same tender tone that he used to express his love to Xie He to say words that were like a knife that inserted itself into the softest depths of his heart without any warning.

Xie He closed his eyes and fell silent for a long time. He spoke with a voice hoarse, “Let me go.” 5pdD0f

“I won’t let you go. If I release you, you’d go……” Zhou Yian was like a child and held increasingly tighter.

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Xie He inhaled deeply. He used a sharp voice that he never used before to shout, “I said to let me go!”

Zhou Yian stayed still.

“Let me go, let me go, let me go!” Xie He shouted as he broke down. He used up all of his strength by recklessly beating upon the other man’s body. R6SyKs

Xie He’s face was filled with frenzied determination, making Zhou Yian dumbfounded for a moment. Nevertheless, his instinct was to avoid hurting Xie He, lest he end up bruising himself while struggling. In the end, he loosened his grip.

Xie He regained his freedom. He gasped heavily and didn’t even get up from the ground. With a cold gaze, he looked at Zhou Yian, “Get the hell out.”

“Qing……” Zhou Yian called his name in a whisper, his eyes full of remorse.

“Get the hell out,” Xie He only said this one sentence. FWcdXk

The two of them looked at one another, neither giving way. In the end, it was Zhou Yian who retreated. His face was deathly pale, “Fine. I’ll get out.”

The hand that hung by his side tightly squeezed into a fist. He turned around slowly. His tall and slender body cast a long shadow on the ground.

Xie He watched as Zhou Yian’s silhouette disappeared past the doorway. In a split second, all of the power in his body dissipated. He layed curled up on the floor, motionless.

With his own mouth, he had driven out his beloved. He didn’t want it to be like this. AL6l3V

But he had no choice.

【Ding. Zhou Yian’s Favorability Value +3. Blackening Value +30. The current Favorability Value is 95, Blackening Value is 30. 】

【Xie He:There’s also a Blackening Value? 】

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【444:Yes……】 ja79n1

【Xie He:Good. This is also as expected.】


【Xie He:What do you want to ask? Speak.】

【444:Why did the Favorability Value rise!!!!】 y2P6Ft

【Xie He:The interconnection and intricate relationship between love and hate interwined with jealously is very complicated. You don’t need to understand this. 】


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Host dada seems to think that he was too stupid to understand so he didn’t feel like explaining it to him, right? It’s like this, right? Isn’t it? It really seems like this is the case, ah QAQ

Eve: Oh, my poor baby Zhou Yian :blobsleepless: dZ1oRc

Translator's Note

  Completely unexpected

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