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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh20 - Student, You’re Stirring Up Trouble


Translated by Eve

Edited by Karasunofight VeAoIE

2. Student, You’re Stirring Up Trouble

【444:The one leaning against the window on the far right is your capture target, Li Hongxuan. 】

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【Xie He:What’s the current Favorability Value?】

【444:0….】 TgNlpc

【Xie He:He’s the only one who isn’t interested in me. This unmovable-mountain-like determination isn’t bad. I like it. 🙂 】

【444:Host dada, jiayou. ↖(^w^)↗】

【Xie He:The foreign-looking fellow, second to the left, is looking at me with a scorching gaze. What’s the Favorability Value for him? 】

【444:Allen? 60…could this be the rumoured love at first sight?! \\(≧▽≦)/】 BGAYfC

【Xie He:No. This is a hunter discovering an interesting prey.】

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【Xie He:Baby, I like how innocent and cute you are. Please stay that way. 】

444:I don’t want to stay that way at all….

Xie He used a flustered and helpless expression to look at the students. They were already entering autumn, so his drenched body began to tremble slightly. However, the cold was nothing compared to the embarrassment he faced upon having been so publicly pranked. For him, who was reclusive by nature, how could he endure such attention? Thus, he turned and ran away, looking pitiful from behind. hsjVQc

In one stretch, he ran to the bathroom. Only then did he notice that the lesson plan in his arms was completely soaked. This was the plan that he had stayed up late to prepare; the first class that he had prepared for with great courage and detail. Before it had even begun, it had such an ending….

Xie He pursed his lips, the rim of his eyes red, and prepared to return home in order to change his clothes.

Just as he turned around, he noticed a tall man standing behind him who said, “Teacher Su.”

Xie He was frightened and stared at him, perplexed. cGev02

Allen’s dark blue eyes carried a gentle smile, and he introduced himself, “I was in the classroom just now. Allow me to introduce myself. I am your student. You can call me Allen.”

“Oh, A-Allen…” Xie He stammered. A blush emerged from his cheeks. On his very first day, he had lost face in front of his students.

Allen fixed his eyes onto Xie He, a glint of excitement, from having captured a delicious-looking prey, flashing through his eyes. He blinked, covering up his excited expression before speaking with a sincere tone, “I’m genuinely sorry. If I had known that they had done such a thing, I definitely would have stopped them.”

Actually, he wouldn’t have. When Sun Zeyang had proposed the prank, he had been watching on the side with high spirits from beginning to end. As for now…he absolutely did not regret it. On the contrary, he thought it was extremely wonderful. smkYA

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En, this position wasn’t bad. It was just right for him to peer down Teacher’s collar and see his faintly discernible collarbone, his exquisite, nearly imperceptible pores…the Eastern people’s characteristically smooth, soft skin….

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“You really don’t have to,” Xie He seemed to have been influenced by Allen’s sincere speech and relaxed slightly. He was both grateful and embarrassed, “I’m really OK. I just have to go back home and change my clothes.” sWSdH4

Allen gently grabbed hold of Xie He’s hand and placed a kiss on the back of it. His soft, blond hair fell down, and he gazed at him with sapphire-like eyes, “The teacher’s dormitory is too far. It’ll take a long time to go and come back. This is your first time teaching us. If you waste time, it wouldn’t be very good. I have a change of clothes in my locker. You can change into those. That way, you can still make it back to class in time.”

Xie He’s face flushed, expression bashful. He hurriedly withdrew his hand. He knew he shouldn’t trouble his student, but Allen’s suggestion was reasonable and tempting. This was a difficult-to-attain job, and he really cherished it.

Allen saw him wavering and added, “It’s just one set of clothes, that’s all. It’s fine to just give it back to me once you’re done with them. I believe that your course is more important than this trivial matter. What do you think?”

Xie He pondered over it, and then finally nodded with a whisper, “Then I’ll have to trouble you….” Q0b8uj

“I am honoured to be at your assistance,” Allen smiled. He turned to leave and very quickly returned with a change of clothes.

