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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh122 - Jealousy Without Limits


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kitty, Serefina n74NhI

9. Jealousy Without Limits

Ye Jinzhou’s face whipped to the side upon being hit. A while later, he turned his head back and wiped the blood trickling down from the corner of his lips. He looked at Xie He with a heavy expression and said blandly, “So, that’s why I approached you. Everything that I’ve done was for the sake of taking revenge on you, to take back what belonged to me.”

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Xie He’s hand shook. So this was the truth. The truth had been spoken from Ye Jinzhou’s own lips.

Every little interaction they’ve had, all those intoxicating, touching words of love—everything had been fake…. Ws6UtA

Xie He’s chest heaved. He did all he could to keep his expression calm. He repeated himself, “Get the hell out of my home.”

Xu Zhen had been watching this from the sidelines the whole time. From the moment Xie He had slapped Ye Jinzhou, Xu Zhen knew that his goal had been accomplished. Xie He and Ye Jinzhou were over…. It was just that there was no joy or satisfaction in his heart.

There were no winners in this case of mistaken revenge. Everyone had lost tragically.

“Let’s go, ba. Since the owner doesn’t welcome you, what’s the point in staying here?” Xu Zhen’s voice was cold with a satirizing tone overlaid on top, “Moreover, didn’t you promise me that you’d leave after clearing things up?”


Ye Jinzhou didn’t look at Xu Zhen. His gaze was still fixed on Xie He. A while later, he slowly turned around and left without a word.

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He could not forget the reason he had come back to this country. That was why he could not beg Xie He for forgiveness.

Since everything had already been exposed, the only thing he could do was leave without looking back. Even if he was reluctant to part, he had to pretend he wasn’t.

Xie He watched Ye Jinzhou and Xu Zhen leave. A moment later, he closed the door, looking disappointed. 51z0r7

After turning around, a look of indifference covered his face.

【444:Host dada, do you not plan on using your wedding rings? 】

【Xie He:I will use them, ah. It cost me 10 experience points. I can’t waste such an expensive thing.】

【444:……】Was he trying to be ironic? The things Host dada used cost way more than 10 experience points. _(:зゝ∠)_ SW17VB

【Xie He:It’s just that people never treasure what others offer them. Therefore, I don’t plan on giving this to him now. It’ll only be a pleasant surprise if he discovers these wedding rings by himself. Smile.JPG 】

【444:Then why did you exchange for them now? _(:зゝ∠)_】

【Xie He:Because the trick to always winning isn’t to be strong. It’s to never be careless, regardless of your opponent’s strength. Even if everything is under your control, you must not be so pleased with yourself that you become complacent. Only by being thoroughly prepared will you be able to deal with anything that may suddenly pop up.】

【444:(⊙o⊙) Oh….】 NlKddm

【Xie He:Baby, don’t pretend to understand. I don’t have any expectations for you. As long as you’re well-behaved, that’s enough. 🙂 】


Xie He pulled out the box containing the wedding rings and threw it into a corner of the sofa in passing. He then sat down, contented, and had 444 launch something to entertain him with.

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…………………………………… 60zUYo

After Ye Jinzhou had left Xie He’s home, he stopped walking at the bottom of the building. He turned and said to Xu Zhen in a frosty tone, “Are you satisfied?”

Xu Zhen’s expression was tranquil once more. He laughed, “Even if I didn’t say those things today, did you actually think that the two of you could work out?”

These words made Ye Jinzhou’s expression change.

“In this world, there’s no such thing as a secret that will never be exposed. You were able to find him. He would also sooner or later be able to find out your identity and realize that you were lying to him.” 5w2y7G

There was a hint of ridicule in Xu Zhen’s smile. “I want to ask you, have you woken up yet?”

Ye Jinzhou’s hands were tightly clenched into fists. In the end, he didn’t criticize or yell at Xu Zhen. He didn’t even give him another look. He left on his own.

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Xu Zhen stared at Ye Jinzhou’s back, and sorrow appeared in his eyes. The person he resented the most wasn’t Bai Mu or Ye Jinzhou, but himself…. It was his own fault for not being able to take a stand earlier, for not having stopped Ye Jinzhou a bit earlier, for not telling Bai Mu the truth a bit earlier…..

If he had made a stand earlier, Ye Jinzhou and Bai Mu would not have fallen in love. It was his weakness that had allowed things to reach this point…. He suddenly understood why his love was not respected or cherished. It was because his love was filled with too much self-inferiority and timidity. If he didn’t respect himself, how could others respect him? JEDCNY

The more afraid one was of losing something, the easier it was to lose it.

Unfortunately… it was already too late.

Ye Jinzhou walked onto the main street. The cold wind blew against his face, bringing with it a pain as sharp as a knife.

For the sake of revenge, he had come to this unfamiliar city and approached someone that he had thought deserved punishment. However, the closer he got to this person, the more he saw that this person was actually the most amazing person in the world. If it wasn’t for the grudge between them, he would very likely have fallen in love with this person without any hesitation. GxPj0

Just like how he had been acting….

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

But now, he had no choice but to leave… to leave the place that had been like a home to him… to leave that person’s warmth.

Because he could not love him.

In this world, he was the one person he was not allowed to love. K4TDwY


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Xie He shut himself in his home for a few days. He didn’t answer any calls and concentrated on playing games.

Vfnfgji vjsr qjrrfv ilxf atlr. Olc Ejc olcjiis mjwf xcbmxlcu.

Kbvjs, Wlf Lf kjr qijslcu bcf bo atf rsrafw rabgf’r cfkfra ujwfr. Cr j qijsfg atja mbeiv joobgv ab rqfcv j iba bo wbcfs bc lc-ujwf qegmtjrfr, tf kjr meggfcais vgfrrfv lc abq-dejilas fdelqwfca jcv bqqgfrrlcu tlr bqqbcfcar, wjxlcu atfw mgs obg atflg wbwwlfr. Vevvfcis, tf tfjgv j xcbmx. 6IPxba

Xie He reluctantly let 444 close the game. He then stood up and opened the door.

Lin Ran had called because he had wanted to ask Xie He what his plans were. Who would have expected that the call wouldn’t go through? For the next few days, the other’s phone seemed to be permanently turned off. This made him extremely worried, so he rushed over to Xie He’s home.

As soon as he saw Xie He’s appearance, he was stunned! The other had seemed fine a few days ago. Xie He had even seemed very calm while selling the company. Moreover, he had Ye Jinzhou with him. It had looked like he wasn’t in low spirits at all. How come he had suddenly become so haggard?

Lin Ran came in and took a look. He discovered that the house was a mess. Only Xie He was home. Immediately, he said angrily, “Where’s Ye Jinzhou?” hsoLbz

At such a critical time, how could he not be at Xie He’s side?!

When Xie He heard this, sadness flickered through his eyes. He didn’t respond to the other’s question and only said, “Why have you come?”

Lin Ran looked at him. “You haven’t been picking up my calls. I was really worried for you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie He’s expression was bleak as he apologized, “Sorry. Forgot to charge it.” bdwhVs

Xie He and Lin Ran had been friends for years, but Lin Ran had never seen Xie He this dispirited and sad before. His heart really hurt badly. He had thought that Ye Jinzhou would take good care of Xie He. Who would have expected that the other would be nowhere to be found? He couldn’t help but ask, “Why isn’t Ye Jinzhou here? Where did he go?”

Xie He’s hand clenched. He could not skirt around this question. In the end, he said, “Don’t ask about him.”

Lin Ran was startled. He could hear the deep sorrow and powerlessness in Xie He’s voice and see the faint pain in his eyes. His heart thumped. It couldn’t be that they had broken up?

Xie He gave Lin Ran a faint smile. “He won’t be coming back.” EhngtG

Lin Ran thought that, indeed, he had been right. He really wanted to ask why, but he wasn’t willing to hurt Xie He’s feelings. He only said, “I’m really worried, seeing you like this.”

Xie He was silent for a moment. He then touched his own face and said, “Do I look really terrible?”

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Lin Ran nodded solemnly, “Extremely terrible.”

Xie He looked at Lin Ran’s feigned serious expression and couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ll go tidy myself up.” 6K 2zw

Xie He went to the washroom and tidied himself up. He then changed his clothes. Although he still looked haggard, he was still much better than before.