Xie He hugged the set of clothes and entered the bathroom. Allen stood outside, acting like a perfect gentleman. He was always very patient towards his prey.

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Xie He slowly changed clothes within the washroom. Allen’s clothes were a bit too big on him, and with no better option, he was forced to roll up the shirt sleeves and cuffs of the pants.

【444:Host dada….】 UN2X5x

【Xie He:What’s the matter, baby?】

【444:Do you have a use for Allen in your capture strategy?】

【Xie He:Of course. He is an important means to getting closer to my target, ne 🙂 】

Xie He fastened up his shirt, all the way to the topmost button. He was a responsible host, who always earnestly read the background information. Allen, Sun Zeyang, and Chen Gu were all the target, Li Hongxuan’s roommates. If one were to ask who he was closest to in university, it would naturally be his roommates. This gang of scoundrels ate together, drank together, played together and even played with chicks together. k9nGVF

If he had Allen, then Li Hongxuan would not be far behind.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Xie He came out, Allen was still waiting at the entrance. He used a profound gaze to size up the person in front of him. The young teacher’s body was delicate and small. The clothes he wore were evidently too big on him, and he could only roll up his sleeves, which revealed his slim, snow-white wrists.

Allen very quickly withdrew his gaze and said, “We’ve only wasted 10 minutes. We can still make it. Let’s go back, ba.”

“En,” Xie He smiled, shallow dimples appearing on his cheeks. AsTE76

When the two of them returned to the classroom, a small portion of the students had already left. It was a rare case, but the majority of students had stayed. At this moment, they were making a racket. All kinds of gazes fell atop of Xie He’s body, and Xie He immediately felt a bit of unease.

Allen coughed a few times and said in a low voice, “Quiet down a bit. Teacher Su wants to begin class.”

After a few seconds, the voices gradually faded away until the classroom was once again still. Xie He looked at Allen, astonished. Who’d have thought he had such prestige within the class?

Allen always used a gentle, soft, and gentlemanly appearance when facing Xie He. He sent Xie He a smile before returning to his seat in the last row. sLf1tl

For once, Li Hongxuan turned to look at him, expression apathetic, before continuing to appreciate the scenery outside of the window.

Sun Zeyang looked extremely excited. His slender brows rose, and he moved closer to Allen to snigger quietly, “What, you interested in our Teacher Su?”

Allen’s expression remained the same, but his tone carried a bit of frivolousness, “Yes. Don’t fight me for him.”

“Don’t worry. We’re good brothers. How could I do such a thing? Right, do you want me to help you out?” Sun Zeyang’s soft smile became a bit sinister, “I’m the best with dealing with those kinds of pure, little white rabbits.” F3cATD

“Your method is too vile. After all, he’s our teacher. It’s not good to go too overboard,” Allen also smiled, not entirely opposing the other’s offer.

Sun Zeyang laughed. In the end, how was the two-faced Allen any better than he was? He whistled softly, “I can be a bit more gentle this time. Only after you’ve gotten tired of him, how about you let us play with him then?”

Allen glanced at him. His blue eyes glinted. A moment later, he smiled again, “Sure, no problem.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Gu put down his book and pushed up his glasses, looking at the other two boys, silently disapproving. Did these two hoodlums come to attend class or to pick up their teacher? 7LDhep

Xie He, who stood at the teacher’s desk, was completely unaware that the man who had just been smiling softly at him was currently scheming against him. He focused all his attention on lecturing earnestly. At the beginning, he was a bit uncomfortable and nervous, but later, his speaking became relaxed and free. After all, he was a graduate of a renowned school. Although he was antisocial by nature, he had genuine talent. Even in this simple English class, he would occasionally quote some classics and make some jokes—his lecture was very witty. Initially, the students were a little impatient, but they gradually revised their opinion of Xie He and listened more attentively.

When absorbed, time seems to pass by very quickly. When the bell sounded once more, Xie He realized that class had finished in a flash. He put down his textbook and reverted to his usual cautious and solemn appearance.