Lin Ran finally relaxed. He could not suppress the thought that sprang forth in his heart…. If Xie He and Ye Jinzhou broke up, then Xie He was at his weakest right now. Did this mean that he had a chance? But wouldn’t he be taking advantage of Xie He’s difficulties if it was like this?

He was silent for a while and then asked, “What are your plans now?”

Xie He said, “I want to drink.” i2l4JK

Lin Ran thus went to bring a trunk full of alcohol over. In a heroic sounding tone, he said, “We’re drinking until we’re shitfaced today.”

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The two men got completely drunk while immersed in their own thoughts.

Xie He’s face was completely flushed, and his eyes were moist. He sighed, sounding very moved, “Thank you for always being by my side. Regardless of it being when I’m happy… or when I’m sad… you’ve always been there. Really, thank you….”

“No need to thank me. It’s my pleasure.” Lin Ran’s voice was slightly hoarse. He looked at the man in front of him. He stared at the way Xie He’s lips were parted, how those rosy lips were slightly wet and lustrous. At such a close distance, he could smell the alcohol on the other’s breath. If he lowered his head slightly, he’d be able to kiss the other… he’d be able to taste that delicious flavor he had been dreaming of for so many years. Lin Ran suddenly felt his heart begin to race. It was nearly impossible to suppress the overflowing love in his chest…. 51XlkT

I’ve always loved you but you’ve never known….

Lin Ran slowly lowered his head… he was just about to meet with Xie He’s lips….

Xie He beamed at Lin Ran. He suddenly flung an arm over Lin Ran’s shoulder drunkenly. He said with a smile, “You’ve always been my best friend. You’ll never betray me, right? Right now, you’re all I have left….”

These words were like a basin of cold water splashing over Lin Ran’s head. A sliver of sobriety suddenly emerged in his eyes. His palms were sweaty, and he froze in place. Th9I o

Xie He didn’t seem to notice anything, his arm still looped around Lin Ran’s neck. “Come, a toast to our friendship!”

Lin Ran was in a daze… bitterness flashed through his eyes.

Right now, Xie He was at his weakest and saddest. What he needed was a friend he could rely on, not a roving lover who could betray and leave him at any time. Right now, Xie He needed him the most…. How could he let Xie He lose his last friend because of his own selfishness?

As long as you are happy… I’m willing to be just your friend. UFjg5u

【Ding, Lin Ran’s Favourability Value +5. The current Favourability Value is 90. 】


The next morning, Xie He woke up hungover and with a splitting headache. He went over to the living room and discovered that Lin Ran hadn’t left. Furthermore, the other had even bought him breakfast. They had been good friends for many years. In the past, they had also stayed over at each other’s homes. Therefore, Xie He didn’t feel surprised. He only smiled, embarrassed, “I’ve inconvenienced you.”

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Lin Ran smiled. “What inconvenience? And you, are you feeling better? If you’re still unhappy, we can continue drinking today. Being drunk can alleviate all sorts of worries.” 6ddsR1

Xie He blinked, covering up the sadness in his eyes. He said softly, “No need. People must always move forward in life. I’ve already wasted enough time.”

Lin Ran looked at this version of Xie He and felt both distressed and gratified. “This is the Bai Mu that I know.”

No matter how much suffering or how many setbacks he faced, he would never give up so easily.

Xie He quirked an eyebrow up and smiled. “Right, there’s something that I wanted to ask you to help me with.” ib6YOH

Lin Ran asked, “What?”

Xie He looked down. “I want you to help me investigate something.”

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He believed that Ye Jinzhou was speaking the truth. However, he didn’t want to believe in that truth. He decided to have it investigated himself.

“Ok, ah. In any case, I have a lot of time right now,” Lin Ran agreed without any hesitation. 2y8HUz

From that day on, Xie He and Lin Ran would head out early in the morning and return late at night together. Because so much time had passed, many things could not be found. However, with enough effort, it was still possible to find clues. It was just that the answer was exactly as Ye Jinzhou had said… this made Xie He’s mood become increasingly heavy.

【444:Host dada, didn’t you have me look into this matter a long time ago…._(:зゝ∠)_】

【Xie He:Baby, sometimes what’s important isn’t the result but the process. Smile.JPG】

【444:The process?】 nzqwa

【Xie He:For example, right now, I spend all day and night with Lin Ran. We mutually depend on each other and work hard together. How beautiful it must look, ah. Someone will definitely feel jealous.】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【444:…Ye Jinzhou has been following you every day for the last few days.】

【Xie He:You got it. 🙂 】

Xie He had on a faint smile. Although Ye Jinzhou liked him, with the grudge between them, if Xie He didn’t put a bit of pressure on him, the other would slowly suppress that affection he felt until he was able to let go and leave. However, Xie He would not give him the chance to cool down and slowly think things over. UzOGyP

Sometimes, there was only a fine line between like and love.


Since Ye Jinzhou had left that day, there had not been a single day where he did not think of Xie He. As soon as he closed his eyes, he would recall the icy expression with which Xie He had used to look at him at that time, as well as that decisive ‘scram’ he had uttered. Many times, he had been startled awake from his dreams, only to discover that the other side of the bed was empty. When he reached out to touch it, he would find that it was ice-cold.

He knew that he should leave. There was no reason to stay any longer. fOoLdY

He had gotten the company and inflicted a strike against his enemy. He was the winner, so he should leave in a free and easy manner. He should draw a satisfying, figurative period after his vengeance, thereby putting a full stop to everything. But he found that he couldn’t bear to… couldn’t bear to leave the city where that person existed….

Ye Jinzhou did not allow himself to shamelessly go pester Xie He. However, he couldn’t help but think of how Xie He was doing. He thought, Would the other be hurt and upset? Would he feel dejected and depressed? Right now, how was he? The more Ye Jinzhou thought of this, the more he wanted to know.

Perhaps after finding out, he would stop thinking about this all the time. Perhaps he would be able to leave rest assured.

Therefore, Ye Jinzhou secretly followed Xie He like a stalker. dntHrj

He had thought that he would see a decrepit man who had suffered strike after strike until he was left figuratively battered and bruised, but in reality, Xie He seemed to get back to normal very quickly after shutting himself indoors for only a few days. He then went out with Lin Ran nonstop. Lin Ran… had even stayed over at Xie He’s a few times.

The flames of jealousy within Ye Jinzhou’s chest began to flare. He wanted to beat Lin Ran, that shadow that seemed to never leave Xie He, to death! Xie He didn’t know, but how could Ye Jinzhou not know of the feelings Lin Ran had for Xie He? When he thought about how this man, who had coveted Xie He for so many years, finally had a chance to strike and sneak in while Xie He was weak… how he would soon replace Ye Jinzhou as Xie He’s lover… how he would live under the same roof as Xie He… how he would even sleep in the place Ye Jinzhou had once slept in and hug the person he had hugged before…. Ye Jinzhou was so angry that he thought he would go insane!

Why? Didn’t you say that you loved me? You loved me so much, so how could you act like nothing had happened and happily get together with someone else? How could you forget me so quickly?

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Even I have yet to forget, so how could you?! nEH3eZ

This night, Ye Jinzhou’s car parked outside Xie He’s building. He knew that Xie He and Lin Ran had been out the whole day. He watched as the two of them came back and stayed inside the place that had once been the love nest Xie He and Ye Jinzhou had shared for a long time. Then, he waited until Lin Ran finally left….

Ye Jinzhou shut his eyes and couldn’t help but think about what the two of them had been doing. Why did they stay together every day until late at night? Had Lin Ran already confessed? Had Xie He accepted his confession? Xie He had just suffered through a breakup. Right now, he would definitely be very happy to be given consolation upon hearing that someone liked him, ba? Perhaps every night they would….

A dark, gloomy, and cold glint flashed through his eyes. Ye Jinzhou abruptly pushed the car door open and walked out!

Xie He and Lin Ran had been discussing matters until very late that night. Recently, the investigation was not looking very optimistic. After sending Lin Ran off, Xie He went to shower, exhausted. When he came out, he discovered that the door bell had been ringing nonstop. He thought that Lin Ran had come back, so he went to open the door, drying his hair with a towel all the while. cMmjXT

As soon as the door opened, Xie He was stunned. Unexpectedly, standing outside his door was Ye Jinzhou! The other man had on a black windbreaker, and his eyes were chilly. The other’s gaze was fixed firmly onto him.