Right now, he just wanted to return to his room quickly to change his clothes.

Only when he had just exited the classroom, he realized he didn’t have a way to contact Allen later. Fortunately, Allen and co. had yet to leave, so Xie He turned around and walked to the last row. He revealed a shallow smile, “Allen.” Y8HK3T

“Teacher Su,” Allen immediately stood up and politely inquired, “What’s the matter?”

“I wanted to ask you what your dorm number is. I’ll wash your clothes and return them to you,” Xie He said.

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“No need to trouble yourself with such a trivial matter. Next class, you can return it to me in passing,” Allen had been waiting for this opportunity. His expression revealed that he didn’t mind one bit.

Xie He promptly said, “How could I do that? The next class is a whole week later. I’ll return it to you earlier, ba. After all, you’ll need it.” HEh4o9

Allen did not hesitate. After thinking it over, he smiled calmly, “That’s fine too. I am really inconveniencing Teacher. As your student, I am really sorry about that.”

“It’s no trouble. Rather, it is I who troubled you,” Xie He’s expression was soft. His impression that this student was exceptionally thoughtful and amiable was further solidified.

“My dorm is room 602 in Building B. Teacher Su, call me before you come. It wouldn’t be good for you to come over for nothing in case I’m not there,” Allen said, conveniently writing his number down on a page from his notebook before tearing it off and handing it over to Xie He.

Xie He accepted it,carefully placing it into his pocket, and smiled, “Alright.” dCysw2

Truly an intelligent fellow. Once he receives the call, he’ll be able to prepare a good trap.

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Li Hongxuan sat in the innermost seat. He had originally prepared to leave, but was blocked and instead had to listen to Allen dupe their teacher with his facade for such a long time. Thus, he was very impatient and directly pushed off the desk with both hands, flipping over it. His slender and extremely powerful legs streaked across the air and effortlessly landed on the ground. His movements were confident and easy, natural and unforced, and ended up scaring Xie He.

Li Hongxuan glanced at Xie He; his slanted eyes beneath his sword-like eyebrows were sharp, carrying a deep expression of disdain. He coldly spat out one word, “Idiot.”

He then turned and left. gZfazL

Xie He was dumbfounded. A moment later, his face turned a deep red.

Allen inwardly thought, not good, and said at once, “Teacher Su, don’t mind him. His personality is just like that. In his eyes, he doesn’t think anyone is pleasing. He’s really not a bad person though.”

“Oh…so it’s like that…” Xie He lowered his head, “Then I’ll go back first. When the time comes, I’ll contact you.”

“OK,” Allen perked up his lips into a smile. His blond hair shone beneath the sun’s glow, making his smile seem as warm as the sun itself. 6ShcIo

Xie He returned to the teachers’ dormitory and casually threw the clothes into the washing machine. He laid on his bed. It wasn’t bad. To one’s surprise, it was a single room. At least he didn’t have to act when sleeping.

【444:Host dada, when do you plan on returning the clothes? 】

【Xie He:Let’s keep him waiting for two days and then talk again, hehe.】

On the third day, Xie He folded the clothes, all neat and tidy. Then, he called Allen. Allen said he had something to do and wasn’t there at the moment, so they agreed for Xie He to come at eight that evening. Cs03Si

Xie He readily agreed. He waited until 7:40 before carrying the clothes out the door, excited.

【444:Host dada…what are you so excited for?】

【Xie He:I’m thinking about what skills and tricks he’s prepared for me. In the past, I had some friends that liked to play this kind of thing. Although I’ve never participated, it was very interesting to watch other people play. 】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Xie He:Once I thought about how it was time for me to be schemed against by other people, I couldn’t help but be a little stirred up.】 Nu3Qj7

【Xie He:I’m such a kindhearted person. I am confident he will grasp onto this weakness of mine. 🙂 】

【444:……】He didn’t want to speak.

The students’ dormitory wasn’t far from the teachers’. Xie He only walked for ten minutes before arriving and was even slightly earlier than expected. He raised his head to look at the door plate and put away his smile before knocking on the door.

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