The next second, Ye Jinzhou suddenly reached out and pushed Xie He onto the ground!

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Xie He fell to the ground, eyebrows furrowing in pain. He was about to crawl back up when Ye Jinzhou straddled him, making him completely unable to get up!

The anger in Ye Jinzhou’s black eyes was like a storm, sweeping away all of his rationality. He looked at Xie He, who had just cleaned up. Xie He’s soft black hair fell onto his forehead. Water droplets slid down his face, slipping down onto that fair, exquisite neck…. 1S8urw

What were they doing just now? Did they just finish doing it? A cold smile appeared on Ye Jinzhou’s lips. He tore open Xie He’s bathrobe!

Xie He looked at Ye Jinzhou, astonished. Before he could react, he felt his upper body become cold. He felt extremely ashamed while being in this kind of position where he was being suppressed. He started to struggle with all his might, eyes turning red. “Let go of me!”

Ye Jinzhou narrowed his eyes, gaze fixed on the man beneath him. This body was as flawless as ever. His attraction towards him had not been diminished in the least. He actually felt even more attracted.

With one glance, he could tell that nothing had happened between Xie He and Lin Ran. The anger in his chest slightly decreased. However, as Xie He twisted and turned, trying to get out, the accidental friction made his desire rear its head. Ye Jinzhou’s eyes darkened. He longed for this person…. g0DxFY

Ye Jinzhou lowered his head slightly and squeezed Xie He’s neck, ensuring that the other could not move. He gazed into the other’s eyes. “Do you like Lin Ran?”

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Xie He widened his eyes. Ye Jinzhou’s appearance and question were both baffling! He shouted angrily, “None of your business. Get the hell out of here!”

He was really, really angry. He threw a fist out, wanting to hit the other, but Ye Jinzhou’s reflexes were fast. He grabbed Xie He’s wrist and pressed the other’s hands above his head.

Xie He used all of his strength but still could not break free. His face was flushed. He was being pressed onto the floor by Ye Jinzhou and being sized up by the other as if he was some product. Shame and indignation emerged in his eyes, as well as deep sorrow. wKClrF

This person… why must he humiliate him like this?

Was it not enough to steal his company? Was it not enough to have betrayed their love? Why did he come back? Oh… that’s how much he hated him. He had never loved Xie He. Of course he would want to hurt him like this….

He had come back for the sake of humiliating him.

Xie He shut his eyes and spat out a cold word, “B*stard.” KRMizv

“You’re no better. We have just broken up, and you’re already getting it on with another man. I really doubt whether you meant it when you said you loved me.”

Ye Jinzhou’s lips curved into a frosty smile, “Looks like the two of us are as stupid as Tweedledee and Tweedledum….”

Xie He looked at Ye Jinzhou in disbelief. He looked as that face, which he was originally both familiar with and deeply loved, wore a malicious smile and spat out such icy words. It was like the person inside this body had been changed….

This person was actually disgracing his love like this. cIC5b9

Xie He was so angry his body began to shake. For a moment, he couldn’t say anything.

“Why don’t you say anything? How far have you two gotten? I told you before that Lin Ran likes you.”

Ye Jinzhou’s hands slowly began to clench harder, and the look in his eyes became increasingly cold. “You knew that he liked you and you still chose to get so close to him. Are you purposely trying to seduce him? After all, without me around, you must feel empty and lonely.

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“Right, you only brought me back because you were lonely in the first place. That’s why you said that you loved me, right? Because I always made you feel very satisfied. I would always stuff you until you were nice and full…” Ye Jinzhou’s smile became even more sinister, “Could it be that even if it was someone else, you would love him the same, ah?” 04tsGr

As Ye Jinzhou spoke, he watched as pain appeared on Xie He’s eyes.

Every word he uttered was like a knife piercing into his own heart. However, he couldn’t help but say them out loud…. Rather than saying that these words were to humiliate Xie He, it was more accurate to say that these words were just Ye Jinzhou’s fears. He couldn’t bear to think that he actually wasn’t important to Xie He… that he could be so easily thrown away after their break-up… that the other wouldn’t even give him another thought or glance.

This man was so decisive and heartless while he could not get over him at all….

What was happening now was good. This let him know that Xie He still cared about him. He was only angry because he still cared, right? uyFD0Y

Ye Jinzhou came close to Xie He, his deep voice sounding by the other’s ear. “Is it that you’ll fall in love with whoever f*cks you well?”

Xie He’s pupils contracted, and an extremely pained and incredulous expression appeared within his eyes.

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【Xie He:……】

【444:Host dada, what’s wrong? Σ( ° △°|||)︴】This was the first time Host dada had called him while acting. So nervous, so nervous, it couldn’t be that something big had happened? Xy150N

【Xie He:How can I refute ZhouZhou when he says that kind of fact? Bitter&hateful.JPG 】

【444:…What did he say?】It couldn’t be what he was thinking, ba? _(:зゝ∠)_

【Xie He:There’s no helping it. As someone as honest as I, I can’t refute him and go against my conscientiousness.】

【444:……】Indifferent.JPG 9cPBOX

Xie He looked up at the ceiling, eyes open. A long time later, he parted his pale, bloodless lips and chuckled. “Yeah. You finally noticed.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“If it wasn’t because you’re good in bed, I would never have taken a liking to you.” Xie He’s lips were curved up, and he had a ridiculing expression on. “Love you? I was just playing with you. It’s just keeping a little lover. You’re not the first one I’ve kept.”

Ye Jinzhou’s eyes were fixed on Xie He, and his eyes turned dark. Slowly, his reason fell apart.

“I lost to you because I was careless. I didn’t think of investigating you before playing with you. Otherwise, how could you have had such a chance?” Xie He’s tone was frigid, “What, did you really think that I loved you? Don’t be naive.” WwAc2e

Ye Jinzhou was silent for a long time. Suddenly, he pressed Xie He down with a cold laugh. “Is that so? Since it’s like that, I’ll satisfy you once more.”

Xie He raised his leg, wanting to kick the other, but Ye Jinzhou suppressed him without any mercy. Xie He felt like even his bones were in pain. Even if he used all his strength, he could not break free of Ye Jinzhou’s control. Finally, he gave up on fighting back.

Ye Jinzhou lowered his head and bit at Xie He’s neck. There was a frosty laugh in his tone. “Remember how I feel. After all, you paid no small price to have me.”

Xie He shut his eyes, dejected. His eyelashes quivered, waiting for the other to invade his body…. He didn’t dare to open his eyes. He was afraid that when he opened his eyes, Ye Jinzhou would see his sorry state and pain through them. He was afraid that the other would realize that he really did love him…. He was afraid that the last bit of dignity that he had would be thrown away. gfchZj

However… it really hurt. It hurt so much that he felt like he would soon be unable to take it anymore. Xie He’s lips slowly moved. “Disgusting… you make me feel really disgusted.”

Ye Jinzhou’s actions suddenly paused.

In the deathly still house, the frosty words that held not even a sliver of emotion were like a heavy hammer smashing onto Ye Jinzhou’s heart, making him instantly sober.

What had he been doing? Because he was jealous and angry, he had used the most unbearably vulgar words he had to humiliate this person and had then tried to r*pe him…. This was the person he loved, ah…. He had not meant those words, but he hadn’t been able to control himself. WHKoGf

He had to leave. This person was about to forget him and start anew with someone else. He would find happiness for himself without Ye Jinzhou in his life.

And what about Ye Jinzhou?

Why did he feel unresigned like this? Probably because he loved Xie He, ba… even if he didn’t want to admit it.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Because he really did love him. xFpNbM

【Ding, the target Ye Jinzhou’s Favourability Value +5. The current Favourability Value is 80.】

The author has something to say:

This silly author has overestimated herself. The wedding rings will appear in the next chapter. After that, gong abuse will officially start.

Eve: Abuse…abuse…abuse on my heart…. 28WoDP

sere: owo it DIDN’T happen? Im more surprised at that.

Kitty: Honestly same? All these gongs are such scum that I’m surprised when they change and act like decent people…

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